How to Use Pyrite to Attract Wealth?

If manifested properly along with your efforts, crystals like pyrite can be used to achieve financial dreams. Let us know how to use pyrite to attract wealth.

Pyrite has the potential to cultivate your inner strength towards success and bring about abundance and prosperity in your life. It is one of the best stones to attract wealth to your household and has been in use for thousands of years.

Placing the pyrite in the center of your house or even your bedroom will make you feel monetary changes in your life. It is also known to be a calming stone that puts your mind to ease and increases positivity around you, inculcating your inner ambitions and driving you to success.

What is Pyrite? 

An iron sulfide mineral that has a metallic luster, pyrite is often referred to as the “fool’s gold”. Pyrite has a brassy color, which is very similar to gold hence the nickname. Pyrite is a mineral crystal from the cubic crystal group and has opaque transparency with a brittle texture. This crystal widely represents purity and increases your creativity level.  

Iron pyrite, or pyrite, derives its name from the Greek word “pyr” which means fire. Pyrite emits a lovely spark when it collides with a metal. Pyrite nodules have even been found in ancient burial mounds which suggests that they were in use for producing fire even then.   

The nickname “fool’s gold” does not bode well with the actual usage of the crystal, given it is extremely efficient in cutting off negative energies from around you. It is subsequently also a stone that is representative of the truth and protectiveness. Pyrite has been in use as a protective shield since ancient times and even brings wealth to the household.

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Does pyrite attract money? 

Feng Shui or the Chinese way of adjusting things in a particular way in your household to attract and distract certain elements from entering and going out is deemed as a very efficient way of organizing good energy for your house. Pyrite is a strong Feng Shui element to keep in your living place given its extremely great roots in protective nature.

But this crystal does not just ward off bad energy from your house, it also invites good energy like luck for wealth, abundance, and those right loopholes in your life to fund for a better future. Thus, pyrite does attract wealth and is great to be kept in your boarding place, office, studios, or any other place you deem to have a creative effect on your life. Pyrite is effectively the most powerful stone to attract money.   

How to use Pyrite to Attract Wealth? 

How to use Pyrite to Attract Wealth? 

Pyrite is one of the most pious stones when it comes to good luck and wealth. It is also shiny looking and therefore feels very dear to the eyes. Good luck and wealth go side by side and pyrite does bring both in abundance to you. Pyrite has that magnetic power that brings you things that you long for or manifest dearly.  

Pyrite in the raw form does splendors in fostering the energy associated with abundance and wealth. The energy of the pyrite is channeled to the solar chakra which in turn gives you ample motivation and the determinate willpower for obtaining the desired career and other decisions involving investment. The crystal successfully removes any lingering thoughts of failures or doubts which might prove to be hindrances in your path. Pyrite will provide you with every last possible strength and push you to complete any tasks.  

  • Pyrite can be kept in the back left band corner of your house, which is the Feng Shui corner for wealth. It is also advisable to keep money in this Feng Shui corner, even a jar of loose coins would do the trick. Keeping a piece of pie above this stash adds to the magnetic energy of the pyrite crystal.  
  • Pyrite crystals can also be kept in your purse, ones that are smaller in size, with your money bringing you within the wealth grid.  
  • Holding the raw pyrite in your hands, while closing your eyes and concentrating on the things that you want forms a great bond between the stone and you. It sets you into the given path you want to take and helps you along the way. If you feel like there is any negative energy that is blocking you from concentrating and achieving your goal, then try to disembark them while holding the stone. This readily activates every surrounding stone and creates the space for abundance and wealth to come to you.  
  • Crystals often have it in their nature to work better with others in the periphery. Stones in harmony work better than stones that work alone. Keep your pyrite stone surrounded by crystals that hold the same wealth of energy as the pyrite. Eight wealth stones are recommended because the number holds the energy for money and therefore will amplify the intentions of prosperity. 
  • Additional methods can be keeping your pyrite crystal as a piece of jewelry attached to your body and carrying it with you all the time. You can also carry the crystal to your meetings, keep it in your cash drawer, or even the virtual terminal of online transaction mediums like Paypal.  

What Crystals Attract Money? 

Certain gemstones have been seen to have an effect on the materialistic possession of their owner or to be more exact the wealth and abundance sector. These crystals channel the aura, good energy, and vibrations of their bearer and change their mental outlook completely positively.  

Below is the list of which stone attracts wealth:  

  • Citrine- Also known as the “Merchant’s Stone”, the bright golden color of this crystal is what attracts money and wealth to your direction.  
  • Green Aventurine- Also known as the “Stone of Opportunity” and the best friend of a gambler, this stone brings great luck in abundance and monetary field. 
  • Malachite- Also known as the “Stone of Transformation”, this stone can be a bit risky because it pushes you towards ambiguous decisions for acquiring great profits. Although risky, this brings fortune 90% of the time.  
  • Jade- Also known as the “Heaven’s Stone”, Jade is one of the most pious and auspicious stones in the field of wealth-attracting crystals. If carved in Feng Shui, Jade can bring the most prosperity.  
  • Carnelian- Also known as the “Artist’s Stone”, this crystal is exclusively known for filling you with enthusiasm and excitement for your endeavors. This gives you a positive outlook to look into things and inspires you for success.  
  • Tiger’s Eye- Also known as the “Stone of the Mind”, this stone gives you the courage to go on with your decisions and achieve your dreams.  
  • Jasper- Also known as the “Supreme Nurturer” this crystal is said to give you the due diligence for hard work and success.

Where to place pyrite in the bedroom?  

Tai Qi is the center of Feng Shui which is connected to the overall well-being of your household. The working center of your abode is the greatest foundation for prosperity. Locate the center of your bedroom, which will also be the Tai Qi.  

If added to the aura of Tai Qu of your household, Pyrite can be very useful. It is well known for acting as protection for energy leaks and spreading warm and positive energy. If you place the pyrite in the center of your bedroom, it will elevate the energy surrounding your home. Your house will be more prone to positive energies and be surrounded by joy and confidence. It will also bring good fortune and prosperity into your household. 


Thus, pyrite is a crystal that has immense popularity and is not just for one of its uses. It is a very powerful stone that is protective and shields you from every negative energy. the crystal has a connection with the solar plexus chakra and readily increases confidence, energy, willpower, and strength along with great success. Being an abundance stone, it increases wealth in your household.

The crystal also invites positive energies into your house and eases you from vile feelings like fears and drives you towards success. Being connected to the sun, it has a huge fire or yang energy. Pyrite is very efficient for the people of Gemini and Leo. Pyrite is a very advisable crystal to invite your house, the wealth drives, and great ambitions. 


How to see if pyrite is real? 

Real pyrite is brass-yellow and has a metallic luster to it. It is completely opaque and is isometric. This means that the pyrite crystals are found only in cubic forms. Pyrite is quite heavy and cold on the touch. The streak it produces is greenish-black in color.  

What is the spiritual meaning of pyrite? 

Spiritually pyrite is a powerful stone of protection that shields you and protects you from all the negative and toxic energies. This stone works on etheric, spiritual, physical, and even emotional levels. It acts as simulative energy for enhancing memory and keeping you on high energy.  

What is the meaning of golden pyrite? 

The gold pyrite or the fool’s gold is said to have the ability to protect you from any obstructive power. It will shield you in your daily life from these thoughts and help you emerge from them with rather positive thoughts.

It is a very beautiful stone that is pale brass-yellow and has a very visible metallic luster and gives you a shiny and positive feel to it. Pyrite has the Earth element and therefore is masculine. This also means that it has perpetual sun energy flowing through it.