Sulfur Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

The element sulfur can also be found as a golden crystal. Is sulfur thought to be a mineral? Sulfur is a mineral, even though this may surprise you.

Why does sulfur qualify as a mineral? Room-temperature Sulfur is a crystalline solid that satisfies all five geological criteria for mineral status.


What is Sulfur?

What is Sulfur

According to astrology, sulfur is a lucky stone for Leo. In numerology, it also correlates with the number 7. Although sulfur-containing gemstones are rare, sulfur frequently appears in other jewels.

Because lazurite predominates in lapis lazuli, a rock made up of several minerals, the stone has a high sulfur content. In reality, lazurite also contains sulfate and chloride, and different kinds of sulfur can turn the mineral blue, yellow, or green.

Sulfur is exceedingly soft, ranking between talc and calcite on the Mohs mineral hardness scale, which is unfortunate for gem enthusiasts. Sulfur crystals can be scratched by a copper coin or even by fingernails.

At least 56 known crystal formations of sulfur exist. It can appear as large or granular aggregates, powdered coatings, tabular or pyramidal crystals, or druzy-like encrustations.

Meaning of Sulfur

Meaning of Sulfur

Today, you can use sulfur as a healing stone, just like the ancients did. Sulfur, a yellow gemstone, naturally brings happiness, wisdom, and creativity.

The sacral and solar plexus chakras, which both control creativity and emotions, can be opened by using the chakra stone sulfur. An open sacral chakra promotes intimacy and more emotional equilibrium. A solar plexus chakra that is open, meanwhile, promotes self-assurance, creativity, and purpose.

Sulfur has historically been used in creams to treat parasites like ringworm as well as skin conditions like eczema and acne. Although it hasn’t been established experimentally, sulfur oxidation can result in sulfurous acid, a somewhat antimicrobial substance.

Some crystal healers or traditional medicine practitioners advise rubbing the cylindrical sulfur stones on painful or inflamed places or placing broken pieces in the bath. “Sulfur sticks” or “sulfur rods” are another option from Uruguay’s indigenous peoples.

Sulfur is thought to lessen emotional unpleasant emotions like anger or impatience. They can also boost self-esteem and eliminate any external or internal negativity impeding your personal development.


Although it might not come to mind when looking at crystals, sulfur is a lesser-known option. The crystal’s vivid yellow coloration and therapeutic vibrations are ideal for delivering joy, confidence, and purpose, in addition to its significance in maintaining our survival.