Magnesite Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

What is Magnesite?

Magnesite Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

Magnesite is a mineral that is made of magnesium carbonate. The chemical formula of this mineral is MgCO3. This mineral is named after the presence of magnesium in it. Metamorphism as well as chemical weathering are the processes that are responsible for the formation of this mineral.

It is used to produce many products and substances that are an essential part of the chemical industry. It is also very necessary to produce magnesium oxide which is an important part of refractory material. They are used in the steel industry. Small amounts of this mineral are also used as a gemstone or crystal. 

There are many processes due by which these minerals are formed naturally. The carbonation of this mineral which is essentially rich in Magnesium is formed by the process known as hydrothermal metamorphism. Many times this mineral is formed as a crystal by the process of crystallization with fewer amounts of other minerals. Alteration of limestone or marble in the presence of other carbonate-rich or magnesium-rich minerals with the process of metamorphism also takes place when this crystal is formed. 

How to identify a Magnesite?

It is very easy to identify this crystal and differentiate it from others but it is only possible when a person is where of its physical properties as well as appearance. The most common color of this crystal is white. It is mainly formed of Porus masses which are not Shiny in appearance. It has a dull appearance.

If you want to conduct a scientific test or want to identify this crystal in a scientific manner then you can also use a refractometer. If you already have it or know someone that is good at using it then this test is very easy for you and you can get results in a few seconds. The index of refraction of this crystal lies between 1.509 to 1.700. The birefringence of this crystal is 0.191. 

Where is Magnesite Found?

Where is Magnesite Found?

It can easily be found in freshwater sediments as well as certain rocks. Some common places in which deposits of this crystal or mineral are found are Radenthein, Austria; the Liaotung Peninsula, Liaoning Province, China; and Clark County, Nev., U.S. iron is usually present in these components which are replaced by magnesium and other small minerals. 

Magnesite Stone Meaning

Magnesite Stone Meaning

This is a common crystal that is mainly used for relaxation as well as for releasing tension. It is also very effective in reducing muscle cramps in the Body of a person. In some cases, if a person is excessively drawn towards the powers and vibrations of this crystal then it means that the person needs to slow down and relax for a little time.

This crystal is unique and more powerful than you ever know. To keep the permanent powers and effects of this crystal a person can wear it as jewelry or other such things. It can also be kept beside a table or bed or under a pillow to activate its power during the night when you are asleep. 

Magnesite Meaning in Ancient Lore and History

This crystal is not that rare and can commonly be found all over Europe Poland and Austria. It can also be found in various other countries in the world. The purest form of this crystal is found in Brazil of high quality and ultimate appearance. 1808 was the year in which it was discovered. The dominant element in this crystal is magnesium due to which it got its name known as Magnesite. It is fairly brittle. 

It is not a kind of Crystal that can take any type of accident or scratches so it is necessary to store it somewhere safe and different from other pieces of jewelry or mineral collections. Tribes of Native American tribes used it mostly. This is because it was easy for them to curve on this crystal and thus it was also a type of jewelry for pre-Columbian America.

It has been used for many centuries to inform of beads and other types of jewelry. They were also traded. Aside from its looks and attractive appearance it still had different attractive properties that made it unique from others. 

Magnesite Crystal Properties

Magnesite Crystal Properties

Chemical Classification: Carbonate

Color: brownish, White, grayish, yellowish, rarely colorless

Streak: White

Luster: Dull, earthy, chalky, rarely vitreous

Diaphaneity: these crystals are mostly impure and have other components. They can be transparent as well as opaque. Some crystals are also found which are translucent in appearance. 

Cleavage: the cleavage of these crystals are mostly perfect but they cannot be properly seen in crystalline minerals.

Mohs Hardness: 3.5 to 5.0

Specific Gravity: 3.0 to 3.2

Chemical Composition: MgCO3

Crystal System: Trigonal

Sometimes it can be difficult for a person to identify or differentiate this crystal from others due to similar color or other properties. It is mostly found in crystal form which means that it has perfect cleavage. It is a hard crystal. This crystallizable dissociates into carbon dioxide as well as magnesium oxide if it goes through a particular chemical reaction.

This crystal has an extremely high melting point or melting temperature which is perfect for the steel industry and chemical industries. It is also used in different types of ceramic processes. Even though it is hard it still has the ability to be cut in any shape. It can also absorb color which can be turned into any desirable color. This also creates confusion and people sometimes buy other crystals or fake crystals instead of buying real crystals. 

Magnesite Healing Properties

Magnesite Healing Properties: 

  • It is used to heal tension as well as stress. It is also used to bring relaxation and calm nerves. It is a powerful crystal that is one of the best for meditation as well as spiritual activities. It is also helpful to control thoughts, senses, and energies. It helps to remove any kind of fear and tension.
  • It increases awareness as well as levels of intuition in a person. It is beneficial for the Crown Chakra. Eat encourages a person to see beyond visuals and helps to understand them. It improves many abilities such as psychic abilities as well as telepathy. 
  • It also has the power and energy to not only be honest with others but also with yourself. It brings both trust and love and improves a relationship. It has high levels of vibrations as well as energy which it becomes easier for a person to find forgiveness. It is also used to purify the spirit and move on from something that might be holding you back from something better.
  • It also helps to develop a positive attitude towards life and all people. It makes you optimistic as well as enthusiastic about your future and better options. If it is more likely for you to step between a situation of crisis or a tough condition then this crystal makes it easier for you to understand and have clarity of that situation and come out of it. 
  • This crystal is also ideal for people that overwork themselves with work and other things. It helps them to decide when it is okay to take a break and when it is necessary. There is a strong connection between this stone and you which makes you fall in love with yourself and promotes self-care. It will help you to transform or convert your weaknesses into strength and helps to achieve your goals as well as achievements. 
  • In addition, it also helps to relax not only the mind but also the body of a person. It helps to cool the mind. It helps to stop and control thinking and convert them into positive thoughts. If you are irritated easily by others and your kids then this is the right crystal for you. It helps to build tolerance in your mind and body. It protects you from physical manifestations as well as overstress. 

Magnesite Metaphysical Properties

It stands for relaxation and peace. No matter how hard the situation is or Complex a situation is, it helps to bring clarity to that situation and prevent wrong decisions. It has visualization as well as imagination. It is known to have relaxation-healing properties. It not only balances your emotions but also clarifies them so that you can see clearly. 

Magnesite Benefits

Magnesite Benefits

  • It is beneficial to bring relaxation to a person’s life and mind. 
  • It helps to gain focus and concentrate on important aspects of life. 
  • It is beneficial in maintaining the levels of crown Chakra as well as the eye Chakra.
  • It is also beneficial for spirituality and meditation. 
  • It helps to deal with various types of emotions and control the level of tension and stress. 

Magnesite Benefits Spirituality

This crystal style is very effective for people that are deeply into meditation as well as spirituality. It helps them to gain peace and understand the true meaning of spirituality. No matter how hard the situation is if a person knows how to use this crystal properly and understands the powers as well as the energy of this crystal they can do everything easily with help of spirituality. It does not matter if you are not following spirituality this crystal automatically brings clarity about life and truth about life which would automatically bring you to The Spiritual path. 

Magnesite & Feng Shui

These crystals are known to improve psychic abilities and prevent psychic attacks on a person. It helps a person to understand their clairvoyant abilities so that they can use these abilities in real life and practice. It helps them to understand psychic visions and improve their psychic potential. 

Know the other best crystals for psychic abilities here.

Magnesite Birthstone

The birthstone of this crystal is essentially associated with an astrological symbol known as Aries. It has equal benefits and uses for everyone, especially for people belonging to the above-mentioned astrological symbol. It is used to symbolize passion as well as authority. They are highly determined and motivated which makes them perfect leaders.

They are known to be extraordinary because they have high powers and strength. It makes them realize the best path for them so that they can work for it and understand their potential that they might be unaware of. It also helps them to realize and notice their negative traits so that they can improve them and turn them into positive traits.

Surely vibrations, as well as the energy of these crystals, will calm the mind and cool them down. It helps them to be more grounded as well as responsible. 

Magnesite Chakras

Magnesite Chakras

This crystal also offers positive vibrations as well as energy to various levels of chakras, especially the heart Chakra. It is very effective in managing the flow of energy through the lower level of the chakra and taking it to the higher level of the Chakra. This process is maintained by this crystal.

In addition, it is also beneficial for eye Chakra. If you place this crystal on your third eye then it is activated and filled with positive vibrations with the help of this crystal. It helps to bring not only peace but also harmony into a person’s life and mind. You will be able to understand the real meaning of life and it will become much easier for you to give and take happiness and transfer positive Vibes. 

What are the Uses of Magnesite?

  • It is used for meditation as well as visualization. A person can understand and reach a deeper level of meditation with the help of this Crystal. It is used to Spark new ideas as well as innovations that can bring changes in your world. It can also be placed on the third eye which is used to relax and stay cool.
  • It can also be used to keep on your working desk to control the levels of stress during work. It is even better for you if you have many crystals of this mineral with you especially around your workspace because it can reduce and finish adverse effects of stress on your body and mind. It can help you to understand and multitask. You can also hold it in your palm to cool and relax.
  • It also helps the person to stay active during the day due to a lack of sleep at night. It helps to improve the quality of sleep and reduce the chances of nightmares. 
  • Holding three or four crystals of this mineral in your hand can help you to reach other dimensions or worlds. It also helps to concentrate and focus. 
  • It is also very important and effective during family meals. You can place this crystal in your kitchen when you are preparing food so that your food is blessed with positive vibrations. Then you can also keep this crystal on your family table while eating together to remove tension and bring peace. 

Caring for Magnesite

It is better to clean this crystal with non-oily substances and materials. Also, make sure that you remove any kind of oily substances that might be present on its surface. Also, avoid any kind of acidic product on its surface because it could detract from its quality. You can clean it with warm water and a soft cloth regularly. Make sure you store this crystal differently from your other collections. 

When to Cleanse Magnesite

When to Cleanse Magnesite

You can clean this crystal at regular intervals. For example, you can clean it once every few weeks. It is necessary to maintain the positive vibrations and energy of this crystal. You can also clean it with the help of Moonlight or sunlight. You can let these lights fall on the surface of this crystal for a few minutes so that it can refresh. 

How to Recharge Your Magnesite

It is very easy to recharge this crystal. Just remember the ways of restoring it. You can simply keep it under sunlight to recharge the powers as well as vibrations of this crystal. You can also purify this crystal with the help of running water. 

Magnesite Activation process

The activation of this crystal starts taking place as soon as you place it under sunlight or moonlight. This crystal constantly absorbs negative thoughts and other unwanted Evil energy. These energies as well as powers can make this crystal full of negativity and heaviness so it is necessary to remove these negative energies. 

How much is Magnesite worth?

It can cost up to $30 for one carat. The price of this crystal can increase as well as decrease depending on the quality and color of their availability. 

What determines Magnesite’s Price and Value?

What determines Magnesite’s Price and Value?
There are many factors that determine the price as well as the value of this crystal. The size, as well as the shape of this crystal, are the prime factors that determine its value. The color of this crystal is also a very important factor that determines the price as well as the value of your crystal. It is mainly found in white color which can be opaque and also transparent. There might also be some crystals that are translucent. 

Does Magnesite make a good jewelry stone?

It is popularly used for jewelry stones and other collections, especially for Autumn jewelry. Even though they are moderately hard they still can be used for jewelry like necklace earrings, pendants, and other such things. It is best to not use them for daily jewelry wear such as rings or marriage rings because they can get easily scratched. You can easily store this crystal away or different from your other mineral collection and jewelry collection so that it is not scratched easily. 

Magnesite Real vs Fake

Magnesite Real vs Fake

It is very easy to differentiate between a real and a fake crystal but it can only be done if you are aware of the differences or properties of these crystals. The main fact that you have to keep in your mind always is that these crystals are originally found in white color but they can be easily dyed with other colors. You can recognize the original white color of this color easily by wiping the surface with cotton and Acetone or just scratching its surface. The True color of this crystal will be revealed if you do so. 

Summary of Magnesite Crystal

Name of Crystal Magnesite
Precious Yes
Semi Precious No
Other Names
Origin(s) Radenthein, Austria; the Liaotung Peninsula, Liaoning Province, China; and Clark County, Nev., U.S
Color(s) Colorless, white, pale yellow, pale brown, faintly pink, lilac-rose
Formation Magnesite can be formed via talc carbonate metasomatism of peridotite and other ultramafic rocks.
Majorly Found at China
Zodiac Suited for Aries
Chakra Crown Chakra
Crystal Meaning The Magnesite crystal stone is one of a kind among healing crystals. Magnesite meaning involves a bulk of calming energies which makes it a powerful relaxant. This dynamic crystal also carries deeply healing and purifying vibrations.
Types of Crystal
Healing Properties Magnesite crystal symbolizes your inner strength and personal power
Health Benefits this crystal stone expands your knowledge by giving you the right tools to think critical
Uses Magnesite is commonly used to make tumbled stones, beads, and cabochons.
Goes in Water? No
Goes in Salt Water? No
Goes in Rain Water? No
Goes in Moon Water? No
Moh’s Scale 3.5-4.5
Real Test with a refractometer: If your specimen has a polished surface and you have a refractometer (and are good at using it), you will be able to do one of the most reliable tests for Magnesite.
Fake One simple test involves heating a pin and placing it on the surface of the stone – a burning plastic smell will indicate that the piece has been treated, or is an imitation.


What is Magnesite used for?

It is used for the steel industry as well as many other chemical industries. It is also used by mineral collectors and jewelry collectors. 

How is Magnesite formed?

There are many possible processes by which this crystal can be formed. It can be formed by processes such as crystallization as well as carbonation. 

Where should I put Magnesite?

It is suggested to put this crystal in a safe box alone and different from others. You can wrap this crystal in a soft cloth and put it in a safe box. It is necessary so that it does not get easily scratched or broken accidentally.

How do you cleanse Magnesite?

It can easily be done by Moonlight sunlight or running water. 

Is Magnesite rare?

This crystal is not that rare because it can commonly be found in many parts of Europe and other continents. High qualities of this crystal are found in Brazil. 

How strong is Magnesite?

The Mohs scale hardness of this crystal is 3.5 to 4.5. This means that it can be used in some parts of jewelry but it can also easily scratch if it accidentally hits somewhere. 

How much is Magnesite worth?

It can be worth around $30 per carat. The price, as well as the value of this crystal, are dependent on manufacturers such as color size, shape quality, clarity, and other such things. 

How do you identify Magnesite?

It is very easy to identify this crystal or to differentiate it from others. It is commonly found in white color and it can get easily scratched or carved even if you try it with your nail or hand. If you want to identify this crystal scientifically then you can check the refractive index of this crystal.