Variscite Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

Variscite is a stunning blue-green gemstone with white or sometimes black markings. Not much is known about this vivid green gemstone. Since the stone is rather brittle, carvings and decor are more frequent than jewellery uses.

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Variscite Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

What is Variscite?

What is Variscite?

Variscite is a vividly coloured semi-precious gemstone that is frequently carved and used as decoration. The mineral group named “variscite” has only one stone which is this one.  Even though certain specimens of this blue-green stone can be translucent, variscite is generally opaque and has a vitreous lustre.

Variscite is a hydrated aluminium phosphate element. On the Mohs mineral hardness scale, it is rated relatively low with only 3.5-4.5 hardness. Impurities in chalcedony can occasionally make variscite stones tougher.

Variscite has several trading names. “Trainite” or “Sabilite” are named for stones with colour bands, while “variquoise” has lately gained popularity for variscite that is a deeper blue.

How to Identify a Variscite?

How to Identify a Variscite?

Yellow-green and blue-green are two common colours of green seen in variscite, along with patterns in black, brown, or white. They frequently have shades of emerald green, mint, or yellow-green. Except for a few rare examples, it is opaque with a vitreous to waxy gloss and a small hint of translucency at the borders. Variscite’s green hue is a result of the stone’s chromium and vanadium concentration.

Variscite will grow browner in hue as its iron impurities increase. Light blue-green, purple, brownish yellow, and very infrequently red or violet are other hues of variscite. Due to the way the stone is created, the majority of variscite also has a black or white texture.

Common white or black patterns are frequently caused by phosphate or crandalite mineral inclusions. Other colours may originate from elemental impurities, such as the uncommon violet and red tones brought on by iron. The colour pattern varies and includes veins, webbing, splotches, and orbs.

Although it occasionally gets mistaken for turquoise, variscite typically has a greener hue.

– Variscite Cuts and Shapes

Faceted cuts are inappropriate for variscite. However, it may be carved into exquisite variscite sculptures, cabochons, or spheres. Less frequently utilised in jewellery, it is more frequently seen in decorative items and home decoration. Variscite masses are even more durable cabochons since they don’t cleave.

Where is Variscite Found?

Variscite typically occurs as a secondary mineral in brecciated sandstone deposits and as rounded, coarse aggregate masses in cavities. The deposits of variscite, a commonly occurring gemstone, may be found in the USA, Australia, Germany, France, Poland, Russia, Spain, Sweden, and Brazil, among other countries.

The most sought-after variscite comes in two forms from the United States: emerald-green variscite from Utah and heavily veined variscite from Nevada.

Variscite Stone Meaning

Variscite is a hydrated aluminium phosphate mineral. Due to its availability in Utah in the United States, it is sometimes known as “Utahlite”. Variscite is a charming, globally connected crystal with connections to all regions.

The stone reflects how you may maximise your power by concentrating on your capabilities and converting your weaknesses into strengths. In order to fully heal and develop, it will force you to embrace certain upsetting realities about who you are.

You will learn the true meaning of independence from variscite. It will assist you in realising your courage and inner power.

Variscite Meaning in Ancient Lore and History

Variscite Meanings in Ancient Lore and History

The historical name for the Vogtland region in German, “Variscia,” was used to refer to the mineral variscite when it was first discovered in 1837.

In 1893, Frank Butt made the initial discovery of Utah variscite. Butt sent the variscite to F.T. Millis, who sent it to a curator at the Smithsonian to spread the word about the stone.

Rare variscite has occasionally been confused for turquoise in the past. In addition to being typically greener than turquoise, variscite also lacks copper.

Variscite Crystal Properties

Your connection to your body, mind, and spirit may be balanced and brought into alignment with the help of variscite crystal. Variscite, a green gemstone, is seen as a grounding stone and is connected to accumulating riches.

According to lore, variscite calms the brain by easing tension and stress. The stone is thought to increase the wearer’s delight.

Variscite Healing Properties

Green gemstones like variscite provide a plethora of advantages like grounding, attracting money, and boosting vitality. All gems have the potential to be healing stones. It is thought that variscite supports mental processes, enhancing reasoning and cognition.

Physical Healing Properties of Variscite

The physical healing qualities of variscite help fortify the tissues and cells in your body. Additionally, it can aid in the treatment of blood conditions and deal with issues with restricted blood flow. Variscite is allegedly used to cure a variety of stomach problems, including cramping, indigestion, and distension. Your skin may become more supple and seem younger overall as a result.

According to spiritualists, variscite may project you into the astral plane so you can investigate previous incarnations by using your DNA and neurological system. It can aid in the treatment of rheumatism, gout, ulcers, gastritis, and abdominal distension. Additionally, it may balance excess acidity and is excellent for the kidneys, muscles, and bones.

Emotional Healing Properties of Variscite

Reducing stress or anxiety is one of the emotional variscite advantages. Additionally, it is claimed to promote harmony and tolerance among those who have diverse opinions.

It’s a great meditation stone since it can swiftly and efficiently soothe the mind. You will find it easier to remain silent and still. It’s a stone that’s also employed in the treatment of depression and stress.

Variscite Metaphysical Properties

Variscite Metaphysical Properties

Because it relieves anxiety, tension, and dread in your body, variscite is sometimes referred to as a “True Worry Stone.” Higher brain functions such as learning, thinking, and logic will all be improved by variscite.

Variscite will replenish your energy reserves. Having this stone nearby your auric field will give you an extra surge of energy, inspiration, or motivation.

Variscite Benefits

Because it will assist you in letting go of your suffering and hopelessness, variscite is a fantastic love and relationship stone. Your ideas will become more tangible, and you’ll have more creative inspiration to carry them out effectively.

The stone variscite encourages the calming and purging of the spirit. This stone should be used to help you recover from an emotional trauma since it not only boosts the vigour of your emotional being but also helps you rediscover the equilibrium that you may have lost in the middle of life’s turbulence.

The energies of variscite are most effective when used in meditation. It will assist in calming your thoughts and allow you to enter a highly meditative state.

Variscite Benefits Spirituality

Variscite Benefits Spirituality

Carrying Variscite will help you achieve inner harmony and tranquilly. Living a simple life will assist you in finding equilibrium.

Your relationship will benefit from the positive energies of joy, optimism, compassion, forgiveness, bravery, and happiness that variscite brings.

Your intuitive abilities and psychic senses will also benefit from variscite. It helps with the memory of earlier lives.

Variscite & Feng Shui

Carrying variscite will help you achieve inner harmony and tranquilly. Living a simple life will assist you in finding equilibrium.

Your relationship will benefit from the positive energies of joy, optimism, compassion, forgiveness, bravery, and happiness that variscite brings.

Your intuitive abilities and psychic senses will also benefit from variscite. It helps with the memory of earlier lives.

Variscite Birthstone

Although variscite is not a recognised birthstone, it is connected to the signs of Taurus, Scorpio, and Gemini.

Variscite Chakras

Variscite is linked to the heart chakra, it is said to inspire compassion or love and help the heart expand.

Love and change-adaptation are governed by your heart chakra. If it’s obstructed, you could experience resentment or numbness. You may switch out those emotions for compassion, forgiveness, and vulnerability by using variscite as a chakra stone.

What are the Uses of Variscite?

Because of its calming and enlightening qualities, variscite is a fantastic stone to utilise. Both the physical body and the light body will be stimulated for healing.

This stone has several applications for enhancing reasoning ability and other brain-related activities. Stress and anxiety are reduced, which soothes the brain. Even your relationship with your body, mind, and spirit may be balanced and aligned by this potent stabilising stone.

Due to its stunning and deep green hue, variscite is occasionally used as a semi-precious stone and is popular for carvings and aesthetic purposes. It is sometimes substituted for turquoise in silversmithing.

Caring for Variscite

To clean this fragile variscite, always remember not to use any harsh chemicals or cleaners. The best method for cleaning variscite is to use a soft cloth and mild soapy water. 

Also, avoid ultrasonic cleaners and heat steamers for this hydrous stone. In fact, any prolonged exposure to heat can cause a permanent colour shift in variscite, so don’t store this gemstone in the sun. Keep variscite wrapped in a soft cloth or on a velveteen jewellery pad inside a tray.

When to Cleanse Variscite

Variscite is a very delicate stone to handle with care. To cleanse the stone, you can safely clean it by dipping a soft cloth into lukewarm soapy water, and then gently wiping the stone. Rinse all soap residue from the stone, then let it air dry. 

Don’t leave variscite under strong heat for long periods, or it may have irreversible color damage. 

How to Recharge Your Variscite

If you want to use crystals for healing, you need to cleanse them before and after each healing session. If you sense the stone is feeling heavier than usual, clean it.

By exposing it to moonlight, you may imbue it with positive energy, unshakable love, and a protective aura that you can use later. The second-best choice is sunlight. Place the variscite stone near a window, not in direct sunlight for a few hours to bring out its natural beauty.

Variscite Activation process

You may smudge it, hold it over an incense stick, use bells and chimes, and establish an intention to correct it and restore the crystal’s positivity. By praying, you project the power of your intention out into the cosmos. Thank the stone for its aid thereafter.

How much is Variscite worth?

Whiter, smaller, mostly black inclusions, or all three, cabochons Variscite cost between $0.30 and $2 per carat.

For bigger cabochons with emerald-green hue and more eye-catching patterns like golden-yellow veining, the price range rises to $18-$60 per carat.

What determines Variscite’s price and value?

The main determinants of variscite’s worth are its size, colour, and form. Due to the stone’s low level of appeal, its price is reasonable.

Depending on its shape, variscite can have different values. A large portion of variscite will be worthless or of poor value. Smaller, extremely multicoloured variscite nodules caught in a spider-like web are one pricey kind.

Variscite Impact

Variscite Impact

The stunning and powerful stone variscite will successfully purify your auric field. It will enable you to connect with the energy of the planet and encounter unconditional love. It is a stone that will help you to remove all of your emotional tension and baggage.

Giving yourself the time and space to concentrate on yourself rather than letting unhealthy habits divert your attention will be the only way for your path of self-discovery to be fruitful. The stone will help foster sentiments of acceptance, particularly with regard to life’s transformations.

This stone’s abilities will educate you to accept and embrace all of your shortcomings so that you may use them as assets rather than disadvantages. It will give you the courage to accept change and to make the life decisions that are challenging but necessary to reach a point of complete healing and to become your best self.

Does Variscite make a good jewelry stone?

Does Variscite make a good jewellery stone?

Variscite is mostly a collector’s gem, but the stone is still utilised in jewellery. Earrings, necklaces, and other pieces of jewellery that are unlikely to be hit work best with variscite. Due to the excellent cleavage and low Mohs hardness, variscite bracelets and rings can occasionally shatter when they strike desks or worktops.

Variscite’s deep green colour makes it a beautiful stone to use with other earthy green and brown tones in jewellery designs with a natural theme. Variscite pendants are frequently worn close to the heart because of their connection with the heart chakra.

As a result, variscite forms a fine jewel stone when treated properly.

Variscite Real vs Fake

Even specialists may struggle to tell variscites from turquoise gems apart. In comparison to turquoise, variscite has a lower refractive index. Variscite often has a greener appearance than turquoise, however, this is seldom a diagnostic feature. Although determining this would need a destructive scratch test, variscites have a substantially lower hardness.

Summary of Variscite Crystal

Name of Crystal Variscite
Precious No
Semi-Precious Yes
Other Names Utahlite and different trade names: Trainite, Sabilite and Variquoise. Utahlite
Origin(s) Vogtland in Germany
Color(s) different shades of emerald-green, mint, or yellow-green.
Formation Direct deposition from water containing phosphate that has interacted with rocks rich in aluminium in a close-to-surface environment.
Majorly Found at Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, Congo, Australia, U.S. and Utah.
Zodiac Suited for Taurus, Scorpio, and Gemini.
Chakra Heart Chakra
Crystal Meaning The stone represents how you may increase your own power by focusing on your strengths and overcoming your flaws.
Types of Crystal The two orthorhombic polytypes are variscite-1O(Lucin-type) and variscite-2O(Messbach-type)
Healing Properties Grounding, attracting money and boosting vitality. Supports mental processes, and enhances reasoning and cognition.
Health Benefits
Uses Healing stone. Stress- reliever. Balances mind, body and soul. Mostly used for carving and decor purposes.
Goes in Water? Yes
Goes in Salt Water? Yes
Goes in Rain Water? Yes
Goes in Moon Water Yes
Moh’s Scale 3.5-4.5
Real Greener appearance, opaque and lustre sheen. The colour pattern varies and includes veins, webbing, splotches, and orbs.
Fake Faded green appearance or missing color patterns (usually white)


Is Variscite a rare stone?

Variscite is a relatively rare stone. It is a commonly occurring stone, available almost across the entire globe. The deposits of variscite are easily found in Germany, USA, Australia, Congo, France, Poland, Brazil and Utah.

What is the difference between Turquoise and Variscite?

Variscite stone has a greener appearance than turquoise. In comparing the refractive index of both stones, variscite has a lower refractive index. Variscite often has a greener hue than turquoise and is devoid of copper. Moreover, Variscite has a low hardness range.

Where is Variscite found?

Variscite is found almost everywhere on the globe. It’s not so rare a gemstone. The deposits of variscite are commonly found in the USA, Australia, Germany, France, Poland, Russia, Spain, Sweden, and Brazil, among other countries. Utah and Nevada produce the best quality Variscite gemstone.

What is the meaning of Variscite?

Variscite is a blue-green gemstone, often confused with turquoise. The stone illustrates how focusing on your strengths and turning your flaws into strengths may help you maximise your own power. Variscite being a green gemstone is said to have anchoring properties and is connected to earning wealth. 

Is Variscite semi-precious stone?

Variscite is a semi-precious stone. Due to its stunning and deep green hue, variscite is occasionally used as this semi-precious stone, popular for sculptures and aesthetic purposes. It is frequently used in silversmithing in place of turquoise.

How do you identify a Variscite stone?

Variscite has a greener appearance. It is opaque, with some cases of translucent, a vitreous to waxy gloss and a small hint of translucency at the borders. It has a very low hardness of 3.5-4.5 range only on the Mohs scale of hardness.

What is the rarest Turquoise?

Persian blue-grade turquoise is the rarest and the most valuable of all turquoise. Its speciality lies in its mineral composition and it has no traces of vanadium but no iron. Persian turquoise is the name given to the exquisite heavenly blue or robin’s egg blue hue with an earth-toned matrix. Some of the earliest natural turquoise mines in the world are said to be in Persia.