Abalone Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

In diverse civilizations of history, the Abalone gemstone represents love, life, beauty, strength, peace, quiet, and clarity. Therefore, wearing an Abalone stone may bring charm, confidence, and spiritual qualities into your life and remove sadness and gloom.

Its energy is derived from the soothing sound of the ocean waves, which carries over to the user of the abalone stone, making its psychic properties useful for crystal healing. Abalone stone makes beautiful jewelry and has an intriguing and distinct history and symbolism.

Continue reading to learn more about the uniqueness of Abalone Stones throughout civilizations and their Healing properties and spiritual aspects.

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What is Abalone?

Similar to sea snails, Abalone is a type of marine mollusk. They are composed of calcium carbonate and protein bricklayers, which make the gemstone more durable.

What is Abalone

Several Abalone stones due to differences in the seaweed diet are used to raise Abalone mollusks. Abalone stones are vivid shells found in cold coastal seas that range in color from turquoise to green, blue, pink, purple, and gold.

How do they grow?

Abalone mollusks grow by eating seaweed like kelp. As they develop, different types of seaweed produce distinct colors in their shells. The concentric circles on the exterior of a mature abalone shell are evidence of variations in the mollusk’s seaweed diet.

Abalone mollusks can repair minor shell damage. This might be due to otters or even humans attempting to extract them off rocks. The Abalone is extraordinarily robust, exceptionally beautiful, and immensely significant.

How to Identify an Abalone?

Abalone stone is a natural gemstone with iridescent blues, greens, and purples. Shell jewelry is among the first known ornaments used by early people.

The ancients have established a legacy of artistry that has been refined over time.

How to identify an Abalone

The Abalone shell is appreciated for its iridescent gloss on the interior and is frequently used in jewelry. The luminosity is referred to as nacre or mother-of-pearl.

There are various names for abalone shells. Some examples are Haliotis Iris, Paua Shells, Aulon, Nacre, Sea Ear, and the most popular Mother-of-Pearl. These come from many regions, civilizations, and languages worldwide, yet no two abalone stones are the same.

Abalone Cuts and Shapes

Abalone shells can range in form and size from one to seven inches long. Abalone gemstone is carved into various forms. The most common shapes are round, oval, marquise, and pear. 

Where is Abalone Found?

The stone may be found in New Zealand, Australia, Japan, South Africa, and the United States. It is also present in the African gemstone business. 

Where is Abalone Found

According to spiritual history, the Maori people discovered Paua shells in New Zealand’s coastal seas. Maori culture had a significant life transformation. Therefore the colors of the shell represent a period of transition for the people.

Abalone Stone Meaning

Abalone Stone Meaning

The Abalone shell (like other sea shells) is a “Bio-Crystal,” which means it was generated by a biological creature rather than by inert minerals like carbon or silicon in the soil. Shells are formed of Aragonite or Calcite crystals coated with proteins released by marine creatures.

Abalone stone is now considered one of the biological jewels with psychic properties. As a reminder of the water waves, it is a fantastic present for someone who enjoys the ocean. When light refracts the stacked tiny layers as the Abalone grows, it deposits many layers over time, generating beautiful rainbow iridescent colors.

Abalone Meaning in Ancient Lore and History

Abalone is perfect for jewelry and has been utilized for thousands of years by Native Americans as decoration, tools, money, and holy rites. It is available from Bliss Crystals as a Sage Smudge Set or as a basic shell to house your crystals or other valuables.

Some varieties of Abalone are endangered species, and we take a great effort to deliver only non-endangered and environmentally collected abalone shells. Native American culture believed that abalone shells and sage smoke had magical power. They can cleanse harmful spirits and transmit messages to the gods.

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Abalone Crystal Properties

The shell of a marine mollusk is known as an Abalone crystal. It has a Hardness of 2.5 on the Mohs scale.

Abalone Crystal properties

This is because it includes minerals that give the shell its vibrant colors. It is typically used as a decorative object and in jewelry creation. Color varies from species to species, silver-white, pink, red, green-red, deep blue, and green to purple.

Abalone Healing Properties

Abalone Healing Properties

Nature bestows enormous treasures on us, from gleaming jewels to gleaming Abalone shells. And we may use Abalone’s therapeutic abilities when we want more calm and loving energy on our planet.

Abalone Physical Healing

Because the stone is related to the sea’s energy, the Abalone stone promotes holistic healing of the mind and body. This is said to help establish a stronger body structure and cardiac growth by assisting the muscular tissues.

In addition, it contains vitamins A and D, which help to preserve muscular tissues and aid digestion. The stone contains protein, which helps to enhance your immune system and other capacities.

Furthermore, Abalone gem can help with digestion and avoid the symptoms of joint diseases, including arthritis and bone abnormalities. The neural system and spinal cord also benefit from abalone stone, as it heals microscopic cracks in the skeletal framework.

It can also treat various skin conditions such as allergies and skin rashes. The stone can also help with reproductive troubles and delivery. Finally, an Abalone gem will awaken your senses to the long-desired inner serenity and tranquility.

Abalone Emotional Healing

Abalone takes effect on emotional development. It can take your psychic abilities and intuition to a higher degree of understanding your inner truth. As a result, the stone can help you deal with emotional issues and express yourself to others.

Abalone also fosters mutual help within a family to improve understanding. Finally, it offers relaxing properties when you are feeling overwhelmed by emotional issues around you.

It can help to create steadiness in your surroundings when combined with Lapis Lazuli. They link the universe’s energy with yours. It both improves your brain ability and relaxes your thoughts.

Abalone stone can help to resolve many past hurts. It can calm your mind amid emotional turmoil, allowing you to continue working toward your goals. In other words, an abalone shell assists you in maintaining the comfort provided by the crystal.

Entering a new phase might be difficult, but with an abalone shell, it will be simple. Even in difficult circumstances, the crystal will keep you grounded and mature in how you express your feelings.

Abalone Metaphysical Properties

  • An Abalone is an ocean treasure made by a variety of mollusks. The hardened shell was exposed to tidal waves, transforming abalone stone into a relaxing element.
  • Despite the harsh waves, it captures the splendor of the ocean. It features the mesmerizing hues of the ocean that come from many aspects of the world’s oceans. So, there are many different hues and shapes of abalone shells across the globe.
  • Survivors of traumatic experiences have relied on the Abalone shell stone’s calming qualities. The stone assists people in dealing with mental anguish while ultimately triumphing.
  • It awakens feelings of calm, love, and compassion for everyone as you struggle through life’s challenges and tribulations.
  • When worn with simple earrings, the Abalone gem is thought to be therapeutic and can boost confidence for public speaking. 
  • It enables the user to be more communicative while developing thoughts. In wealthy civilizations worldwide, the stone is a conversation starter.
  • Abalone jewelry looks best when combined with platinum, silver, natural fibers, or even rose gold. According to them, the overall appearance is heavily influenced by the wearer’s skin tone.
  • Therefore, it will be much more stunning when combined with other ocean stones.

Abalone Benefits

From the world’s sea surface to many sorts of abalone shells, relaxing energies emanate to your mind, heart, and soul. Each abalone type can cure, calm, and rejuvenate while releasing the enchanting beauty of the sea.

Abalone Benefits For Abundance

Abalone stone may also offer good fortune and plenty to any company. In addition, the stone will stimulate your creativity if you are preparing to start a new business or attempt something new in the sector. Sometimes your intuition is an important component of future company success. The abalone stone can improve your sixth sense, boosting your commercial pursuits.

Abalone Benefits For Relationship and Love

Abalone is an excellent gemstone for resolving relationship problems. With the energy of this stone, lovers may remain in love and faithful despite difficulties. It represents harmony in a partnership. However, no relationship is flawless. Emotional disturbances can occur in every relationship, putting your degree of commitment to the test. When emotions are on fire,

Abalone stone may make each individual more sensitive in words and deeds. It aims for a smooth emotional flow rather than harming your significant other. Entering a relationship will result in several positive and negative life changes. The stone will offer you the fortitude to embrace changes to attain your relationship objectives better. At the very least, love is a risk, but Abalone stone lightens the load.

Abalone shells can help to build relationships emotionally, psychologically, and physically. It improves communication between spouses, resulting in a superb companion at all times. However, being honest with your loved ones will not be endangered and will become more entrenched.

Abalone Benefits For Protection

Abalone stone offers protective qualities that provide natural shielding for the person holding the shell. Its calming influence can create a layer of protection, giving you the courage to face new challenges in life.

Because Abalone signifies water energy, it may calm down emotional tension that could put you in danger.

Abalone Benefits For Depression and Anxiety

An Abalone shell may bring you tranquility by channeling the soothing energy of the ocean. People experiencing negative thoughts or worry can rely on this valuable stone until they feel at ease.

Depression always starts with a thought, and an Abalone shell takes command by clearing your mind. It also gives the courage to open up, which aids in discharging heavy loads from within.

Abalone Benefits Meditation 

Another advantage of the Abalone gem is its excellence in meditation. Using the stone’s full potential will provide a soothing effect. It emits balanced frequencies that are ideal for your therapeutic session. To simply release negativity from your soul, take a deep breath.

By cleansing out toxins from the within, such as self-doubt, fear, and unpleasant emotions, the abalone shell can educate you to embrace your actual self. It frees your mind from previous mistakes and even future concerns, allowing you to live in the present moment. As previously stated, other crystals may enhance their healing effect.

You may harness its full healing potential when combined with the appropriate gemstone. However, to increase the energy of your thoughts and words through the abalone shell, you must use a particular purpose.

Begin Meditation by seeking your purpose to lead spiritual development. Then, consider the areas of your life that require significant improvement to realize your maximum potential during meditation. For the best outcomes, always be explicit about your objectives.

Abalone Benefits Spirituality

Abalone Benefits Spirituality

  1. Abalone gems can help you improve your spiritual practice. This is because they are linked to the water element, which regulates femininity, yin, energy, and the emotional realm.
  2. Abalone gemstones are an excellent choice for calming your emotions or bringing a more tranquil environment into your personal space.

Abalone & Feng Shui

Abalone gemstones are one of the Feng Shui things that are extremely fortunate. They have specific importance in Feng Shui and are said to improve travel luck and develop long-distance relationships.

They give stress reduction as well as a protective shield. Because the shell was a regal emblem, people carried it or painted it on their clothing to gain protection.

Abalone shells are decorative pieces of jewelry to attract favorable vibrations for excellent communication, happy and healthy relationships, and wealth.

Abalone Birthstone

The Abalone gemstone is not listed as a birthstone but as a zodiac crystal for the signs of Pisces, Cancer, and Aquarius. Many believe the Zodiac Crystal Stone for Pisces, Cancer, and Aquarius is an Abalone.

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Wearing an Abalone stone might help anyone born under the signs of Pisces, Cancer, or Aquarius. The crystal connects them to the energy of water, soothing the spirit and mind.

The stone may soothe the negative tendencies of persons born under the sign of Pisces while strengthening the opposing traits of the wearer, such as hope, good health, and mental clarity.

The crystal aids persons born under the sign of Cancer in connecting with others since they are guided by emotion. They can establish acquaintances with strangers without feeling threatened.

Finally, those born under the sign of Aquarius are self-sufficient and also intelligent problem solvers. The abalone stone has the power to benefit others. It also soothes their hostility when they feel free to express themselves.

Abalone Chakras


Chakra healing is one of the therapeutic characteristics of an Abalone gem that benefits the owner. It links to chakras to create higher levels of healing and protective energies.

Abalone Chakras

Abalone stone can be used with the crown chakra, third eye chakra, and heart chakra to discharge negative energy. It has an impact on companies, households, and other locations. They encourage a more balanced atmosphere and a lighter aura for everybody.

What are the Uses of Abalone?

As a psychic development stone, an Abalone stone may help your intuition. It can help the person communicate their thoughts and emotions more clearly. It draws tranquillity during a difficult period at work or in any other connection. Through emotional conditions, the gemstone offers inner serenity, love, and a clearer mind.

uses of Abalone

An Abalone gemstone may be used to shield your heart from mental stress. It is an excellent instrument for providing physical and mental safety. Furthermore, the intrinsic energy of the ocean waves in an abalone shell relaxes your mind and spirit through difficult times.

It empowers women while safeguarding their sensitive sides. In addition, the stone is employed as money in some societies and may bring enormous wealth. Using Abalone stone might help you find tranquility and appreciate the beauty of nature. It makes the user more aware of their surroundings than ever before.

Caring for Abalone

The hardness of the Abalone gem is 3.5 on the Mohs scale. Despite its susceptibility to scratches and abrasions, the Abalone shell is strong and resilient.

With this jewel, you may avoid harmful household chemicals and lengthy exposure to direct sunshine. Should not use Ultrasonic or steam cleaners since they might cause irreversible harm.

Caring for Abalone

Do regular cleaning with warm, soapy water and a soft-bristled brush. Rinse the gemstone in clean water after cleansing to eliminate any soapy residue. To dry, use a soft towel to wipe the gem.

Furthermore, avoid exposing your abalone jewelry to the sun since the hues may fade. Instead, keep it in a box to protect it from scratches.

When to Cleanse Abalone?

An Abalone gemstone, unlike other gems, takes extra processes to clean and prepare for jewelry manufacturing. They are discovered in the ocean and are thus covered with dirt and residues that must be removed before the shell can be polished.

Follow the steps below to achieve the greatest results with your abalone shell.

  1. After rinsing the shell with cold water, clean it with a toothbrush.
  2. Allow it to dry before rubbing your finger across the surface of the shell to check for dirt. 
  3. After cleaning the interior of the shell, it’s time to scrape the outside of the shell. 
  4. Combine water and mild soap in a dish, and dip the toothbrush to wash the shell’s surface.

How to Recharge Your Abalone?

Recharging an Abalone stone, like other valuable stones, is necessary to maintain optimal functioning. To charge the shell’s healing abilities, place it in flowing water or beneath a full moon. Proper care of Abalone jewelry increases its life and allows you to enjoy it for many years.

What is the Abalone Activation process?

Smudging and smoke-clearing rites have been used for ages across history and civilizations. Smudging cleans the energy surrounding a person, item, or physical area by burning sage, palo santo, or other sacred plants.

Abalone Activation process

Because smudging is still used by indigenous tribes today, it is critical to be careful and polite when performing a smoke or cleaning process.

Consider holding your bundle of herbs or an abalone shell to capture the ashes while smudging. If you are moving into a new home or apartment, you may choose to utilize smoke to rid the place of any previous energy.

Alternatively, before beginning a meditation practice or other spiritual activity, you may find it beneficial to burn some sage or palo santo.

A word about smudging with abalone shells: Sprinkle a dab of sand in the bottom of your shell before burning palo santo or sage to safeguard the mother of pearl. You can expect your Abalone shell to last a lifetime with careful maintenance.

How much is Abalone worth?

The wholesale price of Abalone in the United States. In 2022, the anticipated price range for US Abalone is between US$ 19.09 and US$ 19.33 per kilogram, or between US$ 8.66 and US$ 8.77 per pound (lb).

How much is Abalone worth

The price in Euros is EUR 19.09 per kilogram. A tonne costs an average of US$ 19093.48 in New York and Washington.

Note: Prices are subject to change.

What determines Abalone’s price and value?

The value of Abalone stones is determined by combining color, clarity, cut, and carat weight.

  •  Abalone Shell Color

Abalone shell comes in a wide range of dazzling hues. The dominant color palette includes melancholy blues, fascinating greens, and regal purples. Shells can be almost every hue in the rainbow. Despite this, blues, greens, and purples remain the most popular and ubiquitous colors.

  •  Abalone Shell Clarity

The translucent-opaque abalone shell is a gemstone. After polishing, the shell’s surface should be smooth and devoid of imperfections. Rough patches, nicks, and chips may all reduce the value of a diamond. After polishing, shells acquire a glossy shine.

  •  Abalone Shell Cut

The abalone shell is carved into various forms. The most common shapes are round, oval, marquise, and pear. This gemstone was carved specifically to be large and vivid.

  •  Abalone Shell Carat

Abalone shells can be up to a couple of inches wide. These sizes may be as large as 28 carats. However, larger stones have a higher price per carat since they are more difficult to create in one continuous piece.

Abalone Impact

In diverse civilizations’ spiritual history, the Abalone represents love, life, beauty, strength, peace, quiet, and clarity.

Abalone Impact

Therefore, wearing an abalone stone may bring charm, confidence, and spiritual qualities into your life and remove unpleasantness and gloom.

Many civilizations see Abalone as a sign of water. Its serenity and tranquillity shield us from life’s upsetting passions. To wipe away any stench and protect us from the darkness.

Does Abalone make a good Jewelry stone?

Abalone Shell is used in jewelry because it originated in the water and has an ultra-tough shell, which is why it is recognized for fostering protection. Wearing Abalone Shell jewelry connects you to the force of the water element, which is a subtle yet powerful energy.

This energy protects you against bad vibes from your inner critic or another type of darkness that may penetrate your personal space. You are continuously exposed to its protective characteristics when you wear Abalone Shell jewelry.

Abalone Real vs Fake

You should use extreme caution when purchasing abalone jewelry or ornamental objects. The abalone shell is expensive, and we don’t buy it daily! Hence, we present some basic yet vital advice to help you buy Abalone correctly.

 1. Do Extensive Research

A thorough investigation of abalone shell businesses can assist you in purchasing the correct shell. First, make a list of every business that sells abalone jewelry. Remember that this step is critical if you intend to buy Abalone online.

The online market is filled with jewelry companies, and you must identify the genuine ones. First, list websites that you believe are reputable and trustworthy.

 2. Find Out Reputed Jewelry Stores

Buying Abalone from skilled and reputable jewelry stores usually pays off handsomely. A few pointers might assist you in locating real shops.

The best method is to read as many reviews as possible. Reviews are people’s actual opinions on various items. Check the addresses of online retailers as well.

Genuine online jewelry retailers always include a physical address. On the other hand, the fraudulent ones frequently do not display any address.

 3. Enquire About the Origin of Shells

Discuss and explain your concerns with the business owner before purchasing Abalone. Remember to inquire about the provenance of the shells from which the retailer obtains its supply.

Even a little talk might be beneficial in recognizing the store owner’s expertise and understanding. If you are doubtful about anything, you should look for another.

 4. Check For the Popular Abalone Shell Supply Regions

A few areas worldwide are well-known for their abalone shells, such as New Zealand, Japan, South Africa, and others. If the shop gets its supplies from one of these areas, you may be certain of its validity. However, to be completely confident, examine the verification papers.

 5. When You Buy Abalone, Do Not Be Mislead by Good Looks

Do not be fully deceived if you discover attractive abalone items on any website. You may come across incredibly gorgeous abalone shell jewelry, even physically, but attempt to determine whether or not they are genuine abalone shells.

We say this because many procedures are employed to create flawless finishes on imitation jewelry products. You might find shiny, colorful shells that seem just like genuine things, but they might be manufactured of plastic or another substance. 

6. Talk with Relevant People

The best advice for buying Abalone comes from those who have done it. They can give valuable information on where and how to purchase Abalone. So consult with friends or family members who have relevant experience.

7. Compare the Price Before You Buy Abalone

Once you’ve identified a reputable jewelry store where you can purchase Abalone, comparing prices is important. Some websites allow you to compare rates easily. So, buy Abalone at a reasonable price.

8. Read Product Description

Please read the product description thoroughly if you want to buy abalone pendants, rings, or other abalone jewelry online. Also, read the terms and conditions carefully.

Finally, ensure you understand the Return Policy so that you may return the merchandise if there is a problem. A little effort will help you get abalone things that combine uniqueness and high quality.

Summary of Abalone

Name of Crystal Abalone
Other Names Mollusc
New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Japan,
West coast of North America
Color(s) Pink, Black, Green, White
Precious No
Semi-Precious Yes
Formation Marine Shells
Majorly Found at
South Africa New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Japan, West coast of North America
Zodiac Suited for Sagittarius
Healing Properties
Soothes nerves, positive vibration
Health Benefits
Strengthens Bones and Teeth
Types of Crystal
Decorative items, in jewelry and Musical instruments
Goes in Water? Yes
Goes in Salt Water? Yes
Goes in Rain Water? Yes
Goes in Moon Water? Yes
Moh’s Scale 3.5
Heated Needle Test
Take a small needle and allow the tip to heat up over a flame, pierce the shell with the needle — if it is fake, needle will penetrate


What is Abalone, and why is it illegal?

Commercial abalone fishing was booming in the 1940s, but taking perlemoen from the water was forbidden. Nevertheless, Abalone is a highly regarded delicacy and aphrodisiac in the Far East, fetching high black market prices.

What is Abalone used for?

The iridescent inner nacre layer of the abalone shell is traditionally used as a decorative object in jewelry, buttons, and inlay in furniture and musical instruments.

What is Abalone, and why is it expensive?

Abalone is extremely expensive because of its scarcity and the difficulties in procuring it. Therefore, it is a kind of marine snail.

Is Abalone the same as oysters?

Oysters have a grey shell and are frequently shaped like a teardrop. Abalones features a single oval shell with holes running down its edge.

How much is Abalone worth?

Live Abalone may range from $25 to $35 for seven to ten ounces, whereas dried Abalone can cost up to $150 per pound.

Can you buy Abalone in the US?

It is still illegal to acquire Abalone unless it was obtained by certified California divers before the 1997 commercial shrimp fishing ban or purchased from a business that has.