What Does Bloodstone Do? 6 Amazing Uses

You will be surprised to know what does Bloodstone do for you when it comes to healing and strength. Bloodstone has immense healing properties. Thus there are various applications for this crystal. 

Whether you want to respect the stone with exquisite gemstone bracelets or other amulet jewellery, or whether you prefer to invite Bloodstone into your house with Feng Shui or a crystal shrine, you will reap the advantages.

Let us dive deep into the impacts of Bloodstone and ways to use it.

What Does Bloodstone Do? 

You may wonder what does bloodstone do or whether to bring Bloodstone into your life or not. Bloodstone means balance, a healthy attitude, courage and full inner strength (not to mention many great health benefits). Whether you choose to honour the gem in stunning jewellery or in any other form or welcome Bloodstone into your home, you will reap the benefits.

  • What is Bloodstone?

Bloodstone is a kind of Chalcedony. It is a hexagonal crystal structure and is also known as aggregate heliotrope. Moreover, Bloodstone is often dark green with solid red patterns on the surface. It has opaque transparency and high iron content. Bloodstone symbolizes vigour and the removal of bad energy.

  • What Bloodstone Symbolizes?

Bloodstone is called the stone of courage. In ancient times, the Bloodstone was considered a magic stone. The warriors carried blood amulets to stop the bleeding from their wounds and protect them from the evil eye.

It promotes presence and keeps moving towards the goal despite the challenging path. Bloodstones help build courage, inspiration and creative energy. It is also helpful for stiffness and physical strength.

Meaning of Bloodstone and its Uses

Bloodstone is a very calm ground stone that can be a supportive ally under challenging situations. It promotes presence and keeps moving towards the goal despite the challenging path. Bloodstones help build courage, inspiration and creative energy. It is also helpful for stiffness and physical strength. In addition, Bloodstone can remove the blocks that cling to us, helping to rejuvenate our energy and create a clear path forward.

  • Bloodstone Uses as Jewelry

What does Bloodstone do as Jewelry

Wearing bloodstone jewelry is one of the best ways to make the most of this ripe and healing stone. Wearers can get the most out of it by adding Bloodstone directly to their skin. When bloodstones are pressing against the skin, those healing vibrations are delivered directly to where they are most needed. 

Choosing a bloodstone bracelet invites it to beat against the pulse, a pendant connects to the chest and heart, and a ring transmits all of those healing vibrations from tip to toe. Suppose you are looking for stones that work in beautiful harmony with Bloodstone. In that case, you can combine this Chalcedony beautifully with agate or amethyst and the serene crown chakra powers of lapis lazuli. 

Obsidian is an excellent stone to pair with Bloodstone because it shares enormous protective properties. You can also find other colours of Chalcedony, such as green Chalcedony and Blue Chalcedony.

  • Bloodstone Uses Based On Healing Properties

Bloodstone Healing properties

Wear or carry Bloodstone as a shield for protection from threats or intimidation, whether verbal or physical, with the guidance to withdraw at the appropriate time and the courage to face it when needed.

Wear or carry a bloodstone to increase mental clarity and help make decisions. It gives mental encouragement when there is no motivation and rejuvenates the mind and body when you are tired.

Bloodstone is a nurturing goddess stone that can help reduce misunderstandings or problems with mothers. It helps in the painful birth or bonding between human and animal mothers after separating the mother and baby.

Working with Bloodstone strengthens the system, increases energy levels and increases endurance in physical activity. The vibrations of refinement and well-being are beneficial for everyone, from athletes to the disabled. Use it as a lucky attraction for sports competitions or matches.

Use blood thinner as an excellent stimulator of the immune system to prevent colds, flu, infections and inflammation. It is an excellent help for regenerating and re-energizing the body after illness, injury or physical fatigue.

The magical properties of Bloodstone allow a person to gain atmospheric energy for personal healing, such as blowing winds to bring about change or rain to bring relief from suffering.

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  • Bloodstone Uses for Physiotherapy

Where Bloodstone leaves its mark in terms of health and well-being, it is not surprising with all things blood and beautiful circulation. Take a look at the blood-red hues mixed with the dark green, and you will feel the energy running through your veins.

It is a stone known for its iron-rich vitality that permeates all of us from the bloodstream to flow and increases the level of purification in your blood. For those who have any trouble or injury with blood, this gem can help boost your immunity.

It is a stone commonly used to face childbirth due to its ability to bring strength, courage and energy to both mother and baby during a significant event. Being in touch with blood-related means that this stone is excellent in balancing menstrual problems, re-tracking your cycle and avoiding problems caused by hormones.

  • Bloodstone Uses for Psychological and Emotional Healing

Remember that this stone has long been a gift to warriors and warriors on the battlefield. Bloodstone healing is about increasing strength, courage and resilience. It helps to exfoliate you from the root and makes your skin feel completely safe and unstoppable.

When we are firm in our power, we become proficient in making excellent decisions and blossoming beautiful self-worthy buds. For someone who thinks they have struggled in life with a background of abandonment, loneliness, and threats, Bloodstone can be an amulet to bring you to your feet. 

This iron-rich stone is a supercharger for boosting emotional resilience and helps you regain your connection with the world outside your window and keep confidence and patience at the highest goal.

As well as being an energizing mood stabilizer, Bloodstone also works by boosting your energy and bringing back the radiance of your soul. When our hearts are physically strong and our emotional value is high, it is as if someone has burned caffeine into our souls.

  • Bloodstone Uses For Love

It beautifully strengthens that connection with the bloodstone root cycle. As for the heart cycle, it works wonders. The heart cycle means we can discover our love, faith, compassion and ability to open ourselves up.

  • Bloodstone Uses For Chakra

 Bloodstone strengthens and purifies the root chakra of our body so that we are free from any adverse effects. Clearing this chakra can help you become optimistic about situations and help you cope with life’s significant challenges.

Black Bloodstone Properties

Black Bloodstone is the African form of crystal. Black Bloodstone is a dark-coloured stone and looks classy on display. Jewellery made of black Bloodstone can help people get rid of the dark energy and increase positivity in life.

Black Bloodstone Properties

African Bloodstone protects from adverse effects on the environment and human biofield. It has long been associated with abundance in all things and is used by many to form part of the expression grid to attract abundant wealth, health and happiness.

Black Bloodstone is known in the spiritual world for its miraculous healing properties. Many arguments about the stone’s healing properties as experienced by many consumers.

Some of the healing properties of this stone are listed below:

  • It helps you cleanse and purify your body fluids like blood and lymph.
  • Many arguments suggest that the stone enhances the creative energy in the brain and brings more creativity to the person.
  • The stone acts as a shield and protects against various diseases, viruses and other adverse effects on health.
  • Most people know the stone to help people gain some energy from their surroundings and get rid of high stress and toxic situations.
  • It helps the spleen, bladder, kidneys, intestines, heart, lungs, and other organs and tissues. The claim powers of the stone help in better blood circulation and improve heart health.
  • Many argue that the stone helps treat infections, inflammation, and other body disorders.

How to Make the Best Use of Bloodstone?

You should wear bloodstones as jewellery to make you physically conscious. A good example is pulling a heavy pendant or necklace, very moving bracelets, or some weight or earrings into your ears.

It is well-documented that it is possible to get rid of anxiousness with physical stress. Massage is so relaxing, and we hug the kids tightly. And even when it’s too hot, we have to lie down under the blankets!

If you use Bloodstone to relieve anxiety or soothe disturbing emotions, it can cause you to feel constant weight or stress.


Bloodstone is a highly sought-after crystal. So concluding our quest of what does bloodstone do? It is helpful to make glamorous jewellery and artefacts. The products made with Bloodstone are said to be attractive and show beneficial spiritual and healing properties. Gems are available in various shapes, sizes, patterns and colours. It protects negative energy and health.

Many use the bloodstone crystal for its spiritual properties and magical healing powers. It will help you have an optimistic outlook on life and boost your overall confidence.