Red Beryl Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

Red Beryl crystal is available in a variety of color shades from Pink to red colors. This crystal is formed by beryllium aluminum silicate minerals. It gets its color from manganese. It also consists of other amounts of calcium, chromium, and iron. This crystal is popular not only because it is rare but also because it is useful due to its healing power.

These crystals are very rare because they require a particular kind of environment to grow in. Let’s explore more about this red crystal in this article.

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Red Beryl

What is Red Beryl?

what is red beryl

Red Beryl is an extraordinary and rare crystal that is found only in a few places all over the world. It can be said that this one crystal can be found in 1,50,000 Diamonds. It is much more expensive than gold. It is found only in three places all around the world. These places are Black Range in New Mexico, the Wah Wah Mountains in Utah, and Thomas Range. This crystal was discovered in 1904. It was discovered by Maynard Bixby who was a popular mineralogist. In the honor of this person, this crystal was known as Bixbite.

Now it is known as red beryl. One of the elements which are required for the composition of this crystal is known as manganese which is a metallic element. This element is also responsible for giving the Crystal a red tone color which makes it so popular. Beryllium is the second element that is required in large quantities in that particular area so that the crystal can be formed with all ideal minerals. The quality of cavities, as well as fractures, are also responsible for determining the high quality of these gemstones. If all these environmental properties are available perfectly then only the final qualities of a red beryl crystal can grow. This crystal is rarer than a diamond and even more expensive than gold. 

Red Beryl Stone Meaning

Red beryl meaning

There are many different meanings of red beryl. For example, it is a crystal that is known for love as well as self-enlightenment. It is commonly used as a talisman of energy which is ideal for athletes and people who are suffering and living without any hope. It has high levels of energy in it which it is responsible to encourage the repair of illness and growth in various ways. It has a red color which is a symbol of strong color. Due to its color, it is responsible to encourage self-esteem as well as confidence in life. 

Red Beryl Crystal Properties

  • Chemical Classification: Silicate
  • Color: Pink to deeply saturated red
  • Streak: Colorless and harder than the streak plate 
  • Luster: Vitreous
  • Diaphaneity: Translucent to transparent
  • Cleavage: imperfect
  • Mohs Hardness: 7.5 to 8
  • Specific Gravity: 2.6 to 2.8
  • Diagnostic Properties: These Crystals are prismatic hexagons with flat terminations, as well as without striations. They have Hardness and relatively low specific gravity. They have red in color.
  • Chemical Composition: Be3Al2Si6O18. They have small or trace amounts of manganese which is responsible for producing the red color. 
  • Crystal System: Hexagonal (occurs in prismatic or tabular crystals), and is often etched.
  • Uses: It is used as Gemstones for jewelry as well as for collectors. They act as Specimens for mineral collectors.

Red Beryl Healing Properties

Red Beryl Healing Properties

There are many red beryls that benefit spirituality and benefit the physical body. This crystal is very powerful because it has healing properties. It helps to heal a person or a relationship in many ways. This crystal can repair a body by itself. It is made from manganese which is responsible for cell reproduction as well as the growth of new blood cells. It also maintains the level of energy as well as stamina in the body of a person. 

This crystal is perfect for a person who is very old or chronically ill. It has the ability to fight against many illnesses or diseases such as stomach, ulcers of all kinds, thyroid, lungs, pancreas, kidney, spleen, liver, heart, etc. This crystal is also very supportive in providing energy while treating leukemia or any other kind of cancer. It is also believed that this crystal is also very helpful in the cleansing act of the digestive system as well as the respiratory system. It is also believed that it offers energy to the circulatory system and the nervous system. It helps with issues related to infertility. 

  • This crystal is also very useful for this all conflicts as well as ancient wounds. It is also used in emotional healing. It also helps to manifest self-hatred or self-attack which is caused due to lack of self-love. It also changes the mentality of the victim and helps to treat their fears. It is also helpful for communication as well as an understanding of the person itself or others. It encourages a person to make full use of their gift and also to be highly motivated and encouraged towards their work. It also helps to strengthen the loyalty of a person and live life to the fullest.
  • Red beryl chakra also has many uses. This crystal is known as the Crystal of energy. It has a healing power that can heal the entire vibrations in a person and around their body. It is also responsible to stimulate the earth star that is present below the feet. It is highly beneficial in opening the root as well as the heart of the Chakras. It helps to make the perfect balance of love, compassion, and creative forces as well as energy. It is also useful to remove access or unwanted energy or vibrations from the body.
  •  It helps to balance the spiritual and physical energy of the body. It makes the heart and mind of a person independent and makes them accountable for leadership. It also helps to balance our interaction with the external world. It helps to deal with what we attract and what we resist in the world which can be in any form of energy or vibration. It helps us to balance ourselves according to the environment we live in and also helps to manage our different kinds of relationships.
  • This crystal is also the stone of love. It helps to bring the energy of stars to the earth. It helps us to embrace as well as accept different forms of those beings that belong to different worlds or planets. It is also very useful because it helps us to accept different events as well as situations that are around us. It makes us aware that there is no other condition required by us for some situations other than love.
  • This crystal also has color energy. It helps to build self-confidence with the help of fearlessness. It is just like a call for action as well as excitement. It increases the levels of enthusiasm in our body as well as mind. It is also very effective in speeding up our metabolism. You are well aware that this crystal is available in red color. Red is a strong color. This is because it is a symbol of energy, compassion, love, and life. It helps us to be highly motivated as well as dedicated to our goals and motive in life and helps us to achieve them.
  • It is the color of fire as well as the color of blood. These crystals are symbols that represent deep feelings as well as quiet compassion in life. Even though it is a masculine color it is used to represent the seriousness of a person in life. It is also used to represent and increase devotion in life. 

Red Beryl Benefits

Red beryl benefits

As it is mentioned above there are a number of benefits as well as healing uses of this crystal. Other than the above-mentioned benefits some other benefits of this crystal are given below. 

  • For a person who is highly motivated to meditate this crystal is highly useful to complete the goal of meditation. When a person is meditating with this crystal it helps to enhance physical power as well as physical energy. This is because this crystal helps to open the basic Chakra. It helps to start as well as continue the Kundalini movement. It also helps to raise the level of devotion by activating the base Chakra effectively and conveniently. When the energy level rises in the body then it helps to activate the heart Chakra. It helps to reach a different level of sacredness. It helps a person to reach enlightenment as well as understand the universal state of love.
  • This crystal is also used in the honor of Chaos Goddess as well as the Sumero-Babylonian Mother. It is believed that she is the elemental force that was divided into two forms namely heaven and the earth. They are either depicted as a dragon or a Serpent. These stones or crystals are used when a person is fighting any mental war or facing any physical difficulties or mental difficulties.
  • Red beryl birthstones are also very popularly used. There are many ways by which a person can find an appropriate birthstone. The other way to find the perfect birthstone of this crystal is by looking at the color of the wheel of a person’s life. This crystal (red beryl) which is red in color is known as a natural birthstone. This birthstone is ideal for those people who are born in mid-autumn. These crystals are a symbol of passion, compassion, love, energy, and life. 

Red Beryl & Feng Shui

Red Beryl _ Feng Shui

This crystal uses fire energy and the energy of enthusiasm. It also uses the energy of illumination and warmth. It is known as Yang in nature. It is the energy of action as well as heat and energy of not only emotion but also compassion. Traditionally it is believed that this crystal is associated with the South area of a room.

It is also used to represent the reputation and fame that a person might be dwelling in his life. It can also be used to enhance the position of a person in his life. For example, it can be used for a person’s standing in a family or within a community and make his present significant and countable. Disc crystal should be used to bring the power of the sun as well as the power of the element fire to a person’s life and to his place. 

Red Beryl Talismans & Amulets

Red Beryl Talismans _ Amulets

This crystal is a kind of talisman that is used for energy seeking. This crystal contains energy which is used to search for new capabilities as well as hops in life. The natural energy which is present inside this crystal is combined with the natural energy present inside the mind of a person to find New Horizons of energy and hope.

These crystals are just like compasses, pointers, and directors that help us to move towards a better life and heal in a positive way to stay away from all negative vibrations. These crystals are also used for a fresh start in life. There are talismans made of these crystals which are ideal for scientists, Hunters explorers, and any other such kind of person. There are also such crystals that are ideal for students as well as researchers which bring them good luck.

Red beryl is an energy crystal. It is a very powerful crystal when it is used to focus as well as amplify universal life goals. They help us to gain our mind and heart the level of energy that can be used to accomplish our every goal. They make us strong and help us to resist negative vibrations. They also protect us from unwanted elements. They also protect every element that we value in our life. They help us to increase our efforts so that we can gain what we are seeking. 

What are the Uses of Red Beryl?

What are the Uses of red Beryl?

This article is filled with complete reasons that make this crystal very effective and beneficial for a person in their life. There are many reasons why you should use this crystal and do not forget the healing powers and the energy levels it offers you. Some other reasons why people want to use this very rare crystal are given below.

  • Life today is filled with stress with not a single second of rest. This is a wonderful stone if you want to deal with your stressful as well as busy lives. This is because this crystal effectively helps you to find and fight against any kind of unnecessary baggage or vibration that you might be carrying along with you in your life and you might not be aware of it.
  • This crystal is just like divine guidance for you. It helps you to decide what you should be doing in your life as well as in which direction you should be going to achieve that goal. 
  • It effectively supports you to complete your goal and makes you realize your potential.
  • It will calm your mind as well as boost your confidence. It helps to reduce stress significantly. It helps to reduce overstimulation as well as overconfidence by filtering out destructions and unwanted elements in your life.
  • It will help you to stop over-analyzing and overthinking every aspect of your life. It will also help you to gain a positive perspective or point of view for every direction and element in your life. It is also used during ritual magic. It will inspire you to take your decision in the right manner in every aspect of your life.
  • It will fill your mind and soul with compassion, forgiveness, and kindness. It will effectively help you to move forward in your life so that you can be strong and brave enough to make difficult decisions in tough situations. They help you to make a new beginning in your life successfully. It will help you to release your negative as well as over-used energy.
  • This crystal also helps to look at both visions of a situation so that you can reach the best decision in the end. It can help to change your point of view.
  • This crystal is very useful if you are looking or searching for the real meaning of forgiveness. It will make you realize that if you hold on to a negative, hurt or angry part of your past then it will do no good to you. It will only stop you and your life from being positive and accepting positive energy. In this manner, this is a very powerful crystal that will help you to deal with your depression as well as anxiety so that you can learn the real meaning of forgiveness and move on to the next chapter in your life.
  • If you think that the powers of disc crystal are limited to only healing powers then you might be underestimating this crystal. This crystal is also known to bring not only health but also wealth into a person’s life. This crystal is very effective because it helps and motivates people to become more and more self-determined. This crystal is very strong and helps to bring your potential as well as desires together so that they can turn into reality. This way this crystal helps you to be creative as well as more productive at the same time. 

Red Beryl Real vs Fake 

Red beryl real vs fake

It is safe to say that this crystal is very rare and also very expensive so there are many fake and synthetic forms of this crystal in the market. There are many people that are mistaken it for a fake crystal in place of a real red crystal. This is because it might be possible that they are so eager to buy this crystal that they do not know the real properties of this crystal. It should be kept in mind that this crystal is very rare and found only in a few places in the world that are mentioned above. 

Also, they do not easily form a part of jewelry because they need a special kind of protection setting required so jewelry that consists of this crystal is also not very common. Even small quantities of this crystal are sold for a very high price. So these are a few ways to distinguish between a real crystal and a fake crystal especially if one is available at a cheaper price. This is because it is not possible that a real red beryl crystal is available at a cheaper price. 

Now a synthetic form of this crystal was released in the market in the mid-1990 and 2016. The difference between the real and the fake crystal can also be made on the basis of internal features. The heat haze which might also be called zig-zag zoning is used to distinguish between them in absence of any natural way to do so. It is not widely seen in the jewelry market and it is of a smaller size. 


What is red Beryl used for?

It is a very rare crystal that is used for its physical form as well as healing action. It is used to change someone’s mind or path when the right time comes. It is used to overcome undesired circumstances in someone’s life and spark courage in their life. It also has the power to develop strength in someone’s body and mind. It has amazing powers and vibrations that are used for protection as well as healing someone’s chakra. It is a marvelous tool for those people who are suffering from long-term illness, stress, and fatigue. It is used as an expression or form of energy throughout the movement. 

How is red Beryl formed?

It is found in topaz-bearing rhyolites. They undergo the process of crystallization under high temperatures as well as low pressure. They go through a pneumatolytic phase. This phase is carried in near-surface miarolitic cavities of the rhyolite surface and along fractures of the rhyolite surface. The minerals that are present in this crystal include hematite, pseudobrookite, spessartine, topaz, orthoclase, quartz, and bixbyite. 

Where should I put red Beryl? 

If you ever get this crystal you can use it as a jewelry piece. However, It requires a special kind of setting as well as protection for this crystal if it is to be worn as a piece of jewelry, especially in the form of a ring. It is rare to wear it as a ring. You can rather store this crystal as a part of a mineral collection than a part of a jewelry collection. 

How do you cleanse red Beryl?

Due to the hardness of this crystal, it is ideal for everyday use or wearing every day. To cleanse this crystal safely as well as perfectly, you can wash it in a solution of mild soft water and warm water. You can also use a soft brush to scrub it softly so that all the dust and dirt can be left behind.

Is red Beryl rare?

This is a very rare crystal that is found only in a few parts of the world. It is also worth more than gold or any diamond in the world. It is found only in Juab County, Round Mountain, Paramount Canyon, and Wah Wah Mountains. It is also 1000 times rarer than gold. It is rare and forms only in the above-mentioned places because it requires a particular geochemical environment to form. The area should consist of a large amount of beryllium as well as manganese at the same time and same location to form red beryl. 

How strong is red Beryl?

The strongness of the Crystal depends on its hardness rate. The hardness of red beryl varies from 7.5 to 8.0. 

How much is red Beryl worth?

This crystal is expensive because it is one of the rarest crystals as well as gemstones in the world. This makes it highly worth it. This crystal can cost up to $10,000 per carat. It is found as two or three carats of red beryl. It is rarely found above two or three carats. 

How do you identify red Beryl? 

This crystal can be identified on the basis of its physical properties as well as some chemical properties. It has various tints in its colors such as orange, cherry, bright ruby, and strawberry. The color of this crystal stays the same till 1000 degrees. Another interesting way of identifying this crystal is by making it in contact with UV fluorescence. This crystal is inert to UV fluorescence which means it would not react to the presence of this gas.