Tantalite Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

Tantalite is too dark to be used as a faceted gem, but it is occasionally cut, either faceted or in cabochons, as a collector’s curiosity. These might be any size that you choose.

The word tantalite is a reference to tantalum, which accounts for a sizable portion of its chemical composition. Although tantalite has several industrial applications, it only attracts attention among mineral specimen collectors and those who collect rare gemstones. The hue varies from brownish to black, occasionally containing red.


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What is Tantalite?

What is Tantalite

Tantalite has been mined in Western Australia in Greenbushes and Wodgina. Here too, granites that are intrusive in pre-Cambrian schists are associated with pegmatites that contain tantalite, primarily mangano-tantalite that contains little to no iron.

Due to the low demand, the output is tiny and sporadic. Only about 150 tons of material were produced for about 15 years, and the majority of this came from surface residual and alluvial deposits found nearby the pegmatites.



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