Vivianite Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

Vivianite is a stone that encourages one to go deep within themselves and heals both old and fresh wounds. Some people who might not often exhibit these traits are allowed to experience tenderness, awareness, and compassion for themselves and those around them. Vivianite is a stone full of love and tranquillity that will rekindle whatever lost concern you may have had for those closest to you.

Vivianite urges caregivers of the ill, handicapped, or elderly family to be patient and empathetic. Use this stone to bring about a gradual but considerable transformation in challenging or unproductive circumstances. You are encouraged to have compassion for both yourself and other people by this stone.

It encourages you to approach life with an open mind. Vivianite aids in clearing your auric field of unwanted energies and removing negativity from your mind. Utilizing this stone will heal the emotional scars that you have caused yourself and improve your self-esteem. It inspires you to view individuals with greater compassion.


What is Vivianite?

What is Vivianite

Vivianite is a mineral that is composed of hydrated iron phosphate. Vivianite features vivid hues like blue and green as well as an absence of colour and a vitreous lustre.

The inside of fossil clam, snail, or clamshell shells as well as ancient animal bones all include numerous clusters. Transparent to translucent, vivianite is found as earthy, encrusting masses as well as radiating clusters of prismatic, acicular, or fibrous crystals.

How to identify a Vivianite?

The mineral can be found with pyrite and copper and typically takes the form of dark indigo-blue to blackish-green crystals. Vivianite can also be found in an earthy form in other organic, phosphate-rich settings including peat bogs and clay beds, where it is usually discovered with bones or rotting wood.

Crystals of vivianite are frequently discovered adhering to or inside of fossilised bone or shell. Vivianite is colourless when it is first extracted from large shattered specimens, although it is typically found in shades of deep blue to deep bluish green due to how rapidly it oxidises. Indigo-airborne blue’s colour crystals change with time due to partial oxidation.

Vivianite Cuts

Vivianites are extremely difficult to polish because of their nearly micaceous cleavage, which is why gem cutters rarely facet them.

Vivianite Shapes

The mineral can be found as masses, crystals, or concretions. The crystals are typically flattened perpendicular to the b axis and prismatic parallel to the c crystal axis. Equant crystals are more uncommon. They could also appear as stellate (star-shaped) groupings or as fibrous or bladed encrustations.

Where is Vivianite Found?

Vivianite can form radiating crystals, however, it typically appears in sedimentary and authigenic environments as an earthy covering devoid of any discernible crystals.

  • In Brazil, the Cigana Mine, Galileia, Minas Gerais, with muscovite and pyrite, vivianite is typically found as wedge-shaped crystals up to 11 cm wide, of medium lustre, smoke-blue colour, and good transparency on the matrix of crisp silvery muscovite plates.
  • Cameroon is home to the largest mud-derived vivianite crystals in the world, measuring more than a metre in length.
  • United States: Crystals up to 5 inches long can be found in Bingham Canyon, Utah, Richmond, Virginia, and Lemhi County, Idaho.

Vivianite Stone Meaning

Vivianite Stone Meaning

A rare mineral of secondary origin connected to pyrite in copper and tin veins, vivianite is a hydrated iron phosphate with a blue-to-green tint. This stunning stone was created in the 1800s. Abraham Gottlob Werner gave it his name after John Henry Vivian, who made the initial discovery of it in 1817. Mineralogist John Henry Vivian was from Cornwall, England. At the time, he was both a politician and mine owner.

Today, vivianite is a typical secondary mineral. The mineral substitutes for organic matter in lake sediments, fossilised bones, and cave formations. It is found in granite pegmatites and oxidised metallic ore deposits. Most of these crystals are mined in Bolivia, but they can also be found in Mexico, the United States, and Mexico. Since 1800, vivianite has been discovered in ancient contexts, but it wasn’t until 2006 that McGowan and Prangnell reported on the material’s application to archaeology.

The iceman mummy Oetzi showed minor amounts of this mineral inside his lungs and on his skin, making him the oldest known example of vivianite in archaeology.

Vivianite was discovered in sedimentary stratigraphic soils at three Iron Age sites in Campania, Longola-Poggiomarino, Sarno river valley, and the Terramare Bronze Age site of Fondo Paviani, Verona, while vivianite was also discovered in sedimentary stratigraphic soils at the Roman harbour of Como Castel Vetrano, it was found in artefacts made of metal.

In an aqueous environment, phosphates, and iron ores are necessary for the production of this mineral in archaeological environments. Since vivianite could not form unless certain conditions were satisfied, archaeological sites that typically contain vivianite date to either Ancient or Modern History and contain both human and/or animal remains in swampy environments alongside iron objects.

Vivianite Healing Properties

  • Vivianite is the ideal complement to ceremonial practice, distant healing, and healing visualisations.
  • This stone aids in reaching practical goals and working with dreams. It motivates you to view life as intriguing and difficult rather than dull and routine.
  • Meditation and visualisation techniques will benefit from vivianite. While meditating, it has been reported that you can establish a connection with ancient planets.
  • One can achieve inner silence when practising meditation with the help of this stone.
  • Vivianite will remind those in the healing professions, such as doctors, nurses, and counsellors, of the genuine meaning of healing if you are experiencing “burnout.” It can bring back the happiness teachers experienced when they first saw the pupil’s eyes light up with understanding.
  • Vivianite eliminates any propensity you may have to see the worst in any circumstance since it encourages positivity and a positive outlook. Cultivating an optimistic and receptive attitude, it facilitates mental and physical interactions. This stone strengthens and promotes a cheerful outlook, and decreases and eliminates negative mental patterns.
  • Vivianite is the ideal complement to ceremonial practice, distant healing, and healing visualisations.
  • This stone aids in reaching practical goals and working with dreams. It motivates you to view life as intriguing and difficult rather than dull and routine.

Vivianite Metaphysical Properties

Vivianite Metaphysical Properties

  • Vivianite has helpful metaphysical abilities that aid in clearing your aura of any unbalanced energy. Vivianite has a very heart-centred energy. This energy can help you let go of any negative thoughts you may have.
  • It is an important stone to encourage communication since it makes it easier for you to communicate information with people in a more sensitive way.
  • Additionally, its vibration may encourage more peaceful and crystal-clear communication.
  • The removal of unfavourable vibrations could enhance your health.
  • This dark blue stone is renowned for being a superb healing tool that improves your health in a variety of ways. One of these gems can be incredibly rejuvenating just by holding it. These stones’ potently loving vibrations have a powerful emotional revivifying effect in addition to promoting both bodily and spiritual healing.

Vivianite Benefits

  • Holding a piece of Vivianite in your palm can help you feel better if you’re even mildly ill since it can make you feel more energetic and possibly less lethargic.
  • These deep blue crystals are thought to help restore the health of cells that may require mending and are useful for physical healing in a variety of ways.
  • It is believed to strengthen the immune system, which may speed up your recovery from several illnesses.
  • Both your real eyesight and the way you perceive the world around you can benefit from these crystals, which are particularly known for doing so. If you experience heart-related health issues, Keeping a portion of your body, whether it be the liver or the spine, may be beneficial to your health.
  • Additionally, vivianite will support you in managing varying degrees of physical health conditions including the heart, lungs, and nervous system.
  • It can give you resistance to certain allergens and shield you from fever and inflammation.
  • By providing your mind with the tranquilly and quiet it longs for, vivianite can also aid in the treatment of a variety of different mental diseases.

Vivianite Benefits Spirituality

Vivianite Benefits Spirituality

  • Vivianite works with the third eye to hone intuition and serve as a navigator when navigating the various multidimensional reality realms. It gives you access to your fundamental soul purpose and enables you to perceive things that were before out of your line of sight.
  • Vivianite’s energy spreads in waves, making it useful for operating on multiple levels at once.
  • This stone lifts the veil from your eyes if your spiritual vision has been clouded. Vivianite helps you see yourself for who you are, not for who you think you are; in other words, it takes the rose-colored lenses off your eyes so you can see yourself as you truly are. It will help you to restore inner sight so that you can come to grips with having seen your entire self.
  • With the help of this stone, you can purge your aura of extra excitement and harmful energy and replace it with tranquilly and peace. Vivianite will serve as a soul cleanser by sucking up all of the bad emotions that reverberate about you and exchanging them for uplifting ideas.
  • Vivianite will also assist in synchronising your soul with the universe, and you’ll discover yourself travelling a road that is rich in wisdom and blessings.

Vivianite & Feng Shui

There are numerous inventive ways to use natural crystals, which are gifts from the earth and come in a wide variety of gorgeous styles, to improve your feng shui. Vivianite is related to the earth element in feng shui since they are made of earth. Earth energy promotes stability and a sense of grounding. Working with Vivianite might help you bring more earth element traits into your home if you’re feeling uneasy.

This crystal aids in the development of self-love and brings the energy of compassion and love for both oneself and other people. It frees up your intuition so you may communicate with your inner guide and realise who you really are. This stone can help you change whatever concern you may have about what other people think of you.

Every crystal in the world carries a distinct frequency. These frequencies act in concert with our own energy to either increase our pleasure and intuition or provide us with protection from the negative energy surrounding us.

Vivianite Birthstone

Vivianite is the paradigm of a Scorpio birthstone. It is a stone for the metamorphosis that amplifies Pluto’s energies.

The possibility of transcending space and time is made possible by vivianite, a crystal of spiritual transcendence. Meditating with a piece of vivianite will give you new energies to begin a new life path if you feel confined in your daily routine and want to make a significant shift in your life.

If vivianite is your birthstone, it suggests that one has the capacity to lead and educate others spiritually. Your knowledge, psychic abilities, and personal example all contribute to your ability to inspire others and give them a reason for hope.

Since its energies inspire feelings of benevolence, sympathy, and kindness for those who are less fortunate in life, vivianite is considered to be a lucky stone for carers and healers. To maintain a constant state of knowledge and compassion, wear a silver or copper pendant set with a piece of vivianite over your heart.

Wearing jewellery featuring a Vivianite might revive your motivation if you are experiencing professional burnout and commitment to give your best effort at work. No matter what you do for a living, whether it be as a teacher, nurse, or cashier at the neighbourhood shop, you are assisting people who need your service.

Work is not just a way to get money; it is also an opportunity to serve your community. It is simpler to enjoy what you do when you can see why you are doing it, especially when you can make the people who depend on your services happier. You will be more sensitive to the needs of those you serve if you carry a piece of Vivianite with you to work.

Vivianite Chakras

Vivianite Chakras

  • Vivianite is a potent healer that helps the body remember how to restore itself. It links with and purifies all chakras, especially the upper heart and upper crown, and opens the throat. With usage, it gets quite hot and burns away whatever illness or negativity the body may be harbouring. 
  • It helps the body absorb iron, which makes it effective in the treatment of anaemia, and it enhances the body’s natural healing process for both illness and injury. 
  • Vivianite promotes mental clarity and may be used to treat dementia situations. Best worn or carried. When making a gem elixir, use the indirect technique.
  • Additionally, vivianite benefits the third eye and crown chakras. Your intuition is unlocked, allowing you to communicate with your inner guide and recognise your true self
  • This assists you in moving toward enlightenment and enables you to recognise the real blessings that are already present in your life.
  • The potent healer vivianite helps the body remember how to restore itself. It links with and purifies all chakras, especially the upper heart and upper crown, and opens the throat.
  • With useage it gets quite hot and burns away whatever illness or negativity the body may be harbouring. It helps the body absorb iron, which makes it effective in the treatment of anaemia, and it enhances the body’s natural healing process for both illness and injury. 
  • Vivianite promotes mental clarity and may be used to treat dementia situations. Best worn or carried. When making a gem elixir, use the indirect technique.

Caring for Vivianite

When to Cleanse Vivianite?

If the thin coating is made of iron oxides, cleaning it with a brief (a few minutes) immersion in sodium dithionite solution, often known as “Iron Out” or “Waller solution,” will remove it.

How to Recharge Your Vivianite?

Maintaining the crystals you have chosen for meditation on a regular basis is crucial.

You must either keep it in a safe location or wrap it in a bag, cotton fabric, or velvet. Your priceless crystals can be adjusted, cleansed, and programmed anytime necessary. After utilising a crystal for a while, you can clear its energy by reprogramming it for better results. This aids in your spiritual self-healing.

While the water is running, hold your crystal. All of the crystal’s negative energy is neutralised by water. Only use this cleaning technique on hard stones. Set an intention for the removal of all bad energy.

Vivianite Activation Process

Vivianite (Fe3(PO4)2.8H2O) could be magnetically recovered from digested activated sludge, opening a novel pathway for phosphorus recovery. After 2-4 days of anaerobic storage, the iron reduction was finished, and the pool of reduced iron that was made available appeared to help vivianite develop swiftly. 11% of the iron was vivianite after 30 hours of sludge thickening at the wastewater treatment facility. 

This proportion rose to 50–55% after 1-3 days of anaerobic storage. Almost all of the vivianite that may have formed after this storage did. Without a sludge digester, efficient vivianite formation is possible, demonstrating the vivianite’s capacity to extract phosphorus from undigested sludge. Additionally, vivianite recovery from undigested sludge offers benefits such as a decrease in the amount of sludge that needs to be disposed of and reducing the production of vivianite scaling

How much is Vivianite worth? What determines Vivianite’s price and value?

  • Vivianite is around $4000 worth,a magnificent, off-matrix specimen of exquisitely crystallised Vivianite from Rafael Bustillo in Potos, Bolivia’s tin mining district near Llallagua.
  •  The Vivianite is a stunning electrifying deep limey-bottle green in transmitted light, yet it appears almost coal-black in reflected light. The crystals, which have grown to a size of 5.0 x 1.6 x 1.0 cm, are transparent to translucent and have a dazzling glassy sheen.
  • They also form clustered clusters in parallel growth. Each crystal is precisely terminated, and there are no signs of trauma on the specimen.

Vivianite Impact

Vivianite Impact

Crystals, masses, or concretions can all be found with vivianite. In bog lakes and paddy fields, sedimentary vivianite mainly appears as an earthy covering without any discernible crystals on the remains of leaves, fibres, and decomposing root materials. Vivianite’s more remarkable radiating crystalline formations are more frequently found in fossilised tooth and bone samples from wet environments near an iron source. 

Vivianite crystals are typically prismatic, although they can also form in encrustations with bladed or fibrous structures, or in stellate (star-shaped) groups. The process of removing soft, friable vivianite concretions from viscous, dense clay and soil settings takes time, and washing and cleaning are often essential to get rid of clay and organic residue. 

Nevertheless, the finished product is frequently rather stunning. Vivianite is colourless when it is pure, but asThe mineral’s colour changes as a result of oxidation; typical examples are deep bluish-green prismatic or flattened crystals.

Does Vivianite make a good jewelry stone?

Mineral vivianite It is so soft that it’s along the same lines as talc. Vivianites wouldn’t make ideal jewellery stones because of their fragility.

However, this gem material can exhibit stunning deep blue and green tones. Additionally, it exhibits strong pleochroism. Stones can disclose up to three colours, including yellowish and olive-green, blue-green, and indigo, depending on the viewing angle.

Vivianites are colourless or light green when they are mined, but when they are exposed to light, their hues darken. A fan can notice a desirable colour fading over time as a result. Not Surprisingly, this reduces the incentive to cut a stone that is already difficult. The appeal endures, though. Mineral collections are more likely to contain vivianites than jewellery collections.

Vivianite Real vs Fake

  • Vivianite thickness or explicit gravity are the most straightforward indicators. With a Mohs hardness range of only 1+12 to 2 and a specific gravity of 2.7, vivianite is a soft mineral. 
  • The mineral’s sheet-like structure makes it split readily, with a flawless cleavage perpendicular to the b-crystal axis. 
  • It is flexible in its thin laminae parallel to the cleavage plane and sectile, having a fibrous fracture. 
  • It dissolves readily in acids.
  • It is non-radioactive, has a melting point of 1,114 °C (2,037 °F), and darkens in H2O2.


What is Vivianite used for?

Vivianite can be helpful for a variety of things, such as reducing stress and burnout and encouraging more lucid communication. They are valuable for meditation since they might improve your intuition, and one of their best applications is to keep one close while you practise daily meditation.

How is Vivianite formed?

The name of the stone refers to the English mineralogist J G Vivian, who made the initial discovery of the stone. There are deposits of this stone in Bolivia, Brazil, Bolivia, Bolivia, Australia, Germany, Ukraine, and the United States. Some of these stones form transparent or translucent crystals and are a deep blue or dark green tint. When exposed to light, pieces of natural stone are known to deteriorate.

Where should I put Vivianite?

Holding a piece of Vivianite in your palm might be very helpful if you’re feeling at all sick because it can help you regain your energy and possibly alleviate lethargy. These deep blue crystals are thought to help restore the health of cells that may require mending and are useful for physical healing in a variety of ways.

How do you cleanse Vivianite?

Vivanite can be cleansed with the bath in sodium dithionite solution otherwise other compounded as waller solution can be used

Is Vivianite rare?

Yes, Vivianite is a rare mineral of secondary origin, which is a blue to green hydrated iron phosphate mineral linked with pyrite in copper and tin veins. Vivianite has rarely been discovered on European easel paintings, but it has been recognised in German and English polychromy from the middle ages. In the oxidised upper layers of ore deposits, where it may appear as dark indigo, blue-black, or green crystals, vivianite is primarily found.

How strong is Vivianite?

With a Mohs hardness range of only 1+12 to 2 and a specific gravity of 2.7, vivianite is a soft mineral. Due to the mineral’s sheet-like structure, it splits effortlessly with a flawless cleavage perpendicular to the b-crystal axis.

How much is Vivianite worth?

It is worth approx $4000 worth.

How do you identify Vivianite?

It can be identified by looking at its hardness and specific gravity.