Wulfenite Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

Wulfenite, also known as the ‘Yellow lead ore’, is a lead molybdate mineral. It is a semi-precious gemstone. The formula of this gemstone is pbWO4. This gemstone was discovered by Wilhelm Karl in 1845. 

Wulfenite is a symbol of passion, strength, and past lives. This gemstone is usually used as a gemstone for practicing religious rituals in multiple spiritual circles. It is usually a gemstone used for providing knowledge and insight to one from their past lives. 

Wulfenite gemstones look extremely alluring and eye-catching. It comes in bright colors and its luster is one of the best features of this gemstone. Wulfenite is usually a thin and brittle gemstone. 


What Is Wulfenite?

What Is Wulfenite

Wulfenite is a rare secondary gemstone. The gemstones of Wulfenite are usually thin, tabular, and smaller. They occur in slim tabular gemstone forms. The color of Wulfenite gemstones is orange-red, yellow-orange, and rarely brown and gray. 

Wulfenite is an expert in clearing and balancing all the chakras. It is generally associated with the fire element. Even though it is closely related to the fire element, it does an incredible job of soothing and warming the soul. 

Compared to other gemstones associated with the fire element, Wulfenite is a gemstone that runs through the entire body like sweet and warm honey and soothes every organ that it travels by. 

Wulfenite is a gemstone that helps the wearer to create bonds with their present self. It makes the wearer realize the importance of accepting their present life and also making peace with it. 

How To Identify A Wulfenite?

To identify a Wulfenite gemstone, one must take a look at the different physical properties of the gemstone such as:- 

  • Shape:- Wulfenite gemstones are generally tetragonal stones. They come in a tabular form with a square outline. Sometimes they are found in pyramidal forms. They are usually granular and flaky. 
  • Hardness:- Wulfenite gemstones are extremely soft and gentle. Since they are highly flaky and brittle, they can break easily. The gemstone can get scratched easily too. The gemstone stands at 2.5 or 3 on the MOHS scale of gemstone hardness
  • Color:- Wulfenite comes in a variety of beautiful colors such as different shades of orange, yellow, brownish-yellow, greenish-brown, yellow-orange, red, brown, etc. 
  • Cleavage:- Wulfenite has a cleavage fracture that is not even to the sub-conchoidal brittle. It also has a cleavage that is distinctly one-directional only. 
  • Luster:- Wulfenite has an elegant luster that ranges from Resinous to Adamantine. The combination of luster and bright colors is what makes the gemstone stand out the most as compared to all the other crystals in the category. 

Wulfenite Cuts

Since Wulfenite has a relatively lesser rank on the crystal hardness scale, it is almost impossible to cut and carve the crystal in different ways. The brittle tenacity and fragile nature make it a challenge for many gemstone jewelry designers to make faceted cuts from it. Since faceted specimens are hard to design, they are pretty rare and valuable in the market. Usually, Wulfenite is sold in an uncut manner. 

Where Is Wulfenite Found?

Wulfenite gemstones are found and gained from different sources. The best source that provides the highest quality gemstones is the Red Cloud Mine. These mines are well-known for providing the best red-colored Wulfenite crystals. The orange-colored Wulfenite crystals can be found in Mexico. Other sources of Wulfenite are as follows:- 

  • Australia 
  • Chile 
  • Czech 
  • China 
  • Algeria 
  • Europe 
  • Austria 

Wulfenite Stone Meaning

Wulfenite Stone Meaning

Wulfenite plays an important role in the activation of the sacral chakra and solar plexus. This activation creates a connection that enables the wearer to enhance their personal will. Through rguhs enhancement, they are able to achieve and fulfill all their dreams, desires, and goals that they have set for their life. 

This gemstone, by the activation of the personal will and motive, helps the wearer to gain confidence in themselves and becomes the driving force for the enhancement of their vitality, determination, and passion. These feelings that they are able to experience through the use of Wulfenite are feelings that they may not have felt before. 

Wulfenite is a strong manifestation stone. It helps the wearer to bring their thoughts and desires into reality through the power of manifestation. When this stone is used for meditation, the users must set their intentions and desires clearly. The magical powers of this crystal enable the desire to see the light of reality. 

People with creative professions like artists, performers, painters, etc. are recommended to use this stone to enhance their artistic skills and make the best use of their talents skills. When the energy and vibration of this gemstone are present in one’s workplace, they are able to work much more productively and efficiently. 

Wulfenite Healing Properties

Since Wulfenite is a superior healing stone, it helps in the healing of one’s spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional health. For a detailed explanation regarding the healing properties of Wulfenite, here are all the healing powers possessed by Wulfenite. 

Wulfenite Physical Healing Powers

Wulfenite gemstones are widely used for healing the problems and concerns pertaining to fertility, menopause, and menstruation. A major factor affecting the menstrual cycle, especially in older women, is menopause. This gemstone helps in reducing the side effects of menopause and helps to keep the menstrual cycle balanced and in check. 

Different kinds of female reproductive system concerns like uterine fibroids and endometriosis are also taken care of by this gemstone. In today’s world, with the increasing denomination of unhealthy eating habits over a balanced nutritious diet, many people are facing digestion issues and imbalanced bowel movements. 

These imbalances and issues regarding the digestive system are healed and eased by this gemstone. 

The use of this gemstone is usually recommended to those who are facing problems with their sexual life. This gemstone helps the wearer to increase their sexual drive and enhances their sexual function. This helps them to gain more pleasure during the act and also gives more pleasure to their partner too. 

Wulfenite helps in the cleaning up of the uterus. It helps in the removal or gradual vanishing of hormonal imbalances that lead to different physical and mental I’ll effect. This gemstone helps in the eradication of toxins and toxic materials after miscarriages and abortions which are highly unhealthy for the health of the women. 

This gemstone helps the wearer to enhance their appetite. It promotes a healthy and balanced diet in the life of the wearer. 

Wulfenite Emotional Healing Powers

Wulfenite Emotional Healing Powers

Wulfenite not only enhances one’s physical health, but it is well known for helping the wearer to sort out their emotional imbalances too. This gemstone helps the wearer to recognize the highs and lows in their emotional cycle. This will eventually help them to figure out the different emotional patterns or behavior they are facing at a given point. 

Wulfenite acts as a driving force for the wearer to work actively towards enhancing their relationships with other people in their life. Precisely, it helps the wearer to create a healthy balance between different relationships like lovers, coworkers, family members, acquaintances, etc. This balance will help the wearer to have a smooth social life and personal life. 

This gemstone has the powerful property of healing the individual to distinguish between their positive and negative emotions. It helps them to realize that along with positive emotions and happy feelings, they can also experience negative emotions. For example, when they are happy, they may experience a shadow of sadness too from past experiences. 

Since Wulfenite helps in creating a bond between the individual’s solar plexus and sacral chakra, the individual is able to get rid of the emotional blockages and baggage that they may have dealt with for many years. When these chakras are activated and aligned by Wulfenite, the wearer will be able to experience a boost in their love relationships. They will be able to express their true feelings in a better way. 

Wulfenite Mental Healing Powers

Wulfenite gemstone enables a wearer to create a healthy balance between their personal and professional life. The wearer will be enabled to not bring their personal prejudices and perceptions in the way of their growth professionally. With help of almost every natural force, Wulfenite will be able to cure the psychic of the wearer. 

This gemstone is an incredible medium to portray the unique and special gifts given to you. It will help the wearer to make the maximum use of their skills and talents in different fields and walks of life. This stone will allow the wearer to become more self-aware and outgoing. If they have a problem in socializing, this crystal will enable them to bring themselves into the zone of others and stand out from the crowd too. 

This stone is great for meditation purposes. One can keep this stone enabling them or near their heart while meditating. That will help them to uncover their true potential and will inspire them to work on building their true will. Wulfenite also enhances one’s creative abilities. If the wearer belongs to the creative fields of arts and performance, they will be able to channel their inner creativity in the best way possible and will also become more and more innovative with every passing day. 

For increasing ambition and dedication to a specific goal or task, this gemstone is highly recommended. If the wearer has issues in staying committed or persistent in any job or tastes they initiate, they will be able to become better at I by building their levels of passion and dedication. Wulfenite plays an important role in helping the wearer to brainstorm new and creative ideas for different talents and skills like painting, drawing, sketching, singing, dancing, and much more. 

Wulfenite Metaphysical Properties

Wulfenite is a gemstone that is predominantly used for hanging onto one’s creativity and originality. It helps the wearer to channel creative and original ideas and concepts for their creative field. It is also a powerful crystal for rising above traumatic past-life relationships. This gemstone is widely used for its ability to make the wearer create soulful connections with other souls and be able to meet their true soulmate. They help the wearer to fulfil their agreements of meeting with different souls in their present life. 

Wulfenite is also considered to be an alchemical gemstone. It helps the wearer to increase their knowledge about their past, present and future life. It helps the wearer to connect themselves with the spiritual world. Wulfenite is associated with the Sacral chakra. It is also connected with the element of fire. This connection will help the wearer to align and balance the chakras and elements for their benefit. 

This crystal is an excellent crystal to enhance one’s sexual life. It helps them to increase their emotional and physical bond with their partner. Many emotional blockages that don’t leave the mind easily are also easily vanished by the use of Wulfenite. For connecting and communicating with the sacred being, one can make good use of this gemstone. 

Wulfenite Benefits

Wulfenite Benefits

The benefits of Wulfenite are as follows:- 

  • Wulfenite helps the wearer to gain spiritual truth and wisdom. It helps the wearer to gain clear perspectives on different situations in life and insight into how they can make informed decisions by taking every side of the coin into consideration. 
  • This gemstone also increases one’s creativity and innovation. With the help of this stone, the wearer will never run out of creative ideas and innovation for different endeavors and indulgences. 
  • This gemstone is highly beneficial for individuals belonging to the creative fields and industries. It will help them to deal with both success and failure in the best way possible. It will also make them ready for all kinds of end results they may gain from a certain initiative. 
  • Wulfenite is a great stone for enhancing one’s levels of perseverance and passion for their job or endeavor. The wearer will notice an increase in their love and passion for what they are doing. The vibrations of determination will also take bloom with the help of this gemstone. 
  • Wulfenite is a great gemstone to keep the wearer on track for what they are supposed to do no matter how difficult a situation may become. This gemstone plays an important role in reminding the wearer that they are tough and can overcome any obstacle in the path of achieving their aims and desires. 
  • Wulfenite is a good manifestation stone. It will help the wearer to manifest their dreams, goals, and desires in life. This gemstone is beneficial in organizing an action plan for achieving the impossible or the difficult goals in life. It helps in the effortless planning of one’s goals, methods, and ideas for achieving the aims and purposes that they have set for themselves. 
  • Wulfenite is beneficial for increasing the wearer’s connection with the Earth. When the wearer is able to feel the frequency and vibrations of the Earth, they are able to benefit from the strong creative force emitted by the surface of the Earth. It will also help them to stay grounded at all times. 
  • Wulfenite is beneficial for knowing who a person really is. It helps the wearer know what makes them the happiest. This will help them to uncover their true sources of happiness and joy. 
  • Wulfenite gemstones are usually used by those who want to increase their sexual drive and perform well sexually. It also helps in the aid and speedy recovery of multiple sexually transmitted diseases. 
  • Different mental disorders like extreme anxiety, insomnia, bipolar, etc are treated by this gemstone. It is used for being fit not only physically, but mentally and emotionally too. 

Wulfenite Benefits Spirituality

When it comes to spirituality, this gemstone is used for its magical powers to gain knowledge about the experiences one had in their past life. The energy of Wulfenite gemstones helps the wearer fulfill the purposes and roles of the divine creator. With the use of Wulfenite, one is able to swiftly move from the physical realm to the psychic and spiritual realms. 

For communicating with the spiritual world, this gemstone helps the wearer to get in touch with their past, present and future life. It helps the wearer to get in touch with their highest spiritual being.

Wulfenite Birthstones

Wulfenite is the birthstone for Sagittarius zodiac signs

Wulfenite Chakras

Wulfenite is connected and associated with the activation and balancing of the Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, and Third Eye chakras. 

What Are The Uses Of Wulfenite?

The uses of Wulfenite are as follows:- 

  • Wulfenite is primarily used for inspiring one’s creative side. It helps the wearer to express their creative side in the best way possible. 
  • This gemstone helps the wearer to ignite their inner drive. This drive helps them to strive in the toughest situations and overcome the fear of failure too. 
  • This gemstone is used for getting rid of low motivation levels, procrastination, and low self-esteem. It helps the wearer to become active again and fulfill the daily tasks for survival. 
  • This gemstone is used for connecting and creating bonuses with the force and frequency of Earth. This helps the wearer to replenish their inner energy and vibrations. 
  • This gemstone is helpful for the user to understand the harsh and difficult realities of the world. Along with that, it helps the wearer to realise the blessings and gifts they have. 
  • Wulfenite brings out the pure and authentic self of an individual. This helps them to have a good look at their unique and special self that differs from everyone else. 
  • This gemstone is used for manifesting and meditation purposes. When the wearer uses this stone to manifest their dreams and desires, it is a sure thing that they will be able to fulfill all of them with the magical powers of this gemstone. 
  • This gemstone is used for easy pregnancy and childbirth. It helps the mother to produce lactating glands for the child. Speedy recovery after delivery is also enabled by this gemstone. 
  • Wulfenite is used for psychic healing. It helps the wearer to gain insight into their past, present and future life. It provides cosmic consciousness for the past, present, and future of the wearer. 
  • This gemstone will help the wearer to change themselves at points where change is extremely required. Changes in habits, patterns, and attitudes are done by this gemstone. 

Caring For Wulfenite

For taking care of Wulfenite Gemstones and jewelry, one can follow the following ways and methods:-

  1. Wulfenite is a soft stone. It can easily be scratched even with a copper coin. That’s why one must keep the gemstone away from sharp and edgy objects. When it comes to Wulfenite jewelry, it must be made and kept in a protective case. The case in which the stone will be fitted should be too sharp or pointed to damage the stone. 
  2. It is highly recommended to not wipe the surface dirt off the gemstone as the dirt is constituted with quartz particles that can scratch the gemstone. Instead, one can use a gentle and dust-free microfiber cloth for cleaning the gemstone with the utmost caution. 
  3. Wulfenite gemstones are extremely sensitive to high frequencies, vibrations, and heat. So one must be extra careful while handling the stone. Do not store the stone or leave the stone for a prolonged time in areas where the frequencies and vibrations are too high and intense. Keep the stone away from direct contact with heat and light. 

How Much Is Wulfenite worth?

Wulfenite gemstones are extremely rare. Due to this rarity, the worth of this gemstone is pretty high too. Faceted crystals of this gemstone can cost up to $725 per carat. The price range for faceted Wulfenite gemstones per carat can range from $45 to $270. 

Wulfenite gemstones that are raw are pretty affordable. Every gram of raw Wulfenite gemstone can range from $3 to $20 per gram. These prices are generally determined in the wholesale market. Rough and translucent crystals of Wulfenite can range up to twenty dollars per carat. 

Does Wulfenite Make A Good Jewellery Stone?

Does Wulfenite Make A Good Jewellery Stone

Wulfenite gemstones can be found in many different localities and countries. However, the gemstones that can be cut are very rare to find. Single pieces of the crystal are found in tabular forms. This makes it difficult to cut as the tabular crystals are too brittle and fragmented. 

The hardness level of this gemstone on the MOHS scale is only 3 which makes it a very sensitive and delicate gemstone. Due to this delicate and fragile nature, it is not found in the jewelry form very often. Faceted specimens of this gemstone are very rare to find. Almost impossible in many cases. 

If jewelry pieces are produced with rguhs gemstone, then the jeweler has to be extremely cautious while fitting the gemstone in the setting. The setting should not be too sharp or pointed which may lead to scratching or breaking of the stone. Even though it is not used as a jewelry stone too often, it is an incredible stone for gemstone collections. 

Wulfenite Real vs Fake

One of the easiest ways of determining whether a Wulfenite gemstone is real or fake is by conducting a scratch test on it. Since Wulfenite gemstones are extremely soft and delicate, they will show visible scratches upon them when scratching by different materials take place. 

In The Light Of This Information 

Wulfenite is an incredible stone for curing many health-related problems and concerns. In the healing circles, this gemstone is regarded as a master healer as it not only benefits the body, but it benefits the mind, soul, and chakras of the body. When this stone is used for meditation purposes, the wearer is enabled to heighten their experience of peace and calmness in the entire body and soul. With tons of healing powers and benefits for the internal and external being of the wearer, this gemstone is a highly prestigious and precious stone that must be used with care. 


What is Wulfenite used for?

Wulfenite is predominantly used for curing the side effects of menopause and balancing the menstrual cycle and pregnancy in women. 

Where should I put Wulfenite?

For gaining the best benefits of Wulfenite, one must place it close to their heart while sleeping and while meditating. 

How do you cleanse Wulfenite?

Wulfenite must be cleaned with a soft, gentle, and clean microfibre cloth. 

Is Wulfenite rare?

Yes. Wulfenite is a rare gemstone. 

How strong is Wulfenite?

Wulfenite is a delicate gemstone. It has a score of only 3 on the MOHS scale of crystal hardness. 

How much is Wulfenite worth?

The cost of Wulfenite varies from $20 to $750 based on the form in which it is being obtained. 

How do you identify Wulfenite?

Wulfenite can be recognized by its unique tabular form with a square outline.