Taaffeite Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

Taaffeite, an elegant mauve-coloured gemstone, is one of the rarest crystals in the entire world. Taaffeite gemstones are usually pretty rare to find not only because of their striking appearance but because of their ability to portray a wide array of unique hues, shades and healing properties. Even though this gemstone isn’t faceted like the other crystals in the market, the worth of this gemstone remains extremely high regardless. Not only the beauty but the properties and meanings of this crystal are pretty special and interesting. Let’s learn more about them! 

What Is Taaffeite?

What Is Taaffeite?

Taaffeite is a rare gemstone. It forms in carbonate rocks along with Limestones. This gemstone has a similar colour to Spinel due to which they are often mistaken as one another. However, both gemstones are pretty different and unique. In the world of Gemology, Taaffeite is accounted as one of the rarest gemstones to ever be found by the human eye. 

Count Richard Taaffe discovered this gemstone in 1946. Taaffeite is a doubly refractive gemstone. It is a transparent gemstone which comes in different colours like pink, green, lilac, red, etc. This gemstone is known as an exclusive gemstone due to its rarity and low availability in the gem market. This gemstone is mainly composed of minerals like aluminium, magnesium and beryllium. 

How To Identify A Taaffeite?

Since Taaffeite gemstones are often mistaken as Spinel gemstones, it is extremely important to identify Taaffeite gemstones through the following identifying characteristics. 

Colour:- The most common colours and shades in which Taaffeite gemstones can be found are pink and purple. Very rarely, they can be found in brown and green shades too. The rare colour in which Taaffeite gemstones are found in red. It is said that only 12 red Taaffeite gemstones are left. The different colours of Taaffeite such as pink, red and purple appear due to the chromium impurities in the gemstone. 

The gemstone with a reddish-violet hue contains 4.67 per cent zinc oxide combined with manganese and chromium. Due to such a metal composition, those gemstones are denser and have a higher refractive index than the rest of the gemstones with other colours. Many gemstones have a pale colour. Colours that have high saturation levels cost a lot more than gemstones with a low saturation level. 

Many Taaffeite gemstones have deep and intense colours. These are not only highly demanded, but highly priced too. These gemstones are highly clear and have a great amount of clarity and purity. The gemstone with high levels of clarity and beautiful dark colour is usually used for jewellery purposes. Those Taaffeite gemstones are so costly that the cost can go up to fifteen thousand dollars per carat. The jewellery pieces of those gemstones will have a great price too. 

Clarity:- The aspect of clarity involves the number of inclusions in the crystal. Taaffeite gemstones have transparency levels between transparent to translucent. That’s why the inclusions on the crystals are highly visible. And it can also affect its appearance. These gemstones had a type 2 coloured crystal clarity grade. This means that little inclusions will be seen on the gemstones. Even with that, many crystals of Taaffeite are eye-clean. 

Double-phased, liquid fingerprints and negative gemstone inclusions are observed in the Taaffeite crystals. Different inclusions in the Taaffeite gemstones that can be observed in Sri Lankan Taaffeite stones are as follows:- 

  • Zircon 
  • Garnet 
  • Apatite
  • Spinel 
  • Muscovite 

Chemical Composition:- Beryllium, Aluminium and Magnesium. 

Shape:- Hexagonal 

Lustre:- Vitreous 

Transparency:- Transparent to Translucent. 

Cleavage:- Imperfect 

Streak:- White 

MOHS Hardness:- 8 to 8.5. 

Refractive Index:- 1.717-1.730

  • Taaffeite Cuts

Taaffeite Cuts

Usually, all the Taaffeite gemstones are faceted. That’s why the cuts and shapes are faceted. The different cuts in which Taaffeite crystals can be found are as follows:- 

  • Oval
  • Round 
  • Sphere 
  • Trillion 
  • Cabochons and beads
  • Cushion shaped and many more. 

Where Is Taaffeite Found?

One of the major sources of Taaffeite gemstones in Sri Lanka. Since it’s an extremely rare gemstone, it is not found in abundance in different locations like the other gemstones. Some other locations where this gemstone can be found are as follows:-

  • Russia 
  • Myanmar 
  • Tanzania 
  • China 

Taaffeite Stone Meaning

Taaffeite Stone Meaning

Taaffeite gemstones are predominantly used as luck reversers. This means that this gemstone has the ability to transform the cycle of misfortune into the cycle of fortune. This also means that if the wearer has been facing bad luck for a long time, they will be able to experience good luck soon with the use of this gemstone. This gemstone is a powerful stone to overcome challenges in life. 

This gemstone portrays the meaning of enhancing the energy flow in the body. If an individual is facing low energies around them, or if they have lost their energies, then Taaffeite must be used to restore those energies. With its striking appearance and unique shades, this gemstone stands strong as a symbol of good luck, love and strength. 

Taaffeite Healing Properties

The healing properties of Taaffeite are as follows:-

Just like other stones and crystals, Taaffeite is utilised as a healing gemstone. However, since Taaffeite is an extremely rare gemstone, it is not a highly used crystal in most healing circles and groups. With beautiful colours and unique properties, this gemstone can surely be used for protection and healing from a wide range of issues and concerns. 

Mauve-coloured Taaffeite gemstones inculcate the abilities of pink and purple crystals. These gemstones are well-known to enhance one’s emotional balance and compassion. One can also achieve a boost in spiritual and cognitive growth with the use of these elegant gemstones. With magical qualities and supreme abilities, one is enabled to gain infinite wisdom and encouragement through these crystals. 

Taaffeite is a gemstone that not only heals and enhances the mental and spiritual body, but it works wonders in chakra healing too. This gemstone is considered one of the best gemstones to activate or stimulate the heart chakra. With the activation of the heart chakra, one can achieve an abundance of self-love and self-confidence. The wearer is also able to enhance their levels of love for others and the levels of acceptance and accommodation for themselves as well as others too. 

Speaking of chakra healing, Taaffeite is also used for activating and opening the crown chakra. Since the crown chakra is the key chakra to get in connection with one’s highest levels of spirituality. And create a bond with their spiritual bond, this gemstone helps the wearer to explore their levels of spirituality and enhance the same. 

Along with the enhancement in one’s mental, spiritual and emotional health, this gemstone is considered a vital crystal for enhancing one’s physical health too. As a healing gemstone, Taaffeite is used for boosting the immune system. It provides immunity to the wearer and the strength to fight against most diseases. This gemstone is also used for tissue growth and cell development. 

Since ancient times, this gemstone has been used for curing a number of afflictions in the human body. Along with being a gemstone that enhances the beauty of homes and offices as an ornamental stone, this gemstone can be used for curing a number of long-term diseases and disorders. For curing long-term diseases, the wearer must turn towards a special kind of therapy which involves the use of Taaffeite gemstones along with other kinds of crystals too for the same purpose. 

When gemstones and crystals are used for curing short-term and long-term ailments, it becomes a practice. This practice is known as crystal healing. Thus, Taaffeite gemstones are used as healing gemstones in many healing circles due to their supreme healing and curing abilities. 

Taaffeite Metaphysical Properties

Taaffeite Metaphysical Properties

The metaphysical properties of Taaffeite can be seen in the changes and enhancements in the wearer’s personality and attitudes. Taaffeite gemstones are usually known as lucky gemstones. This is because of the supreme metaphysical properties of this gemstone which can be understood through the gemstone’s astrology. Multiple celebrities and famous personalities believe in the luck and abundance of attraction power of this gemstone. 

Usually, Taaffeite gemstones are used to enhance the wearer’s joy, happiness, peace and luck. It can also help the wearer reduce the levels of stress that they have to go through on a daily basis. If an individual is suffering from an issue of less concentration or difficulty in maintaining focus on one thing for a long time, then they must start using Taaffeite gemstones to enhance their concentration and focus levels in the best way possible. 

Taaffeite Benefits

Taaffeite Benefits

The benefits of Taaffeite crystals are as follows:- 

  • If a wearer is special about starting a new project at work. Or if they are finding difficulties in finding a new job, then they must use Taaffeite on a daily basis. This is because this gemstone helps the wearer to take a step forward. It motivates the wearer to let go of their fears and create beautiful and worthwhile opportunities. Since the future of the wearer is in their hands only, they are inspired to work towards making a brighter and stronger future. 
  • Many times, it may occur that the wearer is only facing bad luck or misfortune in their business. At that time, Taaffeite gemstones are beneficial as they are known to turn the flow of luck. This means that if the wearer is facing bad luck continuously for some time, this gemstone will turn this cycle into a cycle of good luck and fortune. These gemstones will enable the wearer to realise opportunities that will help them solve all their problems and issues in a controlled and speedy manner. 
  • When individuals suffer from low energy levels and feel tired and exhausted all the time either physically, mentally or both, then Taaffeite gemstones can provide a helping hand in boosting their energy levels to 100% and also helping them to use 100%of theory energy on different tasks and jobs they are assigned to them. The wearer will be filled with loads of spiritual energy using this bright and energetic gemstone.
  • This gemstone helps the wearer to become extremely independent and enables them to do their jobs on their own without taking anyone’s help. If an individual comes from a closed and narrow-minded background, then this gemstone will help them to come out of that narrow shell and explore the beautiful world outside. This gemstone enables the wearer to create a bright and beautiful future using their own independence and efforts. This gemstone will provide freedom from the heart. 

Taaffeite Birthstone

The Taaffeite gemstones are Birthstones for those individuals who are born in the month of January. 

Taaffeite Chakras

Taaffeite gemstones are responsible for the activation and stimulation of the Heart chakra. It is also helpful in enhancing the functions and benefits of the crown chakra. 

What Are The Uses Of Taaffeite? 

Uses Of Taaffeite

The uses of Taaffeite gemstones are as follows:- 

  1. Self-Love:- Nowadays, many individuals find it extremely difficult to find love and healthy relationships. This is because they lack love for themselves. When a person loves themselves, they will be able to give love to others. That’s why Taaffeite gemstones are highly recommended to people who are looking for love as this gemstone will open the wearer’s heart chakra and will first make the wearer love themselves. And then it will help them to manifest loving and healthy relationships in their life. 
  2. Good Luck:- In today’s stressful and tiring life, we all know how difficult it is to earn a living and serve ourselves. In this situation, all we need is a little good luck in business or any other profession for that matter. Taaffeite gemstones are well-known for attracting good luck in the personal and professional life of the wearer. It also reverses the cycle of luck. This means that if an individual is facing bad luck in business or loss in business, then they will be able to gain profit after the use of this gemstone. In the same way, individuals who are facing bad luck in getting a new job, will start getting good jobs soon due to this gemstone. 

Caring For Taaffeite

Caring For Taaffeite

Cleaning and taking care of this gemstone is extremely easy as Taaffeite is a pretty strong gemstone and won’t be damaged easily. Since this gemstone does not have a well-defined cleavage, there is worry about any damage or threat to the shape and cleavage of the gemstone while washing and cleansing it. 

Taaffeite gemstones can be easily used for daily use without worrying about breakage or fragmentation. Along with that, Taaffeite jewellery can also be worn for daily use. It can be worn during intense activities like washing or gardening as it won’t break easily. Rings and brackets too can be worn without any hesitation as all kinds of Taaffeite jewellery are pretty durable. 

Cleansing Taaffeite gemstones is extremely simple and does not require a lot of time. For cleaning the gemstone, one can use a soft toothbrush, lukewarm water and mild detergent. The process of cleaning the gemstone is as follows:- 

  • Make a mixture of lukewarm water and mild soap in a bowl. Combine it well. Then dip the crystals in the solution. Let it soak for some time so that the dust and impurities can melt away in the water. 
  • Next, scrub the Taaffeite gemstone well with the soft-bristled brush. Once cleaned thoroughly and no dust particles are left on the gemstone, rinse the soap from the stone thoroughly. 
  • Once rinsed, pat dry it with a soft and gentle towel. During storage, make sure that the gemstone does not touch with other gemstones or else there can be an issue of scratches. 

How Much Is Taaffeite Worth?

As we all know, Taaffeites are pretty rare gemstones. Being one of the rarest gemstones in the world, it is no surprise that the prices of this gemstone will be pretty high too. So if you are planning to buy a gemstone for yourself, then prepare to empty your pockets right away! Here are the prices of this gemstone:- 

The cost of Taaffeite gemstones per carat is $1,500 to $2,500. These are the prices for those pieces which have decent quality. However, the Taaffeite stones who have the highest quality can cost around $35,000 too. Depending on colour and quality, many Taaffeite stones can cost around $2000 to $4000. If you plan to buy these gemstones at a wholesale market for bulk quantities, then these can cost around $500. 

The beautiful dark purple or pale pinkish crystals cost around $700 to $2,600 for every carat. The Taaffeite crystals which have a high amount of concentration cost around $6,000 to $8,000 for every carat. The gemstones which have the highest amount of saturation and the best quality can cost around $15,000 per carat. Thus, these are the prices of Taaffeite gemstones. The jewellery pieces made from these gemstones also cost around the same amount. 

What Determines Taaffeite’s Price And Value?

Not every gemstone costs the same. This is because different gemstones are priced on the basis of different factors and aspects. Some of the factors, that determine the price and value of Taaffeite gemstones are as follows:- 

  • Cut:- Different gemstones are cut in different shapes and cuts. These cuts are used for various purposes and use. Usually, the oval, round and cushion-shaped gemstones of Taaffeite are used for jewellery-making purposes and ornamentation purposes. Each cut has a specific price based on what kind of jewellery or decorative item it is going to be used. 
  • Size and weight:- One of the most obvious factors for determining the gemstone’s value is its size. Usually, small-sized gemstones will cost less than larger-sized gemstones. Along with size, the weight or carat also matters. The more the weight, the higher the value of the gemstone. 
  • Quality:- One of the most important factors for determining the value of the gemstone is the quality of the gemstone. The gemstones with decent quality cost less than the gemstones which have a higher quality. This is because many other factors are also dependent on the factor of quality. 

Does Taaffeite Make A Good Jewellery Stone?

Does Taaffeite Make A Good Jewellery Stone?

Taaffeite is an extremely rare gemstone. These gemstones are not found commonly in the collector’s collection. However, they can be incredible jewellery stones as they come in stupid colours such as red, purple, violet, pink and many more bright and vibrant colours which are perfect for jewellery purposes. 

The hardness of this gemstone is a solid 8 to 8.5 which makes it a pretty durable and strong jewellery stone. Almost all kinds of jewellery can be made from this gemstone. The different kinds of jewellery that can be made from this gemstone are as follows:- 

  • Rings:- Undoubtedly, rings are some of the best jewellery pieces to have in any collection. They not only enhance the beauty of one’s fingers but bring a unique touch to the entire look and outfit one is going for. Make the Taaffeite ring in a gold or silver setting and see how it elevates your entire look in just seconds. 
  • Necklaces:- Necklaces are one of the first jewellery pieces that will be observed on one’s body. That’s why one must make sure that they are wearing a necklace with a striking and bright gemstone like Taaffeite that will attract the attention of everyone at the event the wearer is going to. 
  • Earrings:- Taaffeite earrings are some of the best jewellery pieces in regards to Taaffeite jewellery. This is because one can wear a ton of various hairstyles with earrings which will look captivating and attractive for sure! 
  • Bracelets:- What is the jewellery that must go with rings? It is a bracelet. One must pair a bracelet with a Taaffeite ring to elevate the entire look of one’s hand and ultimately, create a stunning overall look. 

In The Light Of This Information 

If you haven’t started using Taaffeite yet, then it is high time that you do! Taaffeite gemstones are not only well-known for their beautiful appearance and bright colours but they are also known for the healing properties it offers to the user. If enhancing spirituality and bringing good luck into one’s life is one’s goal, then Taaffeite is the best stone one must start using. Along with that,  this gemstone is a jewellery piece to not only enhance the beauty of the outer body but the inner body too. 


What is Taaffeite used for?

Taaffeite gemstones are predominantly used for inviting good luck in one’s life and becoming a spiritually awakened person. 

Where should I put Taaffeite?

Taaffeite must be placed in one’s home, offices and garment pockets. 

How do you cleanse Taaffeite?

Taaffeite gemstones can be cleaned using mild soap and warm water. 

Is Taaffeite rare?

Yes. Taaffeite is one of the rarest gemstones on the planet. 

How strong is Taaffeite?

Taaffeite is an extremely strong gemstone. It has a hardness level of 8.5 on the MOHS scale of hardness. 

How much is Taaffeite worth?

Taaffeite gemstones cost around $1,500 to $4,000 per carat. 

How do you identify Taaffeite?

Taaffeite gemstones can be identified by their striking colour and supreme hardness.