Pink Sapphire Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

The most charming shade of pink you will ever lay your eyes upon, pink sapphires are one of the most prized and adored gemstones that everyone will take a stop and take a second look at. The luminous light that reflects off of the stone, taking its beauty up many notches, makes the stone the most sought-after engagement ring option of recent times. 

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Pink Sapphire

What is Pink Sapphire?

The Colour palette for pink sapphire varies from dusty pink shades to bright pink tones that can reflect old Hollywood charm making it look dramatic, and adding to its appeal. Pink sapphire is an incredibly versatile stone that can be carved into different shapes and forms, giving the buyer endless options for any occasion.  It is a rewarding process of customizing your sapphire stones, having multiple options to choose from.

Pink sapphire has a particular brightness to it that gives it that blushed look. Pink sapphire can go from shades of deep red to blush, dusty pinks. All of them can have different healing properties and have completely different meanings, which is why it is often recommended to explore gemstones and their endless categories and subcategories.

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How to Identify Pink Sapphire?

How to identify a Pink Sapphire?

While identifying gemstones for their authenticity,  It’s best to know about your needs as a buyer first, and what you’re willing to pay for a specific gemstone. Once you have that out of the way, you will realize that there are different types of stones that you will find in the market. Some will be as good as the original, and some will be authentic stones that will range differently in price points, going as high as $500.

Here are some key points to remember while identifying pink sapphires –

  •  Genuine stones will have signs of other elements manipulating their overall look.
  • Synthetic stones will not have that, as they will be lab-grown and made without any damage. It is crucial to evaluate the size and cut of the stone. 
  • While purchasing authentic gemstones, it’s a given that you will receive an authentication card of some sort, verifying the legitimacy of the stone.
  • Another way to find out if the stone has been treated poorly or went through a lab-made process is by putting it under UV light. It will show you any signs of glass or top coats of paint.

What are the different shapes and cuts of pink sapphire?

These are some of the most favored and preferred cuts-

  • The Trillion Cut
  • Pear Cut
  • Heart-Shaped Cut
  • Marquise-Cut
  • Emerald Cut

These are some of the most loved options that sapphire lovers around the world opt for. They are easy to wear and are easily recognized. The pear-shaped cut and the heart-shaped cut of pink sapphire take up the runner-up positions for being the most worn cuts.

Where is the Pink Sapphire found?

There are different versions when it comes to the origin of this glorious stone that has left admirers bewitched by its beauty. 

It was found in Madagascar in the late 1990s, though it was rare to come across the stone. Later, it was in different parts of the world, most commonly in Myanmar and Sri Lanka. Now you can find the original stone almost everywhere in the world, and there’s a great demand for it too. It has quickly become a favorite for those who are ready to substitute the same old diamond rings and instead choose different stones for their engagement rings.

Meaning of Pink Sapphire

Pink Sapphire Stone Meaning

The magic of believing in stones and their spiritual, metaphysical properties allows us to escape into a world where our beliefs and faith guide us to our desired stone. Depending on our circumstances,  we will seek the things that will help us seek clarity and peace. The fitting stone will find us at the right time.

  • Pink sapphire is known to encourage us to be more resilient, and to power through by owning our emotions and vulnerability and not seeing them as a sign of weakness.
  • Pink sapphire guides us to lead with strength and emerge out of testing times with grace. 
  • It is no surprise that the stone has been a favorite of some of the infamous royals in history. 
  • Sapphires have always been embraced in high regard in various religions and spiritual histories. 
  • Pink sapphire has healing properties that can calm uneasiness caused due to anxiety and depression. 

Pink Sapphire Meaning in Ancient History and Folklore

  • In ancient history, Persians believed that the earth’s blue tones perfectly resembled the blue colors of the blue sapphire. 
  • In Buddhism, it is said that sapphire is a powerful influence over those who are on a journey to seek clarity and inner peace. 
  • The subtle shades of the stone, and the intricate details of the cuts, shows their resilient, inspiring spirit indeed.
  • It is believed that the stone is a great boost for self-confidence, encouraging one to master whatever the user sets their mind to.
  • The original pink sapphire was confused with the redness of ruby, despite having a distinct pink hue all over it. That confusion didn’t last long as the stone cemented itself as a dominant pink stone in the world of gemstones.

Properties of Pink Sapphire Crystal

All stones possess different healing properties that cater to an individual’s needs.  Pink sapphire is mostly made of different types of corundum, a crystalline that has traces of iron, titanium, vanadium, and chromium. This type of crystalline form is what gives the stones a bit of opacity that makes them look subtle and elegant.

Healing Properties of Pink Sapphire

Pink Sapphire Healing Properties

Healing properties in pink sapphire are abundant, and they have proven their efficacy many times. Pink sapphires are persistent stones that clear the obstacles that stand in our way when we are attempting to seek peace and clarity, helping us to see things with love and compassion and extend that grace to ourselves as well. 

On occasion, many celebrities opted to wear this stone for its beauty and allure, but many have also opted for this stone for its  healing properties 

  • Pink sapphires are known to heal the foundation of our love language. This stone is deep-rooted in practicing a healthy approach towards all relationships and applying those learnings to every other relationship in our lives. 
  • Pink sapphires are known to be stone that showcases immense resilience and discipline when it comes to practicing a healthier lifestyle, and self-improvement ritual that requires patience. Resilience is a key ingredient to achieving these goals. 
  • They make a great protector. Pink sapphires have been worn by queens over centuries and have been a sign of strength and power for women for a long time now. It is not simply about the color pink being associated with the female gender, it is about owning our vulnerability.

Metaphysical Properties of Pink Sapphire

Pink Sapphire Metaphysical Properties

Sapphires are known to be insightful stones in the realm of manifestations that are charged with the help of understanding and practicing metaphysical properties. 

  • Pink sapphires are an ideal stone for practicing and utilizing resilience under grueling circumstances, teaching us to be our bravest selves. 
  • Just like it teaches us resilience, it keeps us grounded too, to think better, to make better decisions, and not to act in haste.
  • Pink sapphire helps us to regulate our interaction and perception, our overall view of the world that can often be blurred when we are troubled by our feelings.
  • It can guide us to see the light at the end of the tunnel by channeling that resilient energy into our lives, giving us the strength to fight through whatever challenges. 

It comes down to our need for change and our willpower to keep up with the teachings and guidance that the stone provides us. It doesn’t happen overnight, nor in a fortnight. To access the full potential of these magnificent stones, one must always choose to believe day after day in their magic. 

Benefits of Pink Sapphire

Pink Sapphire Benefits

There’s a myriad of benefits waiting to be explored and implemented when it comes to pink sapphire.  Pink sapphire is known to have some of the clearest ways of communication that help the user of the stone without any speed bumps. 

  • It disburdens the stress and anxious receptors that may have been overstimulated due to the demanding nature of our lives in today’s day and age. 
  • It is a calming stone that can cement a sense of tranquillity that the user might be longing for a long time
  • Its vibrant pink shades are not the only attractive part about the stone, an endless array of options of cuts and shapes makes it versatile and fun to accessorize. 
  • Pink sapphire, the ones that are paler in shades, has long been associated with wisdom, compassion, and femininity. All of the qualities that make it a loving option for the big proposal ring.
  • There are spiritual, metaphysical, and aesthetic benefits to pink sapphire. Spiritually, it guides you to keep pushing to achieve and unlock a better version of yourself that will happen through sheer resilience. 

In the metaphysical sense, it aligns you to take each step with grace and kindness. Aesthetically, it is a gorgeous stone, and women around the world love to own the stone either in the form of jewelry or the stone in its raw form, regardless, it is adored and loved by many.

Pink Sapphire Spiritual Benefits

Limiting beliefs can cause spiritual blockages that we might not realize are taking place as we continue to put ourselves through loops of trial and error that don’t seem to be working out for us. In these moments, when our self-doubt can creep in and make us question our judgment, it is worth giving gemstones a shot. 

After trying different options and failing to come up with a solution that works best for our unresolved issues, gemstones can be that guiding, nurturing counselor that leads us in the right direction steadily, as we pace ourselves while we experience shifts in our energies and balance.

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Pink Sapphire and Feng Shui

Pink Sapphire & Feng Shui

Implementing the practice of feng shui in our spaces can be rewarding in numerous ways. There is always some space that can use positivity radiating through the entire house while grounding us in our environment.  An age-old practice, feng shui has been around for centuries, believed to work effectively with the right stone that matches your needs. 

Pink sapphire is interconnected with the fire element that brings passion into every other area of life. It is crucial to learn how to use it and where to use it, as unwanted energies in spaces you don’t need them to be in can cause residual tension. 

  • The benefits of using pink sapphire can lead to blossoming romances.
  • Pink sapphire can bring more passion to prospective partners with whom you want to build something serious.
  • Pink sapphires are usually placed on the south-facing of the house to activate and perform well.
  • It can boost self-confidence, passion, and a more fulfilling social life.

Pink Sapphires, Birthstone, and Zodiac signs 

For a long time, it was believed that sapphires are a stone that works well with different elements depending on the color of the stone. Every color represents a diverse range of qualities and has a different purpose. Pink sapphire is known to work for those who are born in the months of –

  • September 20                                                    
  • October 22
  • November 20

Those who are born in April and May also seem to benefit from the stone.  The Zodiac sign that matches the qualities of pink sapphire is Taurus. Pink sapphire is resilient but subtle in its approach and Taurus is known to be the same way. If you are interested to know what other crystals are best for Taurus, click here.

The best way to find out about birth chart accuracy is by working with an astrologer who can read your chart and tell you exactly what type of stone matches your house of stars and matches your elements.

Pink Sapphires and Chakras

 Pink Sapphire Chakras

A stone that reflects the power we possess within is always a great stone to work with.

 Pink sapphire has incredible healing properties that work with the heart chakra. It can help with feelings of uneasiness, sleep disturbances, and clear energy blockages that might be blocking communication with loved ones. 

  • Wearing the pink sapphire as a necklace can be in a direct position to help align with the heart chakra.
  • Sapphires used to be rare, but when it was discovered it was hard to deny their healing properties.
  • They are used to protect any new relationship or engagement. Pink sapphires are stones that hover over as a shield relating to matters of the heart.

What are the Uses of Pink Sapphire?

 uses of Pink Sapphire

Pink sapphires are resplendent stones. Different shapes and forms allow the creator to give it any desired look simply amazing, as it gives the buyer a handsome amount of options to choose from.

 It is no surprise that it has been favored as an engagement ring over the old-fashioned diamond since you can give pink sapphires the diamond cut and make it look like one.

  • There are many uses of the stone, that can be for both spiritual and aesthetic needs. 
  • Having multiple options to wear it in the jewelry form attracts many young gemstone buyers who are always looking to find something unique that can be styled in multiple ways. Making this stone the perfect pick.
  • In terms of spiritual needs, pink sapphire is a marvelous stone that can encourage a sense of confidence through its strong femininity aura.
  • The perfect stone to be the centre of attraction either in home spaces or office offices, having a pink sapphire as a centerpiece will surely guarantee compliments.

How to Clean and Care for a Pink Sapphire?

Caring for Pink Sapphire

It is necessary to take care of your stones and be sure they remain in a good state for them to maintain their shine and sharpness for a long time. One thing to be sure of before you start cleaning your stones is to know what type of stones can be in the water and what stones should never be directly dipped in water.

One of the best things about sapphire aside from its gorgeous color has to be its strong build. Corundum is the same mineral that produces diamonds, making both these stones the toughest in the gemstone world. Sapphire can be severely damaged if it comes in contact with something as strong as a diamond.

  • One of the safest ways to clean sapphire is by using a warm cloth that is at optimal room temperature. 
  • It is okay to use gentle pressure to clean the stone, though avoid contact with any harsh cloth as it can bring down the shine.
  • There’s no need to use chemicals to clean your stone. A simple cleanse with a warm cloth should be enough. 

How to Recharge your Sapphire?

Just like everything else in our lives, stones and crystals need recharging too.  Some stones work best with water and others react to heat more, it is about finding the elements of the stone and what they respond to the most. 

Sapphires come in different colors and all of them represent different elements, pink sapphires are somewhat neutral. This means, they respond to both heat and water but react more to heat as it penetrates the chemicals of the stone.

  • You can leave the stone under sunlight for a few minutes – 10 to 15mins at least, and use it after a few hours. That way you can allow the stone to restore its energies without overwhelming the stone.
  • You have to be considerate about the capabilities of the stone, and keep in mind that not all stones can be used every day.  
  • That could mean they are not built in the same way as other stones and do not possess the same healing properties, at least not in abundance for everyday use. 
  • The Sun is an incredible source of energy for just about everything on this planet, and its solar powers are known to recharge stones and crystals for centuries now. 

How Much is the Pink Sapphire Worth?

How much is Pink Sapphire worth?

Pink sapphires are some of the most desired gemstones after diamonds. They are made up of similar minerals and have great durability and grit. It is available in multiple colors and has an array of options when it comes to finding the perfect cut. 

Admirers of the stone do not shy away from spending a hefty amount on their choice of stone and it can be quite a high number. 

  • Pink sapphires are famously renowned for their romantic colors and cuts. Collectors of the stone and celebrities have all worn this beautiful gemstone at some point. A stone’s worth goes up in price when it is flaunted by well-known people. 
  • Sapphire’s price range varies depending on the colors. Blue sapphire is the most well-known sapphire and also the most expensive one. Ranging between $450 to $2000. 
  • Sapphires can come as cheap as $25 per carat and go up to $11,000 per carat. The price is often determined based on where it’s from, how well it was maintained,d and the color that it possesses. 
  • The price catalog for a pink sapphire is similar to other forms of sapphire.
  • Buying authentic sapphire can be a big moment, whether you’re a gemstone collector or just a fan of good jewelry. Sapphire is a prestigious stone that can be passed on for generations and be a family heirloom. 

What determines the Price and Value of Pink Sapphire?

It is an art form to find the most immaculate stone that will leave everyone in the room wondering about its worth. Sapphires radiate elegance, class, and sophistication like no other stone. It comes very close to diamonds and sometimes overpowers them with its near perfection. 

  • You can judge a stone’s worth based on its cut, color, shine, and maintenance.
  • Pink sapphires are loved for their look, making their appearance a key factor for a buyer. The stone has to be in prime condition. 
  • You should always check for the origin place of the stone and the store details, any authentic store that houses delicate sapphires will be verified and have a good clientele. 

What are the Impacts of Pink Sapphire? 

Those who use pink sapphire will experience a great boost of self-confidence that helps them clear out any emotional blockages that might be holding them back in life and personal relationships. For the stone to work at its full potential, the user has to learn about its healing and metaphysical properties that will help them align to their healing goals. 

How to differentiate between Real and Fake Pink Sapphire?

Pink Sapphire Real vs Fake

  • The key factor that indicates the authenticity of a stone is its prime condition which tells the buyer about the place it is from and the condition it was kept.
  • Diamonds and sapphires are prime stones, and it is hard to mimic their original state. 
  • Synthetic and fake stones cannot loo due to their meticulous perfection and shine, which is only visible to see on a real stone after it has gone through heat treatment. 
  • Synthetic stones look almost real, but their shine and top coating can be visible through UV light or under any harsh lighting.
  • Deceptive sellers will find ways to trick you into believing that their product is as good as the real pink sapphire, but it is almost impossible for a glass-made stone to look as real as the original pink sapphire.  

Summary of Pink Sapphire Crystal

Name of Crystal Pink Sapphire
Precious Yes
Semi-Precious No
Other Names Star Sapphire
Origin(s) Madagascar, Sri Lanka
Color(s) Bright Pink, Pale Pink
Formation Pink sapphires are made of corundum minerals. Made of Iron, titanium, magnesium, copper, and chromium
Majorly Found at Madagascar, Sri Lanka, China, East Africa
Zodiac Suited for Taurus
Chakra Heart Chakra
Crystal Meaning A beautiful pink gem traditionally gifted on 5th and 45th wedding anniversaries, it symbolises intense love and compassion
Types of Crystal Sapphire
Healing Properties Provides resilience during tough times, brings clarity and wisdom, compassion for self
Health Benefits It helps with regulating glands, purifies blood, and increases metabolism.
Uses To gain strength, resilience, and wisdom. Helpful in new relationships and marriages
Goes in Water? Yes
Goes in Salt Water? No
Goes in Rain Water? No
Goes in Moon Water No
Moh’s Scale 8-1
Real Pink sapphire is a very tough stone. It can only be badly damaged with a stone as tough as a diamond.
Fake Fake sapphires will be visibly glass-made with polished color and treated with extreme heat.


Why is pink Sapphire so expensive?    

Sapphire gemstone is not just beautiful, but also really strong, raising their overall price.

What is pink Sapphire good for?

Sapphire is good for emotional well-being, resilience, and love life. 

Who can wear pink Sapphire?

Sapphire can turn pink due to the chemical substance called chromium, which determines the pink and redness of the stone.

Is a pink Sapphire a Ruby?

Pink sapphire is not ruby.

What is the rarest Sapphire color?

Padparadscha is a rare type of sapphire varying between pink and orange tones.

How can you tell if a pink Sapphire is real?

Real sapphire will always have a reputable source and verified card.