Quartzite Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

Are you going through a massive change, physically or mentally, and are you on the lookout for something that can help you through this healing process? Or Do you find yourself getting hyperactive or easily overwhelmed by the changes in your surrounding?

You need an energetic anchor that can help establish balance by regulating the rate of change. Quartzite does exactly that and much more which we are going to find out in this blog. Before we talk about the healing properties of this miraculous crystal, let’s know the nitty-gritty of quartzite.

Quartzite Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

What is Quartzite?

Quartzite is a non-foliated metamorphic rock, which is initially a complete quartz sandstone, comprising silicate mineral quartz. Its chemical composition comprises silicon dioxide. 

This quartz sandstone transforms due to the impact of heat, pressure, and climatic activities of metamorphosis. Due to metamorphosis, the sand grains and silica elements bound together, which leads to the formation of strong interlocked quartz grains. This process makes Quartzite significantly harder than its parent rock.

How to Identify a Quartzite?

One of the most common types of crystal, Quartzite can range from being transparent as glass to translucent, to absolutely milky or cloudy as an opaque crystal. Since it is a natural stone, it possesses a glass-like luster and is available in different ranges and colors like white or a light shade of pink or grey.

The shade of pink, red, blue, yellow, and sea green are apparent when the content of iron oxide and other minerals are dominating in the rock. Owing to the natural compression and stress, no two Quartzite stone is similar in shape.

Following are the two distinctive ways to identify an authentic Quartz:

  • Texture and structure of the stone:

If there are visible sand grains, then there is a strong possibility that it is a sandstone since sand grains in Quartzite get recrystallized to the point where they appear to be interlocked instead of falling as individual sand grains.

  • Water Absorption:

The higher would be the compression of the stone during its formation, the lower will be its porosity, which means it will not absorb water. Quartzite has a lower porosity which means it doesn’t absorb water. You can verify the same by putting an unsealed chunk of the stone and letting it sit in water for about 15 minutes. You will notice that the crystallizing quartz does not get wet. This is because it is subjected to intense pressure and high temperature which weld the grain into one solid crystal.

Where is Quartzite Found?

It is mostly found on the mountainside in many countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada. In the United States, you can find Quartzite in parts of Central Texas, Pennsylvania, the Washington DC area, southwest Minnesota, and near Salt Lake City, Utah. In the United Kingdom, especially in the Scottish Highlands, you will find mountains of Cambrian Quartzite in the far north-west. Cambrian Quartzite can also be found in the Holyhead mountains.

The Precambrian Quartzite in the form of cliffs and crags can be seen on Holy island off Anglesey. The La Cloche mountain in Ontario, Canada is primarily made of white quartzite. You can also find pale grey, Pre Cambrian Quartzite in the mountains of Mozambique, Monte Binga, and the surrounding Chimanimani plateau.

Quartzite Stone Meaning

The meaning of Quartzite Stone

The meaning of the quartzite stone differs from how different geologists perceive it. Some geologists use the term quartzite for metamorphic rocks that are composed entirely of quartz while some use it for sedimentary rocks that contain an exceptionally high amount of quartz.

Coming to the spiritual meaning of the quartzite stone, the power of this gemstone lies in its ability to help the owner achieve goals in their life without giving up in the middle. Being a gemstone of the Quartz group, it inherits properties of the Quartz stone like purifying, awakening and achievement.

Quartzite is known for revitalizing the energy of the owner by providing them with the strength to complete their task fully and preventing the possibility of them leaving it halfway. Furthermore, it makes sure that the owner does not get astray and is able to achieve what they want by giving them the power to hold on to the future.

People struggling to concentrate on their future will see significant benefits from Quartzite as it prevents the possibility of energy and interest getting scattered and helps them direct their energy to what they want and become successful.

Quartzite Meaning in Ancient Lore and History

It was originally discovered in 1969 by British geologists who described it as sandstone. Later in 1980, some French geologists studied it in detail and called it quartzite. In the Paleolithic time, quartzite alongside flint, quartz, and other lithic raw materials was used for making stone tools.

Quartzite Crystal Properties

Properties of Quartzite Crystal

Quartzite is one of the toughest stones out there, ranging 7 on a Mohs Hardness Scale, making it harder than a glass and knife blade.  Some of its properties are:


As mentioned above, Quartzite is a 7 on a Mohs scale, owing to the fact that it contains mostly Quartz- about 90 to 99%. This means that quartzite is extremely hard, which is why it is used in areas that get used more, like kitchen and bathroom countertops and railway ballast.


While Quartzite has a varying level of porosity with some being highly porous like Taj Mahal and Calcutta Macaubas Quartzite, there are others that have low porosity. The porosity of the stone is significantly dependent on the area where they have formed. The porosity of the stone has a direct relationship with the appearance and durability of the countertops made from it. The higher the porosity, the more vulnerable will be the countertops to stains if the spill is not cleaned on time. Quartz being a highly non-porous stone is resistant to stains.

Heat Resistance: 

Quartzite is formed when its parent rock, Quartz is exposed to high heat and temperature. Since the newly metamorphosed loses most of its sedimentary structure and original texture, this makes the stone highly resistant to temperature change, chemical reactions, and general wear and tear.

Quartzite Healing Properties

Quartzite Healing Properties

Quartzite helps in stabilizing the progression of the changes that a person’s physical and mental state is experiencing. It helps in integrating the changes to one’s being more profoundly. With this stabilization comes the ability to take the next step forward and prevent the possibility of the person falling back into old habits.

Quartzite helps bring stillness to those people with hyperactive and overactive minds. It works by stabilizing the brain waves, thus slowing down the thought process. People suffering from mental illness leading to erratic brain waves benefit from wearing Quartzite.

While the inner changes and growth are perceived as personal progress, not everyone would be ready to face the changes, and some might get overwhelmed and lose perspective. The possible reason behind this could be that the body is not ready for the changes and certain aspects of the physical and mental state are craving attention and nourishment. This is when wearing a Quartzite can help bring balance and stillness to life.

Quartzite Metaphysical Properties

Quartzite helps the person achieve favorable results by concentrating on a single activity. Since it prevents energy and interest from scattering, it is especially useful for people looking to accomplish short-term goals. Opaque Quartzite is especially useful in anchoring the physical body in situations of significant changes, helping the body catch up to those changes. Slightly or completely translucent Quarzite is used for its therapeutic value. Wearing Quartz help stabilize the body and attain a new sense of balance.

Quartzite Benefits

Quartzite Benefits


It is capable of withstanding wear and tear of high intensity. It remains unbothered even in high temperatures without cracking or sustaining any damage. Furthermore, they are easy to clean and use. This is why it is used in areas that are directly affected by harsh environments or bear high traffic.

Elegant appearance: 

With its soft and elegant look, Quartzite increases the aesthetic appeal and natural charm of the surrounding where it is placed. It has a glossy skin surface with different finishes like honed, polished, sandblasted, or flamed, which makes it unique and versatile for decoration, landscaping, and interior design solutions. The veining of the stone, which varies from slab to slab adds an element of uniqueness and grace to the interior.

Easy to clean: 

Quartzite does not attract and accumulate water and dust which is why wiping them once in a while with a damp cloth is enough to keep them clean. Furthermore, Quartzite resists chemicals and regardless of the acidity, temperature, and pigmentation properties of the food item, it does not leave stains or damage easily. One of the reasons why it is also used on bathroom surfaces and shower floors is because it is water soluble and lacks tiny orifices.

Etch Resistant: 

Unlike marble which stains easily and damages with reaction to acidic substances, Quartzite is resistant to etch and does not damage when it comes in contact with acidic items like lemon juice or vinegar.

UV Resistant:

Quartzite makes for a great choice outdoors and in areas that are exposed to direct sunlight since it is resistant to UV radiation. This means it won’t fade or darken when exposed to direct sunlight.

Quartzite Benefits Spirituality

Quartzite spiritual Benefits

Often called a crystal aggregate since it is made of different substances, it carries the power of harmony. It is believed to guide the person to become more relaxed and helps them achieve a stable and calm state of mind.

It is also believed to enhance communication skills and help people work amicably in a situation that demands public gatherings and maintain a healthy social circle.

It radiates gentle energy and is also said to help people struggling with loneliness and frustration. It wards off negative emotions like sadness and helps people get rid of the haunting of past events and trauma. Since it is a power stone, it works towards stabilizing the physical and mental being and supporting the person throughout the process.

Quartzite and Feng Shui

Quartzite & Feng Shui

Quartzite is a symbol of the abundance of life since the faces of quartzite represent the chakras of life which all point toward the supreme chakra of the universe. The different quartzite stone help with different problems in life, which is why it is abundantly used in feng shui. 

White Quartzite positively impacts intelligence by enlightening the mind and preventing the possibility of bad energy from rising up in people. It helps in purifying the surroundings and the person from negative energy. It is also said to prevent the possibility of diseases related to memory loss along with aiding in the treatment. 

Rose Quartzite gives out energy that supports love and marriage. It works towards building stronger bonds and maintaining healthy family relationships. Evidence pertaining to ancient Egypt has also found that it was used to rejuvenate the skin, remove wrinkles and give skin a youthful and healthy glow. It is also said to boost fertility in women and help them restore health and overcome postpartum depression.

Amethyst, one of the most common quartzite is said to wave off negative energy and make room for positivity. It is believed to help with detoxification, healing, and exorcism. Placing amethyst in an office or home brings in positive energy and creates a way for prosperity and favorable results.

Another common quartzite stone is smoky quartzite which is believed to help balance the physical and mental state of the person, strengthen the relationships in the family and prevent the person from taking any risk in their professional as well as personal life. When placed in a home or office, it is also said to minimize the impact of radiation from phones, radio, and wifi.

Quartzite Birthstone

Birthstone: April 

Zodiac: All Birth Signs 

Chakra: Crown Chakra

Element: All (Earth/ Fire/ Air/ Water)

Energies: Magic, Power, Healing

Quartzite Chakras

Quartzite Chakras

Quartzite targets the crown and third eye chakra, instilling peace, and creativity, and heightening intuition. It is believed to bring harmony, create balance in the physical and mental state, inspire souls, and give way to intuitive wisdom. These stones are said to purify and amplify energy thus helping in manifesting and reaching goals. It makes sure that the person has the physical and emotional strength to keep their life in control and gives them the power to target their goals.

What are the Uses of Quartzite?

Uses of Quartzite

By anchoring changes in the physical and subtle bodies, it helps prevent the person from slipping back to their old self once they have undergone an uplifting change like spiritual therapy. It makes sure that changes around the person do not happen so rapidly that they disbalance the physical and mental being. The anchoring effect dissipates once the wearer removes the Quartzite, which resumes the changes at the previous rate and helps the person continue forward in a more balanced way.

Human beings have different dimensions and it is not possible for Quartzite to focus on every single one of them, which is why it works on the focal point. The most highly charged part of your body is usually the area experiencing rapid changes, activity, and growth. Quartzite focuses on this area and brings it to a still point by throwing an anchor in that direction. This gives the body a signal to stop the changes for a while, reevaluate the current status of the body and make any necessary corrections. 

It is important to understand that Quartzite does not stop the body metabolically but slows down the process of movements. It works by bringing efficiency to the movement of the body and adding grace to it. Interestingly, the person won’t notice this effect until they have removed Quartzite.

Caring for Quartzite

Caring for Quartzite

When to Cleanse Quartzite?

If you are using Quartzite for healing purposes, then it should be cleaned before and after every healing session, as it helps remove the negative energy that it absorbs to radiate positivity in the surrounding.

For everyday cleaning, we recommend using a soft cloth and soap (not bleach) in warm water to clean the quartzite crystal. If the stains are too tough to be removed by generic soap, we would suggest using cleaners that are specifically made of natural stone. If you are concerned about the formation of bacteria due to a liquid spill, you can always use disinfectant wipes to clean the crystal.

Since there is a range of quartzite crystals that is relatively more porous than the others, it can absorb wine or tomato soup and cause staining. This is why it is important to first seal the quartzite-made item before cleaning it. You can use penetrating seals made from silicones and other materials which are known to repel liquids. They easily soak into the surface of the stone and last relatively longer than topical sealers.

If you are on the lookout for some eco-friendly methods, then we would recommend talking to a stone consultant or an expert who will guide you through different ways you can cleanse your quartzite crystal. Keep in mind to never use solvents, bleach, or ammonia-based products to clean quartzite crystal as not only it can lead to etching but also destroy the finish of the crystal.

How to Recharge Your Quartzite?

Some of the best ways to recharge your Quartzite for the next healing process are-

  • Running it under tap water and giving it a good cleanse.
  • Placing the crystal in salt water and leaving it overnight.
  • If you are running out of time, you can quickly charge the crystal by rubbing it in your palms. Then blow hot breath into the stone. This way it will absorb your energy.
  • Leaving crystal outside in the moonlight will help it absorb a lot of energy.
  • You can also leave the crystal out in the storm to absorb massive energy.

Quartzite Activation process

After gently cleaning your crystal with a damp cloth and soap, activate it by stating your intention out loud to it. You can either do it by sitting or meditating or thinking about it throughout the day, in your head.

Another way to activate your quartzite crystal is to create an altar for it which not only helps create a spiritual place for you and your intentions but also helps you focus your energy.

How much is Quartzite worth?

A quartzite slab ranges from $50 to $120 per square foot, where the average size of the slab is 120 inches by 77 inches.

What determines Quartzite’s price and value?

What makes a Quartzite expensive and valuable is its appearance which should be clear, vivid, and unbroken. A Quartzite’s price and value depend on various factors like how much time it takes in cutting and extracting the blocks from the quarry since the input cost increases with the need to use diamond blades, diamond wires, polishing heads, and more.

Quartzite Impact

As mentioned before, Quartzite is a power stone that has potent physical, mental, and spiritual healing properties. Wearing Quartzite helps in stabilizing the mind, body, and soul with a sense of regained perspective. Since it acts as an anchor that pauses the impact of change, to help the physical, mental, and spiritual being evaluate the process, its effect is said to be apparent only when it is removed from the body after being worn for a significant period.

Aside from preparing the mind, body, and soul to be stable and free from stress, it also helps in building and strengthening an individual’s communication skills. This helps in making long-lasting and stronger relationships and further helps the person achieve a sense of fulfillment in their private as well as professional life.

Does Quartzite make a good jewelry stone?

Yes, it can be used for ornamental purposes and is also dyed to imitate other materials. However, owing to its strength and durability, you will normally see Quartzite being used in decoration or in the home interiors as a kitchen countertop or bathroom surface.

Quartzite Real vs Fake

Up until now, we have established that Quartzite is a valuable stone with physical, spiritual, and metaphysical healing properties but how do you identify an original Quartzite from a fake one? Owing to its worth, a number of counterfeiters sell glass claiming as Qaurzite, thus duping unsuspicious customers. This is why it is important to make sure that the Quartzite you are purchasing is real and not a knock-off. Listed below are some of the ways you can tell a real Quartzite apart from a fake one:

  • A real quartzite crystal has inclusions, tiny lines, and cracks because of the transformation due to environmental factors. A glass on the other hand will appear flawless and perfect, with no imperfections.
  • Keep the crystal at room temperature for some time. If it’s cooler to touch, it is authentic otherwise a crystal with room temperature is likely glass. Furthermore, crystals are heavier than glass which will feel lighter to the touch.
  • If the crystal has perfectly symmetrical patterns, there is a strong possibility that it is fake. Since the quartzite is formed by the metamorphosis of the quartz-rich sandstone and the impact of heat and pressure on it, every crystal will have a unique impact with lines and cracks varying from any other.
  • A scientific way to gauge whether or not you are investing in a real quartzite or a fake one is Moh’s hardness scale. It is a convenient method to identify minerals and is a great way to judge raw stone which is about to be processed. An original quartzite crystal sits around at 7 while glass will be at 5.

Now that you know every aspect of Quartz, let us answer some of the frequently asked questions about this crystal that offers holistic healing.

Summary of Quartzite Crystals

Name of Crystal Quartzite
Precious No
Semi-Precious No
Other Names
Origin(s) United States
Color(s) White, red, pink, grey, orange
Formation Quartzite is formed when a quartz-rich sandstone undergoes climatic changes, and the impact of heat and pressure leads to the formation of quartzite crystals.
Majorly Found at US, UK, Canada
Zodiac Suited for All birth signs
Chakra Crown
Crystal Meaning The power of this gemstone lies in its ability to help the owner achieve goals in their life without giving up in the middle. Being a gemstone of the Quartz group, it inherits properties of the Quartz stone like purifying, awakening and achievement.
Types of Crystal Quartz
Healing Properties Quartzite helps in stabilizing the progression of the changes that a person’s physical and mental state is experiencing. It helps in integrating the changes to one’s being more profoundly. With this stabilization comes the ability to take the next step forward and prevent the possibility of the person falling back into old habits.
Health Benefits Opaque Quartzite is especially useful in anchoring the physical body in situations of significant changes, helping the body catch up to those changes.
Uses Quartzite helps bring stillness to those people with a hyperactive and overactive mind. It works by stabilizing the brain waves, thus slowing down the thought process. People suffering from mental illness leading to erratic brain waves benefit from wearing Quartzite.
Goes in Water? Yes
Goes in Salt Water? yes
Goes in Rain Water? yes
Goes in Moon Water yes
Moh’s Scale 7-8
Real They are heavy, cooler to touch with inclusions like cracks and impurities
Fake Perfect symmetrical patterns


What is Quartzite used for?

Quartzite can be used as an anchor in situations where they have been sudden changes, and the person is looking for a way to cope with the overwhelming feeling and gain perspective.

How is Quartzite formed?

Quartzite is formed when a quartz-rich sandstone undergoes climatic changes, and the impact of heat and pressure leads to the formation of quartzite crystals.

Where should I put Quartzite?

You can put Quartzite in the kitchen, bathroom, or any outdoor and exterior spaces.

How do you cleanse Quartzite?

You can use a slightly damp micro cloth to clean the Quartzite crystal.

Is Quartzite rare?

No, they can be easily found in places that are protruding from surrounding rocks.

How strong is Quartzite?

It gets a 7 or higher on the Mohs Hardness scale which makes it stronger than granite and ideal for kitchen countertops and areas that bear maximum use.

How much is Quartzite worth?

The price of a Quartzite can range from anywhere $60 per square foot to $100 per square foot, varying depending on the location.

How do you identify Quartzite?

An authentic Quartzite will have inclusions, internal cracks, and fine lines. We hope we have covered everything that there is to know about Quarzite, in detail. If there is anything you’d like for us to include in it, let us know in the comment section below.