Kyanite: Meaning, Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

The name “Kyanite” comes from the Greek word “Kyanos,” which means blue. It is a stunning blue stone with significant healing qualities. Not only an unusual gem, but it is also far more than simply a magnificent appearance and has numerous beneficial uses.

It provides a relaxing, centring vibration that can be used to access meditation states and balance emotions. Kyanite aids us in gaining clarity with our thoughts.  Additionally, it awakens the third eye chakra, which aids in connecting with our clairvoyant talents and dream recall.

what is Kyanite

What is Kyanite?

Kyanite is an aluminosilicate mineral, which is another way of referring to aluminium and silicate. It is a stunning, priceless, and rare gemstone that is mostly found in metamorphic rocks. It has a translucent appearance and is typically blue, but it can also occasionally be green, black, or orange.

It is a triclinic crystal and is frequently seen in quartz. Thinking logically and mending is what Kyanite symbolizes. Disthene, rhaeticite, and cyanite are some of the other names for kyanite.

How to Identify a Kyanite?

Identifying a Kyanite

As previously noted, kyanite is regarded as an aluminium silicate mineral that typically forms a long-bladed crystal in nature. Kyanite typically has no obvious cleavage but shows a mild green pleochroism. Its exquisite hues cause it to appear as transparent as a calm, pure lake.

The blue kyanite gemstones can be translucent blue, or sometimes aquamarine, blue topaz, or perhaps sometimes deep sapphire in colour.

When shaped into fashionable cabochon and beautifully faceted gemstone shapes, it appears stunning. Crystals with cleaves can be shown to have stiff flat surfaces. The colouration should be the most distinguishing physical and tactical characteristic of uncut Kyanite. Real Kyanite has stunning cleavage in both directions.

– Kyanite Cuts and Shapes

Kyanite crystals are usually long, narrow blades. It has a hardness of 4 to 4.5 when cut parallel to its (long) c-axis and between 6 and 7.5 perpendicular to the breadth of the blade. Due to its two differing hardnesses, kyanite is a difficult mineral to cut.

Kyanite of excellent quality and pleasing colour can be carved into appealing and sought-after cabochons and faceted stones. These are most typically utilised in beads and are frequently used in rings, earrings, pendants, and other jewellery.

Due to its flawless cleavage and varying hardness—even within the same crystal—kyanite stone is challenging to facet. It is one of the few gemstones whose hardness varies depending on the stone’s orientation.

Where is Kyanite Found?

Where can one find Kyanite

Kyanite gemstones are found in Myanmar, Cambodia, Kenya, Nepal, Tibet, Brazil, Switzerland, Russia, and a few states in America and India. Nepal and Tibet continue to produce the purest and most genuine kyanite gemstones. The majority of the time, less desirable gemstones that may be discovered all over the world are not utilised in jewellery but rather are saved for ceramics or abrasives.

Kyanite Stone Meaning

The Greek word “Kyanos” is from where the Kyanite stone gets its name. Kyanite has had a long and varied naming history, starting with the term that means “deep blue.” It was formerly known as Disthene, which means “two strengths,” and it has also gone by the names Rhaeticide and Cyanite at various points in its history.

By virtue of its resonance and energies, kyanite stone helps people develop their psychic abilities and establishes a connection with the divine. This lovely gemstone has amazing healing properties and stimulates each of the body’s chakras for total well-being. Other than Kyanite there are more crystals that assist in psychic abilities, to know about them click here.

Kyanite Meaning in Ancient Lore and History

kyanite meaning in ancient lore and history

Even if each gemstone is a special earthly treasure, Kyanite stands out on its own. This stone has extraordinary magnetic properties. Due to this quality of Kyanite, it was really utilised as a traveller’s compass in ancient times.

It was originally thought that wearing this gemstone in your hair would allow you to use the earth’s magnetic field to navigate just like a compass’s needle. To that end, travellers would carry kyanite with them on extended journeys, especially ones into uncharted territory, so they could always find their way.

Kyanite’s name is derived from a Greek term that means “dark blue,” yet this crystal actually comes in a variety of eye-catching hues. Although kyanite comes in a variety of colours, each one has its own special qualities and uses. The strong stone kyanite is thought to have extraordinary metaphysical qualities.

Kyanite Crystal Properties

Different types and hues of Kyanite relate to various chakras, making it a powerful chakra cleaner. Kyanite is renowned for promoting rational and linear thought. The stone doesn’t restrict itself to this only. It even helps with the development of psychic talents and spiritual benefits.

Kyanite emits stimulating energy that promotes persistence in and support of endeavours and circumstances.  By clearing out bad energy, boosting your third eye chakra, and assisting you in rebalancing an excess of yang energy, kyanite maintains things spiritually grounded on Earth. 

Kyanite Healing Properties

Healing Properties of Kyanite

Since kyanite has such wonderful high vibrations, it removes obstructions like a magician. Strong bonds, loyalty, the blossoming of the friendship branch, and gentle and compassionate communication in a way that doesn’t fall into people-pleasing tendencies are all encouraged by this stone. Here are some of its therapeutic effects on the body and the mind.

  • Kyanite Physical Healing Properties

The stone kyanite is blessed with healing qualities. It works wonders as a natural pain reliever and is always willing to help with issues including lowering blood pressure, treating inflammation, and assisting the body in fighting off infections of all kinds.

It promotes good, sound sleep and healthy eating habits, which also aid in the formation of neural connections in the body, and it gets your overall health in tip-top shape for physical body recovery. This stone will calm frayed nerves and help you to put chaotic sentiments back together if you tend to have sudden outbursts of anger or worry or find your nerves to be easily frayed.

It helps to repair conditions that affect the sense of smell, the vocal cord, the neck, the upper lungs, the thyroid, and the eyes. Kyanite is also a good blood pressure regulator.  This stone’s calming painkilling properties make it an excellent recovery aid after an injury. It also treats bodily illnesses.

  • Kyanite Mental & Emotional Healing Properties

Kyanite is one of the best stones among all the soothing healing crystals.  Not only does it elegantly aid healing for those who have had to deal with physical trauma in their lives, but also does it concentrates on brain healing.

Kyanite is a wonderful stone for enhancing empathy and softening communication. This stone will offer you the intuitive knowledge, the poetic flow, and the lilt of understanding to own your self-expression if you need a little nurturing when it comes to vocally connect with those near you.

Furthermore, kyanite is a fantastic stone for aiding lucid dreaming, as already talked about. It assists us in separating the meaning from a forgotten dream and understanding what our intuition and the greater cosmos are trying to tell us.

The crystal kyanite encourages you to heal on all levels. It challenges you to go deep within yourself, give up being a victim, and take full responsibility for your life. It promotes logical thinking, challenges you to loosen your grip on your powerful emotions, and confidently identifies your soul’s direction.

Kyanite Benefits

Benefits of Kyanite

Kyanite is thought to aid in self-expression and communication. It is believed that wearing such jewellery will allow your body’s communication centre to be more open. The kyanite wearer may get insightful dream messages, deepen meditation, find insights buried in the subconscious, and even experience calmness or relief from rage or depression.

Additionally, placing kyanite healing gemstones next to the throat chakra helps improve communication, meditation, and overall chakra balance.

Kyanite Benefits Spirituality

Kyanite is a great stone for concentration and connection. All chakras and subtle bodies are automatically aligned with kyanite. It balances yin-yang energy, clears obstructions, and gently channels energy throughout the physical body.

Kyanite has a relaxing effect that brings tranquilly to the entire being. It promotes psychic talents and all-levels communication while warding off resentment, irritation, confusion, and stress and aiding in the development of the ability to think logically and linearly.

Kyanite promotes dream healing and helps people remember their dreams. It may be helpful when communicating with your spirit guides. 

Kyanite & Feng Shui

Kyanite Feng Shui

When it comes to enhancing the feng shui qualities of your environment, kyanite is a stone you want in your home. Because it is a magical stone of communication, Blue Kyanite may be used to bring peace into your home’s more social areas. It can also be utilised in the office to encourage shrewd business communication to flow with ease and creativity.

It is a stone with water energy that promotes cleanliness, organic growth, and serenity. Kyanite supports prioritizing, planning, perseverance, and communication, the skills crucial for a profession and business.

You can use the benefits of kyanite in your career by placing a piece on your desk or in your home office. A great method to work with the relaxing energy of kyanite is to place it in the bedroom. This way you can foster a serene atmosphere and promote relaxation in the space.

Kyanite Birthstone

The gemstone kyanite is not specifically regarded as a birthstone. It is linked to people born under the astrological signs of Taurus, Aries, and Libra. Despite not falling under the traditional birthstone chart, Kyanite has a tonne of advantages for astrological signs that correspond to its moods.

Taureans have a propensity for ambition and can be pragmatists and stoic sometimes. Kyanite will benefit them in this which will make it easier for them to express themselves clearly, feel compassion for others, and make a little more of an effort to compromise when necessary. For Aries, the stone will brilliantly enhance their dynamic leadership. 

When it comes to being diplomatic, fair, social, and highly idealistic, Librans will find that Kyanite is the stone to complement their emotions. All of these are enhanced by kyanite, which also helps you remain rational and balanced when making decisions.

Kyanite  Chakras

Kyanite Chakra

All chakras and subtle bodies are automatically aligned with kyanite. However, it is more commonly understood to resonate with the throat chakra and enhance the capacity for mental expression.

Due to the fact that it is a grounding gemstone, it supports meditation and spiritual connection. Additionally, it opens up the third eye chakra, which broadens a person’s perspectives on creativity, perception, and agility. This gemstone contains no negative energy, therefore it encourages a cheerful outlook by releasing any kind of stress, depression, or rage.

Additionally, it harmonises yin and yang energy to fortify the body and soul. It offers tranquilly and clears all impediments from the mind and soul thanks to its mild, incredibly relaxing properties.

What are the Uses of Kyanite?

What are the uses of Kyanite?

  • In addition to its use as a gemstone for healing, kyanite is also used to make ceramic objects including dishes and plumbing fittings as well as spark plugs.
  • It is employed in manufacturing refractory materials like kilning bricks or furniture made in high-temperature furnaces. Again, because of its capacity to tolerate high temperatures, the characteristics of kyanite make it ideal for high refractory strength porcelain.
  • Kyanite stone has a special ability to heal oneself and this property makes it a very useful stone.  It is an excellent stone for people who are trying to take control of their own health. It opens the throat chakra, promoting expression of the self and communication.
  • It helps one articulate their truth by cutting through obstacles and barriers. It enhances the voice and soothes the throat and larynx, making it a great tool for public speakers and performers.
  • The urogenital system, adrenal glands, and parathyroid glands are all treated by kyanite. It helps with diseases of the musculoskeletal system, brain, and throat. It lowers blood pressure and aids in the healing of infections. Kyanite is also believed to be a natural painkiller.

Caring for Kyanite 

How to care for Kyanite

Kyanite requires the same care and safety measures as any other precious gemstone.  It is best to clean the stones with a solution of mild soap and warm water while taking care of them. Rinse them with warm water, then dry them with a soft cloth. Avoid using ultrasonic cleaners, strong cleaners or chemicals, or steamers.

Keep kyanite separate from other gemstones to prevent inadvertent collisions that could cause fractures. The best way to store your kyanite over time is in a soft cloth or a jewellery box lined with fabric.

Avoid using mechanical cleaning methods, such as steam and ultrasound as already mentioned, on these gems since the majority of kyanites are strongly incorporated. Use simply a soft brush, light detergent, and warm water to clean them.

When to Cleanse Kyanite?

Kyanite is one of the remarkable jewels, therefore as with all crystals, you should keep your stones cleansed, cleared, and always brimming with brilliant healing energy. It never has to be cleansed frequently because it won’t hold any negative vibrations or energy.

The pleasant energies that attach to kyanite keep its moods clean and bright without having the weight that other crystals sometimes have. If you want to clean kyanite, all you need to do is run it under warm water. If necessary, you may also apply a small amount of natural soap. Also, remember that it is a water element stone.

How to Recharge Your Kyanite?

Smudging is the best way to recharge your kyanite stone. Use incense too. Kyanite may be recharged by placing it in a bowl made of a natural substance and filling the bowl with water. Full moonlight is the best way among all of the ways.

What is Kyanite Activation process?

Your Kyanite stone can be energized by setting it in a bowl made of anything natural, such as wood or stone. Then let it sit in a small amount of water. Kyanite enjoys feeling a connection to the natural world, which can reenergize and activate its soul.

How much is Kyanite worth?

There are several uses of kyanite stone, which make it an expensive and valuable gemstone. In addition to being used for numerous industrial applications, such as high refractory strength porcelain, it is also a rare gemstone. Popular blue kyanite gemstones come in a variety of colours, including clear, blue, green, and teal.

Blue kyanite is the most common colour chosen by gemstone collectors to create fine jewellery. The pleochroic nature of the gemstones, which causes the colour to shift depending on the angle from which it is seen, is only one of the numerous factors that make them uncommon.

Prices for kyanite stones typically range between $50 and $60 per carat ( the price at the time of writing this article).

What determines Kyanite’s price and value?

The clarity, cuts, and colour all affect how much a gemstone is worth on its own. The price of kyanite today is influenced by a variety of variables. The first element is colour. The most popular colour of kyanite used in jewellery is blue. Green, grey, white, yellow, and orange colours are less frequently seen; the latter two were only recently detected in Tanzania.

Dark blue gemstones that resemble blue sapphire in colour and have higher consistency and transparency throughout the entire stone are those that are more highly valued. Because they don’t typically have the transparency of the blue ones, other colours are less common. However, despite not necessarily being the rarest, the colourless version of the crystal is rare.

The chances of a stone’s price rising with the increases in size. Since it is challenging to cut this stone due to its cleavage characteristics, the price can vary depending on the gemstone’s cut as well as its clarity rating. 

Kyanite Impact

impact of Kyanite

The strong stone kyanite has a wide range of beneficial uses. It provides a relaxing, centring vibration that can be used to access meditation states and balance emotions. The third eye chakra is opened, and we can use it to recall dreams and connect to our intuitive talents. Clear thinking is aided by kyanite.

By settling any disputes, kyanite promotes harmonious partnerships. It makes it easier to communicate effectively in order to settle a contentious issue. It fosters self-expression and intuitive development at the same time.

High positive energies included in this stone are ideal for complete attunement and the evocation of psychic thought. Additionally useful, it is cut into cabochons to be utilised as gemstone crystals in industry.

Does Kyanite make a good Jewellery Stone?

One of the best ways to utilise kyanite’s bright healing properties is in jewellery. Kyanite makes a wonderful stone for pieces of jewellery. Placing this therapeutic stone next to your skin without any barriers will enable your body and the crystal to discover its natural flow if you want pure, unrestricted energy.

Kyanite jewellery is not only exquisitely gorgeous, but it also enables you to convey intention and good energy everywhere you go. With a Kyanite Energy Bracelet, you can immediately start working on balancing your chakras and aligning your aura because it beats in time with your heart.

The use of faceted kyanites as jewellery or exhibition pieces should appeal to those who collect uncommon gems or are passionate about the craft of gem cutting. Kyanites can be faceted to create stunning gemstones by skilled gem cutters. However, especially at larger sizes, they frequently have numerous faults and imperfections.

This specific gemstone is ideal for any sort of jewellery that doesn’t undergo a lot of stress, such as necklaces, pendants, earrings, and the like because it is so uncommon and stunning on its own. Even if you decide to incorporate this healing stone into a bracelet or ring, you should use caution to prevent unintentionally breaking the stone.

Kyanite Real vs Fake

Anisotropic is a distinctive characteristic of kyanite. You’ll observe varying hardness in the same crystal as well as a propensity for colour blotching or streaking in a single piece of jewellery. It distinguishes itself from other gems due to this. You should be able to tell if it has two hardness levels that are clearly different.

Summary of Kyanite

Name of Crystal Kyanite
Precious Yes
Semi Precious No
Other Names Disthene, Rhaeticide, Cyanite
Origin(s) Myanmar, Cambodia, Kenya, Nepal, Tibet
Color(s) Dark blue, translucent blue, or sometimes aquamarine, blue topaz, or deep sapphire.
Formation Kyanite is created as a result of the metamorphism of clay-rich strata. It is a sign of a terrain’s deep burial. Kyanite is primarily found as elongated blades in gneisses and schists.
Majorly Found at Myanmar, Cambodia, Kenya, Nepal, Tibet, Brazil, Switzerland, Russia, and a few states in America and India.
Zodiac Suited for Taurus
Chakra Heart Chakra
Throat Chakra
Third Eye Chakra
Crystal Meaning A stone that inspires strong connections, loyalty, the branch of friendship to bloom, and kind and soothing energy
Types of Crystal Aluminosilicate mineral
Healing Properties Kyanite has wonderful high vibrations. It gets rid of obstacles in life. This stone encourages strong ties, loyalty, the growth of the friendship branch, and delicate and sympathetic communication.
Health Benefits kyanite promotes communication and self-expression. The person wearing kyanite may get enlightening dream messages, develop their meditation, unearth insights from their subconscious, or even feel calmer or relieved from fury or sadness.
Uses Gemstone for healing, refractory materials like kilning bricks or furniture, enhance the voice and soothe the throat and larynx
Goes in Water? Yes
Goes in Salt Water? Yes
Goes in Rain Water? Yes
Goes in Moon Water Yes
Moh’s Scale 4.5-5
Real Real crystal will exhibit Anisotropism. No obvious cleavage but shows a mild green pleochroism. Two differing hardness values.
Fake No different values of hardness


What is kyanite crystal good for?

Kyanite is a special stone when it comes to its ability to promote healing. It is a great stone for self-recognition and meditation. Kyanite promotes communication and self-expression by resonating with the throat chakra. The ability to speak up and present oneself clearly is given to the wearer. Additionally, it creates a solid bond between the bearer and the environment. It is also the ideal gemstone for people who wish to build strong relationships with other people.

What does the kyanite stone represent?

The stone kyanite is quite potent. It radiates a tremendous quantity of calming, caring pleasant energy. Because of its connection to the ocean, kyanite is thought to be a brilliant gem that is filled with water-like impulses. Many individuals assert that the energy emanating from the stone gives the impression of floating on a sea of life. 

Is kyanite worth anything?

Kyanite is a very valuable and rare gemstone. Some of the most valuable stones are Kyanite’s blue and blue-green varieties. Gem collectors too prefer the  Blue kyanite to create fine jewellery. The fact that the gemstones are pleochroic is just one of the many factors that make them unusual. Additionally, it is quite heat resistant. It is used by industries to produce a variety of goods, including furnaces, shells, weaponry, porcelain, and a lot more.

What chakra is kyanite used for?

Kyanite gemstone instantly aligns with each chakra. It boosts the ability to express oneself mentally by resonating with the throat chakra and encouraging self-expression. Kyanite resonating with the throat chakra encourages self-expression and communication.

What is blue kyanite used for spiritually?

Kyanite is a useful stone when it comes to spirituality, connection, and self-expression.  Kyanite is known for its capacity for spiritual healing. The stone and the spiritual world are strongly connected, as indicated by the deep blue colour of the stone. It could help you communicate your truth, feel calmer, and connect with the greater cosmos.

Where do I put kyanite crystal?

Kyanite has a connection with the throat chakra. Crystal experts frequently advise wearing kyanite around the throat or around the neck because it is thought to be particularly good at removing blockages from the throat chakra. Kyanite stone can even be placed on a desk, in an office, or in a bedroom. In this approach, you can encourage calmness and relaxation in the area.

How can you tell if blue kyanite is real?

Anisotropic is a unique feature of kyanite, that differentiates it from the fake ones. A single piece of jewellery may have a pattern of colour blotching or streaking as well as varying hardness in the same stone. It distinguishes itself from other gems due to this. You should be able to tell if it has two hardness levels that are clearly different, then definitely the stone you have is a real one. 

How do you care for kyanite?

Use warm water, a soft cloth, and some light soap to clean kyanite jewellery. Never use an ultrasonic cleaner since the vibrations could lead to fracturing or crazing. After cleaning the kyanite jewellery, wipe it off thoroughly to get rid of any soap scum before storing it. Kyanite is best stored in a soft cloth or a jewellery box lined with fabric over time.