What are the Uses of Crackle Quartz?

Before we jump into the uses of Crackle Quartz, let us look at what is Crackle Quartz. Crackle Quartz or the crack crystal is a unique looking crystal that catches our eyes at one look and possesses a great healing property. Also, this stone is a very rare stone form of quartz.

In this article, we will explore the uses of Crackle Quartz.

What is Crackle Quartz?

The meaning of the name crackle itself tells that this stone is having the presence of very minute cracks even though it appears to be a smooth surface. 

This beautiful appearing stone has a lot of properties and it is not a naturally occurring stone. To come in its state this stone undergoes various heating processes after the mining. The shimmering fractals of this stone are said to represent the highs and lows of life. This stone has put deep meaning through its use that’s is this stone creates balance in your life. 

Now as time is passing this stone is gaining severe popularity and increasing the sales of this stone the manufacturers tend to dye them in various colors to enhance their looks and appearance. Now that’s something that is a factor that meets a customer’s demands. 

This stone is said to have a very calming or soothing effect on the nervous controlling system of our body. And it is also said that this particular stone has the property of strengthening our mental state. 

This gemstone counteracts negative energy and also protects against the evil auras of the surroundings or else even the negative intentions of the other people.

This stone in particular attracts a positive aura and helps us think in that positive way. 

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What are the uses of Crackle Quartz? 

This particular stone has numerous benefits and a few very important uses are listed below. Let’s get to know about those uses in detail.

  • Crackle quartz tumbled stone has the property of clearing the mental confusion therefore can be carried with you to clear that state of mental confusion.
  • This crystal also has metaphysical properties that stabilize the entire body and bring the chakras of the body in balance. Therefore it comes in very handy for meditation purposes. Also, note that during the process of meditation this particular crystal also clears and cleanses the aura surrounding you.
  • Crackle Quartz stones during manufacturing come in various vibrant colors. It is said that this stone is used in home decor while gaining its spiritual and healing properties.
  • Wearing this stone in the form of jewelry on you is said that it can increase your self-esteem, and also can boost your confidence level.
  • This stone has the property of clearing the negative vibes and is said to protect you from all the negative thoughts and bring positivity to you.
  • When all the negativity around and in you is removed it gives a nice happy mind to do your work in a better way.
  • This stone in particular brings out the creativeness in you. It also clears your mind and helps you to concentrate on your work even better. 

What are the Uses of Crackle Quartz in relation to its Color?

Crackle quartz crystal is available in the form of many colors like white, yellow, green, grey, purple, orange, etc.

Uses of White Crackle Quartz

White crackle quartz also commonly called clear quartz represents the improving knowledge and intelligence of that person. 

Uses of Green Crackle Quartz

Green crackle quartz is generally used to calm your heart and is meant for healing the sorrows of your life.

Uses of Yellow Crackle Quartz

Yellow crackle quartz is a stone representing happiness and peace. It accelerates your day-to-day activities and improves your decision-making skills.

Uses of Yellow Crackle Quartz

Uses of Purple or Pink Crackle Quartz

Pink crackle quartz is one of the famous and popularly known stones in the market. This is because it has a unique ability to control one of the chakras and is especially used for the third eye. This stone enhances psychic ability.

Uses of Black Crackle Quartz

Black crackle quartz is considered to be one of the major stones as it possesses healing properties and protects or heals you from various diseases and keeps your immune system healthy and strong. 

How to know if your Crackle Quartz is Real or Fake?

Often people are being fooled by the shopkeepers by selling them the clear crackled glass instead of the crystal.

How can we escape this? The answer to this is very simple. All that we need to see and check while purchasing this crystal are;

  • Look for any sort of bubbles in the piece that you are getting. Now you must be wondering the reason behind this.
  •  The reason behind this is that the quartz doesn’t possess any bubbles while the glass while the dying process gets bubbles in them.
  •  This crystal is having the property of thermoregulation which is nothing but while you touch the crystal it will be cold touch even during the hot temperature surroundings.
  • They don’t come in any dull colors, they always are seen in dark concentrated colors and also have precise cuts that make them look classic.

Now all that we need to know about this stone is this crystal not only is very beautiful insight but also has amplifying and healing properties. Therefore it is considered to be a sign of good luck and positivity to be kept in your house.