Spiritual Meaning of Hematite: Having it in your Aura

Hematite is a crystal that was used as a very powerful talisman for warriors in Northern England. Thus, it is a crystal that has been used as a spiritual tool for a long time. It is believed to have the essence of life, condoning various issues like rooting out the toxic and negative emotions. It enables you to achieve your dreams.   

Let us dive deeper and see the Spiritual Meaning of Hematite.

What is a Hematite? 

Red oxide of iron, Hematite has the form of iron dust. Hematite derives its name from the Greek word,  ‘Haima, which means ‘blood’. It is obvious why the stone is also called ‘bloodstone”.  

Hematite sometimes is even found in layers, just like flower petals. ‘Iron rose’ is another name for the mineral which comes from its formation. Since ancient times, crystal Hematite has been used in colors and even mirrors. In the period between 2500BC to 500 BC, it was used to make cylindrical seals. To this day, hematite is one of the most used minerals on the surface of the earth and is also found in abundance.  

Various Spiritual Meaning of Hematite

Spritual Meaning of Rainbow Hematite

Found in the mountains of Brazil, the Rainbow Hematite originates in the form of a bright stone that is multicolored and glittery to the eyes. The alluring dreamy color tone of the stone makes you feel the healing energy it brings about. The magnetic look accompanied by the dominating radiance of the stone balances the ying-yang of your nature into balance.   

Rainbow hematite spiritual meaning

The mineral hematite when mixed with Goethite, forms the Rainbow Hematite. Rainbow hematite exhibits beautiful iridescent colors or has multicolored surfaces. The iridescent form of this hematite has its origin in the phosphate particles of aluminum. Rainbow hematites are generally associated with the feeling of grounding peace and inner balance. The stone absorbs all forms of negative energy around the bearer.  

This beautiful crystal is also known as “The Master Grounding Stone”, which is said to have the gel of warrior energy. It induces a shield of substantial energy, like your life is a battlefield, all the while preparing and protecting you from it. This stone completely uplifts the spiritual connection with positivity and increases inner strength and power.  

The Rainbow Hematite heals through the vibrational ground energies. This stone readily resolves issues of mental functional, and spiritual development and helps in retaining memories. It keeps the mind steady and rehabilitates inner peace.  

Spiritual Meaning of Red Hematite 

Red hematite is the mineral that assists the proper functioning of the brain and the development of memory.it soothes the mind and brings about the serenity of the soul. It boosts self-confidence and brings about a positive mindset to the bearer. It aids in the functioning of the brain, the development, and the usage of memory. Red Hematite brings about increased inner serenity and soothes your mind.  Hematite increases self-esteem and instills confidence in the person.  

Red hematite spiritual meaning

The spiritual energy of Red Hematite helps you develop confidence and form a more upright version of yourself. This stone has immense power that will help you overcome any problem and obstacles in your life. If you have any bad addictions or self-degrading habits, Hematite is the stone for you. It all nullifies all the bad energy surrounding you. It also keeps you in a sound mind and gives you protection. The earth energy associated with hematite gives you a sense of security. It boosts the vitality of your body and hypes up the creative side of your mind.   

Since ancient times, red hematite has been used as a symbol of a good omen and to drive away evil spirits and energy from the house. Magicians and farmers used various red hematite crafts for protection. Due to its connection with the blood and also its usage in magic, hematite was used even in battlegrounds to elevate the spirits of the soldiers or even cure them.   

Spiritual Meaning of Specular Hematite

Specularite, also known as the Specular Hematite, is one of the various minerals of Hematite. This stone has a shiny surface on the exterior, with a grazing black color. The traces of Mica found in this stone lead to the occurrence of shiny flakes which are eye candy. Specular Hematite is found in many parts of the world- Brazil, Sweden, the United States, Canada, and many others.   

Specular hematite spiritual meaning

Hematite is a healing crystal in general and its Specular form of it carries similar properties. It has a better ability of grounding higher vibrations in the physical plane. This probably is one of the most amazing ways of bringing the two extreme chakras in our bodies in harmony- the root and the crown chakra. The balance between these two strengthens the bond with Earth energy and greatly increases our soul’s concentric powers and dedication.  

Specularite dominates the effects of the universal effect on your body. It serves as a reminder in your daily life as to who you are and what you desire to be. This sometimes has even been reported to cause Déjà Vũ’s premonitions through dreams and acknowledgment of the sixth sense which can easily decipher the right and the wrong. Thus, keeping specular hematite around you will prove to be very beneficial and effective in rejuvenating the inner power. 

Spiritual Meaning of Black Hematite

The darkish, black opaque Black Hematite, has a shiny metallic luster which is greatly appealing to the eyes. It has high brilliance and takes metallic polish to look silver, gunmetal blue, and pure black. It rates 6.5 on the scale of hardness. This crystal is specially cut into gemstones and is used in jewelry. Although the use of black hematite is wide in jewelry, it is also very heavy due to its high density. Black Hematite is used in various other things like rings, necklaces, pendants, etc. On top of these aspects, the crystal is not even costly.   

Black hematite spiritual meaning

The spiritual usefulness of Black Hematite is listed as follows: 

  • Strengthening and balancing your auric field, leads to more soul power. 
  • Extract venomous and evil strings present in your root chakra and neutralize them into the earth. 
  • Removes any internal confusion and lost spaces.  
  • It provides great assistance in the fulfillment of your dreams. 
  • Increases the sense of clarity and common deduction skills. 
  • Expands your mind into seeing bigger pictures and practical solutions. 
  • It helps in acknowledging inner pains and rooting them out. 
  • Promptly detoxifies and exfoliates the waste. 
  • Keeps you grounded to the earth, balancing your inner strength. 
  • This stone keeps your mental health organized and helps you stay calm and collected.  

What does Hematite Symbolize? 

The hematite stone’s spiritual meaning and things that it otherwise symbolizes can be listed in the following points:  

  • Stability 
  • Balance 
  • Harmony 
  • Peace 
  • Focus 
  • Concentration 
  • Reliability 
  • Confidence 
  • Courage 
  • Trust 
  • Optimism 
  • Protection 

Known as the “stone for the mind”, Hematite vitalizes one’s memory, concentration, and serenity in the thought process. It utilizes the magnetic nature of yin and yang present in our body and balances the meridian inside our body. This results in a stabilized equilibrium between the mind, body, and spirit.  

Hematite is a very strong and effective crystal that supports timidity, boosting self-esteem and enhancement of willpower. Any form of negative indulgence you might be involved in can also be rooted out or overpowered by the hematite crystal.   

Strengthening and regularizing the blood flow in your body and also the blood conditions like anemia, is done by hematite. The crystal also helps in the absorption of iron and the regeneration of new red blood cells. Succeeding, hematite can also treat leg cramps, spinal ailments, and any other fractures.   

Does Hematite have healing properties? 

Hematite is very much a healing stone. It absorbs all the negative energy around us and willfully fills us with positive ones. It uses magnetic energy present from its compound to form an equilibrium with our mind and body and the nervous chakras in our body. The stone gives you a push towards confidence and makes you believe in the power present within yourself. It cleanses the soul and heals you from the inside.  

What chakra is Hematite good for? 

Hematite is a stone known for its protective nature. Its equalizing qualities help you in being grounded and keep your calm during various situations. Hematite is a protective stone that may help you stay grounded in a variety of situations.

What chakra is hematite good for

It is related to the root chakra and the crown chakra. It connects both of these chakras and equalizes the power between the two, thus emphasizing the efficient working of both the mind and the body. It effectively controls and calms your nervous system and relaxes your mind. 


Hematite has been a stone of great importance, not only in recent times but since the beginning of civilizations. Folklores have stated that farmers were given pendants made of hematite or hematite beads to ward off evils and protect their crops. Keeping with yourself a piece of hematite is considered to be pious, which was evident during the times when soldiers going to battlefields were asked to carry them.

There were numerous magic tricks involved with hematite that magicians carried out. Hematite also keeps grounded and upheavals your spiritual energy and keeps your energy at par. So buying a hematite piece of jewelry or home décor is very advisable for everyone especially for Aquarius and Aries, because it is a great spiritual connection to the earth’s energy.