Petrified Wood Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

Petrified wood is an excellent stone as the elements of wood and earth, both have merged in this natural formation resulting in its creation. It is not a crystal, but rather a fossilized wood. The energies of the Earth connect to us through petrified wood, which inspires us to protect the planet’s ecosystem and always seek out simple ways to live in harmony with its spirit. 

By leveraging its calming forces, we can be inspired to live as spiritual beings amidst the physical world. Let’s delve deeper into the meaning, healing properties and uses of Petrified Wood.

Petrified Wood

What is Petrified Wood?

what is petrified wood.

Petrified wood is fossilised wood that comprises the minerals jasper, chalcedony, and occasionally a trace amount of opal. The only element present in it is silicon dioxide. The most astonishing part about it is that only the shape and structural components of the organic wood are kept; the wood itself is not turned into stone. 

Each piece of petrified wood can have a wide variety of colours, with intense reds, browns, blues, and even yellows growing throughout the interior body. Its usage in pieces of jewellery is less common and is typically reserved for ornamental items and decorative pieces.

How To Identify a Petrified Wood?

The texture of petrified wood is quite distinctive and is frequently used to identify the stone. Because minerals have replaced organic matter, the surface of the wood is extremely rough and porous. Red, green, yellow, and brown are some of the different colours that petrified wood can be. 

The variety of minerals utilized to produce the fossil helps determines the colour of the wood. Black, white, and pink are some of the most typical hues of petrified wood. No two pieces of petrified wood are ever precisely the same because the environment can also vary the wood’s hue.

– Petrified Wood Cuts and Shapes

Working with petrified wood poses a risk of breaking due to its hardness and fragility. Cutting is best done with a wet saw or a powerful Dremel equipped with bits made specifically for cutting tough materials.

Where is Petrified Wood Found?

Where to find Petrified Wood?

Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, China, the Czech Republic, Germany, Ecuador, Egypt, Greece, India, and Libya are notable locales for petrified wood. Additionally, Namibia, Ukraine, and the UK are some of the other places of obtaining Petrified wood. 

Petrified Wood Stone Meaning

The name petrified wood means “wood turned to stone” and comes from the Latin word “petro”, which also means “rock” or “stone.” Ancient wisdom and a vast ancestor history are associated with petrified wood. 

A quantity of old earthy energy has been trapped within fossils due to fossilization, enabling the right practitioner to channel and guide this cosmic energy. The vibrations emanating from this wooden amulet open a doorway to our past lives while also supplying vital nutrients for development and renewal.

Petrified Wood Meaning in Ancient Lore and History

petrified wood meanings in ancient lore and history

Since petrified wood first encases prehistoric plant material like giant sequoias or other primaeval trees, it is frequently regarded as a precious heritage from the past. It is believed that Italy’s ancient Etruscan forefathers used petrified wood to craft handmade holy objects.

Petrified Wood Crystal Properties

Petrified wood is a type of fossilised wood. It is produced when a tree or other plant dies and minerals like quartz or calcite take the place of the organic material. The process can take millions of years, and the finished product is a stone that resembles normal wood very much. Petrified wood is a common decorative material that has more uses in home decor. Continue reading to know more about its properties.

Petrified Wood Healing Properties

petrified wood healing properties

Petrified wood is one of the stones of metamorphosis. It helps one reach their utmost level of choice. It makes one feel comfortable and secure and eases worries related to survival. Setting a pace and maintaining it throughout the day is much easier with the help of petrified wood. It helps bring patience to persons going through a slow internal shift and brings that change about. 

One’s backbone is bolstered by petrified wood, both physically and in terms of willpower. The skeletal system, skin, and hair all benefit from it. According to legend, petrified wood can aid in all kinds of healing, particularly those connected to ageing, including osteoporosis, arthritis, and Alzheimer’s. These are its physical healing properties.

Petrified Wood Emotional Healing Properties

The vibrations emanating from this wooden amulet open a doorway to our past lives while also supplying the necessary nutrients for development and renewal. We can look back on past experiences to heal old wounds and draw lessons from them. 

Some scars last throughout our physical life because they may seem to have perpetual wounds. You won’t be able to emotionally free yourself and go on unless you find peace from and release from this previous trauma. One can also perform several activities to help one recognize traumatic events, including deep meditation and third-eye techniques.

Petrified Wood Metaphysical Properties

petrified wood metaphysical properties

Petrified wood is regarded as a symbol of fortitude and adaptability. The wood’s endurance may be seen in the fact that it has stood the test of time. The stone helps one to develop the ability to be resilient in the face of misfortune, just like wood has remained strong throughout time. 

Petrified wood serves as a reminder that whatever the challenges life presents, we can always find a way to succeed. Petrified wood, as already made clear, is a “stone of transformation.”

The use of wood as a tool for meditation and relaxation might help us feel more connected to nature. In a world that is continuously changing, it can assist us in accepting change and discovering new ways to live. The stone is reputed to encourage bravery and strength in the face of difficulty. Petrified wood can provide us with the strength we need to face our anxieties and go through any challenges life throws at us.

By stabilizing the body’s defences, petrified wood helps skeletal structures that are susceptible and have atrophied muscles. It is said to encourage harmony and serenity, enabling the body to heal in a peaceful, stress-free setting. The gemstone is frequently seen as a sacred representation of humanity’s connection to the universe because it was created from once-living material. 

Petrified wood stimulates openness to personal transformations in the same way as stone does through a dramatic transformation. Regardless of metaphysical convictions, the stone can serve as a symbol or a reminder to accept change and/or difficult emotions on your path to fresh starts.

Petrified Wood Benefits

Benefits of Petrified Wood

Anyone experiencing being stuck in time or feeling stuck can benefit from petrified wood. It promotes harmony and sets the foundation from which to pursue new objectives or follow a different course. Additionally, petrified wood makes a great grounding stone. It aids in gathering jumbled energies.

It will serve as a reminder to not worry about the little things and to accept things as they are. You will feel more conscious and determined when petrified wood connects to your third eye and root chakras. Having petrified wood on hand will be very helpful for you when you’re unsure how to handle a particularly challenging issue.

Your stability and capacity to identify the finest answers to your difficulties will be aided by the energies of petrified wood. It will give you the strength and confidence to go after them tenaciously. For individuals who find it difficult to wait for the results of their labour, this stone is quite helpful. It will inspire you to wait for your inner transformation to happen.

Petrified Wood Benefits Spirituality

Spiritual benefits of Petrified Wood

The power of time is symbolized by petrified wood. Since petrified wood has existed for millions of years, it serves as a constant reminder that nothing in the universe is eternal. The power of time can also change our own lives, just as the wood was transformed into stone over time. 

We might also be reminded of the strength and beauty of nature through petrified wood. The wood’s long-term preservation can serve as a reminder that despite how subject to change our own lives are, the natural world is constantly changing. 

Additionally, petrified wood can serve as a reminder of how interconnected everything is. We are all a part of something much bigger than ourselves, which serves as a reminder. Petrified wood is a wonderful stone for meditation and relaxation because of its spiritual qualities. It can facilitate our interaction with nature and serve as a tool for our personal development.

Petrified Wood  & Feng Shui

Petrified wood can silence the atmosphere and bring mindfulness.  You will be able to concentrate better and avoid being disturbed by anything if you use a petrified wood stone during meditation.  Additionally, petrified wood can reinforce and boost the energy of nearby gemstones and feng shui stones. 

Placing a petrified wood stone on your work desk can provide you with courage, stability, and clarity during the course of your working hours. It is a sign of power to assist you in overcoming challenges and safeguarding your safety.

Use petrified wood to help you connect with your higher self. It has a direct connection to the planet’s enlightened energy. 

Place a piece of petrified wood close to any stiff or fragile joints. Flexibility, strength, and inflammation reduction will all benefit. As a memory aid, use a piece of petrified wood. This stone’s energy will help you stay in touch with your thoughts and make them come to pass. To stay anchored and in touch with the wider picture, put a little piece in your pocket or a medicine bag.

Petrified Wood Birthstone

Petrified Wood Birthstone

Petrified wood is a crystal for the Zodiac sign Leo. Also, the crystal is the birthstone for people born in April.  It is said that it has a powerful effect not just on the body but also on the person’s psyche, helping to stabilise the mind and acting as a kind of defence against things like stress.

Also, petrified wood is believed to be the birthstone of the Owl Totem. The totem owl represents death and rebirth, the passage of the soul into the everlasting afterlife, and the relationship with the souls of the deceased ancestors.

Petrified Wood Chakras

petrified wood chakra

An effective stone for energising and opening the chakras is petrified wood. In addition to being able to treat the body and mind, wood can help us feel more connected to the Earth and the natural world. 

Petrified wood has a strong balancing effect on the sacral chakra, which opens the centre of passion, sensuality, and creativity by promoting energy flow throughout the body. To promote the free flow of energy and information, this region strengthens the gut-brain link. 

The inspiration that petrified wood inspires will keep you inspired and focused. To address both physical and emotional issues, petrified wood also works with the Third Eye and Root Chakras. Because petrified wood connects with primordial forces, past-life work can be improved. Petrified wood encourages us to be patient and demonstrates how to let life unfold perfectly.

What are the Uses of Petrified Wood?

Fears linked to survival can be reduced with the aid of petrified wood. It aids in fostering a sense of security and eternal youth. Petrified wood aids one in establishing pace and maintaining it throughout the day. 

One can also gain the confidence that everything will be fine. It establishes a connection between the individual and their spirit so that they are aware that time is not what it first appears to be because there is only eternity.

Caring for Petrified Wood 

To clean petrified wood, just run water over it, and then wipe it with a cloth to dry. Avoid using soap or other cleaning products since they could damage the wood. Keep it somewhere cold and dry. 

Petrified wood has a Mohs hardness rating of 7, making it sufficiently resilient. Therefore, it is cleanable using steamers or ultrasonic cleaners. Avoid using bleach and other harsh household cleaners, and thoroughly rinse your stones to get rid of any soapy residues.

When to Cleanse Petrified Wood 

Like any other gemstone, petrified wood needs to be carefully maintained and cleaned. Periodic cleaning is required. You can use the warm rays of the sun to charge the positivity of the stone. Put the stone in the sun for around 30 minutes. Make sure that the entire crystal has been purified by spinning it continuously. A full moon’s light is equally effective for charging. Moonlight can be used even though a full moon is optimal.

How to Recharge Your Petrified Wood 

The greatest method for purifying and recharging your petrified wood gemstone is smudging. Sage, sweet grass or Palo Santo can be used to smudge the wood for a few minutes. The Sunlight is the second best option. Put the petrified wood in the sun for many hours, or place it close to a window where it will receive lots of light. 

Another simple method for recharging the gemstone’s positive energy is to place it in the moonlight for several hours, or close to a window where it will receive lots of moonlight. 

The alternative methods include soaking it in water or burying it in the ground for a short time.

The petrified Wood Activation process

Holding the petrified wood in your hands and focusing on your intention will activate it. Imagine the energy of your intention transferring into the wood. Send the strength of your intention out into the universe by praying. Afterwards, thank the stone for its assistance.

How much is Petrified Wood worth?

In the world of crystals, petrified wood is fairly common and not at all expensive. There are more factors, such as size, that can affect the value. The petrified wood of decent size and quality would cost between $0.25 and $10.00 a pound.

What determines Petrified Wood’s price and value?

Petrified wood’s value is influenced by a variety of elements. The many fractures in petrified wood reduce its value. Since it can be trimmed and polished without coming apart, a solid part is more valuable. 

Also, a polished piece is more valuable than a raw one. Most collectors prefer little pieces, although furniture manufacturers can also profit from larger ones. For a small item, you might get paid $1, but the quality is just as important. 

As the deposit amount falls, the value of your piece rises. The quality of the material used with the stone determines the worth of the jewellery.

Petrified Wood Impact

petrified wood impact

This stone promotes mental fortitude. It has the power to reduce stress, provide tranquilly, and soothe emotions. A very calming and calming stone that gives you a sense of security is petrified wood. It is a rock that allays anxieties. 

The energies of your petrified wood can be quite grounding when you feel like you are in a rut and have nowhere to go. Turn to your petrified wood when you feel like you have little control over what is happening to you and let its eternal embrace wash over you. It works to provide you with amazing healing energies for both your physical and emotional issues and strengthens the third eye and root chakras.

Does Petrified Wood make a good jewellery stone?

does petrified wood make a good jewelry stone

Stones like petrified wood, are extremely resilient and frequently used for decoration. The wood is heat and scratch-resistant, and it won’t tarnish or corrode with time. In addition to being a highly hefty stone, petrified wood is ideal for jewellery and other decorative things.

Petrified Wood Real vs Fake

To recognise a real Petrified wood gemstone, check the piece’s transparency by holding it up to the light. Petrified wood often has a translucent appearance. Hold a piece of bark-coloured material up to the light if you are unsure of it; if you can see through any of it, that is another indication that the object is petrified wood. 

The smooth, curved portions of petrified wood, which are frequently the colour of bark, make it the simplest to spot. The final observation strategy is to search for patterns, such as grains, circles, and anything that resembles bark. The object is unquestionably a piece of petrified wood if you can see any patterns.


How old is most Petrified Wood?

The age of petrified wood can range from 20 million years to 300 million years. Arizonan samples date back to 280 million years, whereas samples from Washington and Oregon are 38 million years old.

What are the benefits of Petrified Wood?

Petrified wood promotes harmony and ground energy. It establishes a base from which one can pursue new objectives, in short, it encourages goal setting. Also offering mental stability, this stone helps promote concentration levels. Last but not the least, it aids in gathering jumbled energy.

What happens if you take Petrified Wood?

After bringing a piece of petrified wood from the Petrified Forest park in the 1930s, visitors seemed to have been cursed with ill luck. Even now, many still believe in this curse, which has become a part of the park’s past.

What is the rarest colour of Petrified Wood?

Charcoal Black is the rarest color of petrified wood. A piece of petrified wood that is entirely charcoal black is extremely rare and expensive.

Is Petrified Wood worth any money?

Petrified wood is valued by both jewellery designers and collectors, and prices range from $1 to $700, depending on the piece’s quality, colour, polish, and size. Small pieces of poor-quality petrified wood could not have any value. A premium petrified wood log can retail for several hundred dollars or more.

Is it illegal to sell Petrified Wood?

The United States has laws protecting petrified wood. People have been put in jail for collecting petrified wood on properties that do not allow the removal of particular fossils or natural materials.

Additionally, permission or a proper permit is needed to sell petrified wood for commercial purposes.

How long does it take wood to petrify?

The amount of time required for wood to petrify varies depending on the circumstances, with the primary factor being how abundant silica is in the groundwater. On average, it takes hundreds of thousands to millions of years for wood to petrify.