What are the Uses of Moldavite oil?

Because of the meteoritic activity behind its creation some 15 million years ago, Moldavite is the only gem-quality stone from an extraterrestrial source. 

Those who want to achieve enlightenment and ascension through extraterrestrial knowledge will find regular interaction with Moldavite very beneficial. The magnitude and breadth of vibrational spectrums accessible are expanded by keeping Moldavite close. Moldavite oil is perfect for aromatherapy, relaxation, meditation, and massage. 

Let us see about the Uses of Moldavite oil in detail in this post.

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What is Moldavite Oil?

Moldavite oil is a healing oil that has been infused with a Moldavite piece rather than being extracted. It is important to operate with the stone before submerging it in your chosen oil, just like when using a Moldavite piece. Select from sunflower, olive, almond, or grapeseed oil as the base oil for Moldavite oil production. Next, just enough base oil should be poured into your container bottle.

A few of your essential oils may also be dropped. Depending on your option, you may mix a few sprays of various essential oils that suit your preferences. Moldavite shards or Moldavite pieces may then be added. Before placing your Moldavites in, make sure you have worked or programmed them.

Grape seed oil and Palo Santo oil are used in conjunction with Moldavite pieces by a select few. Some add additional crystals that have helped them while cleansing the oil and Moldavite piece. Some people even stored their oil in a container for 15 days and nights exposed to sunlight and moonlight. Now, it’s all about how Moldavite and healing oils affect you.

Moldavite Oil is a one-of-a-kind combination of natural carrier and essential oils and a little piece of Moldavite in the bottle. It is carefully made. In a jar, mix almond oil, six drops of rose oil, and a chunk of Moldavite to make moldavite massage oil (avoid the face and eyes). Keep it on a windowsill for two weeks, then throw away the Moldavite.

What are the benefits of Moldavite oil?

Moldavite oil benefits


Moldavite oil is a jojoba wax base containing a combination of grapefruit and sandalwood oils. The aroma is both sensual and delicate, giving you a sense of calm and groundedness. After inhaling its scent, many people experience a feeling of peace, which is the emotional equivalent of melting into the warm sand at the equator with gentle waves lapping over their bodies.

This exceptional Moldavite oil is a blend of natural ingredients tailored to compliment Moldavite energies with a lovely mild fragrance. Moldavite’s essence is present in the oil, which is ideal for anyone looking to advance their spiritual vitality! Try wearing it while in an advanced dream state or meditating with it.

Rubbing 1 to 2 drops of oil on the surface with a soft brush can also be used to care for your Moldavite. Let the oil sit in direct sunlight for 30 minutes for the best results. If you want to activate the advanced dream state, you can wear a few drops of Moldavite oil while meditating or sleeping.

What are the Uses of Moldavite Oil?

Then, using three drops of your Moldavite oil, you’re ready to go. Smell it for a few seconds after placing it onto your palm and spreading it to both of your palms. Then, go ahead and massage it into your forehead or third eye. Next, move back towards your forehead, head, or crown by sliding it towards your nose. Rub the rest over your heart chakra after rubbing it on top of your head.

How To Use Moldavite Oil

For meditation, dreamwork, or whenever you feel the need, it’s best to use this. Do nothing else until you’ve experienced the energy of the Moldavite flowing through you. Moldavite oil is an effective moisturizer and scent for daily use. In addition, Moldavite oil supports positive transformation by assisting you in achieving your emotional and spiritual growth.

  • Financial Growth and Prosperity; Transformation of Relationships
  • Ancestral Healing
  • Astral Travel
  • Enhances Spiritual Journey
  • Promotes Dreamwork
  • Calms the Mind
  • Cools the Body
  • Manifests your Dreams into Reality; Creates synchronicities
  • Balances Chakras; Awakens Consciousness
  • Invites Clarity and Peace
  • Releases Fear and Anxiety
  • Invokes Passion
  • Helps for Fertility
  • Wonderful fragrance Relieves Tension
  • Massage oil for headaches
  • Heals the negative energies.
  • Quietens your thoughts
  • Opens the Third eye and has Amazing Celestial Energy.

What is Moldavite made from?

Silica makes up the majority of Moldavite, with iron, magnesium, calcium, potassium, and titanium making up minor percentages. Moldavite (Czech: vltavín) is a glassy substance produced by a meteorite impact in southern Germany (Nördlinger Ries Crater) some 15 million years ago. It was formed when these components did not have enough time to form crystals before they hit the earth. It’s a tektite variety.

How much is Moldavite worth?

How much is Moldavite worth

Regardless of the weight, moldavite pieces are incredibly uncommon and highly valuable. Moravian Moldavite, for example, costs between 8 and 15 dollars per gram, depending on the size. Remember, the value can easily increase to 30 USD per gram or even more if the stone is un-chipped with a flawless surface!

Final Thoughts

Moldavite is known by healers and hem lovers across the world for its unusually powerful energetic, and mystical properties. Moldavite energies fuse easily with the breath; thus, Moldavite has a reputation for clearing oxygen-related conditions and discomforts.

Others say that Moldavite can be used to open, clear, and balance any chakra because of its high vibration. However, some have reported people becoming anxious around MoldaviteMoldavite; grounding is key to working with higher light stones.

Moldavite encourages collaboration between people on earth and extraterrestrial beings. Moldavite has the potential to bridge the gap between the earth and the other through interdimensional knowledge and communication, which is a powerful bond.

When Moldavite stone is approached more closely, it becomes much more powerful, with dramatic vibrational energy to the touch. The stone’s high frequencies and vibration are excellent Chakra openers, particularly in the heart and upper bodies. Moldavite oil is a unique combination of organic components combined with Moldavite essence to enhance Moldavite energies.