Star Sapphire Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

Looking for a complete review of the gemstone of Star Sapphire? We have got one for you.

A Star Sapphire gemstone can impart success-oriented advice. It has been held that it has a deeper meaning and can improve your focus and mental acuity. You may conquer all kinds of challenges by improving your intelligence. Depending on the circumstances, Star Sapphire might offer you the ideal answer. When you need to deal with complicated information or arrange your thoughts, it can be helpful.

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Star Sapphire

What is Star Sapphire?

A star sapphire is a type of sapphire that has a special reflection that makes it appear as though a star is trapped inside the stone. They have long been a tremendously prized and sought-after stone, utilised for ages as a talisman as well as for aesthetic purposes.

The appropriate quantity of rutile must be present in a star sapphire for it to be cut and polished. To enhance the star effect, they are frequently cut into cabochons with tall domes. In order for the star to be properly oriented and to display the greatest asterism, they typically have unequal tops or bottoms. 

Though numerous man-made star sapphires are available on the market, you should be cautious of stars that are too perfect as this is a clear sign that the star is put on.

The majority of star sapphires are untreated, although they can be given treatments to enhance their colour or create fake asterism. They can be heated to make their colour more intense, but this must be done carefully and at low temperatures to prevent damaging the rutile silk.

Translucent or semi-transparent gemstones are the best. However, a lot of star sapphires are heated to a high temperature and then sold as transparent stones because the cost of transparent raw sapphires has increased recently. This is the reason why star sapphires are getting harder to locate.

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How to Identify a Star Sapphire?

Identifying a Star sapphire

Star sapphires of the highest calibre are produced in Ceylon and Burma, both in Sri Lanka. The price of star sapphires varies depending on the star’s sharpness, intensity, and body colour appeal. Genuine star sapphires have a three-ray, six-point (legs) star pattern that is carved into a cabochon, which makes them easy to spot. You will be able to see the star when it is lighted by a single light, and it should float across the stone when the light passes over it. The “asterism” that is produced by light refracting off the microscopic rutile needles or “silk” along the crystal faces is termed a phenomenon.

  • Star Sapphire Cuts and Star Sapphire Shapes

Gorgeous and captivating gemstones called star sapphires have a unique star ray visible on their surface. Star sapphires have always been cut into high-domed Cabochon shapes. The bright star may only be viewed from the stone in this manner.

Where is Star Sapphire Found?

The largest star sapphire cluster in the entire globe may be discovered in Sri Lanka. According to Sri Lankan authorities, the biggest star sapphire cluster in the world was unintentionally discovered in a backyard. A gem seller said that workers building a well at his residence in the gem-rich Ratnapura region discovered the stone.

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What is the Meaning of Star Sapphire?

Since they are thought to possess mystical qualities, star sapphires are frequently used as talismans.

The renowned traveller Sir Richard Francis Burton visited Asia while carrying a sizable star sapphire, which he discovered gave him good fortune. Star sapphires were once referred to as the “stone of destiny” by some Christians. They related faith, hope, and destiny to the three horizontal bars of the star. Star sapphires were utilised as health and ill omen protection as well as traveller’s guides.

The stones were said to fend off the evil eye and scare away demons. It was thought that the wearer would remain safe even after passing the sapphire on because they were so potent.

Star Sapphire Meaning in Ancient Lore and History

Meaning of Star Sapphire in history

The Bible frequently makes reference to sapphires. Sapphires were first connected to the clergy in the 12th century. Despite the fact that we now know this myth most likely referred to lapis lazuli, it was once believed that Moses received the Ten Commandments on a block of sapphire.

Sapphires were also popular among priests because they were recognized as holy gems. Star sapphires in particular were cloaked in mysterious qualities. Sapphires were regarded as precious gems and frequently linked to healing. They were thought to counteract toxins, although their main usage was to treat eye conditions. Although the first time this was mentioned in writing was in 1391, the Ancient Egyptians employed all blue gemstones for this similar use.

Several Pontiffs possessed things resembling those worn by Charles V, who was rumoured to wear a sapphire ring in order to touch people’s eyes and heal them of illnesses.

Star Sapphire Crystal properties

Star sapphires are extremely tranquil and soothing gemstones. It aids in the release of negative thoughts and psychological strain. It helps to increase your mental clarity and motivates you to widen your mind to more insightful reasoning and intuition.

Star Sapphire Healing Properties

Star Sapphire Healing Properties

In alternative recovery therapy alternatives, the Star sapphire gemstone is renowned for its potent healing properties. It soothes dejection, anxiety, and stress. This gemstone is usually suggested by gem therapists to people who want to quiet their minds, get rid of cerebral worry, and gain sharp perception.

  • Star Sapphire Physical Healing Properties

The ability of sapphires to cure the body is well established. The star sapphires are also superior body healers thanks to the heightened energies of asterism.

It is commonly known that calming blue and green star sapphires will enhance your vision. They are also capable of healing eye infections. Not only that, but their calming hues can also be used to treat fever, nosebleeds, headaches, and migraines.

These gemstones can also be used to treat hearing loss, vertigo, and ear infections. Additionally, your nervous system benefits from its relaxing powers, which prevent dementia and other degenerative diseases. Aside from healing swollen glands and issues with speech and communication, blue and emerald star sapphires are also believed to strengthen the immune system.

While the reproduction system is known to benefit from orange star sapphires. Your lust, pleasure, and sex drive can all be increased by this stone. They are also effective in treating impotence and boosting fertility.

On the other side, the vivacious yellow star sapphires can offer vibrancy and fresh energy. These are the greatest types for promoting physical activity, exercise, and workouts. Additionally, it is claimed that yellow energies aid in cleansing by eliminating impurities from the body that lead to health problems.

Black star sapphires are reputed to be analgesics. They are helpful for healing from injuries or trauma, especially those involving the bones and muscles. This stone can stop excessive bleeding, promote blood clotting, and mend bruises and broken bones. This stone is particularly effective at activating the digestive system and treating acute bowel syndrome. It can also assist to calm a hyperactive bodily system.

The white star sapphire is thought to primarily stimulate your pituitary and pineal glands, in contrast to the black kinds. This supports both the healthy operation of your body and the regulation of your hormones.

The pink star sapphire is a potent stone for the heart, to finish. Your heart organ and the entire circulatory system benefit from its strengthening and balancing effects. This stone can aid in stabilising glucose metabolism and blood sugar levels. The best star sapphire for diabetes, hypoglycemia, and hyperglycemia is this particular type.

  • Star Sapphire Emotional Healing Properties

Star Sapphire emotional healing

Depending on the shade, star sapphire can offer various levels of emotional healing. If you want to know more about crystals that inhibit emotional healing then click here.  All-star sapphires are known to be extremely calming and consoling to the emotional body, though.

Star sapphires are renowned to assist you to escape from your inner mental prisons in all their colours. It aids in easing mental pain and traumatic experiences that make you shut down. This gemstone is also used to treat inferiority complexes and give bravery and strength to people who are doubting their abilities or abilities in general.

Those who are easily manipulated or influenced by other people’s opinions can also benefit from wearing a star sapphire.  This makes you feel more confident and comfortable in yourself, enabling you to speak your emotional truths to both yourself and other people.

Star Sapphire Metaphysical Properties

Star Sapphire metaphysical properties

Star sapphires are extremely tranquil and soothing gemstones. It aids in the release of negative thoughts and psychological strain. It helps to increase your mental clarity and motivates you to widen your mind to more insightful reasoning and intuition. Then, it brings lightness, happiness, and joy by restoring balance within your body.

For attracting the blessings and energy of the divine, sapphires have long been prized and appreciated. In fact, it was mentioned in a number of religious histories.

For example, it is known as the Stone of Prophecy, Divine Glory, and Wisdom by the Hebrews. Greeks, on the other hand, assert that it is the treasure of Apollo, their sun god. It was worn when requesting guidance from the Delphic Oracle in order to grant greater insight to comprehend the responses received.

Star sapphires further improve these qualities. The star itself serves as a metaphor for how divine knowledge and light are translated into a denser reality. It will serve as a reminder that you can reflect your entire nature in the different incarnations that you reassure.

Three intersecting lines on the six-rayed star stand for hope, destiny, and faith. It is sometimes linked to the three angels who promised their wearer protection. When seen from a different perspective, the moving star also stands for a safe journey and will direct you toward your destination.

Additionally, the star sapphire can support you on your spiritual journey by directing you as you go and helping with matters of discipline and direction. Additionally, this stone can support you in times of abrupt transition. This enables you to keep a clear idea of where you’re going and how you’re going to get there.

What are the Star Sapphire Benefits? 

The metaphysical and therapeutic benefits of star sapphires are identical to those of the sapphire colours in which they are found. Its stellar improvement, however, also increased its energy, which led to the intensity of each feature. It promotes a deeper comprehension of both your emotions and who you are. Star sapphire also offers powerful healing and benefits for all of your metaphysical healing intentions because of the many colour variations that are accessible.

It can also be used to transfer healing energy from the Divine or a greater source into the body or healer thanks to the heightened energies of a Star sapphire. This makes it a well-liked stone for Reiki practitioners since it enhances healing through speech.

  • Star Sapphire Benefits Spiritually

Star Sapphire Spiritual Benefits

The Angels of Faith, Hope, and Destiny can be contacted through the Star Sapphire. You are drawn further into it, which deepens your meditation and centres your mind. Star Sapphire enhances prophecy, clairvoyance, and hearing while establishing a connection with the Angelic Realms and other Light Beings. Star sapphire can be used to communicate with or contact celestial creatures. It aids in bringing clarity and insight to other people’s goals. Additionally, Star Sapphire can add a positive attitude to any circumstance.

Star Sapphire & Feng Shui

Sapphire is frequently found in engagement rings and has a romantic association. Particularly connected to the throat chakra and useful for enhancing self-expression is star sapphire. The third eye chakra is also opened by royal star sapphire, which can aid in your awareness of your personal accountability for your ideas and feelings. It is claimed to improve your moral character and judgement. Dark blue is associated with wisdom and self-improvement in feng shui.

Star Sapphire Birthstone 

September babies are given a sapphire as their birthstone. It is regarded as the stone for Taurus on the zodiac chart. This gemstone can heal you mentally, physically, and spiritually in many ways. If you are born in September, you must have one of these.

Star Sapphire Chakras

Chakra healing with Star sapphire

Blue Star Sapphire represents self-expression, improved communication, and speaking the truth; it is a sign of the throat chakra.

What are the Uses of Star Sapphire?

Uses of Star Sapphire

All types of jewellery, including chains, rings, studs, and bracelets, feature star sapphires. This gemstone can be used as a supplementary, decorative stone to contrast other gemstones like diamonds or as the main gemstone in rings and pendants. The star sapphires are also quite expensive and are frequently polished as cabochons.

Star sapphires are frequently utilised as symbols of devotion, fidelity, and love. They are therefore widely used as engagement rings. Giving a matching star sapphire to a couple who is getting married or moving in together is a great idea.

Some star sapphire gemstones are employed in industrial settings due to their hardness, like decorative elements for the majority of watch crystals. While this is going on, plain sapphire gemstones can be utilised as an insulating layer for special-purpose solid-state computers, scientific equipment, high-durability windows, and movement bearings. The use of sapphire monocrystals for a joint replacement endoprosthesis was made possible by the fact that monocrystalline sapphires are also biocompatible.

Sapphire crystals have been used in industrial uses like components for the majority of watch crystals and movement bearings, high-durability windows, scientific equipment, and insulating polymers for some special-purpose solid-state computers because of their second-only to diamond hardness.

Caring for Star Sapphire

Your sapphire jewellery should be cleaned with warm, soapy water and a soft brush. Avoid wetting the stone. Never cleanse your jewellery with abrasive cleaners or solvents like alcohol, acetone, or paint thinner.

How to Cleanse Star Sapphire?

It is okay to use warm water and a small amount of mild liquid soap to clean Sapphire of any surface dirt, dust, or oil. Although sapphire is a durable stone and won’t be harmed by a soft brush, you should avoid using abrasive cleaners or harsh chemicals when cleansing it.

You must recharge Sapphire after using it for metaphysical uses. It will have absorbed unfavourable vibrations and energy from your environment and your auric field. This can be accomplished by either leaving it overnight on a piece of rough-cut amethyst or by putting it through the fragrant smoke of white or sweet sage. Declare your goal for the crystal to be resurrected, renewed, and free of all negativity as you do this.

How to Recharge Your Star Sapphire?

  • The gemstones should be submerged in water for 45 minutes, or overnight if you choose.
  • Light up your gemstone all night long till 11 am. It absorbs both moonlight and sunlight in this way.

What is Star Sapphire Activation process?

To cleanse and activate a Star Sapphire, all you have to do is submerge it for 30 minutes in honey, milk, and pure water. Wear it on your right friend’s ring finger after cleaning it.

How much is Star Sapphire Worth?

At the time of writing on 13th July 2022, the price of Star Sapphire is $4-$6 per carat.

What determines Star Sapphire’s Price and Value?

There are four factors that determine its price and value:

  1. Durability 
  2. Rarity 
  3. Acceptability 
  4. Beauty

Star Sapphire Impact

The Impact of Star sapphire

Star sapphire is a rare and distinct variety of natural sapphires that, when viewed under direct light, exhibit an asterism—a star-like appearance—on its surface. It comes in a variety of colours, including blue, black, orange, pink, yellow, green, lavender, grey, and white. It also comes in orange and black.

Does Star Sapphire make a good Jewellery stone?

The fine-coloured star sapphire with a deep blue colour and exceptional transparency is used frequently in jewellery and can fetch many thousand dollars per carat. In jewellery, blue star sapphires are frequently used. Star sapphire “fancies” in other colours, such as pink, orange, and yellow, have also grown in popularity. Also well-known are the emerald star and light blue sapphires. However, jewellery makers utilise them less frequently. The opaque black star sapphire, nevertheless, is also utilised as a small, ornamental gemstone.

Star Sapphire Real vs Fake

Genuine Star Sapphires are exceedingly uncommon, expensive, and fascinating gemstones. Synthetics are widely used and very cheap to create. How do you distinguish between the two? To begin with, artificial stars will be “perfect,” with few if any imperfections and incredibly sharp stars. The stars will be “wavy” and inconsistent in length and brightness since natural star gems are erratic and flawed.


Sapphire is a gemstone symbolising calmness, peace, spiritual healing, and spiritual truth in particular. When channelling healing energy from the Angelic Realm or any greater source, sapphire is helpful. This makes sapphire a particularly beneficial stone for those who practise Reiki and other comparable treatments. Sapphire is an excellent stone for Earth and Chakra healing and assists the user in staying on the spiritual path while enhancing psychic and spiritual abilities.

Summary of Star Sapphire Crystal

Name of Crystal Star Sapphire
Precious No
Semi-Precious Yes
Other Names Star Rubies
Origin(s) Shri Lanka
Color(s) Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue, Black, Pink
Formation Made by adding one percent rutile (titanium oxide, TiO2) to the starting powder, forming the boules in the usual manner, and then heat treating them at temperatures between 1,100° C and 1,500° C
Majorly Found at Shri Lanka, Brazil, Cambodia, China, Kenya, Madagascar, Malawi, Nigeria, Pakistan, Rwanda, Tanzania, United States (Montana), Vietnam, Zimbabwe
Zodiac Suited for Tauras
Chakra Heart Chakra
Crystal Meaning Also known as “Stones of Destiny,” the star visible in star sapphire represents destiny, faith and hope
Types of Crystal Blue Star Sapphire, Pink Star Sapphire, Red Star Sapphire, Yellow Star Sapphire, Green Star Sapphire, White Star Sapphire, Violet Star Sapphire, Black Star Sapphire
Healing Properties Heath and wealth benefits, help in love and relationship
Health Benefits Relieves despair, and tension. mental health benefits
Uses For healing, wealth, protection, meditation
Goes in Water? Yes
Goes in Salt Water? Yes
Goes in Rain Water? Yes
Goes in Moon Water? Yes
Moh’s Scale 9
Real Have visible imperfections within the stone
Fake The bottom of the cabochon is smooth and flat


Are star sapphires real Sapphires?

Yes, they are real sapphires. A unique and stunning variety of sapphires is the star sapphire. When illuminated, the asterism that sparkles on the stone’s surface appears to be a six-rayed star.

Is star Sapphire a precious stone?

One of the more amazing phenomena found in the world of coloured gemstones is the existence of a star. Only a small portion of the sapphires mined worldwide exhibit this visual phenomenon, making it exceedingly rare. Despite the fact that star sapphires can be found in any colour, blue, black, and pink are the most typical hues.

Is blue star Sapphire expensive?

The blue gem has a value of at least $100 million, but according to its current owner, if it were placed up for auction, it might fetch as much as $175 million. Price tags of at least $100 million have been placed on the biggest blue star sapphire gem ever discovered.

What does star Sapphire represent?

Star sapphires, also known as “Stones of Destiny,” stands for faith and hope in one’s future. Sapphire may provide as protection from harm, negative energy, and evil ideas. Star sapphires improve concentration and knowledge while assisting with meditation.

What colour of star Sapphire is most valuable?

Red and blue are typically the most valuable ones, just as they are in non-phenomenal corundum.

How can you tell a fake star Sapphire?

Take your flashlight, then slowly circle the sapphire with it. You’re watching to see if the star seems to be moving in the direction of your light source. Your star is undoubtedly artificial if it seems to remain in the same location.

What are star Sapphire’s powers?

With the power of love, a Star Sapphire has the rare ability to crystallise others. They appear to put the victim in a state of suspended animation, while the exact nature of their potency is unknown. In a short period of time, the power might crystallise an entire planet.