Hematite Chakra: 7 Chakras To Know Before Attuning It

Hematite absorbs negative energy from your body and the space around you. It is a very protective stone and coordinates the mind, body, and soul. Hematite Benefits can help strengthen your self-confidence and balance your radiance. Additionally, it helps to eliminate stress and excessive anxiety or fear.

In this article, we will explore all about the Hematite Chakra and things to know before attuning to it.

Hematite Chakra

What are Chakras? What is a Chakra Balancing Treatment?

This experience aligns the body’s seven major chakras through massage, a liquid combination of specific essential oil blends, and healing crystals in deep meditation. This unique experience keeps guests in a state of calm and harmony, resulting in increased well-being.

Chakra Balancing Treatment

Balance of the chakras is a form of energy healing that transforms energy into the seven chakras. When we talk about healing the chakras, we are talking about healing your energetic body. The body is not only made up of the physical body. We have power beyond our physical well-being.

As human beings, we have seven primary energy centers called “chakras,” which absorb “divine energy” or “prana” from the universe. It maintains our subtle balance of spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical well-being as it passes through the chakras.

The chakras are the centers of energy in the spinal column of our body and are the site of the life force (called prana, shakti, or chi) passing through them through paths called “nadis.” 

What are the Seven Chakra and what is their Importance?

The Seven Chakra and Their importance

What is a Source Chakra?

A source chakra sits at the base of your spine or tailbone.

A physical imbalance manifests as problems in the legs, rectum, tailbone, immune system, male reproductive organs, and prostate gland.

What is a Sacral Chakra?

A Sacral Chakra is two inches below your navel.

Physical imbalances are sexual and manifested as fertility problems, urinary problems, kidney infections, hip abdominal, and low back pain.

Emotional imbalances manifest as the commitment to relationships, fear of expressing feelings, impotence, betrayal, and addictions.

What is a Solar Plexus Chakra?

A Solar Plexus Chakra is three inches above your navel.

Physical imbalance manifests in digestive problems, liver dysfunction, chronic fatigue, high blood pressure, diabetes, stomach ulcers, and stomach problems.

Emotional imbalances manifest as problems with personal strength and self-esteem.

What is a Heart Chakra?

A heart chakra is in the Heart. Physical imbalance manifests itself in asthma, heart disease, lung disease, lymphatic system, and upper back and shoulder problems.

Emotional imbalances manifest as jealousy, fear of abandonment, anger, bitterness, and loneliness.

What is a Throat Chakra?

A throat chakra is on the throat. Physical imbalance manifests in thyroid problems, sore throat, laryngitis, ear infections, and neck and shoulder pain.

Emotional imbalance manifests itself in communication, willpower, and fear of control.

What is a Third Eye Chakra?

A Third Eye Chakra is in between the eyebrows. Physical imbalance manifests in headaches, blurred vision, sinus problems, seizures, hearing loss, and hormonal imbalances. An emotional imbalance manifests as mood swings, instability, and self-reflection.

What is a Crown Chakra?

A Crown Chakra is on top of the head. Physical imbalance manifests itself in depression, inability to learn, and sensitivity to light, sound, and the environment.

Emotional imbalances manifest in the form of confusion, prejudice, and self-doubt.

The governance of our daily lives is by the energy that flows through these chakras. These chakras are associated with different aspects of our lives and existence. Stops the free flow of energy during conflict or change and prevents or imbalances movement (s). The manifestations of these barriers can be varied. For example, the throat chakra links to communication, and if you are in a relationship, you may physically lose your voice if you cannot tell how you feel.

Base Chakra and Hematite Chakra

The basal chakra, also known as the basal or base, is located at the bottom of the spine. It is the basis of our body and soul. Your main vital force is in your source chakra. It helps keep you on the ground and provides stability when balanced. The open root chakra allows energy to flow through your body and provides a sense of security and security. The source chakra releases the energy of the earth element. A balanced base chakra helps grind other chakras and allows you to feel comfortable in your body and your surroundings.

Primordial sensations develop at the base of the spine, where we form our most natural sensations. In the chakra, the power of the source triggers our “fight or flight” response – our animal instinct to survive. 

The source chakra refers to everything we have in life that connects us to the earth. Food, water, and shelter are among our basic physical needs, which vary from person to person. Still, it also extends to our emotional needs to feel secure and interconnected.

What is a Root Chakra?

The first chakra, called the basal ganglia, is located at the base of the spine. “Root” means source, and earth represents your ability to feel deeply rooted in your life. Its associated color is red, so it is earthy.

Steph Snyder, a yoga teacher based in San Francisco, says that the energy chakra is related to your sense of security, family relationships, and home. When energy flows through the first chakra, you feel stable within yourself and the world around you.

What is a Blocked Root Chakra?

Physical Signals of a Blocked Root Chakra

When your first chakra is not aligned, you may experience pain in your intestines and lower body. This misalignment manifests itself in many ways in the physical body, including weight gain, weight loss, constipation, and pelvic pain.

Psychological Signs of a Blocked Root Chakra

Consider your relationship with yourself and the world around you when working with the root chakra. A blocked root chakra may cause distraction and anxiety. You might run from one task to another. People with the blocked root chakra are lazy and have increased anxiety, tension, or depression. 

After Aligning Root Chakra

When your first chakra is aligned, you will be able to use its potential to provide calm and steady energy throughout your body. You will feel stable and at ease in your body and the world around you. You will no longer feel the tension and cannot belong in your physical space. When it meets your basic needs, you can focus on your relationships and personal goals.

Benefits Of Balancing Root Chakra

As you work to align the source chakra, you allow energy to flow freely through your body, forming your connection to the earth and your surroundings. You may have more physical, mental, and emotional attachments to yourself and your home.

Rainbow Hematite for Hematite Chakra

Rainbow Hematite

Iron oxide is the mineral Rainbow Hematite. When Hematite combines with goethite, it is called rainbow hematite. It has a colorful colored surface. It takes its iridescent form from aluminum phosphate particles. Moreover, rainbow hematite means master grinding and balance.

Chakra Crystal Combination

In its association with the root chakra (the chakra that grounds us in our physical reality), Hematite makes it an excellent chakra stone to use when addressing problems involving more than one chakra.

For example, when the source chakra is blocked, it often indicates a ”space” attitude and detachment from reality.

For example, combined with a blocked solar plexus chakra (the chakra that controls hope), it can lead to extreme complacency and reluctance to take the next step in your life. Stereotypical adults live in their parent’s basement”.

In such a situation, combining Hematite with solar plexus chakra stones such as prehnite or imperial topaz can solve this problem as efficiently as possible. Hematite has the spiritual qualities that can overcome these tendencies.

Hematite has the strength of its power. It promotes stability, intelligent thinking in projects and ideas, and ways to communicate more confidently with those around you.

While social anxiety is a big reason you may not feel like you are living the victorious life you deserve, meditating with Hematite can help you open up your inner confidence and give you the energy you need. It can do wonders for you, through which you must move forward. ,

Coloring for Seven Chakra

Rainbow hematite absorbs negative energy like a sponge – decorated with the seven chakras’ colors. Rainbow hematite is a rare gift for sympathizers and deep thinkers who feel the need for a soul stone to absorb the darkness of the heart.

Coloring for seven chakra

The rainbow hematite can be used as a protective force by connecting to the solar plexus, providing rigid grinding and even lifting itself without getting caught in the muddy landscape.

The Navel Chakra

There is a third chakra in the navel called Manipura. “Manipura” means “the shining gem of the city,” which is associated with fire and directly affects your self-image. Its associated color is yellow, so it is fire-related and more widely related to the sun.

Think of this Chakra as the energy of your body, says Stephanie Snyder, a yoga teacher from San Francisco. This energy center has a connection to your self-esteem, identity, desire, digestion, and metabolism. In this center, consciousness spreads freely and becomes energized with transformational energy.

Blocked Manipura Chakra

Physical signals of Blocked Manipura Chakra

When the umbilical cord is not working correctly, digestive problems can arise. This misalignment manifests itself in various ways in the physical body, including improper processing of nutrients, constipation, 

irritable bowel syndrome, and more. You can also have eating disorders, ulcers, diabetes, other problems with the pancreas, and Liver disease. In some people, colon diseases are also a sign of blocked Manipur Chakra.

Psychological Signs of Blocked Manipura Chakra

As you work with the navel chakra, develop a desire to gain insight into your energy, personality, and identity. When your umbilical cord is blocked, you may experience difficulty in effective self-expression, aggressive, overly rude, or controlling behavior. People with blocked Manipur energy get angry quickly and have the victim’s mentality. These also fail and a lack direction. You may have fear or lack of courage, poor self-esteem, and the feeling of stillness or inertia.

Importance Of Aligning Navel Chakra

When the navel chakra is healthy, you will feel lighter and more assertive with your natural energy. You know who you are and why you are here. When you connect with your purpose, you understand how you can contribute to the collective beneficially. 

You allow those things – whether it be your job or a bank account balance – it is up to you to define who you are. Those things may have value, but overestimating anything subject to change is a quick way to hard work. You have inherent value; Spend time through practice to examine this, and you will rely less on external sources of happiness.

Benefits of balancing the Naval Chakra

By clearing the navel chakra, you allow the trapped energy to flow more freely, creating greater purpose and enabling you to understand your identity better. You can articulate your needs and desires and get relief from digestive problems and mental barriers.

Let us learn more about chakra and its connection to crystals.

Chakra Healing Through Crystals

Healing crystals use life-giving energy to boost your unique vibrational energies and enhance the positive vibes you develop. Once you start the seven chakras of spring-cleaning and healing with crystals, the healing journey that will move your world will begin.

Chakra Healing Through Crystals

Crystals have the spiritual potential to enhance and enhance the attributes of peace, love, forgiveness, wisdom, concentration, and more.

To increase the power of the chakras with crystals, we can also use the “Beige Mantra.” These body vibrations help the cells work together in synchronous harmony.

Cleaning Hematite Regularly Would Be Essential For Chakra Healing

Chakra cleansing is the most important, and we can use the power of the ancient sacred science of “crystal healing.” By energizing each chakra, we can maintain health throughout our bodies.

Cleaning Hematite Regularly Would Be Essential For Chakra Healing

As a negative energy collector, it’s critical to keep your Hematite stone purified. If you clean your Hematite regularly, it will remain strong and have the area and ability to absorb poisonous vibes. Due to its high iron content, Hematite does not appreciate water; thus, the best method to cleanse it is with a soft bristles brush or other non-invasive procedures such as smudging and sound baths.


 Hematite provides vital support and optimism for the future. Hematite is one of the most vital stones in the root chakra. It has powerful grinding properties that connect your mind to your body and your body back to earth. By drawing extra energy into your base chakra, Hematite concentrates your mind and soul.