Spinel Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

Spinel was once mistaken for a ruby because of its brilliant orange-red hue. However, in 1783, mineralogist Jean Baptiste Louis Rome de Lisle was able to distinguish between rubies and spinel minerals. It is now possible to identify numerous stones that were once thought to be rubies as spinel. The English royal jewels really contain two spinel gemstones.

Despite the fact that spinel may be found in a range of hues, including pink, blue, purple, and black, the vivid reds are the most common and are occasionally referred to as “flame spinel.” Although there are spinel deposits all throughout the world, Southeast Asia was historically noted for having particularly enormous spinel formations. Recently, spinel has been included as a substitute birthstone for August.


What is Spinel?

What is Spinel

Spinel is a versatile addition to jewelry designs because it comes in a variety of colors. Along with pearls or transparent gemstones like Quartz crystal, black spinel adds refinement to an outfit. In contrast to black gemstones like jet and silver beads, fiery-red spinel jumps out. Jewelry for the holidays can be made using red spinel and green jewels like Emerald. 

Turquoise is a fantastic complement as well, continuing the contrasting color pattern without appearing overly festive.

Meaning of Spinel

Meaning of Spinel

Red spinel might be a better choice for the gemstone most people first identify with love than diamonds. Spinel gemstones are thought to aid in putting one’s ego aside and encouraging devotion to another. 

Spinel is thought to promote strong passion, commitment, and longevity, like most fiery red stones. Since the root Chakra is connected to spinel, it is beneficial in boosting stamina and physical vitality. As spinel is claimed to lessen amnesia and increase intellectual capacity, it appears that it also has an impact on mental endurance.

Properties of Spinel

Properties of Spinel

Magnesium aluminum oxide is a mineral found in spinel, along with a variety of other impurities that alter color. Chromium causes red, pink, and orange spinel to form. Isometric crystal structures can be found in spinel gemstones. 

In this gem, two octahedral crystals twin together at the base, a phenomenon known as spinel twinning. The opacity of spinel gemstones ranges from translucent to opaque, and they can have a vitreous, submetallic, or dull sheen.


With a Mohs hardness of 8, spinel is a durable stone. Spinel can be cleaned using a variety of methods that are safe for gems. Both steam cleaning and ultrasonic devices are secure procedures. However, a soft cloth that hasn’t been treated and some soapy water usually suffice. Boiling spinel as a cleaning procedure is not advised. Because spinel has a higher Mohs rating, keep it separate from softer gems while storing it to prevent scratching their surfaces.