Morganite Crystal Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

The crystal of Morganite looks very beautiful due to its unique pink to orange-pink hue as it is also a variety of beryl. They at times give a diamond-like show but are less expensive. Morganite also has several healing properties, benefits, and uses. here we have a guide on Morganite for all with all that you need to know about it.

What is Morganite?

what is Morganite

Morganite is a gorgeous peace-pink-toned stone, pink beryl, famously named after Mr. J.P Morgan. Let’s find out more interesting facts and uses of this charming stone.

Morganite presents itself in the most dreamlike pink hues you will ever see. Thanks to manganese, the primary source of that beautiful shade that will charm anyone. It’s pink beryl, making it a relative of emerald (green beryl) and aquamarine ( blue beryl). 

How to Identify morganite?

How to identify a Morganite Stone?

Identifying any type of stone requires the buyer to first research and understand the nuances of the different types of stone that are made of the same elements and chemical fusion that gives them distinct colors, cuts, shapes, and forms. There are three different types of morganite that you can stumble upon in the market 

  • The Original Morganite, The synthetic Morganite, and The Imitation Morganite
  • The original cut as the name suggests is the true morganite made with the authentic elements of the earth and formed its shape and color, making it high in value.
  • Lab-grown morganite can be tricky to decipher as it was made to look as alike as possible with the help of chemicals. The difference between the Original Morganite and Synthetic Morganite is that one was formed in the crevices of the Earth and the other is Man-Made and does not contain any Benefits.
  • Imitation  Morganite is an imitation that is sold by sellers claiming it to be an authentic stone when it’s not. You won’t find an authentic stone just about anywhere, which is why it is important to purchase your stones through trusted stores and sources where the gem is taken care of and handled with care. 
  • Morganite is a pink beryl, beryl by definition means – beryllium aluminum silicate, and the pink hue is achieved due to manganese or cesium. Making it a very sought-after stone, and hard to mistake with a fake.
  • Oftentimes, you can find a star cut effect or a cat-eye effect depending on a specific type of cut which can only be possible with a real stone.
  • It is hard to mistake morganite with another stone, as other beryl stones are very distinct – such as emerald and aquamarine, and yellow heliodor.

             – Morganite cuts and Shapes

  • Morganite, unlike its counterpart, is primarily free of inclusions, leaving more options to give it your ideal form.
  • With that advantage, morganite has become relatively popular among Millenials to opt for this peach pink delight over the traditional diamond.
  • It is a versatile stone that can be approached with different ideas and turned into different shapes and forms, while being precautious, as is the case with any other stone for that matter. 

Where is Morganite Found?

It seems as though the stone was simultaneously found in Madagascar and California in the 1900s, though the rose pink beryl remains to be known as the find of Madagascar first. The stone can be found in different parts of the world, notably in 

  • Namibia
  •  Afghanistan
  •  Brazil
  • The US

Shortly after being discovered, the stone reached the shores of The US, where Mr. George Kunz, a gemologist at Tiffany and co proposed the idea to  The New York Academy of Sciences that the stone should be named after the world-renowned financier and philanthropist. J.P Morgan, who was fond of both Arts and Sciences and diligently provided donations and funds for various causes. J.P Morgan was famous for being one of the most distinguished stone collectors in the 1900s.

Meaning of Morganite

Morganite can be an incredibly powerful and nurturing stone for young girls and women. Morganite is known to have healing, guiding, and enlightening properties that can tend to matters of the heart. 

  • Morganite is known as the heart chakra.
  • It is known to carry healing energies that can help you on the journey of emotional healing.
  • It is known to be the guiding stone for love, compassion, and practicing self-love.
  • Morganite is known to help you move on from past trauma and pain with its energies that channel love and forgiveness.

Morganite Meaning in History and Ancient Folklore


  • Found in the 1990s, in the mountainous part of Mount Bity, an island east of Madagascar. Mr. Kunz (Gemologist) made an observation when the stone was originally found, saying, it had an overwhelming tone of red fluorescence under the X-ray and shortly went back to its original subtle pink hues once it was taken away from the source. 
  • Besides Madagascar, the stone was later found in the quiet town of Maine on 7th October 1989. 
  • It was discovered in the Bennet Quarry of Buckfield in Maine.
  • It weighed around 50 pounds and was 23 cm long.
  • Morganite found in Maine is now known as ‘ The Rose of Maine’

Morganite Crystal Properties

Morganite Healing Powers

Crystal healing is choosing a particular stone that works best for you and aligns with what you’re searching for in your spiritual and healing journey at that point in life. It is important to remember that your needs for certain stones can change as you change and evolve on your journey. 

Morganite stone can find you when you are seeking emotional healing from past events, and traumas, or simply trying to be a better person for your future self. Morganite, naturally seeming as the loving and gentle stone among every other can provide a safety net that can shelter you as you grow and evolve on your journey. Morganite works on your heart chakra and that is why it centers your journey on emotional healing.

Morganite Healing Properties

Morganite is a versatile stone and can be worn in many ways, allowing you to use it in different ways There are many ways in which morganite helps you see matters of the heart more clearly and nourish parts of your life that have been deprived of healthy companionship and love. 

Morganite does not just associate itself with the vulnerable parts of our lives but also brings peace, joy, and excitement. All of this can be an after result of using it to clear up the blockages that were not allowing those things in the first place. Since the morganite is the heart chakra, it helps with removing fear with faith, anger with compassion, and making way with light and love.

Morganite Metaphysical Properties

  •  Morganite is a heart chakra, meaning it attracts seekers who are trying to find peace and healing in areas that require gentleness and spiritual warmth. 
  • Morganite is known to help you navigate episodes of grief and seek clarity and acceptance that may seem unbearable to carry due to spiritual fatigue.
  • With acceptance comes self-confidence. The more you work with morganite, the more you detangle your knotted emotions that may have been strained due to emotional blockages.
  • Working with morganite will invite love, and a new perspective will allow new opportunities to knock on your door. All of these steps may seem overwhelming and unattainable before you start your journey, but it is possible to achieve them, and it is possible to put a little bit of that trust in morganite to be your guiding channel.

Benefits of Morganite 

Morganite Benefits

  • Morganite focuses on the healing channels and utilizing those can be immensely rewarding. 
  • As you start to incorporate the stone along with meditation, that is when you truly experience the benefits seeping into your everyday routines. 
  • Over time, you will start noticing a more positive approach in your perspective towards life and love and forgiveness, while meditation provides the foundation, stones can help take it to the next level.
  • Morganite can be an incredible source of comfort going through a grieving period.

Spiritual Benefits of Morganite

The partnership between stones and spirituality is an age-old one. 

Spirituality is an abstract concept and the concept of believing and adopting the healing properties of crystals and stones has always been a question up for debate, but despite that, millions of people all over the world not only believe in the healing properties of stones, but they also use it daily.  

  • Spiritual healing properties of morganite include emotional healing and mental healing.
  • It is known to relieve the burdens and struggles that one might be carrying for too long. 
  • It is known to heal your traumas not just in the present moment, but it will go into depth to heal your past traumas and unhealed wounds that might be holding you back for too long.
  • Morganite is known to be a powerful stone for women, and here’s why –
  • Morganite is known to be aligned with the energies of the planet Venus, explaining its power in emotional areas.
  • Venus is known to control the emotional energies that Morganite can influence, and carry strength and love, you will need the help of this stone to pace yourself in every aspect of life, while not allowing anger or frustration to blind you from truly seeing the situations for what they are.

The importance of folklore, the practices, the powers, elements, and their source of energy is enlightening to understand your perspective on spirituality overall. Practice what you preach and preach what you learn. There will never be one right answer or one shoe fits all, but in the huge spectrum of finding the right stone, the right approach can be very illuminating and it will broaden your perspective on life.

Morganite and Feng Shui

Morganite and Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an ancient practice, it is used to organically invite energy in situated spaces, and using stones allows you to have control over what type of energy you are wanting to invite.

  • In the concept of feng shui, morganite is associated with the element of Fire.
  • Depending on where you choose to situate the stone, fire will radiate confidence, positivity, certainty, and power.
  • Morganite is known to bring in more clarity after it helps with getting past emotional blockages.

The practice of feng shui can be used in different spaces and cater to different needs of the practitioner, but the stones incorporated in the said practice can greatly influence the outcome of the whole thing. It is important to be mindful about the type of stones you’re willing to use and what for. It will determine what you will receive.

Morganite Birthstone and Zodiac

Those who believe in the alignment of stars which determines specific stones that will either benefit us or fail us will be curious to know who benefits the most from this decadent stone. Those who are born between 22nd October – 20th November are the most suitable users of the morganite stone.

Morganite can control certain impulsive sides of Taurus and help them make decisions more rationally and thoroughly.  Morganite can help Libra with decisions of the heart. It will help libra to tap in and seek a more emotional approach to a romantic situation and lead the way with more love than practicality.  The right stone can be a strong guiding force for different zodiac signs and help with picking the right approach in different areas of life. It helps with matters related to personal life, professional life, and relationships. 

Morganite and Chakras

Morganite Chakras

  • Morganite is known to be the center of the heart chakra, directly influencing the way we perceive things mentally and emotionally.
  • It is crucial to maintain this region balanced and steady, as it influences many important decisions.
  • Using morganite and centering it to work with our heart chakra can help with anxiety, depression, and hypertension. 
  • It helps with letting go of things beyond our control, in turn allowing us to make space for serenity and calmness. 

Through decades-old generational practices that have been a tale of the legends and bygone folklore, aligning our chakras is not a complicated practice as it once used to be. It no longer requires you to know every little detail or memorize difficult words in Sanskrit. 

The practice of centering your chakras and incorporating stones is a linear, step-by-step process that can have lasting and positive impacts on our lives. 

What are the Uses of Morganite?

  • Morganite is an undeniably loving gem that spreads its positive energies to those who actively use it.
  • You can use morganite as a way to ward off bad dreams or uneasy sleep cycles by placing the stone under your pillow.
  • You can use morganite while running, indulging in yoga, and any other activities that can pick up your heart rate, as it can be a vulnerable time for your body to allow the properties to work their magic.
  • You can also give away morganite as a gift or as a form of reassuring stone to a friend or loved one who might be going through a hard time, as it can help them feel a bit calmer and bring some relief.

How to Cleanse and Care for Morganite?

Cleansing and Caring for Morganite

Authentic Gemstones vary in their elements, they all react differently to weather, heat, water, and certain chemicals. Depending on the stability of the stone, it cannot sustain heat exposure for a longer period, although subtle light in a shorter duration won’t do much harm. Morganite can be damaged if it comes in contact with hydrofluoric acid. Morganite falls somewhere between 7-8 on the Mohs scale, making its durability one that will need care and cleaning often.

Cleaning stones is very important to keep their shine and make them look as good as new for a long time. It is also important to know how to keep them clean. 

  • Lukewarm water and soapy water are okay to use while cleaning the morganite stone. 
  • Always make sure to look for fractures or inclusions before you start the cleaning process. 
  • Ultrasonics and steam cleaning methods are generally safe, but again, it’s important to check the stone thoroughly before using any cleaning method.

How to Activate and Charge Morganite?

Not everybody realizes that a stone needs to be activated for its healing properties to work and for that, different methods can be used to activate and recharge your respective stone.

  • Morganite can be affected by both fire and water elements, i.e, you can use sunlight and even cold water.
  • You can leave the morganite under the sunlight for about an hour and no longer than an hour for it to be activated, and the same method can be used to recharge it. The sunlight will ward away the negative energies.
  • Another way would be to leave the stone under cold running water for a couple of minutes and allow it to soak up the freshness and energize itself all over again.
  • Selenite is known to have healing abilities that can allow other stones to use it as fuel.
  • As helpful as it may be, everything should be done in moderation, it is not advisable to leave the two stones together for over 12-24 hours. It can damage morganite and do more harm than good.

What is the Price and Value of Morganite?

Authentic gemstones can be a prickly affair. Morganite is very popular among the younger demographic, due to its delicate cuts and easy-to-wear style. Ever since the popularity of rose gold grew in fashion and became the new trend, morganite’s popularity grew tenfold. Especially the younger generation, who loves anything that can be styled flexibly, made morganite one of their favorite gemstones to wear. 

  • The cost of morganite depends on the size, cut, and color. The more authentic it is, the pricier it will be.
  • Morganite used to be sold mainly at Tiffany and co. back in the 1900s when it was first found, the stone was always authentic.
  • At the beginning of the article, we discussed how to identify three different types of stones – The imitation stone will cost you $10 as it is not only a man-made stone but doesn’t have any promising factors that make the stone so beautiful.
  • Mid ranges of morganites can be between $50 to $100 and go higher up to $200 per carat. 
  • Morganite with the most delicate cut and the optimal color can go for as high as $500. 

Keeping aside the appeal that morganite generates based on its aesthetic charm, it is worth noting that the interest in the ‘buy to invest’ mentality in the younger generation has made them vary in purchasing stones and crystals with the intent to see them as an asset. 

It was believed that people only used stones for spiritual and healing purposes, and though that remains true to a certain extent, that is not always the case anymore. At one point people did buy stones solely for their healing properties and used their wisdom to guide them through life and seek clarity in whichever area they were struggling with.

Now, there are more options to seek that clarity and more emphasis on self-love from within, which could be the reason why they might very well see this as nothing more than just a collectible.

Morganite Impact 

Morganite’s impact is immense as we have gathered from the facts and anecdotes mentioned above.  The way it influences our energies in the most optimistic and positive way possible makes it a versatile, grounding stone to include in our healing activities. 

Anything that we do to heal ourselves, and nourish ourselves, in all areas of our life, is reason enough to give stones like morganite a chance to showcase their healing properties for our own benefit. 

Does Morganite make a good Jewelry Stone?

Morganite as a Jewelry Stone

Yes, Morganite makes a great gemstone to choose from as a jewelry option.

It is already very popular as an engagement ring stone, as it blends in with the rose gold bands that many young people are opting for over traditional gold and silver bands. These are some of the reasons why morganite could be the perfect alternative to traditional stones. 

  • You can get it at a bargain compared to Diamonds. Though morganite is gaining popularity among the younger generation, it is still in its initial stages to build the same level of momentum that a diamond ring gets, nonetheless, it is perfect for someone who is newly engaged but doesn’t have the habit of wearing rings just yet.
  • Morganite is a durable stone, it can be sustained for a long time and doesn’t require the same intensity of care as diamonds or emeralds.
  • The meaning behind morganite and everything that it can help with regarding love and space make it a great sentimental ring to have on your hand, every time you need a loving reminder.

How to know if your Morganite is Real or Fake?

Here are key steps to remember to know the difference:

  • Morganite has counterparts like emerald and aquamarine, making it one of the most beautiful gemstones. Understandably, it won’t be sold for peanuts and will not go under a price range that is too good to be true.
  • Malicious sellers who will sell you the fake gem as the real one will go to every length to convince you of its authenticity by stating complicated terms and steps that were used to make the stone.
  • It is worth remembering that someone who respects and understands the true value of gemstones and the hard work that is put into making the perfect cut and shape will never try to undersell it.
  • Morganite has the most beautiful pink hue, transparent under lighting, and the brightest star in the distance, the stone will effortlessly reflect its beauty as long as it is authentic. A glass imitation of the stone will not reflect that.
  • If you’re buying the stone with a specific budget in mind, you can look for options in the synthetic morganite category. As the name suggests, it is not the original stone and it won’t have any spiritual or healing benefits.

All gemstones vary in price. There are stones in different shapes and sizes that will differ in price range based on every detail that makes the stone unique. Morganite has amazing qualities and it makes for a great engagement ring, it is super durable and comparatively easy to clean. All of these reasons are enough to justify why it can be reasonably priced.

Summary of Morganite Crystal

Name of Crystal Morganite
Precious No
Semi-Precious Yes
Other Names Pink Emerald, Pink Beryl
Origin(s) Madagascar, USA
Color(s) Salmon Pink, Orangeish Pink, Magenta Pink
Formation Formed between the crevices of the earth. Built almost in the same fashion as the diamonds.
Majorly Found at Madagascar, Brazil, China, Afghanistan
Zodiac Suited for Taurus
Chakra Heart Chakra
Crystal Meaning A symbol of love and compassion
Types of Crystal Morganite belongs to the beryl line of crystals
Healing Properties Morganite is known to help with the heart chakra, meaning it’s an excellent choice for dealing with anxiety and uneasy feelings, and even insomnia. Wearing morganite will provide a need for self-compassion and encourage you to take charge of your overall well-being.
Health Benefits Wearing morganite is known to bring goodwill up in new relationships, hence making it a new favorite among young couples. Morganite can create a sense of belonging and compassion in troubled hearts and help build a sense of peace and hopefulness during difficult situations.
Uses Helps with subsiding ego issues. Daily use results in bringing compassion, love, and light.
Goes in Water? No
Goes in Salt Water? No
Goes in Rain Water? No
Goes in Moon Water No
Moh’s Scale 7.5- 8
Real A real morganite stone will be well-acknowledged and easy to recognize.
Fake A fake morganite stone will likely be made of glass that is polished to make it look real and reflect light in an unflattering way.


Is Morganite a valuable stone?

Morganite is indeed a valuable stone. Morganite stone is a great stone for the heart chakra. 

Is a Morganite a real Diamond?

Morganite is a Pink Beryl, not a diamond.

What is so special about Morganite?

Morganite is known to help with emotional well-being and healing past traumas. It is also known to bring love and peace.

Which is better Morganite or Diamond?

There is a comparison between two different stones with different properties and overall use.

Is Morganite worth buying?

If you are someone who is seeking to experience a gentler side of using healing stones, then yes, morganite can be worth buying. It is worth remembering that only authentic morganite stone will have healing properties.

Is Morganite good for an engagement ring?

Morganite is extremely popular as an engagement ring, as it allows people to customise it with rose gold bands. In recent years, more and more young people are opting to choose different stones with different meanings.