Marcasite Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

Marcasite is a popular gemstone used predominantly for meditation and relaxation activities. It is also known to help with introspection. It has a high tendency to create resonance with strong spiritual chakras. Marcasite is also used for breaking emotional and mental blockages giving more insight into the places of the body and mind that needs attention and care. 

This gemstone has supreme healing and replenishing abilities. This brings us to tell you about the meaning, healing properties and uses of Marcasite that everyone should know about. 


What Is Marcasite? 

What Is Marcasite? 

Marcasite is a gemstone that is obtained from the mineral Pyrite. Pyrite is an elegant stone whose beauty is similar to the mineral Gold. Due to its resemblance to Gold, the mineral is also known as the ‘Fools Gold.’ 

The gemstone Marcasite is composed of white iron sulphide. The structure of this beautiful gemstone is Pyritohedral. It has twelve sides and five edges.  Since the stone is extremely delicate and soft when cut, only small chunks of the stone get widely available. Dating back to the Victorian age, this gemstone was used to make jewellery and ornaments.  And in modern times too, this stone is used to make jewellery. But people are more aware of its benefits and interested in the healing properties of the stone. 

How to Identify a Marcasite? 

Identifying a Marcasite stone is not a difficult task. Predominantly, Marcasite can be identified easily as it leaves a greenish-black streak. The colour of the gemstone is pale bronze. 

Marcasite stones are softer and more brittle as compared to the Pyrite mineral. The structure of the gemstone is not stable. This leads to quick and easy breakage of the stones. 

  • Marcasite Cuts And Shapes

The different cuts and shapes in which Marcasite is available are rose cut, circular cut, round table cut, checkerboard cut, dome cut, baguette cut, peak cut and many more. 

Where is Marcasite Found?

Marcasite is found in different places like:- 

  • France 
  • England 
  • Kent 
  • English Channel at Dover 
  • Cap Blanc-Nez 
  • Pas de Calais 
  • Germany 
  • Russia 
  • Czech Republic 

Marcasite Stone Meaning

Marcasite obtained its name from the Arabic word for Pyrite. It has a lot of sparkles on it. It is considered a rejuvenating and grounding crystal.

Marcasite is a medication stone that provides vibrations of magnitude. It is an expert in providing endurance during the alignment process of the lower chakras. 

This stone is composed of iron sulfides. When mixed with other minerals, this stone can be used for different purposes and benefits. 

Marcasite Crystal Properties

  • Marcasite Healing Properties

Marcasite Healing Properties. 

  • Marcasite is an excellent talisman in magic. It expresses and portrays knowledge, courage, expressiveness and equality. 
  • Marcasite creates a path for the wearer to tap into their conscious mind. It is a joyful family crystal. 
  • It creates harmony and feelings of belongingness in the heart of the wearer. The wearer experiences immense power with the stone.  
  • Marcasite helps the wearer to overcome feelings of frustration and furiousness. 
  • Marcasite has a strong tendency to strengthen the atmosphere. It also enables a boost in the wearer’s life. 
  • The crystal helps the wearer to overcome cerebral fatigue. This fatigue is mostly the result of nervous system slowdown. 

Marcasite Benefits

  • Some of the most well-known benefits of Marcasite are as follows:- 
  • Marcasite is an excellent gemstone to encourage the wearer to explore and express their inner power. 
  • Marcasite helps the wearer to gain positive control over their lives and make informed decisions. 
  • According to many old beliefs, this gemstone enables the wearer to create balance in their life by exploring their inner power. This process takes place without any anger or frustration. 
  • The stone is also responsible for cleansing and purifying the surrounding environment of the wearer. 
  • As an artist or performer, this stone helps in inspiring creativity and charisma in the fields of arts and performance. While the intellectual tiredness slowly fades away from the life of the wearer. 
  • Marcasite promotes the stimulation of blood flow to the important parts of the brain. This helps students and learners to increase their mental clarity and reduce intellectual blockages in the brain. 
  • Marcasite empowers the leadership qualities of the wearer. The feeling of self-worth and self-realisation is empowered by the healing properties of this gemstone. 
  • Marcasite stones are good luck stones. They are used for attracting good luck and wealth in everyday life. 

Marcasite stones help in decision-making and problem-solving. Whether the user is facing financial difficulties or having trouble maintaining consistency in their relationships, this stone helps in providing a clear picture of the problem and enables positive decision-making in every situation. 

  • Marcasite Benefits Spirituality

Marcasite Benefits Spirituality. 

According to ancient scriptures and beliefs, Marcasite is also known as the Stone Of Soul Attraction.  It enables the awakening of the soul’s needs and attractions. This provides a new dimension to the definition of life. 

This gemstone unites souls that have similar needs, wants, beliefs and goals. It increases metaphysical powers.  Spiritual awareness and deep insight are empowered by the stone.

Psychic protection is provided by the stone to guard the wearer in their daily life.  Different issues and emotions like impatience, ego, attitudes and personalities are corrected by the healing properties of the Marcasite gemstone.  With the help of the stone, the wearer can explore the true attractions of their souls and fulfil them to enter the highest level of spirituality. 

Marcasite Birthstone

The star sign Leo and Aries have a strong association with Marcasite gemstones.  Individuals with air signs must use this crystal. The star sign Leo is a fire sign. It takes place in summer. In this season, nature’s energy is at its zenith.  The individuals born with this sign are extroverted and essential due to the high position of the sun in the sky. 

Marcasite Chakras

Marcasite Chakras. 

Marcasite is an incredible stone with emotional healing properties. Since the stone emits heavenly light, it heals the emotional bruises one might have in their internal soul.  The spiritual chakras are brought in alignment by the stone. The vibrations of the chakras are felt through their influential energy. 

It might seem to be a normal stone. However, it has abilities to help the wearer in improving their mental health. It helps them enhance their psyche and cognitive thoughts.  This mental well-being takes place when the wearer gets connected with the colourful rays of the chakras through the stone. 

Marcasite stones provide peace and relaxation to those individuals who have heavy hearts. It fills the individual with good energy and good vibrations.  The wearer is enabled to deal with problems and obstacles in their life better as the stone offers relaxation from feelings of irritation and frustration.  Marcasite offers energy to the wearer’s spirit. This makes it easy for them to gain insight into themselves.  Wearers struggling with self-image issues also get benefited from the stone as it helps them to bloom out of their shells and explore their potential. 

Uses Of Marcasite

Marcasite is an incredibly powerful stone that has tons of uses and benefits. Some of the best uses of the stone are as follows:- 

  • Uses Of Marcasite For Mental Well-Being

Marcasite is a gemstone that enables the wearer to explore the abilities of their conscious mind. It is used to get rid of unwanted blockages in the mind which may be hindering their growth and development. Marcasite is used to develop optimistic thoughts by correcting the imbalances in the psyche. 

Marcasite enables the wearer to have control over their life by making informed decisions. It helps them to create a balance in their life. 

  • Uses Of Marcasite For Physical Well-Being

Marcasite is used for enhancing physical health oneself. Marcasite promotes blood flow and blood circulation to the brain. It also enables the purification of blood. 

It is used to reduce the lethargy caused by the nervous system. Many ancient scriptures show that it improves digestion and helps in quick relief from digestion-related issues. Marcasite is widely used for healing skin issues like pimples, acne, oily skin, breakouts and much more. 

  • Uses Of Marcasite For Spiritual Well-Being

Marcasite is predominantly used for its spiritual healing powers. By cleansing the surrounding environment of the wearer, Marcasite helps in providing a boost to spiritual peace and well-being. 

Marcasite gemstone is used to explore the true attractions and needs of the soul. When these needs are fulfilled through different mediums, the wearer experiences an increase in their spiritual well-being. 

  • The Industrial Uses Of Marcasite

Marcasite stone is not used as a raw material in industries because of its physical features and properties. Since Marcasite is a soft and brittle stone, large commercial or industrial use cannot be done. 

However, due to a good composition of sulfur and sulfuric acid, this stone can be useful for different purposes requiring the acids. 

  • Uses Of Marcasite For Jewellery And Ornaments

Marcasite jewellery can be found in a wide range of shapes, colours, forms and much more. Huge chunks of Marcasite are cut into smaller stones to fit into different kinds of jewellery like pendants, bracelets, necklaces, etc. 

Mostly, Marcasite stones look elegant and beautiful on silver jewellery. For many years, jewellers have been using Marcasite stones in silver jewellery for the elegance and charm it provides. 

Marcasite jewellery is easily recognizable because of its vintage look. Since Marcasite is very delicate, everyday use of Marcasite jewellery might be difficult. 

  • Uses Of Marcasite For Meditation

Marcasite stone has been used for meditation purposes for hundreds of years. When meditation takes place with a Marcasite stone, an earthly connection is created. Due to this, Marcasite is considered the best gemstone for rejuvenation and grounding. 

Marcasite is often used to provide aid to the user’s spiritual path and create a balance in the environment of the wearer. The gemstone activates slowly but shows its powers at a deeper level. This level offers a sense of self-actualization to the meditator. 

Meditation with the Marcasite crystals helps in the awakening of the harmonious soul. It creates a strong bond with the earth. Concentration is key in meditation. Without concentration, meditation does not show its true powers. To stay concentrated and focused on meditation, Marcasite stones can be used. Over time, the wearer will experience happiness and prosperity in their everyday life. 

  • Uses Of Marcasite To Enhance Creativity

Proper use of Marcasite stimulates the creative part of the brain. It helps in enhancing the creativity and brainstorming abilities of the wearer. 

That’s why students and professionals from the field of arts and architecture are advised to make use of this stone as it enhances creativity, attention to detail and activity. 

  • Uses Of Marcasite For Enhancing The Surrounding Energy

One of the best uses of Marcasite gemstone is to cleanse and enhance the surrounding energy. If the wearer’s surrounding is filled with negative or inactive energy, this stone helps in enhancing the energy by filling the surrounding with positive energy. 

This stone is used for getting rid of tiredness and fatigue caused due to negativity in the environment. Filling the mind of the user with enough amounts of oxygen, Marcasite has incredible powers to overshadow the negative energy with positive energy. 

  • Uses Of Marcasite To Heal Mental Disorders

Marcasite is used predominantly for creating peace and harmony among the different functions of the brain. It helps the user to explore the potentials and powers of the brain. 

Due to the stone’s ability to create peace and clarity in the mind, the user can fight different kinds of mental disorders such as depression, anxiety, overthinking, stress, panic and much more. 

Caring For Marcasite 

Caring For Marcasite 

Whether Marcasite is used in jewellery or it is used as a stone, taking good care of the gemstone is extremely important. Marcasite must be cleansed when visible layers of dirt and dust are formed on the stone. 

Preventing rusting on the stone and preserving it by regular cleaning is necessary to make sure that the shine and lustre do not fade away. 

How to cleanse Marcasite?

There are many different ways through which Marcasite can be cleaned. Let’s take a look at some of the easiest ways to clean Marcasite:-

  • Cotton Pads And Cloth

Cleaning Marcasite can be done easily and simply; that is by soaking the stone in a degreasing solution. And then clean it with a soft and gentle cotton cloth or cotton pad. 

This method removes any dirt and dust particles from the stone or jewellery while maintaining its lustre and shine.  Since Marcasite is an extremely gentle and fragile stone, it must be cleaned and handled with care. 

Cleaning the stone with a soft cotton pad or cloth makes sure that the stone is being thoroughly cleaned and no damage has been done to the stone’s shine and texture. 

  • Vinegar Solution

For cleaning the Marcasite gemstone deeply, it must be soaked in a solution of water and vinegar. Add five to six spoons of vinegar in water and let the gemstone soak in it for some hours. After a couple of hours, the dirt and dust particles will be seen accumulated at the end of the vessel used for cleaning. 

Make sure that the ratio of water and vinegar is correct so that the final solution is strong enough to clean the stone thoroughly. Once the stone gets rid of all the dirt and dust particles, remove the stone from the vinegar solution and clean it with a gentle cotton cloth. 

Let the stone air dry completely and then store it. 

  • Toothpaste And Toothbrush

Marcasite stones can be cleaned easily with the items available in the home. For example:- A toothbrush and toothpaste. Apply a small amount of toothpaste on a clean toothbrush and rub it on the stone. Keep cleaning the stone with it until all the dirt and dust comes off. 

Toothpaste contains chloride and other essential substances useful for cleaning purposes. A toothpaste and toothbrush can clean the stone without causing damage to its shine, sparkle and colour. Once the stone has been cleaned with toothpaste and a toothbrush, rinse it and let it dry with a damp cloth. 

Pro tip:- Never use warm water to clean the stone. Avoid harsh detergents and soaps to clean the stone. Go for gentle and natural cleansers for cleansing purposes. 

  • Water And Baking Soda Paste

Prepare a paste of water and baking soda. Take the stone and rub the paste over it. Rub the paste in a circular motion on the stone. 

Once cleaned completely, rinse it with normal-temperature water. There will be a visible change in the appearance of the Marcasite stone as it becomes brighter and shinier. 

Hence, these were some of the best ways to clean Marcasite by making sure that the stone is cleaned thoroughly and the shine and colour are maintained as always. 

Keep cleaning the stone regularly. Avoiding dust and dirt particles to form on the stone will make it easier to clean every time. 

When to Cleanse Marcasite? 

Marcasite must be cleaned regularly. Whenever there is a formation of dust and dirt particles on the stone or jewellery, make sure to clean it immediately. 

Regularly cleaning the stone prevents rusting and tarnishing of the jewellery. The colour is maintained and the stone looks as good as new for many years. 

How Much Is Marcasite Worth?

Marcasite stones are pretty valuable. Especially in modern times, as the benefits and healing properties of Marcasite are gaining popularity, the stone has become highly demanded. 

Real Marcasite stones cost hundreds of dollars. Marcasite stones found in antique pieces and vintage jewellery cost a fortune. Nowadays, Marcasite stones cost around twenty to hundred dollars each based on their weight, shape and colour. 

When it comes to Marcasite jewellery, a small ring or pendant with real Marcasite stones can cost around hundred to five hundred dollars depending on the materials used and the amount of Marcasite used. 

What Determines Marcasite’s Price And Value?

The value of Marcasite is determined based on its originality. Original Marcasite stones belonging to the Victorian age cost a lot of money due to their high levels of authenticity. 

Modern replicas of the same stone or jewellery made from the stone cost a little less money even though it contains the original stones. When it comes to modern jewellery and ornaments, the brand, size and weight of the item determine the value of the stone. 

Marcasite stones bought from vintage shops and sources cost hundreds of dollars. In the same way, vintage-style jewellery is costly too. It highly depends on the way the stone has been extracted and the source it is bought from. 

Does Marcasite Make A Good Jewelry Stone?

Does Marcasite Make A Good Jewellery Stone?

Marcasite gemstones make incredibly beautiful and elegant jewellery. So yes, Marcasite does make an outstanding jewellery stone. 

Here are some of the best jewellery pieces that can be made with Marcasite stones:- 

  • Marcasite Gemstone Necklace:-

Marcasite stones can be used to make beautiful necklaces and neckpieces. Based on any outfit style, the pattern of the necklace can be designed. 

For example:- With a deep neck style dress, a choker pattern necklace will look extremely appealing. 

Marcasite gemstone necklaces come in a wide variety of styles and patterns. Popular styles like opera, torque, rosary and many more are the most attractive ones. 

  • Marcasite Gemstone Earrings:-

Using tiny pieces of Marcasite stones, elegant and classy earnings can be made. Different earring styles are made to go with different dressing senses and hairstyles. 

For example:- Long earrings with Marcasite stones look good with buns and a Bob hairstyle. In the same way, studs and buttons look good with open hair and braids.

  • Marcasite Gemstone Rings:-

When it comes to elegant jewellery with stones in it, rings come first. After all, there is no better carrier of a beautiful stone than a ring. 

Different patterns like the flowery, solitaire, trinity, princess cut and many more are some patterns that are widely used for Marcasite gemstone rings. 

  • Marcasite Gemstone Bracelets:-

Another category of jewellery that contains Marcasite stones is bracelets. Different bracelet patterns like chain, cluster, link, omega and many more can be made of the Marcasite gemstones. 

Marcasite Real vs Fake

Marcasite Real vs Fake. 

Here are some of the easiest ways through which one can distinguish between real and fake Marcasite stones:- 

  • The Magnet test. Real Marcasite stones do not get attracted to a magnet. However, the Marcasite stones that are fake contain steel in them. So if the Marcasite stone gets attracted to a magnet, it is fake. 
  • In many Marcasite jewellery, it is observed that the fake ones contain blobs of silver instead of Marcasite stone. Upon close inspection of the jewellery, it is easy to detect the silver blobs. 
  • Marcasite stones have their unique shine and lustre which sets them different from other stones. The fake Marcasite stones will lack the unique lustre of an original stone. Along with the shine and lustre, the colour of a fake stone will be different too. 

Always refer to the identification characteristics of the stone to understand the difference between real and fake stones. 


Marcasite is a powerful and beneficial gemstone that has incredible powers to bring peace, harmony, happiness and positivity to one’s life. 

So far, what we have learned about Marcasite is its meaning, healing properties, uses, benefits, identification, cleaning methods, jewellery usage and much more about the stone. 

Since Marcasite is a rare and beneficial stone, it must be used and handled with care to prolong its usage and maintain its physical properties. 

Summary of Marcasite

Name of Crystal Marcasite
Precious No
Semi-Precious Yes
Other Names White Iron Pyrite
Origin(s) Dover, Derbyshire
Color(s) Bronze, Light Brass Yellow, White
Formation Marcasite is formed under low temperature and highly acidic conditions.
Majorly Found at Dover, Derbyshire, Germany, Russia
Zodiac Suited for Leo
Chakra Solar Plexus chakra
Crystal Meaning Marcasite is a medication stone that provides vibrations of magnitude. It is an expert in providing endurance during the alignment process of the lower chakras.
Types of Crystal Iron sulphide mineral.
Healing Properties It creates a harmonious atmosphere for the wearer and inspires expression and courage.
Health Benefits Helps in reducing feelings of extreme frustration, furiousness and nervousness.
Uses Used for cleansing the environment and promoting a positive spiritual atmosphere.
Goes in Water? Yes
Goes in Salt Water? No
Goes in Rain Water? Yes
Goes in Moon Water? Yes
Moh’s Scale 6
Real Real Marcasite stones do not get attached to magnets.


What is Marcasite used for?

Marcasite is used for different purposes like- Spiritual healing, mental well-being, enhancing creativity, cleansing the surrounding environment, helping in cleansing the blood and increasing blood circulation and much more. 

How is Marcasite formed?

Marcasite can be formed as a primary and secondary stone. It is formed under low temperatures. The acidic conditions for its formation are pretty high. Marcasite stones occur in sedimentary rocks. 

Where should I put Marcasite?

Marcasite can be put in different kinds of jewellery like rings, earrings, pendants, necklaces and much more. Or in specific places in the house. 

How do you cleanse Marcasite?

Marcasite cleaning can be done through different mediums like:- Cleaning the stone with a gentle cotton cloth, soaking in water and vinegar solution, applying baking soda and water paste and much more. 

Is Marcasite rare?

Yes. Marcasite is a rare gemstone. 

How strong is Marcasite?

Marcasite stones come at levels 6 to 6.5 on the hardness scale. 

How much is Marcasite worth?

Depending on the source the Marcasite is extracted or bought from, the stone value varies from a hundred to five hundred dollars. 

How do you identify Marcasite?

Marcasite can be identified based on the following characteristics:- It is a pale bronze orthorhombic crystal, it has a metallic lustre, it gives a black streak, etc.