Why should you Wear a Tiger’s Eye?

Many times it has been questioned why do people wear Tiger’s eye? People’s faith in different gems has been old and famous for a long time. They always prefer to wear it for various reasons. And one can always find practical reasons to wear a stone or multiple stones on their finger. Tiger’s eye is one of them.

In this article, we will understand all about why one should wear a Tiger’s Eye and more.

What is a Tiger’s Eye?

The Tiger Eye Gemstone is popular as Chatoyant Gemstone. It looks like a cat’s eye as it glows in the dark. This red or dark yellow-colored stone is usually found in metamorphic rocks. It is a derivative of Silica Crystals.

This stone has always been used in most parts of Africa as it is considered the stone of fortune and prosperity. Apart from these two causes, there are various other causes why people wear the tiger’s eye. In this article, we shall discuss why people wear the tiger’s eye.

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Why do African People wear a Tiger’s Eye? 

African poeple used to wear Tiger's eye

When the question comes to mind, why do people wear tiger’s eye? It instantly takes us to the old beliefs related to this stone. This stone is widely available in various parts of India, Burma, Korea, Africa, and many other countries. And the African Natives believed that this stone protected people from black energies and envious people.

Later it started being used for prosperity and fortune. Now, the Gemstone is so popular among people that the stone can be studded into pendants, beads, bracelets, rings, etc. This stone is related to wisdom. And it is undeniable that wisdom is the only thing that leads one to success.

What is the Spiritual Meaning of a Tiger’s Eye?

Every stone that is considered to be precious for human life is somehow related to spirituality. Like every stone, this, too, is strongly associated with the spiritual concept. Why do people wear tiger’s eye? This is the most important reason. This Gemstone is related to the correct use of power and integrity.

Besides being the stone that brings prosperity and erases misfortune to the user, it builds willpower in one’s mind and helps to slow down the anxiety problem. This stone is also known for bringing positive energies.

 Before going ahead with the discussion, why should I wear tiger’s eye? It is important to know its properties and benefits.

Wear a Tiger’s Eye to Increase Self-Esteem and Self-Dignity

One of the many properties of the Tiger eye gemstone is that it improves one’s sense of self-esteem and self-dignity which eventually helps the wearer to grow and achieve excellence in life.

Wear a Tiger’s Eye for Mental Growth 

This Gemstone also helps one grow a balanced and improved state of mind. It helps build patience and tolerance, the two most basic and important aspects of a progressive mind. It also helps the wearer to grow spiritual values. It also takes courage and self-integration.

Wear a Tiger’s Eye for Improvement of Mental and Physical Health

This stone that connects people to the abundant energy of Mother Earth is also responsible for spreading joy. If worn directly in contact with the skin, it helps spread joy and inner peace. This Gemstone is one of them that improves the wearer’s health.

why one will wear tiger's eye

Some Other Benefits when you wear a Tiger’s Eye

If you are thinking, why should I wear tiger’s eye? There are some other important properties that this Gemstone has that can convince you to do so. As mentioned before, this Gemstone is responsible for bringing prosperity and fortune, but this stone is also responsible for bringing mental clarity, which eventually leads to focus.

It brings insight into complicated situations. Besides being one of the most important stones that help one deepen their meditative state, it casts fear from people’s hearts and helps them regain courage.

Who Should Wear a Tiger’s Eye?

In our everyday life, restlessness and lack of leisure time are the two realities that prevail. In this part of the article, we shall discuss who should wear tiger’s eye. While a group is trying to win over the entire world, another group tries to work on their dream and desire. But whatever it is, whether a plan or something more than that, everything needs confidence and courage.

The perfect balance of these two is the most important thing to achieve the most difficult things. However, it is much easier to lose confidence and stability than to gain them. Therefore, any person struggling to build and maintain trust and strength can use this Gemstone.

 If you are one of those who lack in controlling their mind and senses can consider to wear Tiger’s eye. This stone builds the leadership quality in them.

Is it Dangerous to wear a Tiger’s Eye? 

 Being one of the most ancient stones, one can easily find many stories attached to it. Stories about its powers, about its benefits. But some reports have placed the stone in a negative light over the past years. That leads one to ask the question, is it dangerous to wear Tiger’s Eye? Considering its values and its benefits to its wearers, we can fairly conclude that the stone is not difficult.

As mentioned before, this stone brings fortune and mental stability. It is also the one that grows confidence and mental peace. These are enough reasons to understand that this stone is not dangerous but quite the opposite.

 If we consider the expert, we can also find that this stone brings no such danger to anyone, especially not the wearer. According to Bob Jones, the Rock and Gem magazine editor, the tiger eye is completely safe to wear.

to wear tiger's eye


This is because this stone had been made of asbestos fibers before. But later, this asbestos fiber was replaced by Silica, also known as quartz. It is the same as what happens with petrified wood. That is why it is said that to wear Tiger’s Eye is never dangerous. It may welcome one with mental growth and prosperity.

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After going through the faith, benefits, and properties related to this stone, we can understand why people wear tiger’s eyes and why this stone has been so famous among people for all these years.