Shattuckite Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

Shattuckite is among the most expensive-looking gemstones and one of the most effective psychic communication stones known to man. Many people admire Shattuckite for its deep, rich blues and greens. You can occasionally find this copper mineral below the quartz crystals’ topmost layer. As a result, quartz develops striking blue Druzes. Collectors of this mineral would polish the stone to reveal all of its hues.

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What is Shattuckite?

What is Shattuckite?

A copper silicate hydroxyl mineral is known as a shattuckite. It typically occurs in a granular bulk appearance and then crystallizes in an orthorhombic-dipyramidal crystal system. In terms of structure and appearance, it resembles a planchette very closely. A somewhat uncommon copper silicate mineral is shattuckite. 

People unearthed it in 1915 in the Shattuck Mine copper mine in Bisbee, Arizona (hence the name). 

It is a subsequent mineral that creates when other secondary minerals are changed. It develops pseudomorphs following malachite at the Shattuck Mine. 

A pseudomorph is a crystal structure in which one crystal structure is replaced atom for an atom for another crystal structure, with little change to the original crystal’s external shape. It’s usually pre-owned as a gemstone.

How to identify a Shattuckite?

Untrained eyes may find it challenging to distinguish between Shattuckite and other minerals, including Chrysocolla, Turquoise, and Azurite. 

  • Planchette is the closest-related copper mineral and the hardest to distinguish from; formerly, experts believed the two to be the same crystal, but there is now a clear distinction.
  • For instance, the extraordinary copper mineral shattuckite will always be highly-prized because of its vivid blue hue.
  • Furthermore, you can check for the cuts and shapes of a shattuckite stone to know if it’s genuine or not.

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Shattuckite Cuts

Shattuckite can be shaped and sized in various ways, from exquisite fictitious cutting for designer jewelry to exact caliber cuts for producers. 

  • Only cabochons can cut up to a few inches in length. 
  • Their Scale hardness is 3.5.
  • Luster ranges from dull to smooth,
  • The streak is generally blue,
  • Fractures are typically uneven.

All shattuckites have a shine from copper inclusions. The silky sheen persists even if the conditions are insufficient to cause true minerals.

Shattuckite Shapes

A Shattuckite orb is fabricated by tossing a Shattuckite until it perfectly resembles a ball or an oval. Once placed somewhere for exhibition, a Shattuckite ball then be used as needed for spiritual and healing activities. These are essential traits for any home or office.

  • These stones could have blue splashes that can contact a blue-ish area. The color, rarity, and quality of shattuckite all contribute to their worth.
  • Although caliber-cut crystals find in relatively bigger diameters, the majority weighs one gram or less.

Where is Shattuckite Found?

Shattuckite was first mined in 1915 in the Shattuck Mine copper mine in Bisbee, Arizona. It is a sequel mineral that creates when other secondary minerals are changed.

  • It develops pseudomorphs following malachite at the Shattuck Mine. 
  • A pseudomorph is a crystal structure in which one crystal structure is replaced atom for atom by another crystalline form, with little change to the original crystal’s external shape. It’s usually used as a jewel.  
  • On the other hand, shattuckite is a true mineral with a turquoise color, found in Bisbee, Arizona. 
  • These are not turquoise, though. They are a different copper-based mineral called from the copper mine where they were first found in 1912.

Shattuckite Stone Meaning

Shattuckite Stone Meaning

Shattuckite often has opaque blue color in a range of light to dark tints.

Shattuckite has the potential to be more stunning and elegant than turquoise when properly polished into designs of red and blue. Shattuckite is typically a blend of Chrysocolla’s royal blue, Malachite’s pastel green, and Dioptase’s forest green hues.

The striking combination of colors is what distinguishes and elevates this stone. The name “Shattuckite” comes from the Shattuck Mine near Bisbee, Arizona, which is where the mineral was found. Additionally, it is typically mined there.

The discovery of this striking mineral dates back to 1915. Mineralogist W.T. Schaller discovered it in the Shattuck Mining in Bisbee, Arizona. Hence, “shattuckite” was coined. Although its origins may be from the USA, shattuckite can also be found in Austria, the Congo, Britain, Germany, Namibia (where the best mineral can be found), Norway, and South Africa.

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Shattuckite Meaning in Ancient Lore and History

Health mythology suggests that shattuckite can treat and stave off specific diseases. Blood clots, issues with the parathyroid glands, and issues with the spleen can be healed by it. Additionally, it might aid in balancing the body’s levels of bile and acid. Tonsillitis, hypertension, and mental health problems can also heal with shattuckite.

  • The term “Shattuckite” originally meant “Noble Truth.”
  • It is similar to being honest in one’s speech, deeds, and ideas; learning more; continuing to rise spiritually; speaking wisely, and listening compassionately.
  • The Sonoran Desert in  Southwest America or the Okavango desert in southern Africa is where the majority of crystals sold today are discovered.
  • Lemuel C., a bar proprietor, cowboy, and mining guy in the Wild Frontier, was inspired by the name of the gem. The stone of honesty and equilibrium is shattuckite. It assists us in determining what went wrong and how to correct it.

Shattuckite Crystal properties

The striking blue Druzes in the crystal are made of shattuckite. Collectors of shattuckite would polish the crystal to reveal all of its hues. There are many different types of qualities in this mineral.

Here are two main types of properties, provided by Shattuckite stone.

A unique specimen of 10/10 gemstones is shattuckite. It is a fully refined plate of the finest secondary copper ore specimens from the Congo that you will ever find. Old Stock Shattuckite is a mineral that was once a part of the mining process in the Katanga (previously Shaba) District in the Copper Ring Region of the Republic of the Congo but has since been abandoned. This artwork is a stunning specimen exhibit for the discriminating collector.

Shattuckite Healing Properties

Shattuckite Healing Properties

Down below are the 8 healing properties of Shattuckite stones:

  1. It can aid in the treatment and prevention of broad and minor health problems. Additionally, it functions as a natural remedy for your body and can aid in the prevention of blood clots. Additionally, the properties of shattuckite can help with spleen and parathyroid problems and aid in restoring the body’s ability to stabilize bile and acid.
  2. Additionally, it might ease the pain and discomfort that come with tonsillitis. Additionally, it may be helpful in the management of diabetes. Additionally encouraging calcium retention is shattuckite. It can even rebuild the DNA and balance mental faculties!
  3. It’s a fantastic Stone that can lead to new opportunities and endeavors for you. The energies you can obtain from this stone can also attract luck and good karma. If you’re having financial problems, this Stone can help you make the best financial decisions and eventually increase your money!
  4. The gemstone known as shattuckite might aid in your relationship’s reconciliation. You can use it to help you create connections that are peaceful, precious, and harmonious.
  5. It will serve as a listening platform. Everything that is worrying or troubling you can be disclosed to this Stone. It will enlighten your Mind and assist you in making the best decision. You will be influenced by this Stone to speak truthfully.
  6. There is no need to hide your emotions because they will come through in your speech, actions, and thoughts in any case. To save yourself the trouble, you should let it out!
  7. This Gemstone will be helpful in any Relationship since it will promote dependability, openness, and sincerity. Without these elements, no relationship can survive!
  8. Your capacity to accept reality and speak the truth will improve thanks to shattuckite. It is a stone that encourages the expression of truth via deeds rather than just words.

Shattuckite Metaphysical Properties

Each stone has its magical metaphysical properties, and so does Shattyckite. Discussing below are the 5 metaphysical properties of using a shattuckite stone.

  1. Shattuckite is a stone of doorways & portals. A super high-vibration crystal, this stone rapidly connects to other realms & worlds, opening communication through the veils. Shattuckite can be used to open energy portals & relocate or synchronize energy frequencies. It opens the third eye & throat chakras with the best efficacy. It gives deep insight into the true nature of an individual self & existence, highlighting the soul’s purpose & infinite potential.
  2. It is undeniably effective at reducing anxiety or tension because shattuckite moves quickly to accelerate the flow of energy, clears trapped or stagnant energies, and prevents the buildup of energy in any one location. As its vibratory resonance lifts and releases trauma out of the body, it is excellent for releasing long-held traumas and emotional wounds. Shattuckite helps one mentally let go and helps us get ready for the transition by releasing the tale associated with any lingering trauma.
  3. Shattuckite helps one navigate the most challenging phase of transition since it is the stage when the old spirits must be completely released, where anxieties must be faced, and where darkness transforms into light. Through the hardest and darkest moments, a Shattuckite nourishes and supports. It teaches us to welcome the gloom and serves as a reminder that night always comes before the day. This process makes room for new ideas and energy to flourish, enabling one to develop fully into one wholly divine self.
  4. While strengthening the body’s electromagnetic field and improving cellular communication, shattuckite also shields the body from psychic and energetic attacks. As it eliminates entity or energy connections while performing ritual work or casting spells, it is a fantastic ally to healers, psychics, and others of the magical persuasion. A Shaman stone that could traverse the vast void with ease. As it facilitates the energy stream and has a really powerful Earth anchor, it is also excellent for empaths or sensitive persons. It enables you to experience and connects with others without fully accepting their anguish, and it quickly expels that energy from the body.
  5. On a practical level, it helps to complete all types of worldly tasks & is excellent for study or demanding projects as it quickens the mind, structures thought & helps project or assignment completion.

Shattuckite Benefits

Shattuckite Benefits

Some of the physical advantages of Shattuckite stones are listed below. This stone can aid in the treatment of numerous illnesses, including tonsils, 

  • colds
  • flu
  • allergens 
  • ulcers 
  • congestion of the nose and lungs
  • Degenerative conditions
  • PTSD as well as restoring the body’s endocrine system to balance.

Shattuckite Benefits Spirituality

Shattuckite is a gemstone that can improve your general well-being, work on your internal fortitude, and assist you in processing spiritual knowledge.

It’s a potent stone for psychic communication that can help you establish a strong bond with both your deceased loved ones and your spirit guides.

  • Shattuckite can aid in attracting money. It’s also a great stone that can give you access to new prospects and endeavors.
  • The positive energy you can obtain from this gemstone will also draw luck and fortune to you. This stone can assist you in making wise decisions and offer you prosperity gradually if you’re facing financial difficulties.
  • If you wish to have a reunion in your relationship, you must have this stone. You can develop calm, loving, and maintain a positive relationship with the aid of it.
  • An effective sounding board will be a Shattuckite. You are welcome to express to this rock everything that troubles or worries you. It will open your eyes and assist you in making the best choice.

Shattuckite & Feng Shui

Shattuckite & Feng Shui

Due to its soft and sensitive energy source, shattuckite is suitable for a wide range of people. The shattuckite is best suited for Earth individuals and those with a Fire element since it embodies the strength of Fire, one of the five feng shui components.

It is also regarded as a sincere gift to give to family and friends on special occasions including holidays, weddings, Christmas, and Tet. Shattuckite stands for Libra, the western zodiacal sign associated with the Leo constellation.

  • When combined with Lazulite, Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli, Phenacite, and Chrysocolla, Shattuckite will perform well.
  • Additionally, it will go nicely with ajoite and larimar.
  • You should combine this stone with White Beryl, shattuckite, Arfvedsonite Goshenite, Preseli Bluestone, and Euclase 
  • if you want to utilize it to determine who is telling you the truth or if you won’t want to have the courage to say the truth.
  • Along with Natrolite and Brookite, you may also combine them with Magnesite, Dioptase, Blue Topaz, Septaria, Merkabite Calcite, and Lazulite.

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Shattuckite Birthstone

Shattuckite is a third-eye birthstone that stimulates your psychic faculties and encourages automatic writing and voice channeling.

Additionally, it is used to cure and purify the residual energies from previous lifetimes.

You can use the Shattuckite energies to assist you to discover the words to describe what you’re feeling or thinking.

They can also encourage the harmonious cooperation of your mental and intuitive faculties.

Learning intuitive disciplines like runes, tarot, astrological, and other oracular guides is made much easier with the aid of this stone.

Beautiful and serene, shattuckite communicates divine truth to others via deeds rather than words. It motivates you to put what you preach into practice.

You can align yourself with global freedom with the help of this stone. You will learn where your life lacks integrity and how to fix it.

Shattuckite Chakras

Shattuckite Chakras

  • The heart, mouth, & third-eye chakras are all resonated with by the stone shattuckite.
  • Because it enables you to connect with the inner realms, it is known as a gemstone of connection. Additionally, it aids you in comprehending and articulating ideas that are directly channeled from your spirit.
  • You can utilize shattuckite to expand your psychic pathways and hear messages from both the ghosts of people who have gone on and from your spirit guides.
  • This stone will assist you in developing and advancing your abilities to connect with spirits if you want to operate as a medium.
  • You can be sure to appropriately comprehend the communications from other dimensions since shattuckite vibrates with the energy of truth.

What are the Uses of Shattuckite?

Shattuckite will assist you in changing your ideas, words, attitudes, and behaviors to reflect your higher spiritual awareness. The energies of this stone will link your innate understanding with what is proper and beneficial for your life.

  • When your critical words and ideas have nourished your ego and stifled your spirit, Shattuckite can also be of assistance.
  • Additionally, it is a stone that can aid in the healing of a relationship that has been damaged due to poor judgment or painful experiences.
  • It serves as a reminder that taking care of yourself comes before developing spiritual awareness.
  • Shattuckite is spiritually aware of the areas of your life that are out of step with your spiritual reality.
  • It helps you identify areas where change is necessary so you may take action before criticizing the defects and shortcomings of others.
  • Shattuckite serves as an emotional reminder that you must first lead an existence of honesty before you can instruct others in the truth.
  • It serves as a reminder that you should examine your own words, thoughts, and actions before blaming others for the challenges you are facing in life.
  • Particularly for those who are very angry, reactive, judgmental, or irresponsible, it is a relaxing and soothing stone.
  • Shattuckite functions as a physiological stone that enhances overall wellness. Numerous health issues, such as bronchitis, tonsils, dry mouth, and fever to name a few, can be resolved with its aid.

Caring for Shattuckite

Caring for Shattuckite

Other than the careful treatment that this stone’s low hardness would necessitate, no particular care is required when handling it. However, because shattuckite includes copper, avoid using it to produce elixirs, charge water, or engage in other similar activities.

Both cleanings with water and solar recharging are options. Other crystal cleaning techniques can be used without too many issues.

When to Cleanse Shattuckite?

A stone will accumulate energy the more you utilize it. Clearing all of your crystals at a minimum once a month is a good general rule. Cleanse the stone if you notice it is weighing heavier than usual.

Here is some pro tip to clean your Shattuckite stone.

  • We purify crystals to release them from the old energy that they have accumulated. Cleaning crystals involves much more than just removing the surface dust. It essentially consists of clearing the crystals’ interiors of “inner dust” or other disruptive energies. If we were to convert this into a more spiritual language, it would indicate that crystals also potential to unintentionally absorb frequencies from the environment. Technically speaking, crystals can be used to capture and store beneficial information, and they are utilized to do so.
  • Cleaning crystals of all the energies they had acquired is the first stage in the process of matching their energy with the forces of our microcosm. It is vital to repeat the purifying process if you have been dealing with your stones for a while, using them for curing or eradicating emotional anguish, or if you want to program them with new programs. There are various methods for doing that; pick the one that works best for your gemstones.
  1. Sorting your newly purchased crystals into categories based on their type and soaking them in saline water for two days is one way to clean them.
  2. By placing crystals beneath the stream of room-temperature water for approximately three to five minutes, you can easily clean them. 
  3. The least invasive way to clean crystals would be to expose them to smoke from an incense burner. The best incense is that which is made from herbs, such as wood, salvia, juniper, or tree. Put the incense burner beneath your crystal so that it is better exposed to the smoke. This is a great technique to detoxify both your environment and yourself.

How to Recharge Your Shattuckite?

Crystals have a propensity to retain the energy that is exposed to them, which isn’t always advantageous. Imani Quinn, a contemporary mystic, explains to MBG that when you use a crystal for protective energy, for instance, the stone is taking the energy that is shielding you from it.

Because of this, it’s crucial to release any bad energy your gemstone has gathered as needed.

Here are the top shattuckite stone charging techniques.

  1. They were placed beneath the full moon.

A potent time in the lunar month is the full moon, which is also wonderful for cleansing and energizing your favorite stones.

  1. Let them soak in moon water.

Quinn advises creating your moon water as an additional moon-related crystal charging alternative. You can either submerge your crystals for about an hour in this moon water, or you can simply pour the moon water on top of it. Again, only use stones that can withstand being wet for this.

  1. Burn herbs or incense over them.

Leavy and Frazier both enjoy smudging crystals with incense or herbs.

What is Shattuckite Activation process?

How to activate your Shattuckite crystal is provided here:

  • If the ocean is close by, you might want to gather a bowl of clean saltwater. If not, add one tablespoon of table, rock, or sea salt to a cup of water. A few weeks to a few days should be given for the stone to soak, making sure it is properly submerged. Once done, rinse and pat yourself dry.
  • To cleanse and activate a gemstone, all you have to do is submerge it for 30 minutes in milk, honey, and pure water. After a gemstone has been cleaned, place it on the right friend’s ring finger.

How much is Shattuckite worth?

How much is Shattuckite worth?

Frequency vibrations and the ability to draw clean and enlightened energy are two properties of slate. Additionally, it might enhance your telepathic and psychic powers.

A genuine Shattuckai can cost anything from 5 to 9 thousand dollars, yet they have several advantages.  But the expense is justified.

What determines Shattuckite’s price and value?

There are many causes, but they are all ultimately driven by value and preference.

  • You can be sure that you are getting the most value for your money when you buy your Shattuckite jewel loose rather than as a post marble.
  • Precious stones that are sold loose are far more affordable, offer better value, and let you know exactly what you’re getting.
  • To receive the finest deal and value, it’s crucial to first consider what you’re getting.
  • A stone’s inclusions will be hidden by a jewelry set, which will also enhance or deepen the color of the gem.
  • You can examine the jewel and determine its exact nature using a loose stone.
  • By doing this, you can determine its genuine worth and make sure you’re paying a fair price.
  • The selection is the second benefit of buying loose gemstones. No matter if your ideal setting is made of white gold, yellow gold, platinum, or silver; strand set, or bezel lay with gemstone accents, you can select the precise color, cut, shape, and variety of the crystal.

The excitement of developing your distinctive jewelry design is yours to experience. Select from a variety of jewelry setups and designs to maybe make a brand-new piece that will properly complement your gemstone and be as unique as you are.

Shattuckite Impact

Listed below are some of the impacts lead by Shattuckite stone.

  1. When you’re in a trying position, a shattuckite can provide you with inner strength and courage.
  2. Additionally, it can be helpful to you if you have to quickly recall and retain a lot of information.
  3. Shattuckite can improve attention and strengthen your intuition.
  4. It can help you have a clear knowledge of things and make your brain and intuitive faculties function in concert.
  5. Women who manage work and family responsibilities will benefit greatly from this stone.
  6. You can narrow your attention to the tasks you have to complete at work with the aid of shattuckite. You’ll remain energized, attentive, and effective as a result.
  7. As a result, you’ll be able to depart work promptly and arrive home in time to spend meaningful time with your family.
  8. It’s a great stone for getting rid of old obstructions or impediments.
  9. Shattuckite helps correct any imbalances or disharmony in your life if there is anything that is out of alignment.

Does Shattuckite make a good jewelry stone?

Does Shattuckite make a good jewelry stone?

Shattuckite is a fantastic stone for jewelry.

  • Shattuckite jewelry is a special and enchanting creation of nature! The enormous variety of colors and geometries in crystals and minerals never ceases to wow me. Each stone and jewel is a singular, exquisite, and enchanting work of nature’s craftsmanship.
  • Wearing shattuckite as jewelry is simple and practical compared to carrying them with you, having them protrude from your bra, or having them bulge in your pockets. Using a gemstone necklace, ring, pendant, or pair of earrings, for instance, can be a simple and practical method to connect with your preferred stones every day while accessorizing your attire for the day!
  • Your overall health and welfare can be enhanced by wearing crystals and stones, which can provide psychological protection and spiritual stability. Your entire subtle energy system can be brought into balance by the use of crystals. If you’re just beginning to use crystals for their therapeutic properties, the clear crystal is a fantastic all-purpose healing gemstone that can be charged with whatever purpose you like.

Shattuckite Real vs Fake

Many people think that the shattuckite is a phony in every way.

For instance, shattuckite may not offer all the advantages claimed, or it may simply be a stone. However, “Everything concerning the Shattuckite is Real” is something that very few people are aware of.

  • The advantages of wearing a shattuckite are numerous.
  • Some people even think that the only thing that is healthy to keep in their homes is a shattuckite.
  • However, some people think that simply glancing at a shattuckite is beneficial for both life and prosperity.

A crystal kind known as shattuckite is brimming with limitless energy and is constantly prepared to raise you into a position of strength. Like the warm embrace of the sun on your cheek, having this marble nearby instantly lifts the soul. Keep in mind that sunlight is the most valuable gold found in all lands, and it is perfectly summed up in the shattuckite crystal. It is the most precious gold found throughout all lands, possessing the joy of tackling all of life’s complicated highs and lows, forging sweet nurturing relationships, and bringing about good fortune.

One time in your life, you ought to consider wearing a shattuckite. It could be advantageous for you and your family!


What is Shattuckite good for?

Shattuckite is a crystal of psychic skills, mediumship, and intuition. This crystal promotes mental, emotional, and vocal clarity, strengthening connections that enable one to convey the highest truths.

Is Shattuckite turquoise?

These enormous Shattuckite Nuggets were mined in Bisbee, Arizona, from the earth and are a true turquoise mineral. They are not turquoise, though. Another copper-based mineral, they were called for the copper mine where they were first found in 1912.

What kind of stone is Shattuckite?

A copper silicate hydroxyl mineral with the formula Cu5(SiO3)4(OH)2 is called shattuckite. It forms fibrous acicular crystals as well as granular massive crystals in the orthorhombic-dipyramidal crystal system. In terms of structure and appearance, it resembles a planchette very closely.

What is Shattuckite made of?

Mineral copper silicate hydroxide. A copper silicate hydroxyl mineral with the formula Cu5(SiO3)4(OH)2 is called shattuckite.

Is Shattuckite a gemstone?

Shattuckite is a rare copper gemstone that is prized for its intense blue hue. The Shattuck Mining in Bisbee, Arizona, where this stone was initially found, bears its name. Under the top layer of Quartz crystals, shattuckite can occasionally form.

What does blue lapis stone mean?

Lapis has been linked to wisdom, power, and bravery, monarchy and knowledge, intelligence and truth since the dawn of time. Lapis has been used for centuries in the hope that it will fend against evil. It was dusted and placed over the eyes in ancient Egypt to enhance vision.

Where should Shattuckite be placed in the house?

Shattuckite can be placed in:

  • Hallway for energy and cleaning
  • Bedroom for healing and relaxation. 
  • Office for energy and focus.