Tiffany Stone Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

Widely regarded as one of the most beautiful stones, Tiffany Stone has swirling patterns that often represent the serendipity and complexity of the human soul. 

Tiffany stone is an endearing gem that encompasses light-hearted freedom. This can be regarding meditation, connection to the spiritual realm, finding creative inspiration, and even learning to be in the moment. This makes the stone ideal for releasing stress and other pent-up emotions and for clearing blockages of your chakras and meridians. Tiffany allows all your positive energy to flow. It is a high-vibrational and energizing stone that carries a lot of soft frequencies that nurture your mind and opens the higher chakras in your body. It also increases your metaphysical and intuitive abilities.  

If you are intrigued by the powers and abilities of this beautiful stone, keep reading below to know more about it. 

Tiffany Stone

What is Tiffany Stone? 

Tiffany Stone, also known as Bertrandite, is a variety of fluorite. It is a fine-grained purple to pale violet fluorite that has swirling patterns with small impurities, generally consisting of chalcedony, bertrandite, quartz, or opal. Usually, this stone is made from Opalized Fluorite, owing to which the stone retains such mesmerizing textures so easily.

 Tiffany Stone has different varieties, all of which boast different colors. Despite all these colors and variations, what makes this stone more charming is its rare nature. Tiffany is a rare stone that is very difficult to come across. The only place, in fact, where it is found is in Utah, USA, where it was first discovered in the 1960s. 

The Brush Wellman Mine in Juab County is where the Tiffany Stone was first discovered. This used to be open to the public for harvesting reasons. But this feature of the mine has led to much illegal mining and thus only a few actual authentic rocks are left in the mine. This adds to the rare nature of this stone. 

The high-vibrational energies of the Tiffany Stone are very closely associated with transformation, healing, abundance, and love. It gives the bearer protection from negative energies on the physical plane, the psychic realm, and also the spiritual realm. It is also a stone of unconditional love and communication that heightens your intuition to allow greater access to psychic abilities. These include clairvoyance, lucid dreams, visions, clairaudience, psychic channeling, telepathy, and clairsentience.  

How to identify a Tiffany Stone? 

Tiffany Stone is very rare in nature and therefore has knock-offs in the market. There are many fake stones circulating in the market in the name of Tiffany Stone. So, if you are looking for a real Tiffany Stone, you can consider three defining things: the color, the shape, and the price.  

  • Color: The first telltale sign for determining a true Tiffany Stone is its color, which is very tough to tell at the first glance. A true Tiffany Stone is constituted with a warm mixture of soft to deep purple or blue shades, warm whites, yellows, oranges, blacks, and even pinks. All these shades fade and blend with each other, and create a harder shade of purple and white; usually, the white divides the two colors. The pattern looks as if the white has been dropped like an acrylic painting.  
  • Location: Real Tiffany Stone comes from only one place in the world, the Brush Wellman Beryllium Mine which is situated in Utah. There are a few smaller sites surrounding this mine that is now closed to public collecting and are only focused on mining the rare Beryllium which is used in aerospace manufacturing. This scarcity of the stone makes it extremely hard to get hold of and is also expensive, especially if bought in higher quality or larger pieces.
  • Quality: Opalised Fluorite or low-quality Fluorite, which is a newer find and is mostly from China. These are very cheap in comparison to the originals, which makes them more attractive to the buyer and makes a profit for the Chinese wholesalers. Chinese wholesale companies rarely offer genuine Tiffany Stone. Due to the very high price of this stone and also the import price placed on the stone, the scarcity of the crystal makes Tiffany Stone an expensive but highly desirable crystal.
  • Shape: You can find a genuine Tiffany Stone from its shape while buying it. Because of its rarity, this stone cannot be cut or polished into uniform forms like intricate carvings, towers, spheres, bowls, etc. The preciousness of the stone is preserved this way, the stone is usually found in free forms that can be molded into the shape of rough crystal which signifies minimal waste. Sphere-shaped Tiffany stones are very expensive, and so are the ones that are made into jewelry.  
  • All these factors also determine the price of a Tiffany Stone. 

 Where is the Tiffany stone Found? 

Tiffany Stone comes only from Utah in the United States and is found nowhere else in the world. This makes it a rare stone. Although it is also known as the Purple Opal, it is very different from the metaphysical properties of the Purple Opal that is found in Mexico. 

 Tiffany Stone Meaning

Tiffany Stone Meaning

The Brush Wellman Beryllium mine is the only place where Tiffany Stone is found, which is located in Spoor Mountain in Western Utah. During the early 1960s, Brush Wellman had bought 12,500 acres of land in Utah for 3 million dollars to mine for stones. Within a span of only a few years, this mine became very successful due to the discovery of Tiffany Stone, and they continue to produce stone even today. It is said that this stone is named after the owner’s daughter, although there is no official record of it. Tiffany Stone is also known as opalized fluorite, bertrandite, and ice cream stone. 

If you are someone who is learning to embrace the moment, Tiffany is the stone for you. It allows you to bring in more clarity and focus in your life, something that is really important for your confidence and intuition. 

Tiffany Stone is known to be a great help in the opening, activating, and healing of the Heart, Root, Throat, Third Eye, and Crown Chakras. This helps in connecting your psychic energy and wisdom from higher dimensions with loving communication and essentially grounds these energies into sexual vitality and passion. It goes without saying that this gemstone brings about a great physical and spiritual connection between lovers and helps you develop a strong connection with your partner, which is molded with balanced and positive energy. 

Tiffany Stone Crystal Properties 

Tiffany Stone is the best for those who have issues with clustering in their lives and also have difficulty organizing their possessions. This stone will give them great solace and will help individuals to shift their emotional baggage to maintain a sense of security. Because of this stone’s amazing ability to promote an organization, Tiffany Stone encourages its users to become more self-aware of themselves and the impact they have. This is a great tool that can be used in areas like a concentration in academic studies. All these features of Tiffany Stone help the user gain more freedom by improving certain aspects of their life, which leads them to feel less inhibited by others. 

Tiffany Stone Healing Properties 

Healing with Tiffany Stone

Tiffany Stone is a stone of meditation that not only fortifies your connection with the universal energies but also enhances your spirituality. It acts as a foil of spiritual energies and is a gem nugget that creates a firm link between you with Mother Nature along with the Cosmos. It also aids your hidden intuitive capabilities to come into the light and consider it as a potential living. This gemstone has strong resonating energies from its colors that vibrate at higher levels and call upon those energies. It has been labeled as the best potential gem nugget forever, for attaining the desired level through meditation.  

Tiffany Stone Physical Healing Properties 

Also acknowledged as the purple passion gem, Tiffany Stone through its purple tints kindle sexual desires and also gives a boost to sexual power. This stone is believed to be powerful enough to treat your blood and heart disorders, this extends to even any neurological disorders that you might be having. Thus, this stone is something that encompasses all the energy so that it can clear all the blockages from the areas around your chakras and torso.  

This amazing stone also has the power to cure skin problems. The amplified vigor associated with the Tiffany stone makes it capable of mending autism, and epilepsy along with any other dental fixtures and many more problems. It can also help in healing the tissues of scoliosis, dyslexia, and Arthritis. Tiffany Stone can go as far as detoxifying your body, lungs, and throat. It also improves your nerve impulses along with the transmission and degeneration of brain diseases. It also helps in the assimilation of Vitamin B and other vitamins. 

Tiffany Stone is a great healer of your physicality as a whole. It increases our muscles and bones and can be used while treating tension in these areas. These might be tendonitis or arthritis. Once your body is strengthened, it can be a great means of warding off external problems like respiratory problems and allergies. Thus, it is greatly useful for those who suffer from these types of afflictions.

Tiffany Stone Mental Healing Properties 

Mental Healing Properties

Tiffany Stone acts as marvelous support for your emotional body as it alleviates blockages and clarifies your thought process. This helps you to be more open and receptive to change and also to the people around you. It will elevate and bolster your emotional and mental strength and ability and help you express your natural feelings, no matter positive or negative.

You will be able to verbalize your feelings that might have been hidden for a long time or ones you might have been ashamed to acknowledge. Tiffany Stone helps you in resolving these tensions and worries from the past and also brings about effortlessness and gentleness in your life. It will empower you to be more objective, live joyously, and also inventive in your present scenario. 

This stone carries a strong but sweet vibe that heals a wounded heart and strengthens an intellect for imbibing positivity in life from the surroundings. The purple stone helps you accomplish your tasks in a more meaningful and fruitful manner. The magnetism associated with the gem nugget indulges you in creativity as well as gives you the courage to accomplish them in your life and not give up. It takes you up to that profound state of knowing and trims down any mental barriers that you might have.  

Tiffany has a strong but sweet vibe to it that can heal a wounded heart and also the intellect so that you include positivity around yourself. This makes you more prone to accomplishing tasks and achieving the goals in your life in a more fruitful manner. This stone has a magnetism that brings together your creativity and courage in the same lateral plane.

All the stumble feet that you might have been feeling will be erased and you will be aided in moving ahead in life with a much more positive approach. The soul is enriched by the Tiffany Stone and is encouraged to reach a profound state of knowledge and in the process get rid of any mental barriers that might be present inside you. This will make you reach new heights in life and you will taste success much earlier. 

Not surprisingly, there is a level of vehemence attached to this stone as well that provokes innermost feelings and at the same time elicits any hidden potential that might be hiding deep within yourself. Development in the spirit is emphasized by this stone and urges you to focus on your current moments to bring about changes in your life. Even the off-putting energies that your brain might harbor, that might have a negative impact on your soul will be cleaned by the energies of this stone.

This keeps your intellect strong and calm. There is also a purple vibe associated with the stone which lets the soul experience the different sides of life. This stone is enthralling and therefore its intensity excites the flagging sexual desires.  Tiffany Stone also has a vigor that links the energies of your emotional soul to your heart chakra to evoke feelings such as unconditional love and also receive love with the same intensity in your life. 

 Tiffany Stone Metaphysical Properties

Tiffany stone Metaphysical Properties

Tiffany Stones is a promoter of intellect, dreams, and intuition. It is also great for clarity of thought, and mind as well as cleansing your overall energy which makes it useful for both the learner and the teacher. This purple stone is a major supporter of life changes and enables you to see the direction that holds success for you and is right for you. If you have any stagnant energy blocks within yourself, this stone will help you get rid of them and also any self-limiting behavior you might be harboring. 

This stone can also be called a modifier stone that shows you the path that guides you to the purpose of your soul. Together with this stone’s energies, your own personal energies will vibrate and match which will enable you to experience the power and influence of this star. It is believed that this stone can also assist you in developing certain psychic abilities that you might have been born with but were unaware of. It will sharpen all your senses and increase your intuition consequentially. It might also help in improving psychic visions and dreams that will assist in channeling spiritual abilities. Any inner talent for clairvoyance and telepathy is also brought out by this stone. 

Tiffany Stone Benefits and Uses 

Tiffany Stone Crystal benefits and uses

Tiffany Stone is an excellent gemstone that has numerous metaphysical abilities and is used to help you achieve different things in your life. Given below are some of them. 

  • This purple stone carries very high vibration energy that helps you resonate with the higher chakras of your body, as it creates a very strong spiritual connection.  
  • This stone enables you to receive guidance from the cosmos and higher realms. The energy associated with this stone connects you through the third eye chakra, the soul star chakra, and the crown chakra to the higher transpersonal chakra to receive the directions for your life. 
  • Your psychic abilities and potential are enhanced by the energies associated with this stone. The beautiful energy of this purple gemstone accentuates your abilities and brings you closer to becoming a psychic medium. This effect might vary from person to person while the energy of this stone will definitely help you expand your psychic communication ability. 
  • It vibrates and reaches the heart chakra and creates a very strong connection. The thymus or even the higher heart chakra is affected by this stone and fills you with loads of unconditional love.  
  • This stone can also aid you in communicating with others. If you had troubles or blockades in the past with communication, Tiffany Stone will help you through them and aid you to talk about the issues you might be having; you will be able to verbalize any of your secret or hidden feelings.  
  • The energy of this stone vibrates through your throat chakra which enhances your communication. This mainly comes from the tinge of blue that this stone carries. This high vibration associated with the stone also boosts your psychic and spiritual nature.  
  • Amazing as it is, this stone can also be used for treating blood and heart disorders. Many neurological disorders can also be healed through the aid of this stone.  
  • Tiffany stone can also be used to treat skin problems. It is very beneficial for people who are suffering from autism, dyslexia and epilepsy.  
  • The healing properties of this stone can also improve any kind of problems related to blood circulation and balancing your hormones.  

Tiffany Stone Benefits Spirituality 

Tiffany Stone Crystal

Tiffany stone has a purple hue that dispenses the kind of vibe that smoothens your progression in terms of self-realization and harmony along with creative visualization. It unleashes the true potential of your soul and helps you realize the perspective that will come out of these talents. Thus, this stone acts as a divine conductor and helps you come out and express ideas. 

Being a potential gem nugget, the power of this stone resonates with the heart chakra that aids the soul in seeing the true self. It will render a very firm link between your ego and others. It enables you to fall in love with yourself and simultaneously with others around you. Tiffany stone also stabilizes the peace of your mind and helps you adapt better to your surroundings and also increases your accountability in accordance with forbearance. It also connects your energy to the cleric and develops psychic abilities and communication. You will also be able to attain different opportunities and gain riches in your life with the help of this stone.  

Tiffany Stone & Feng Shui 

Feng Shui Tiffany Stone

Tiffany is an excellent stone that you can use when you need to concentrate and remember important things and information. You will be able to grasp complex concepts more easily.  

If made into a ring, this stone can easily suffer wear and tear and lose its nice polish and luster. That is why the best way to use this stone and keep it close to you is by wearing it in the form of pendants, earrings, beads, and any other decorative items. In that way, the stone will also not be exposed to abrasions. Wearing this stone will aid you in many things like being aware of the messages that might be coming to you via your intuitive guidance. The high vibration of this crystal acts as an excellent help to develop your psychic powers, if you keep it closer to you the effects will be greater. 

Tiffany Stone Birthstone

Tiffany Stone is not a traditional birthstone, although it is as relevant as a natural birthstone. People who are born between December 21st and January 19th are more in touch with this stone because the violet variation brings out imagination, dreams and inspiration.  This stone is often also referred to as the Stone of Transition helps you detach yourself from the old connections and call-in new ones. It will help you ease your bodies, hearts, and souls through periods of transformation and change.  Tiffany stone is often partnered with the Gemini because of the duality in its nature.  

Tiffany Stone Chakras 

Tiffany Stone Chakra

As mentioned earlier, Tiffany is a great stone for clearing out blockages in your chakras and meridians. It is especially stimulating for your Higher Crown and Crown Chakras. 

Crown Chakra is located at the top of your head and it acts as the gateway between your body and the universe, creating an expansion. This chakra controls your thinking and also affects how you respond to any external stimuli.  all your beliefs and source of spirituality lie in this chakra, so it is like a fountainhead of everything. It also connects you to higher planes of existence and is the source of universal truth and energy. Thus, if this chakra is in balance, all of your other energies are also balanced.

You would know your placement in the universe and see things as they are. You will be unruffled by setbacks and know your importance and part in the universe. If your crown chakra goes out of balance, it can be balanced through Lavender or Violet crystals. This is because these crystals embody the life force of the universe, inspiration, dreams, and destiny. 

The Higher Crown Chakras are located above your head and are aligned with Lavender or White crystals that have high vibrations. They are finely tuned to higher realms and are more spiritually enlightened and embody humility in true form. These chakras provide a connection of your soul to the highest illumination as well as provide a cosmic doorway to another world. This generally represents personal identification with infinite peace and wisdom.  

Caring for Tiffany Stone 

Given below are some tips you can follow while cleaning your Tiffany Stone: 

  • You can polish your Tiffany Stone by gently cleaning it from everyday wear and minimizing the tarnish. You can simply wipe your piece of jewelry with a piece of cloth. This is to get rid of any debris, loti, on, or other pollutants that tarnish your jewelry. Just clean your piece of jewelry once every day when you come back home. 
  • Place your Tiffany Stone in a dry salt overnight to clean it. A full new moon or a new moon can recharge your Tiffany Stone.  
  • Make sure that you do not place your Tiffany Stone in any cleaning solutions or liquid or even a hot surface. These can hurt the stone and cause it to crack or break. 

Summary of Tiffany Stone

Name of Crystal Tiffany Stone
Precious Yes
Semi-Precious No
Other Names Purple Bertrandite, Opal Fluorite, Purple Passion, Beryllium Ore, Bertrandite
Origin(s) Utah, USA
Color(s) Soft to deep purple or blue shades, warm whites, yellows, oranges, blacks, and even pinks.
Formation Tiffany stone is made of several different minerals which include dolomite, quartz, fluorite, rhodonite, manganese, and beryllium. The nodules where this stone is made are impregnated by groundwater that is rich in natural minerals, these impurities lead to the color of the stone.
Majorly Found at Utah, USA
Zodiac Suited for Not a traditional birthstone
Chakra Crown Chakra
Crystal Meaning A stone known for beauty & power improves confidence and intuition
Types of Crystal
Healing Properties Used for meditation which fortifies your connection with the universal energies and enhances your spirituality, also aids the hidden intuitive capabilities.
Health Benefits It Kindles sexual desires and gives a boost to sexual power, treats blood and heart disorders, and any neurological disorders, detoxifies body, lungs, and throat, improves your nerve impulses along with the transmission and degeneration of brain diseases, helps in the assimilation of Vitamin B and other vitamins.
Uses Healing, jewelry, and meditation
Goes in Water? Yes
Goes in Salt Water? Yes
Goes in Rain Water? Yes
Goes in Moon Water? Yes
Moh’s Scale 6-7
Real Real Tiffany Stone comes from only one place in the world, the Brush Wellman Beryllium Mine which is situated in Utah.
Fake Dull colors, less costly, Chinese in origin.


What is Tiffany Stone? 

Tiffany Stone is regarded as a very beautiful stone worldwide owing to its purple hue colors. It carries very high vibrations that bring sweet vibes of pleasure into your life. The alluring vibes of the stone also boost your psychic abilities along with the passion for achieving success. 

What are the metaphysical properties of Tiffany Stone? 

Tiffany Stone is a great promoter of dreams, intuition, and intellect. It pushes you towards your success and helps you find the right voice to follow in your life.    

What is opal fluorite? 

Opal fluorite is a very rare stone and is the other name for Tiffany Stone. It is known widely for its metaphysical properties and aid in success. The swindling color patterns on this stone are also a source of demand.  

What is Tiffany Jasper? 

Tiffany Japer is a purple, blue and white rock that is mainly composed of fluorite but also has opal, dolomite, calcite, quartz, bertrandite, and chalcedony. It is a stone with very high vibration and has alluring vibes that help the wearer overcome any fear of negativity.  

What is a prophecy stone? 

Prophecy Stones resonate strongly with the third eye chakra and have a very high vibration. The name Prophecy Stone comes from the ability of the stone to aid you in seeing visions of the possible and near future. These stones come from the White Desert in Farafra, Egypt. If you meditate with this stone regularly you will feel the transformation in your life.