Leucite Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

Leucite is common in many different lava rocks, but it is extremely rare in gem-quality form and frequently has a milky or foggy appearance. Collectors reward crystals with beautiful shapes as well as stones with facets.

What is Leucite?

What is Leucite

Mineral collections are more likely to contain faceted leucites than jewelry collections. Despite the odd color flashes that some stones may have, their basic appearance doesn’t usually lend itself to wearing as jewelry.

They are also just 5.5 to 6 in hardness, making them vulnerable to scratching from household dust. However, they have weak cleavage, which actually prevents them from splitting. However, protective settings are advised, particularly for ring use.

In the range of 900° C, leucite crystallizes into an isometric form. It retains an externally isometric shape, but as it cools, it recrystallizes into a tetragonal structure.

Some leucites have very poor birefringence due to the fact that tetragonal crystals have axes of two distinct lengths. (Isometric gems, on the other hand, are singularly refractive.) Striation and twinning are also frequently brought on by this change into a tetragonal shape.

Meaning of Leucite

Meaning of Leucite

Leucite is one of the most powerful grounding stones we’ve ever used because it is so Earth-heavy. When you meditate with this stone, your entire aura will soften, allowing real-life force energy to permeate your physical body. 

Parts of your spirit that have been dormant because of stress and fear will start to reawaken as a result of this energetic connection. The essential characteristics that make us who we are contained in these facets of our inner selves. We will now be able to openly express our unique character features. 

Your inner potential will be encouraged by this awakening impact, which also makes it easier to rank your priorities. One’s confidence is able to surge on command and effortlessly fight one’s own self-doubt thanks to the bold and empowering energies of leucite.


Warm water, a gentle detergent, and a soft brush should be used for cleaning. For more advice, go to our care guide for gemstone jewelry.

Try meditating while holding a piece of leucite close to your heart when you’re faced with a choice between several options in your life. Allow the brain, which is the most vital organ, to participate fully in the decision-making process. The essential fuel required to reach enlightenment can be found in the purity of our heart space and the innocent energy it contains.

As your inner vibration points you in the direction of your actual potential, follow it. Your inner being can be guided by love and light toward totality, abundance, joy, and success.