Ruby Zoisite: Meaning, Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

Ruby Zoisite is a stunning opaque rock that is officially known as “anyolite”. It is a stone of red and green combination and brings around positive energy. The Ruby Zoisite stone can be translucent as well as opaque and is composed of ruby crystals – black hornblende and green zoisite. The name “anyolite” of this stone comes from the Masai word “Anyoli” which means ‘green’. This stone is generally used as an ornamental stone owing to its attractive and contrasting color combinations. To know more about this alluring stone, keep reading below. 

Ruby Zoisite

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What is Ruby Zoisite?

Saualpite or Zoisite is a calcium hydroxy sorosilicate mineral that is formed through the metamorphosis of metamorphic, sedimentary, and igneous rocks. It is also present in the form of prismatic crystals that are found in the veins of minerals. Zoisite is sold in a variety of shades based on color inclusiveness such as orange, yellow, brown, blue, pink, or even colorless. The glassy luster of the stone is an attractive feature but it can also be sucrose or granular. Ruby Zoisite measures 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs scale. 

Known as one of the most magnificent and noblest stones of all. It is best known for its stunning energy-sustaining qualities and combination of colors. Zoisite and Anyolite both constitute Ruby. The Zoisite is a transparent green medium that has a see-through feature. This stone can be combined with the deep magenta red and is one of the best-known looks of Ruby. A combination of Green Zoisite and the Ruby Stone makes the Anyolite. The contrast between these two stones is what gives a striking appearance to the stone. Zoisite being a calcium aluminum hydroxy sorosilicate retains the properties of the stone along with the stunning ruby. This is also the birthstone for July. 

This stone is very strong in its spiritual nature and it helps your consciousness along with spiritual learning. It opens up your soul’s memory and gives you access to it. Thus, it is a very potent stone in awakening your spirituality. The unique harmony that is produced through the soul’s color combination also represents the feelings of happiness and bliss in your life when you let go of your worries and relax.

The Ruby-Zoisite can vary in color depending on the color, hardness, and pattern, and therefore the stones can differ tremendously from each other based on these constituents. Zoisite gives the stone an earthy green color and Ruby gives it red and pink highlights. Ruby-Zoisite may not be a fine ruby but it is one of the most colorful gemstones that is used in ornaments. It is abundant in nature and is therefore affordable even in large sizes.

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How to Identify a Ruby Zoisite?

Identifying a Ruby Zoisite

Ruby-Zoisite is a stone that has a distinctive appearance and mottled colors. It is often identifiable by these features. 

  • Rocks are generally composed of large black hornblende, green zoisite, and red ruby, which with its matrix rock creates many interesting patterns. These are easily identifiable and useful while buying the stone. 
  • The hardness of this stone ranges from 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs scale. 
  • The origin of ruby-zoisite is only in Tanzania, certification of which would be an easy distinction.
  •  This stone is sometimes confused with chloromelanite but ruby-zoisite has more pink and red colors.

– Ruby Zoisite Cuts and Shapes

The Ruby-Zoisite is a typical cabochon cut stone. The larger stones are more affordable. This stone is also popularly used as an ornamental stone, that is often carved into ornate decorative objects and also into animals. On very rare occasions, the fine materials may even be faceted. Ruby-zoisite beads that are drilled and tumbled are very popular. Oval-shaped Ruby-Zoisite is the most popular of its kind. 

Where is Ruby Zoisite Found?

Ruby-Zoisite was first discovered in the year 1954 in the Longido mining district that is located in Tanzania. To date, it is the only source of ruby-zoisite in the world. 

Ruby Zoisite Stone Meaning

Ruby Zoisite Stone Meaning

With the ruby and zoisite stones together, the combination brings your heart, root, and third eye chakra into alignment. This helps you by giving you the strength and power to chase and attain your dreams. When the third eye and heart are aligned, you will be able to better understand the negative things in your life and learn how to overcome them too. Ruby-Zoisite is one of the few stones that can transform negative energies into positive ones.

Ruby is a stone that stands for strength and courage and it purges you of any anxiety and fear that you face on a daily basis. Green Zoisite has the energy that facilitates fertility and growth in all aspects of life. Zoisite is the stone that assists you in rebirth in terms of self-understanding and also communication with the outside world. Thus, people who are not spiritually awakened will find this stone to be extremely useful as it will help you in rediscovering your identity. 

Ruby Zoisite Meaning in Ancient Lore and History

Ruby Zoisite Ancient Lore meaning

Largely known as Anyolite, Ruby Zoisite is a powerful amalgamation of two minerals. This stone was first discovered in 1949, in Tanzania, near the foot of the Kilimanjaro mountains. Tom Belvins, a secondary gem prospector discovered this new vein in the Longido mining district.  Tom has discovered one of the largest Ruby deposits in the world with Zoisite as its encasing gem.

The secondary name Anyolite comes from the Masai word that means green and is originally only found in Tanzania. Even to this day, Tanzania is the sole source of Ruby-zoisite. Tom Blevins had initially thought that his discovery had a large deposit of ruby in 1949 but that turned out to be only a green zoisite matrix that included large opaque ruby. Even the ruby-zoisite is heavily included with black hornblende minerals.

 Technically the name zoisite first came into being in 1805. This name was given after an Austrian scientist Sigmund Zois Von Edelstein, who had a remarkable collection of minerals. He had identified zoisite as a special variety of minerals. The Ruby Zoisite belongs to the family of epidote. It is mined in the form of orthorhombic crystal, the first set of which was obtained from a Germanic mine. 

Ruby Zoisite Crystal Properties

Metaphysical Properties of Ruby Zoisite

The zoisite is a stone of return, that is, return to one’s self, one’s center, one’s relaxation, and also healthy norms. The surging creative energy around zoisite is known to be a reset button- it returns the mind to its initial objectives after being hindered by any turbulence. Artists are known to greatly benefit from this stone, as it enhances their being and makes it one with the art they create. They become more connected to their art. Thus, zoisite is a focused stone that gives creative empowerment and enhancement. Ruby-in-zoisite is especially known to be effective on the cardiovascular system. It is also assigned to the crown chakra and promotes individual connectivity.

Ruby, as a stone, is believed to be a promoter of love, nurture, knowledge, and wealth. It is also associated with the improvement of energy and concentration alongside loyalty, honor, creativity, and compassion. This stone is also a preserver of possessions, home, and family. Thus, ruby-in-zoisite is a stone that accumulates all these qualities and is a great psychic enhancer.

Ruby Zoisite Healing Properties

The ruby-zoisite is a strong healer and has strong energies of life force. This makes it one of the most in-demand healing stones. It brings positive and happy feelings to the one who wears it and also fights emotional difficulties like depression. 

The stone ruby-in-zoisite is a stone known for its combining forces of harmony that comes from both the parent stones. Thus, it harmonizes your mental and emotional energies and forms a connection between your brain and heart. It helps your heart in being more bound to truth and stops you from pursuing things that might be solely due to peer and societal factors. However, it balances your emotions from overflowing and stabilizes you from within, and ensures that the two energies align with each other and come together to achieve better results.

Known for its healing powers, this stone enables you to move ahead and put in an ample amount of effort to reach your goals. It reminds you that you have the power to create and own your destiny and that the obstacles in your way can easily be gotten rid of by your efforts and determination. Ruby-Zoisite is thus, the best stone for you to guide you towards your path of success and obtain it. It gives you motivation and replenishes it from time to time to help you towards a happy and fulfilling future.

Your feelings that are centered around anger, loss, and grief are healed through the powers of this stone. Ruby-in-zoisite will also re-establish your faith in your abilities. It will also increase your self-confidence and push you forward with a more determined personality.

Ruby Zoisite Physical healing properties

Physical healing with Ruby Zoisite

  • Ruby-Zoisite helps you to enhance your positive flow of energy. This, in turn, helps with various other physical problems that you might have. This stone also boosts your immune system as well as eases the fatigue from adrenal.
  • This stone is known to be immensely beneficial for the reproductive organs. It is very often used to treat impotence, fertility, and any other type of sexual dysfunction. 
  • It can regulate menstrual flow and lessen any pains related to period problems.
  • Ruby-Zoisite promotes better blood circulation, distributing and amplifying the energy of the stone throughout your body.
  • This stone helps in detoxifying your body, brings down fevers, and treats infections. It stimulates your kidneys, and the spleen and also regulates metabolism. It thus addresses problems related to weight loss and gain.
  • It is also a great stone to have with you as it eases motion sickness. It also restores gleam on your nails as well as luster to your hair. 
  • Ruby-Zoisite promotes cellular function and also regeneration. It also reduces any kind of panic attacks, fights claustrophobia, and promotes good and quality sleep.

Ruby Zoisite Mental Healing Properties

Mental Healing Properties

  • Ruby-zoisite is a stone based on the heart and it fosters positive feelings in your love life. It will bring you passion, happiness, satisfaction, and security. It also dispels feelings of bitterness, insecurity, and jealousy. 
  • This stone is a keeper for you when you are suffering from emotional problems and also during pain and stress. It will shield your heart from the deepest of heartbreaks and hurts and aid it in getting stronger again.
  • Ruby-zoisite stimulates your feelings of appreciation for things and the people around you. It makes you more understanding of your own needs and emotions concerning love and relationships.
  • This stone also inspires you to cultivate more empathy within yourself for others. You will see changes in yourself like an increase in endurance, compassion, and gentleness. Your sense of belonging will also be enhanced and the peace in your heart will be established.  
  • This gemstone will bring more happiness and joy into your life and also help you in releasing your sorrow and pain in times of suffering. It can also give you the strength and comfort of spiritual essence that will help you stand up stronger.
  • It is known to be eye-opening to the miracles in your life. The energy associated with this stone is very efficient in helping you grow and be more open to the ideas of changes. 
  • Ruby-Zoisite is a stone that supplies you the energy to balance your opposing forces. This helps you in being top-tier at your game and be at the top of controlling your relationships.
  • This stone holds such vibrant energy that it will most definitely boost your energetic and neural connection, that rests between your heart and brain. Ruby-Zoisite also ensures passion and energy as well as deep and strong feelings. 
  • It will help you to understand the cyclic nature of all types of relationships concerning and involving you. It makes you more apprehensive of the feelings and emotions of those who are around you and accept the changes that come with them.
  • Ruby-Zoisite is a healing stone that strengthens your devotion and reminds you of the importance of time when it comes to love and life.

Ruby Zoisite Birthstone

Ruby Zoisite Birthstones

The zoisite is traditionally associated with the zodiac sign Gemini, while ruby is associated with July. But zoisite is not an official gemstone for the Gemini sign. It is said to be beneficial for other signs like Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Cancer

The bringing together of the two stones zoisite and ruby is a powerful combination that can harness a huge amount of positive energy around you. This will help you live a more balanced and happier life. Ruby-zoisite delivers the perfect positive and energizing boost in your life. This stone will incorporate feelings of joy in your daily life if you use it in the form of jewelry or even as a cleansing element in your office or house.

Ruby Zoisite Chakras

Ruby Zoisite Chakra

Ruby Zoisite is primarily associated with the Crown and Heart chakras, but it also remains in harmony with the Root and Third Eye Chakras. This powerful alignment of the stone makes it very beneficial.

  • Crown Chakra:  This chakra is found at the crown of your head. It is the center of enhancement of all your spiritual excellence. Being the most spiritual, this chakra lets divine love be endowed upon all your other chakras as well. The light it comes bearing is a wonderful sensation of bliss and peace. The high vibrations of ruby-zoisite open up this chakra’s vital points and activate it. This helps you in connecting with your spiritual guides as well as assists you in spiritual learning. If you have any pre-nurtured self-limitations which might obstruct your success, this will dissolve them and boost your confidence. When the ruby-zoisite is kept near your energy field, you will get a sense of inner knowledge and also succeed in identifying and releasing any past traumas that might still linger around you. 
  • Third Eye Chakra: This chakra is a mystic gateway that connects the physical world with universal energy. When this chakra is activated and opened, it magnifies your psychic powers and intuition. It also helps you to see life from a different perspective. Ruby-in-zoisite is one of the best crystals for strengthening the energized link between the third eye chakra and the heart chakra. It will string together all your mental and emotional energies into alignment and help you to act following your heart’s desired ways. When the third eye chakra is balanced and opened, it will also bring insight and clarity into your thoughts and improve your focus.
  • Root Chakra: This chakra is concerned with basic needs and instincts. It governs your sense of stability and connects your energy with the Earth for grounding. If the root chakra is not balanced, it can hinder the functioning of all the other chakras. This non-alignment will lead to serious consequences such as fear, tiredness, and disconnection. Anyolite is the stone that activates and balances your root chakra and brings about feelings of growth, vitality, and courage. When this balance is established, the negative energies around you will disperse and you can once again connect to your true purpose.
  • Heart Chakra: This chakra is the center of intimacy and love. The pink or green color of ruby-zoisite resonates with this chakra. This allows ruby-in-zoisite to open and energize the heart chakra, which in turn helps you to feel the power of unconditional love. Other emotions like appreciation, joy, compassion, and forgiveness are also enhanced through this gemstone when it is kept close.

What are the Uses and Benefits of Ruby Zoisite?

What are the uses and benefits of ruby zoisite

Anyolite is mainly a healing stone, but its efficiency in healing is in many different fields. Below listed are some of its benefits:

  • For people who are suffering from tremendous loss, such as losing partners or children, and have experienced death from very close, Ruby-zoisite helps you deal with the aftermath. This stone will lend you the energy associated with its ruby so that you can pick yourself up and do the needful. The zoisite energy at the same time soothes you throughout the process.
  • If you meditate with the Anyolite crystal, it will help you see for yourself who you are as a person without any biased opinion. It will help you understand how your spirit connects and resonates with others and help you harness that energy for good purposes.
  • Ruby-in-zoisite encourages your body to retain its defense. The red energy associated with the stone fights off pain and harm, while the green energy heals and nurtures your wounds from within. It even helps in fighting off the side effects of invasive treatment and drugs.

Ruby Zoisite Benefits Spirituality

Spiritual benefits of Ruby Zoisite

Ruby-Zoisite is a powerful spiritual crystal. If you are someone who is looking to improve your astrological projection skills and add them to your meditation practice, this stone is definitely for you. Ruby-zoisite is a stone that powers your crown chakra and inspires passion inside you. At the same time, this stone also promotes your inner power and strength, furthering your passion and development in terms of spiritual development. 

This stone’s appearance promotes clarity and promotes your soul. It is a highly cultured stone that brings you lots of prosperity with the help of its positive force. This positive force lifts your conscience and consequently helps you in achieving your dreams sooner than expected. This stone will give you positive feelings along with your spiritual body. Ruby Zoisite will get rid of all negative sentiments in your body such as anger, envy, and pride. It also strengthens your feelings of positivity such as positivity, joy, and all achievements.

Caring for Ruby Zoisite

Ruby-zoisite has perfect cleavage and is a great choice for jewelry and gemstones. This is because gemstones should be protected from blows and hard knocks and ruby-zoisite being a relatively hard material can do so. Although it is relatively hard, ruby-zoisite is a much softer stone than other jewelry gemstones that are more popular like topaz, spinel, and sapphire. Thus, you should avoid direct exposure to light and sudden temperature changes. You should also avoid strong heat on this stone. Ruby-Zoisite should never be exposed to bleach, acid, and any other harsh cleaners or chemicals. You should also avoid the use of any steam cleaners or ultrasonic cleaners. 

The best way of cleaning a Ruby Zoisite stone is by using soft water along with plain soapy water. You should be meticulous about any soapy residue that has been left inside and remove them thoroughly. 

Some preventive measures need to be taken while using a ruby-zoisite:

  • Remember to remove your ruby-zoisite gemstone before attempting to exercise or play any sport or even while doing any household chores like dishwashing.
  • Store your gemstone away from other gemstones so avoid tension and scratches in it.
  • The best way to use the ruby-zoisite stone is by wrapping the stone in a soft cloth and placing them inside any fabric-lined jewelry box.

How to Recharge Your Ruby Zoisite

Recharging Ruby Zoisite

You can recharge your ruby-zoisite by simply letting it charge under the energy of the moon. You can also soak it in earthy energies so that the stone remains grounded and gets rid of the bad energies from its surface. It should be kept in mind that you do not let your anyolite get recharged in the sunlight because the extremely hot temperature can cause fading in its color. 

Another way of charging the ruby-zoisite crystal is by burying it in a bowl of sea salt. You can also soak it in a bowl filled with seawater for some minutes or an hour. If you possess a white sage or any other favorite herbs, you can smudge your stone with them to clean the toxic vibes. Even a singing bowl could be used as its soothing sound vibrations clear the energies around you.

You can also let your ruby-zoisite sit with any quartz crystal in cleansing and charging your ruby-zoisite.

Ruby Zoisite Activation process

For activating the powers of your ruby-zoisite, you will need a clear will of achievement. If you hold the crystal in your hand and recuperate your intentions in your head in a strong, determinate manner. Your Ruby-zoisite will be activated automatically and be ready for use. 

How much is Ruby Zoisite worth?

The price of Ruby-Zoisite is affected by several factors. Some of them are as follows:

Color: Ruby- Zoisite is a stone that exhibits three different colors, mainly, black, green, and pink or red. The green color is due to the zoisite composition, while the red and pink hues are due to the presence of ruby. The black colors are due to hornblende. Gemstone cutters generally opt for more red color and therefore maximize the ruby proportions. The prize of the gemstone will vary based on these portions. In many cases, the gems critically stick to attractive color contrasts will lead to variations in price. 

Clarity and Luster- The large inclusions that are present in this gemstone make Ruby-Zoisite an opaque stone. When it is polished it produces a vitreous luster which makes the stone very desirable. 

Treatment- Ruby-Zoisite is not treated or enhanced in any way which makes it a natural gemstone and much more desirable.

The cost of Ruby-Zoisite ranges from $93 to $465 per carat, depending on the above-given factors. 

Note: The price of the gemstone might vary depending on the time this article is being published and read.

Does Ruby Zoisite make a good jewelry stone?

Ruby Zoisite Jewelry

Ruby zoisite ranges between 6-7 on the Mohs scale and is pretty hard as a stone. It, therefore, makes a very good jewelry stone. Ruby zoisite is used in lots of jewelry.

Summary of Ruby Zoisite Crystal

Name of Crystal Ruby Zoisite
Precious Yes
Semi Precious No
Other Names Anyolite
Origin(s) Tanzania, East Africa
Color(s) Green, Red, Black
Formation Formed during the metamorphism and hydrothermal alteration of igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks
Majorly Found at Tanzania
Zodiac Suited for Leo
Chakra Root Chakra
Heart Chakra
Third Eye Chakra
Crystal Meaning Known as an effective stone for healing, it has strong energies offering happiness, appreciation, abundance, vitality and growth
Types of Crystal
Healing Properties Strong healer and has strong energies of life force, brings positive and happy feelings to the one who wears it and also fights emotional difficulties like depression
Health Benefits Boosts immune system as well as eases the fatigue from adrenal, promotes better blood circulation, eases motion sickness, restores gleam on your nails as well as luster to your hair
Uses Used for meditation
Goes in Water? Yes
Goes in Salt Water? Yes
Goes in Rain Water? Yes
Goes in Moon Water Yes
Moh’s Scale 6 – 7
Real Generally composed of large black hornblende, green zoisite, and red ruby, which with its matrix rock creates many interesting patterns, these are easily identifiable and useful while buying the stone
The origin of ruby-zoisite is only in Tanzania, certification of which would be an easy distinction
Fake This stone is sometimes confused with chloromelanite but ruby-zoisite has more pink and red colors


What is zoisite crystal used for?

The zoisite crystal is healing in nature. It affects the disorders of the heart, the lungs, and the pancreas. It is also useful in the cardiovascular system. Zoisite is a soothing stone and assists you in mental healing.

Is ruby in zoisite rare?

Ruby-in-Zoisite is an incredibly rare stone and is available only in small quantities. This stone is available only in two locations in Tanzania and nowhere else in this world.

How strong is ruby zoisite?

The hardness of ruby-zoisite ranges between 6-7 Mohs. The ruby in it is registered as nine and the zoisite is at least six on the Mohs scale. Thus, the ruby zoisite is pretty hard on the scale.

Is ruby in zoisite real ruby?

Yes, ruby-zoisite is real ruby that is encapsulated in a zoisite stone. This gemstone, thus, has the properties of both stones. This makes it a very powerful stone.

What is ruby zoisite stone good for?

Ruby-Zoisite is a healing stone. It also offers strong energies like appreciation, happiness, abundance, growth, and vitality which makes it the most effective healing stone. This stone is known to bring the bearer happy and positive feelings and aids emotional healing.

Is zoisite the same as tanzanite?

Tanzanite is one of the most famous zoisites. It is just another kind of zoisite that is transparent and blue. It is also a rare gem that is found in Tanzania.

Where is zoisite mined?

Zoisite is a prominent stone mined in many different locations all around the world. This includes Kenya, Tanzania, Switzerland, Austria, Pakistan, India, and the state of Washington.