Nephrite Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

Nephrite is a lovely stone with a lot of spiritual significance. It is said to have spiritual characteristics and is the most expensive variety of jade. Nephrite might be the best option for you if you’re looking for a gemstone that can provide you with harmony and calm.

It is regarded as a potent stone of protection as well. It is claimed to guard against accidents and illnesses, as well as guard against curses and evil spirits. Read on to learn more about this stone.

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what is Nephrite

What is Nephrite?

Nephrite is a rock composed primarily of enormous microcrystalline to cryptocrystalline felted tremolite. Nephrite is among the two rocks that are known as jade; the other is jadeite, which is primarily composed of jadeite. Since the Neolithic era, both have been utilized to create choppers and blades due to their exceptional toughness and fracture resistance. Nephrite is an effective stone for establishing and enhancing friendships.

Like Blue Moonstone, it will strengthen your relationships and help you forgive. Additionally, it will improve your psychic powers and your spiritual connection. Your communication with your spirit guides will improve thanks to this stone.

When combined with the December Birthstone, Nephrite will heighten your sensitivity and awareness. It is a stone that is frequently employed in dream work because it promotes lucid dreams. It will facilitate spiritual learning through dreaming and enhance your ability to recall past lives.

How to identify a Nephrite?

Nephrite comes in a variety of colors, including opaque white to very light brown or grey, called chicken bone jade, and transparent white to very light yellow, also called mutton fat jade in China.

Nephrite Cuts and Shapes

Nephrite Cuts - Nephrite Shapes

Nephrite is cut into oval and teardrop shapes.

Where is Nephrite Found?

Siberia, British Columbia, and northwestern China are the regions with the most significant nephrite sources economically. They are all significant suppliers to the Chinese market.

Nephrite Stone Meaning

Nephrite is referred to be a heart stone. All loving relationships and heart chakra-related difficulties can benefit from it because it is connected to the heart chakra.

It is regarded as a very effective stone for emotional stability. You can actually gain power, balance, and sincere tranquility with the aid of this stone.

Nephrite is said to encourage these traits that will improve your physical and emotional well-being, particularly in trying or difficult circumstances. Use nephrite to meditate if you’re in an uncomfortable or stressful circumstance so your mind is free about what you should do.

Additionally, this stone will create an atmosphere of harmony and tranquility for you, making it simple for you to come to a compromise. Nephrite will assist you in removing negative energies and boosting positive ones if your life is a succession of misfortunes. When it comes to managing your male and female energy, nephrite is a great stone.

 Nephrite Meaning in Ancient Lore and History

Nephrite and jadeite were regarded as one for many years. They weren’t recognized as being distinct until 1863. The two stones genuinely have different hardness and colors. Nephrite only gets a 6.5 on the hardness meter, while Jadeite scores a 7. Nephrite has a narrower spectrum of colors than Jadeite, which is available in almost every color. Nephrite is used in all Chinese carvings older than 230 years because jadeite was inaccessible to the Chinese before 1740.

Nephrite was referred to as the Stone of Heaven in prehistoric China. To assure a person’s entry to Heaven, it was the usual practice in ancient burial grounds to bury them with six precise Nephrite statues. From 5000 BC through the 1700s, Nephrite was discovered in the Kunlun Mountains of north China; China is still a significant producer of the mineral today. Nephrite also has historical significance in Russia. It has been extracted and made there since 3000 BC.

Nephrite Crystal properties

Nephrite Crystal Properties

Nephrite is calming energy stone that will assist in calming down your emotions. It will assist you in managing your intense feelings in a way that won’t harm you or the people you care about. There will be fewer emotional outbursts and meltdowns when you engage with the powers of this stone.

You’ll experience a change within that will positively impact your connection. With the use of this stone, you will be able to identify the causes of your negative emotions and either cleanse them or transform them into positive ones.

The stone nephrite promotes emotional stability and balance. Your attention will be drawn to issues that have an impact on your relationship with your partner and their relationship with you. It will bring back the lost equilibrium and stimulate healthy reciprocity between the two of you.

Nephrite will assist you in laying the groundwork for communication channels that will invite or nudge individuals to get to know you. Additionally, these passageways will beckon additional riches, luck, and love!

You will embark on several adventures in a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual sense when you have Nephrite in your life.By doing this, you can establish healthy relationships in which there is no power struggle between lovers.

Include one in your gemstone healing collection or use it in combination with other stones. When it comes into contact with other gemstones or items, its extremely potent energy will increase its power. If you work in healing or ritual, you might want to keep a piece of Nephrite on hand for a little meditation each time. You’ll experience joy, compassion, and peace thanks to Nephrite. You will definitely feel revived by the powerful emotional healing energy this stone carries!

Nephrite Healing Properties

The Healing Properties of Nephrite

Stones like Nephrite are excellent for healing. It is brimming with therapeutic properties that can hasten recovery or advance general health. It is a gemstone of health that can have many positive impacts on the body while addressing the root causes of a disease or illness. The energies of Nephrite can energize and shield the body from harm.

Your nervous system can be calmed, and your immune system can be strengthened. It can also control the body’s acid balance. This stone can encourage blood purification to enhance blood flow. It can aid with the treatment of problems involving the eyes as well as the efficient removal of toxins from your body.

When you experience infertility or other problems affecting the reproductive system, such as irregular periods or PMS, Nephrite is an excellent stone to have. When you are expecting or about to give birth, this stone is good.

It is well-recognized that Nephrite is beneficial in treating digestive issues as well as other conditions that affect the heart, liver, and kidneys.

Nephrite Metaphysical Properties

According to legend, nephrite has the following metaphysical qualities:

  • helping one find harmony and tranquility
  • By providing defense against mishaps, harm, and bad energy
  • Getting both love and money
  • supporting the growth of wealth and prosperity

Nephrite Benefits

As a stone representing faithfulness, nephrite complements the heart chakra beautifully. The powers of this stone will fill your connection with trust and loyalty if your beloved one’s fidelity is the source of conflict in your relationship.

Additionally, nephrite will harmonize the male and female energies in your union. There won’t be a dominating or submissive because you two will be close friends and great partners.

When it comes to mending strained relationships, this stone is also really potent. It will help you emotionally recover and deal with your feelings of loss, heartache, and longing for someone you can no longer have.

It will ensure that you are aware of the realities of your position and help you put it into context. No matter how horrible it may be, this gemstone will cut through your delusions and reveal the truth to you. The stone Nephrite will also encourage unrestricted love.

You will start to love and be generous without expecting something in return, and you will experience an amazing sense of fulfillment and happiness just from seeing your loved one happy.

You will gain strength and fearlessness from this stone. You’ll have the self-assurance to pursue the romantic relationship you want. Nephrite will help you find your voice and help you do it successfully. You’ll be fearless in expressing what’s on your mind.

This gemstone will bring your connection energy of generosity and compassion, and it will strengthen your caring nature. You will continually seek to improve both the positive and negative aspects of your relationship, but you will also make every effort to show how much you love each other.

Your partnership will last a long time with Nephrite assistance.  It will assist you in your efforts to build a deeper, more contented, and more significant relationship!

Nephrite Benefits Spirituality

Wearing Nephrite will grant its owner protection, good fortune, and health. It is a stone of abundance and can enhance your life’s conditions, particularly your financial situation.

This stone is frequently used as a good luck charm since it will assist in bringing abundance and luck into your life naturally!

Nephrite can bring the energy of imagination and resourcefulness to assist you in reaching your financial objectives. You can use it to help make your dreams come true.

It’s quite easy to become discouraged and sidetracked in today’s society, but don’t worry — nephrite has all the energies you require to get to the bottom of things and identify which of your imaginative musings are actually financially sound!

Nephrite and its energies can serve as a gentle reminder to those who have been waiting for the “perfect time” to start their own business that, most of the time, these “right times” are not accidental or the result of good fortune—instead, they are generated!

You’ll also be inspired to pursue your goals and take the rational actions necessary to make your personal financial success a reality, all without allowing other people or their negativity to drag you down.

Nephrite will also serve as a reminder that life is much more than just figures and checkbooks, and that it’s not all about padding your bank account. It’s a gemstone that will help you value all of your assets, not just your money and material goods!

Nephrite & Feng Shui

Feng Shui Nephrite

Nephrite is a well-known Feng Shui stone. According to legend, it can help you draw wealth and happiness into your home.

Additionally, it is thought to be beneficial for fostering harmony and calm in your surroundings.

Nephrite Birthstone

Nephrite is a September birthstone. September babies are reputed to be diligent, dependable, and resolute people. Additionally, they are renowned to be analytical and cerebral.

September babies can access their inherent work ethic and tenacity with the aid of Nephrite. Additionally, it may encourage children to be more dependable and trustworthy as well as to deliberate before acting.

Nephrite can also help people become smarter and more analytical, which are traits that are advantageous for persons born under this sign.

Nephrite Chakras

Chakra Healing with Nephrite

The heart chakra and the solar plexus chakra are two chakras that are allegedly linked to Nephrite. The solar plexus chakra is linked to the strength of character and personal power, whereas the heart chakra is linked to compassion and love.

What are the Uses of Nephrite?

  • Negative energies that have gathered in your aura may be the reason for your recent feelings of melancholy and passionlessness.
  • This bad energy in your life will be transformed into good and uplifting energy by the protecting stone nephrite.
  • It will protect you from bad energy and purge it from your auric fields. In addition to providing physical defense against disease, damage, or accidents, nephrite will also provide a spiritual defense.
  • This stone will encourage a state of tranquility, peace, and serenity that will increase your appreciation for and enjoyment of life.
  • Living a very active and loud life will be quite advantageous since it will enable you to remain calm in the face of stressful situations.
  • Your confidence will grow thanks to Nephrite. You’ll realize everything you’re capable of in your personal, career, and spiritual life.
  • It will awaken your thoughts and imagination when combined with Shattuckite. It will assist you in developing ground-breaking concepts that have the potential to improve both your life and the lives of others.
  • The energies of Nephrite will give you a sense of stability and security, especially if your life is currently experiencing some upheaval.
  • This stone will ensure that you are firmly grounded in reality and are aware of your strong support network.
  • It will energize your life with the forces of honesty and truth. You’ll be motivated to speak the truth while being nice and compassionate.
  • This stone will assist you in making pathways that people can take to approach you when combined with Orange Topaz. These paths will also draw riches, luck, prosperity, and love!
  • Journeys are represented by nephrite. You will go on journeys in the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual realms when you have this gemstone in your life.
  • This stone also represents purity, thus it will help you purify your energy and everything else in your world that is harmful to you.
  • It stands for the excellent life and the skills and attributes you possess that will enable you to live this happy life.

Caring for Nephrite

To keep its energy intact, Nephrite needs to be cleansed and charged frequently.

When to Cleanse Nephrite

Placing it in the moon or sun’s light for a while is one of the greatest ways to cleanse it. As an alternative, you might adopt a method like crystal cleansing water or smudging.

How to Recharge Your Nephrite

Nephrite can be recharged by placing it next to an energy source like a fireplace, crystal cluster, or the sun.

Nephrite Activation process

You can activate Nephrite to support a particular intention or objective.

Holding it in your hand and concentrating on the result you want to get is one of the finest methods to do this. Additionally, you might use visualization measures to enable you in attaining your objective.

How much is Nephrite worth?

Nephrite is typically affordable. At the time of writing, it costs $10 to $200 per stone.

What determines Nephrite’s price and value?

The price and value of Nephrite might vary based on the stone’s size and grade.

Nephrite Impact

  • Nephrite has several healing advantages when it comes to emotional healing. It is the stone you need to carry with you if you wish to achieve mental tranquility or get rid of your troubles.
  • This stone’s capacity for emotional healing can assist you in achieving harmony and balance in every area of your life.
  • You will feel a unique but soothing calmness pour over you if you frequently wear this stone or use it while meditating. This calmness will make you feel healthier, happier, and more energized.
  • Nephrite will also give you more self-confidence. You’ll be motivated to exercise greater independence and self-reliance.
  • This stone will assist you in purifying and opening your heart chakra so that you can bring about a state of balance and connectivity on the levels of the body, mind, and spirit.
  • You can calm your emotions by using the emotional healing energy of Nephrite. It will help you comprehend the causes of your unfavorable feelings and change them into something constructive.
  • You will be motivated by honesty and truth thanks to this stone’s capacity for emotional healing. Additionally, it will inspire you to tell the truth in love and compassion.

Does Nephrite make a good jewelry stone?

Nephrite as a Jewelry Stone

Nephrite is well-known for its gemstone jewelry, which includes earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings, and pendants.

Along with carvings and artistic figures, this stone also produces lovely beads and cabochons. Even though Nephrite is a very durable stone, it is softer than other gems. Make sure to clean it with soapy water and a gentle towel. Nephrite is porous, therefore avoid using harsh cleansers or chemicals.

Additionally, keep the stone away from direct exposure to hot or intense light because doing so can alter its hue.

You’ll experience joy, compassion, and peace thanks to Nephrite. You will definitely feel revived by the powerful emotional healing energy this gemstone carries!

Nephrite Real vs Fake

Real vs Fake Nephrite stone

Nephrites can be authenticated in a number of different methods. Checking the color is one method. While imitation jade can come in a range of colors, real Nephrite is often a rich green tone.

Examining the texture is another method to tell. When compared to false jade, real nephrite has a clear, glassy texture. The stone can also be tested for magnetic properties. While fake jade is frequently magnetic, Nephrite is not.


Because of its remarkable properties, this gemstone has been around for ages and used by various cultures. It stands for power, purity of heart, grace, and beauty. It is claimed that anything this stone touches is blessed.

Additionally, it is a healing stone that will purify your physical body and remove poisons from your vibrational fields. The new situations you encounter will benefit from the insight this stone will impart. You can connect with the origin of all the wonderful things in your life with the aid of Nephrite.


Is Nephrite real jade?

Nephrite is real jade. Before the identification of jadeite in 1863, it was the only type of jade that was accessible. Even though this variety of jade is not the most expensive, it is nevertheless a priceless treasure.

Is Nephrite valuable?

Yes, it can cost you up to $200 a stone.

What is special about nephrite?

Nephrite is one of two different minerals that are frequently referred to as jade. Nephrite does appear in appealing colors, including green, and is even more robust as a gem material for jewelry and carved art things, even though it doesn’t match the range or the fine green “imperial jade” tints found in jadeite.

Which is better Jadeite or Nephrite?

Though nephrite is slightly more durable, both materials are incredibly strong and resistant to wear. Imperial green, the best shade of jade, is only found in jadeite. Jadeite is also more likely to be transparent. These elements raise the price of jadeite relative to nephrite and combine with its greater rarity.

How expensive is Nephrite?

$10 – $200 per stone

Is Nephrite toxic?

Asbestos fibers inhaled by nephrite carvers may enhance their risk of developing lung cancer. Individuals who are exposed to comparable materials require appropriate medical care.