Sunstone Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

Sunstone is a stunning stone with a long history and a combination of magical properties and applications. The Sunstone gem is composed of feldspar as well as Hematite and Goethite. A quick blink in the daylight can make you see the brightness refracting through Sunstone crystals due to the unusual combination of these stones.

You can usually find Sunstones in warmer colors such as red, tangerine, brown, and gold. The colors then combine with what appears to be a pale or translucent color to produce a breathtaking speckled texture.

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What is Sunstone?

What is Sunstone

If you are wondering what is a sunstone? Here is the answer, but before we jump to the definition of the Sunstone. It will be easier to understand if we talk a little about Feldspar crystal.

The word feldspar means a wide range of materials.  Most of the items we use regularly are a construct of feldspar: bottles for partying, glass for security, fiberglass for insulation, bathroom tiles, shower basins, and tableware.

  • Sunstone is a feldspar with a spangled appearance when seen from certain angles. It was discovered in South Norway, Sweden, various locations in the United States, and some seashores along South Australia’s midcoast.
  • It is also referred to by various names like Aventurine Feldspar and Goldstone. It’s known that rich dark red-orange deposits comprise interstellar healing from the sun, and it appears in numerous historical stories and tales.
  • JD Dana discovered sunstone in 1837, also it is at least a hundred years old. Sunstone pieces are found in a variety of locations around the world, including Asia, Mexico, Russia, Norway, China, Canada, and the U.S.A.

How to identify a Sunstone?

Because Sunstone can emerge in such a broad spectrum and variety of colors, determining whether your Sunstone is genuine or not may be difficult. However, the only sure way to tell if your Gemstone is real is to look for that shimmery glow it emits when kept in the sunlight.

The higher the grade of the marble, the more copper/gold flecks the stone will have, making it easier to identify as a Sunstone.

Down below is a list of factors to identify a sunstone.

  • The primary sunstones have a yellow, tangerine, or brown body color. Green is very uncommon. Tiny inclusions add a dark red or golden sheen to any body color, whereas greater inclusions create appealing, glittery reflections. Inclusions in sunstone could be rich in iron, copper, or another mineral.
  • Sunstone from Oregon is a transparent feldspar with brass additives. It is available in various colors, including colorless, pale yellow, form a red with fantastic aventurescence, tangerine, reddish, green, and cyan. The red version is frequently marketed as “spinel red,” and its vivid color, if not hardness, adversaries spinel or ruby.
  • A few Oregon sunstones are bicolored or multicolored, and a few exhibit color change. Deep green, deep red, and profoundly bicolored sunstones are typically considered extra fine.

Sunstone Cuts

Sunstone Cuts

Sunsstabilcentone can be cut into different shapes and sizes, ranging from magnificent fictional cuts for designer jewelry to precise caliber cuts for manufacturers.

Copper inclusions give all Oregon sunstones an additional sheen. Even if the elements aren’t sufficient to produce actual aventurescence, the sheen remains.

These stones may contain green splotches that touch a reddish-orange region. Some unique stones are pleochroic, meaning that the color they appear depends on the angle of observation. Sunstones of gem-grade aventurescence are valued based on their hue, transparency, and aventurescence quality.

Sunstone can be encountered in relatively larger dimensions, but most caliber-cut crystals weigh one gram or less.

Sunstone Shapes

When the sunstone is tossed until it assumes the exact shape of a ball, a sunstone orb is to be created.

A sunstone stone ball can then be used for energetic and therapeutic work as required after being placed in any location for display purposes. These are fantastic qualities for any house or workplace.

Where is Sunstone Found?

The crystal was discovered among the wreckage of the Elizabethan warship Alderney, which capsized close to the Channel Islands in 1593.

Sunstone was not well-known until recently. Sunstone feldspar has been discovered in these places,

  • Australia, 
  • Canada, 
  • China, 
  • Congo, 
  • India, 
  • Mexico, 
  • Norway, 
  • Russia,
  • and the United States, Pennsylvania. 

The most well-known sunstone reserves in the U.S. is found in Oregon. The subtype “orthoclase sunstone” was found in the area of Crown Point and other sites in New York.  Sunstone can also be found in Pleistocene flows at Knoll, Millard District, Utah.

Sunstone Stone Meaning

Sunstone Stone Meaning

Sunstone is also related to Native Americans and Nordic people. The Vikings claimed to have used this crystal as a navigation system to guide them through the rolling green hills and fields, using the stone’s capacity to shine in the sunshine as guidance. The Native Americans believed that the stone had tremendous healing powers and would provide its user with energy and joy when required.

Sunstone, regardless of gender, is a spiritual depiction of the cure for the unfeminine within each of us.

This stone will boost your willpower and personal strength, as well as your desire to face new challenges.

This stone is associated with Feng Shui’s fire energy. Fire provides light, warmth, and illumination. This energy encourages physical or emotional action. If your home is set up based on the aqua principle, place it within the fame and notoriety corner.

Sunstone Meaning in Ancient Lore and History

Sunstone’s meaning in ancient lore and history is diverse from today’s world. Today a sunstone is considered a leadership stone, inspiring the garment to be open, benevolent, and willing to bestow graces on others. 

  • Sunstone, also recognized as a crystal of joy, is thought to motivate a generous spirit and a love of life. while in ancient history, a sunstone crystal seems to be a portrayal of Ra, which means the Sun God, in Greek mythology. 
  • The Egyptians thought that this crystal was a blessing from Ra that dropped from the sun throughout a solar eclipse.
  • The word heliolite, which means “shiny copper color,” is another name for sunstone. The stone was worn as an amulet in ancient Greece. 
  • It was considered a sign of the Sun God. Ancient Indians and Canadians both utilized it during festivals. The stone has received a lot of praise for being a powerful sun-related stone.

Sunstone Crystal Properties

Sunstone Crystal Properties

Sunstone Healing Properties

The Healing Properties of Sunstone are as follows:

  1. Sunstone is associated with good fortune and luck. It balances and boasts all of the chakras. Sunstone brings out the best in people, heightens intuition, and allows the true self to shine happily. 
  2. It dispels anxiety, reduces stress, and boosts vitality. Encourages independence and uniqueness. 
  3. Especially beneficial for those who find it difficult to say “No” to others. Sunstone promotes self-reliance and independence. 
  4. It has antidepressant properties. Improves self-esteem and confidence. Boosts optimism and enthusiasm. Stimulates self-healing abilities.
  5. Sunstone is used to treat chronic sore throats, stomach tension, and ulcers. It is used to treat cartilage and spinal arthritis.

Sunstone Metaphysical Properties

Here is a list of a sunstone’s metaphysical properties.

  1. Because “sun” is in the name, it’s no shock that sunstone is connected with the sun’s radiance and the power it produces to support life.
  2. Sunstone is considered a leadership stone, inspiring the garment to be open, benevolent, and inclined to bestow blessings on others.
  3. Sunstone, furthermore known as the crystal of joy, is thought to motivate better nature and a love of life.
  4. Sunstone, as per the metaphysical worldview, is most effective at purifying auras and chakras.
  5. Sunstone is associated primarily with the Foundation and Sacral Chakras.

Sunstone Benefits

Sunstone Benefits

Sunstone gems are part of the feldspar team, which includes a wide range of gemstone materials such as moonstone and amazonite. Down below are the benefits of Feldspar Sunstones,

  • slows down triglycerides and obesity
  • helps manage cardiac conditions
  • cures chronic throat issues and muscle issues
  • boosts metabolism, which also aids in weight loss.

Sunstone Benefits Spirituality

Self-confidence enables the lead to feel good that their efforts to influence are proper. Leadership entails influencing others. A positive self-image is necessary for self-confidence. Sunstone gives you a positive sense of yourself.

  • promotes the development of leadership skills
  • eliminates depression
  • aids in discovering a different way of thinking
  • wards off negativity uplift mood or get a person moving
  • The individual’s creativity is enhanced
  • brings about emotional balance
  • enhances romantic relationships

Sunstone & Feng Shui

Sunstone is appropriate for a variety of people because it contains a soft and delicate energy source. However, the sunstone conveys the power of Fire, one of the five elements in feng shui, making it best ideal for Earth people and those with a Fire element.

Additionally, it is considered a heartfelt gift to offer to friends and family members on holidays, birthdays, Christmas, and Tet. Sunstone represents Libra, the sign of the zodiac’s Leo constellation, in the West.

Feng shui has a strong influence on the meaning of sunstone. The name refers to the stone’s distinctive orange hue and shine, which resembles the sun’s rays. The sunstone, a diamond noted for its cheery properties, encourages individuals to cultivate their inner beauty, optimism, and power.

Sunstone is undoubtedly a well-known gem if you are familiar with feng shui stones. Many people prefer Sunstone because of its vibrant and warm colors, which are used in goods like Sunstone bracelets.

Sunstone Birthstone

Goldstone, also recognized as aventurine glass, is a human-made material. Goldstone and Oregon stones are the birthstone for most people. It’s frequently used to mimic natural sunstone. In goldstone, tiny specifications of brass reflect sunlight from within the stone, giving it a similar appearance to sunstone’s aventurescence.

Sunstones of fine gem quality can be found only in Oregon. This gemstone is never heated, irradiated, or colored, as are other gems, but is left entirely natural.

  • Some Oregon sunstones glow from within due to millions of infinitesimal copper platelets known as schiller. The colors of the stones range from clear to champagne, yellow to pink light, salmon to tangerine, and red to cyan. 
  • The rare colors are intensely red and blue-green. When viewed from various angles, a single stone can exhibit up to three colors. Sunstone has a hardness of 6.5-7.2 on the Mohs scale, which means it can be refined, confronted, and carved into jewelry.

Sunstone is mined from shallow pits in Pond and Harney counties, where it was founded thousands of years ago through lava flows. Sunstone nuggets were truly valued by Native Americans, who traded and used them in Medicine Wheel ceremonies across Western America. Sunstone was discovered in burial grounds and sacred bundles.

The Sun, as the name implies, is the governing celestial body of the Sunstone in astrology. It serves as the birthstone of a Libra sign. Sun Stone is beneficial to individuals born under the Moon Signs Pisces, Leo, and Libra, according to Vedic Astrology.

  • Sunstone does not appear on either the traditional or modern birthstone charts. It is, however, a birthstone for people who were born around July 22nd or August 21st. 
  • People born around August 22nd & September 22nd have an orange sunstone as a natural birthstone. 
  • Kids born around October 22nd & November 20th have a natural birthstone of red. It will bring them all joy, success, and power.
  • Even though it is not affiliated with any particular zodiac sign, as a Sunstone, it will benefit Virgo and Aries.

Sunstone Chakras

Sunstone Chakras

Its color range, which generally falls between orange and red, corresponds flawlessly on an evolutionary scale with the sacral & solar plexus chakras.

If you are using Sunstone to collaborate on your vertebral or solar peripheral nerve chakras and you perceive you need some extra recovery and cleansing support, here are some other crystals to pair it with:

Fire Agate Amber Yellow Labradorite

Apatite (Yellow)

Sunstone crystals are well-known for their ability to heal and balance the two chakras noted above, but they can also concise and stabilize all energy centers in the body.

What are the Uses of Sunstone?

The crystal represents warmth, emotional clarity, and inner strength, which is beneficial to those who struggle with personality and assurance. Sunstone gleams in the sunlight, making it appealing. Few people are aware of the advantages of sunstone. Following are the uses and benefits of acquiring a sunstone.

  • Aids the development of leadership qualities.
  •  Get over depression.
  • It aids in the exploration of a new thinking approach.
  • Keeps negativity at bay; elevates mood, also encourages the individual to be more active.
  •  The individual’s creativity grows.
  • It provides emotional stability.
  • Aids in the improvement of romantic relationships.
  • Reduces cholesterol and obesity.
  • Aids in the treatment of heart problems.
  • Cure for muscle pain and chronic throat irritation.
  • Increases metabolism, which aids in weight loss.

Caring For Sunstone

To know the procedure of caring, first, you need to understand how sunstones are made.

Sunstone is shaped in hot lava and is released to the surface with the assistance of a volcano. The lava has been or is being broken away. Delicate sunstone crystals are then released.

Like Peridot, it forms as crystalline in slow-cooling volcanic rock lava flows. Sunstone is related to the moonstone. For many years, deposits in southeast Oregon have produced large quantities of jewel labradorite, the majority of which is liquid, husk yellow, or yellow sunstone. The labradorite in the Shiller type of sunstone consists of millions of copper-colored platelets that reflect light with varying intensities, resulting in a golden-red color play.

  • Sunstone and other feldspars are sensitive to harsh cleaning staff such as sodium hypochlorite and should not be cleaned in infrasonic or steam cleaners. 
  • It is not advisable to expose yourself to sudden high temperatures. 
  • The best way to tidy sunstone is with a cloth soaked in water
  • Before storing, make sure the crystal and any jewelry settings are completely dry. Sunstones should be stored separately from other rigid gemstones to avoid surface scratching.

How to Cleanse Sunstone?

How to Cleanse Sunstone

Here are some tricks and tips to clean your sunstone and keep it as new.

  • Warm, soap solution liquid always provides a safe way to clean sunstones. 
  • Avoid using ultrasonic and steam cleaners. Because feldspars are easily infiltrated by hydrochloric acid, cleaning solvents containing bleach should be avoided as well.
  •  Sunstone may occasionally be fracture filled. Only soapy water and warm water use can clean these stones.
  • Sunstone should not be exposed to heat, but its color is stable and will not fade when exposed to light.
  • For polishing sunstone, we suggest using cerium oxide and tin oxide. Other oxides will not collaborate effectively with these stones.
  • When polishing crystals, always use a delicate piece of fabric; nothing abrasive or fiber-rich.

How to Recharge your Sunstone?

It may absorb a substantial amount of negativity thanks to its light and strong vibration and spend a lot of time transforming darkness into light. Smudging your stone with some rosemary or bay leaves, submerging it in warm salt water, or setting it among purifying crystals will all help your stone receive the assistance it requires.

What is Sunstone Activation process?

On a Sunday, you must wear a Sunstone in a Gold ring, bracelet, or cufflinks on your right hand. To purify this gemstone, it should be immersed in a combination of unpasteurized milk and holy water, i.e. Gangajal, before wearing it. Offer the worship and put it on.

Sunstone’s potent vibration can pass through your heart and aura like direct sunlight if you keep it close to your body. Wearing a sunstone on your body as jewelry is the best course of action if you believe that you need the physical healing effects of a sunstone.

You can also recharge your sunstone by twilight for balancing or by burying it in a little amount of fertile dirt during the winter or other times when there aren’t a lot of golden suns.

How much is Sunstone worth?

How much is Sunstone worth_

Pale yellow to colorless, non-phenomenal sunstones, whether native cut or calibrated, can cost up to $ 20 per carat for a personalized cut. Pinks and tans with and without schillers can cost up to $50 per carat, relying on the effect.

What determines Sunstone’s price and value?

There are numerous reasons, but they all boil down to worth and choice.

  1. When you purchase your Sunstone jewel loose rather than a post marble, you can be confident that you are obtaining the most for your money. 
  2. Loose precious stones are much less expensive, provide better value, and allow you to see exactly what you’re paying for. 
  3. The most important aspect of getting the best price and value is to first examine what you’re getting. 
  4. A jewelry setting will conceal the inclusions within a gem while also deepening or brightening its color. 
  5. With a loose stone, you can investigate the jewel and see exactly what it truly is.
  6. This way, you will have a better understanding of its true value and ensure you’re paying a reasonable price.
  7. The next advantage of purchasing loose gemstones is the variety. You can choose the exact color, cut, shape, and diversity of the crystal for your dream setting, whether it’s white gold, yellow gold, platinum, or silver; strand set, or bezel laid with gemstone accents. 

You can enjoy the thrill of creating your one-of-a-kind jewelry design. Choose from a wide range of jewelry setups and designs to create a possibly new one that will perfectly suit your gemstone and be as one-of-a-kind as you are. 

Sunstone Impact

Sunstone was thought to protect against the negative power of other realms in ancient India. Following is the list of impacts caused by Suntones:

  • Today, the Sunstone is believed to be a stone of safeguard that tends to increase the authority of personal attraction when used for its mystical healing properties. 
  • It can clear and energize the chakras, as well as dispel fear and stress.
  • Sunstone, a crystal of light and joy, magnifies intuition and reassures you of the necessity of self-care.
  • Sunstone brings light and energy to dark environments. It’s a good gem to use if you want to break up with someone negative or depressed.
  • It can grant you the esteem to eliminate yourself from a scenario if you find it challenging to say no. It accomplishes this in a constructive light and without requiring you to make a decision you don’t wish to make.
  • Sunstone gently alleviates feelings of disappointment and boosts self-esteem and confidence. It is a stone of optimism that can be used to find the positive in almost any situation.
  • Sunstone is commonly used to treat seasonal affective illness. It can also assist with anxiety and depression because it is a stone of optimism and hope.

Does Sunstone make a good jewelry stone?

Does Sunstone make a good jewelry stone_

Sunstone, with its richness, and musky red-orange tones, complements all metal tones. Sunstone looks great with copper, gold, rose gold, silver, and other metals. Combine with moonstone to highlight the schiller blink in these two feldspar ores. 

Combine sunstone with green gemstone and lapis lazuli cyan to create a complementary color scheme with high contrast and drama. Similar color schemes include lime quartz, carnelian, carnelian, ruby reds, and a sprinkle of deep purples, such as tanzanite or amethyst. Eventually results in a palette that is ideal for all seasonal jewelry designs.

Sunstone Real vs Fake

Many people believe that everything about the sunstone is fake.

For instance, all the benefits that sunstone provides are not real, or this is just a stone. But the thing that only a few people know is “Everything about the Sunstone is Real,”. 

  • There are ample benefits that wearing a sunstone provides. 
  • Some even believe that only keeping a sunstone at their houses is good for them.
  • However, some believe, that only looking at a sunstone is considered an advantage for life and wealth.

Sunstone is a type of crystal that is overflowing with unending energy and is always ready to lift you into positive power. Having this marble close by instantaneously rejuvenates the spirit, much like the warm cuddle of the sun on your face. Staying premised, possessing the zest for tackling all of life’s complicated highs and lows, forging sweet nurturing relationships, and bringing about good fortune – sunlight is the most precious gold found throughout all lands, and it’s perfectly summed up in the Sunstone crystal.

You should try wearing a sunstone once in your life. It might be beneficial to you and your family!


What is Sunstone Good for?

Sunstone is identified as a stone of joy because it is thought to encourage good nature and enjoyment of life. According to philosophical leanings, sunstone is effective at purifying orbs and chakras. Sunstone is linked with the Core and Sacral Chakras.

Is sunstone worth money?

The Sunstone is proportional to good fortune and luck. It energizes and balances all the chakras. Sunstone brings out the best in people, heightens intuition, and allows the inner identity to glow through happily. So it is unquestionably worth the money.

Is sunstone a real gemstone?

Sunstone is indeed a genuine gemstone. Sunstone was a rare and expensive gemstone until reserves were discovered in Siberia and Norway. However, this gemstone has a unique tradition in the United States, where sunstone varieties known as “heliolite” were mined in Oregon.

Are moonstones and sunstones the same?

Although moonstone and sunstone are double stones of the feldspar cluster, the similarities end there. While the phenomenal varieties of cool moonstones have a gentle and soft adularescent glow, the phenomenal varieties of warm sunstones have a distinguishable and cheerful glitter called aventurescence.

How can I know if my Sunstone is real?

Look for spots of green in interaction with a space of strong red color to ensure your sunstone is genuine. Some outstanding stones are pleochroic, meaning their color changes depending on the angle of observation. The value of jewel sunstone is ascertained by its color, transparency, and aventurescence quality.

What color sunstone is most valuable?

Orange sunstone is more valuable than pastel gemstones of any color. The more vibrant the color, the more valuable the gem. Small stones up to 1,9ct are worth 290-360/Ct, gems in the 2-5ct range are worth 360-450 USD/Ct, and jewels over 10ct in decent Orange color are extremely valuable.

Who can wear sunstone?

Sun Stone is governed by the Sun and is beneficial to individuals born underneath the Moon Signs Pisces, Leo, and Libra, according to Vedic Astrology. Babies born under the signs of Pisces, Leo, and Libra must therefore carry this Sun Stone.

Is Sunstone a Lucky Stone?

When it comes to competitions, sunstone is a lucky crystal. This stone can offer opportunities for advancement in the workplace. It will also relieve stress and fear, as well as protect you against anyone or anything which will deplete your finances and energy.