Anglesite Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

Anglesite has a chemical formula of PbSO4 and is created through the oxidization of galena, a lead sulphide ore. Anglesite obtained from different parts may have a color ranging from clear and transparent white-gray to a place yellow-brown shade. The formation of this gemstone is followed by the process of lead carbonate or cerussite.

Anglesite minerals are most often found in secluded locations within lead ores. But certain places have also observed their presence in large and concentrated quantities. The natural weathering process plays a vital role in the transformation of this gem from its initial galena form. 

William Withering was the first to discover this element in 1783 in Anglesey, an island in Wales hence it has also been named after its place of origin. In 1832, F. S. Beudant was the one to name this new mineral species. When first discovered, the stone obtained from Anglesey was yellow-brown in color due to the presence of a limonite matrix close to this gemstone that caused its initial colorless white form to change. These mineral stones are known for having distinct cleavage. 

Anglesite Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses_NeoCrystals

What is Anglesite?

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Anglesite is one of the few crystal stones that have a strong hold on an individual’s mind and can promote calmness, peace, and a better meditation experience. It is often believed that transparent or light-colored crystals represent gentleness and this stone is the perfect illustration of one such gem. When worn during regular meditation, this stone can be a tender and peaceful presence in one’s life. 

How to identify an Anglesite?

  • Anglesite is one of the easier lead sulfate minerals to identify with its chemical formula of PbSO4 and its colors ranging from clear white-gray to a slightly deeper yellow-brown hue. 
  • Anglesite belongs to the crystal system of orthorhombic and the crystal class of Dipyramidal. 
  • Being a stone of secondary origin, Anglesite is formed due to the weathering of another element galena in the upper layers of mineral lodes. 
  • The original Anglesites obtained from Anglesey were yellow-brown colored, simple in form, and small in size. They were often stained yellow due to the presence of limonite mines close by. 
  • While, when obtained from certain other places, the same anglesite is colorless or transparent. They also have several bright crystal faces and an adamantine luster. 
  • The color may sometimes appear darker and with a gray undertone due to the presence of galena impurities. 
  • These crystals have a well-defined cleavage and a not-so-defined basal plane. 
  • Anglesite can also be identified from its unique crystal habits that include granular, banded, nodular, and stalactitic. 
  • With a Mohs hardness of 2.5 – 3, Anglesite is quite a weak and brittle element. 
  • It has a bright white streak. 
  • The best way to identify this stone is in the way it is available. Being a weak gem does not allow it to be made into jewelry of any form. 
  • According to popular belief, this clear mineral is a promotor of peace and calmness in life. 

Anglesite Cuts

Owing to its fragile structure and sectile density, anglesite can be quite easily cut into any desired shape but is most often seen in its natural crystal-like natural shape. When bought, the most common cut available is its orthorhombic crystalline form with 16 distinct faces. When obtained directly from mines, anglesite is often small and rough, before it gets refined. 

Anglesite Shapes

Anglesite, although weak and brittle, can be shaped into identifiable shapes like thick tabular bars, rhomboidal with an outline, prismatic and vertically striated, stout prismatic, and pyramidal or equant. Its Mohs hardness of 2.5 – 3 allows it to be carved into the mentioned shapes but not into jewelry. 

Where is Anglesite Found?

  • Anglesite crystals are obtained from oxidized lead deposits in most parts of the world. 
  • It was first extracted from the Parys copper mine in Anglesey, located on the island of Wales, United Kingdom. Crystals obtained from this location are believed to be exceptional in their classic appearance and metaphysical effects.  
  • Later, more sulfur and lead mines discovered Anglesite in the US, Australia, Mexico, Austria, Scotland, England, Germany, Russia, Tunisia, and Morocco. 
  • When extracting this gemstone, the layer above it is often covered with lead crystals, helping in its better identification. 
  • Touissit, Morocco is home to a rare and unique amber-red Anglesite that is not naturally obtained but chemically dyed by immersing the initially pale yellow crystals in bleach. 
  • Some of the largest Anglesite gemstone crystals were extracted from Tsumeb, Namibia. 
  • The most commonly-known vibrant golden-yellow-hued crystals are obtained from Morocco and Mibladen. 
  • In the US, colorless and white Anglesite crystals are available from Pennsylvania and Phoenixville. 
  • Missouri is known to have galena-based isometric pseudomorphs of Anglesite. It is also home to the rare banded anglesite crystals. 
  • Idaho, Arizona, and New Mexico also have mines where Anglesites can be obtained from. 

Anglesite Meaning in Ancient Lore and History

Anglesite Meaning in Ancient Lore and History

Discovered in the late 1700s, Anglesite is accepted to be of numerous historic meanings. Since its discovery, its presence was accepted to ensure a calming environment in and around any home. Anglesite is not meant to be carried with oneself for its metaphysical functions to be effective. Its mere presence inside one’s house is all that was and is required. It is especially beneficial when kept close to oneself during regular meditational practices. 

Ancient Asia is known to have believed in the intangible hold certain gemstones have in the normal functioning of our lives. Anglesite was hereby believed to promote kindness and peace in life. Through this peace, irrelevant arguments and indecisiveness can be prevented. It was believed by the Chinese that clear, transparent, or light-colored crystal are great healers of wounds, both physical and emotional.

As a healer, this stone also is capable of ensuring that tranquility prevails in any place that it is brought into and established. This aspect of the gem has greater value when considering the fact that some of its best kinds were discovered during the era of World War II. During the time of the war, the one thing that every person was looking for was calmness and serenity. 

Anglesite Healing Properties

Apart from promoting relaxation, tranquility, sensitivity, compassion, peace, and empathy, Anglesite is also immensely helpful for maintaining a healthy and conscious mind. It also has several physical healing properties such as regulating the circulatory system and making sure all bodily fluids are detoxified of any unwanted presence. 

Any physical infection, injury, or even fever that might be intruding on the regular functioning of the body is also healed with the assistance of this gem. Complete and timely digestion is another aspect where this stone shows specific benefits. With its hold over emotional reactions, anglesite is also capable of controlling anger and releasing it through healthy methods. 

Anglesite Metaphysical Properties

Anglesite Metaphysical Properties

Along with its several physical properties and usefulness, Anglesite also has a strong spiritual connection that allows individuals to experience metaphysical changes in life when using the gem in the proper ways. Here’s how it works:

Meditation: It is widely accepted by people of numerous cultures that Anglesite can regulate the flow of positive energies when incorporated into a regular meditation process. With its presence, all energies around the mind and soul and synced to be in favor of the right choices made by the individual. 

Channeling: One of the most sought-after functions of Anglesite is its ability to transform the way emotions are channeled. The individual learns about the difference between feeling an emotion and the correct and useful ways to channel it to benefit them best. 

Manifestation: Another common yet unusual power that only a few crystals possess is that of fulfilling manifestations practiced by the individual. Anglesite is one of those that are known to succeed in the art of manifestations. 

Spirit Guide: The most important metaphysical function of this stone is its ability to connect the person to their spiritual guides and well wishes upon proper usage. The connection of different worlds and souls is a complex one and needs specific energies that are provided by this stone. 

Anglesite Benefits

  • Adding to its physical healing properties, this gemstone is also known to heal joint issues for people suffering from untimely joint pain. 
  • It also fastens the recovery from any external infection and from any form of fever that may be interrupting the regular functioning of the body and mind. 
  • With its stronghold over the emotional aspect of the human mind, anglesite is also capable of teaching one to control anger and aggression by teaching them the importance of empathy.
  • Anger is considered to be a pessimistic yet strong emotion that can easily create intrusive thoughts in one’s brain. The presence of this stone can gradually assure that this anger is transformed into helpful thoughts rather than aggression. Anger when released through the correct channels can be well-utilized. 
  • Helping one cope with grief is another important function of this stone when it is utilized correctly. 
  • It is also responsible for making the individual more receptive and sensitive to everything around them as it is connected to two of the higher chakras: the third eye and the crown chakras

 Anglesite Benefits Spirituality

 Anglesite Benefits Spirituality

  • Known to enhance the meditation process for those who practice it regularly, Anglesite ensures the prevalence of peace and a conscious mind in one’s house. 
  • Being a calm healer, anglesite is accepted widely by millions around the globe for the overall impact it leaves in one’s life. 
  • It promotes a healthy lifestyle and better judgment through the tranquility that is renewed in the individual’s life. 
  • By developing sensitivity, anglesite is capable of making people feel compassion and optimism through their actions for themselves and others around them. 
  • Anglesite is especially capable of healing circulatory issues and helping in better digestive health. 
  • According to ancient beliefs about clear crystals, Anglesite is also a great detoxifying agent that cleanses both the mind and the soul from negative energies. 

Connecting one to their past souls is another of its greatest metaphysical benefits. 

Anglesite & Feng Shui

If you are a follower of the Feng Shui way of life, this clear or lightly tinted crystal can be of great benefit to your home. Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese practice that allows negative energy to be filtered and transformed into positive energy that flows through certain crystals. Since Anglesite has a weak Mohs hardness value of 2.5 – 3, it cannot be made into any piece of jewelry. However, if placed within the house, anglesite can ensure purity, calmness, and overall peace among members of the house. 

Being a naturally transparent crystal, Anglesite is known to act best when connected to the body during meditation. Keeping the gemstone close to one’s body during meditation is all it takes to clear the mind of any intrusive or negative thoughts and to have a calm mind before any important decisions are taken. 

Anglesite Chakras

Anglesite is responsible for two of the higher and most significant Chakras associated with the human body. They are the Crown Chakra and the Thirst Eye Chakra. Both situated at the head of an individual, are responsible for the mind and consciousness of the person, making them distinctly essential. 

Crown Chakra: The topmost chakra in the human body is the Crown Chakra which is located at the top of the head and is represented by the color violet. This chakra is responsible for the mind and brain and is specifically responsible for one’s consciousness. It is the spot for intuition and intellectual powers. Accompanied by Anglesite, one can form a transcendental connection with heavenly powers beyond the surface of the earth which will enhance the experience of the present time. 

Third Eye Chakra: Being one of the core chakras, the Third Eye Chakra is located in between and above the eyebrows and is represented by the indigo color. It is responsible for connecting the outer and inner environments of the body. Corresponding to the metaphysical functioning of Anglesite, this chakra is the path that connects the human soul to its guide souls. Through these spirit guides, one establishes their goals and aims in life. 

What are the Uses of Anglesite?

What are the Uses of Anglesite

  • Anglesite finds its greatest use in the form of healing unhealed wounds, both physical and emotional. 
  • This clear or lightly-hued crystal acts best when utilized during meditation. When one meditates, the entire body and mind are required to be still and calm. This crystal enhances this experience. 
  • When the body is still, the mind has the required time to have clear communication with the soul and other heavenly spirits that can guide the mind toward success. 
  • Being conscious of one’s thoughts and actions helps one be empathetic and sensitive to oneself and others around them. 
  • Anglesite is one of the very rare gemstones that when used accurately can create a connection with spirit guides. 
  • Another of its best uses is in the manifestation of desires. The practice of meditation while manifesting in the presence of this stone is often seen to be successful. 
  • This stone is also responsible for correcting the way emotions are channeled and expressed by the individual. 
  • It is especially efficient in channeling the effects of anger. Most people tend to become aggressive and harmful when angered but the presence of this gem can help in motivating the person to express it in helpful ways. 
  • By transforming anger into motivation, inspiration, and creativity, one ensures that his mind has greater value than simply seeking revenge. 
  • This is made easier because of the fact that the crystal is connected to the two higher Chakras, the Third Eye Chakra and the brown Chakra, both of which deal with consciousness and intuition. 
  • On the aspect of physical health, Anglesite helps heal osteoporosis and other kinds of brittle bone and joint pain issues. 
  • The mere presence of the stone helps in finding possibilities, positivities, and reasons to live a fulfilling life. 
  • With the presence of this stone during meditation, the mind and soul find oneness once guided by the spirit guides toward the ultimate aim of life. 
  • A clear mind is needed to think objectively and find reasons to be altruistic and compassionate towards all life forms around us. 
  • A clear mind is needed to think objectively and find reasons to be altruistic and compassionate towards all life forms around us. 

Caring for Anglesite

Being a fragile gemstone, Anglesite is one that has to be taken keen care of. In its natural form, it can be cut and carved into only certain shapes but it should never be handled by those who are not professionals. Anglesite contains large amounts of sulfur and lead, both of which can be toxic if not handled with care. 

It should be kept in mind that not all crystals are to be made into elixirs, including Anglesite. Mishandling even the smaller piece or dust of Anglesite can be hazardous. It should not be ground or cut without supervision. It should not be ingested or swallowed. One must wash their hands thoroughly after handling it. 

Caring for Anglesite

When to Cleanse Anglesite?

In case of sediment collection over your crystal over time, it is best to identify it before taking any other action that may cause the crystal to have an unwanted chemical reaction. Anglesite should also not be handled with bare hands due to its sulphuric nature. If you simply want to cleanse out the crystal of its energies, allowing it to remain under the moonlight for a few hours does the trick. Be careful that it does not remain under direct sunlight. 

How to Recharge Your Anglesite?

It is accepted by Anglesite users worldwide that this crystal does not require to be recharged too often. However, recharging such crystals is an easy method, by placing them under the moonlight, or allowing them to remain close to known recharging stones like Quartz or Amethyst. Usually, 24 hours is enough to entirely recharge the crystal of all the negative energies it may have attracted towards itself. It may take less than 24 hours in the case of smaller-sized crystals. 

Anglesite Activation Process

Anglesite does not require any external mode to be activated. Crystals and powdered Anglesite can be kept at home or in office areas. One thing to be careful of is that it should not be touched with bare hands as it has a high lead and sulphur concentration that is harmful to the naked skin. If touched, be sure to thoroughly cleanse your hands. 

How much is Anglesite worth? What determines Anglesite’s price and value?

This clear and transparent gemstone is priced per pound. A pound of rough and unrefined Anglesite will consist of a group of crystals and should be worth anywhere between US $550 to $580. 

Its worth is determined by the presence of Galena inclusions that make the gem slightly darker at the base and stronger in its spiritual powers. Since jewelry cannot be made into jewelry, its price is not altered and you would get pure crystals when externally bought. 

Anglesite Impact

Anglesite Impact

  • Anglesite Impact During Typical Dealing 

Anglesite is one of the most sulfur-rich lead gemstones that should always be handled with utmost care as continual exposure would cause more harm than metaphysical benefits. One should either wear disposable gloves or make sure to wash hands after touching them. It should not be cleaned by putting it under running water or steam as they may activate some arsenic reaction releasing harmful fumes. 

  • Anglesite Impact While Cutting

When manually cutting Anglesite, special precautions like face masks and gloves should be prepared to avoid any chemical fume from entering the body. Ingestion or inhalation of even a small amount of this stone can cause immense health problems and even cancer in some rare cases. 

Does Anglesite make a good jewelry stone?

No, Anglesite does not make a good jewelry stone due to its fragile and brittle nature determined by its Mohs hardness of 2.3 – 5 units. Since the jewelry-making process is a rigorous one and one that needs refining of the used stones and gems. Anglesite cannot bear such a process and thus cannot be carved into a finger ring or pendant. 

Its powers lie in simply keeping it inside the house and close to the body during one’s regular meditation. Once handled, it is advisable to wash your hands thoroughly to prevent any skin-related infections. 

Anglesite Real vs Fake

The easiest way to identify real Anglesite is through its clear transparency, prism-like color dispersion, and its defined cleavage. Its distinct chemical formula of PbSO4 is another way to identify real from fake Anglesite. 

Some other of its specific variables and mineral information is listed below:

  • Color: Colorless to white, commonly tinted gray, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet under very rare circumstances. 
  • Crystal habit: Granular, banded, nodular to stalactitic
  • Cleavage: Good and distinct
  • Fracture: Conchoidal
  • Tenacity: Brittle
  • Mohs scale hardness: 2.5–3.0
  • Luster: Adamantine crystals, dull when the crystals are earthy and bigger in size
  • Streak: White
  • Diaphaneity: Transparent to translucent
  • Specific gravity: 6.3
  • Optical properties: Biaxial 
  • Refractive index: 1.878
  • Fusibility: 1.5
  • Crystal system: Orthorhombic
  • Crystal class: Dipyramidal


How do I know if I have Anglesite?

Anglesite is a rare sulfur and lead mineral and can be identified through its tenacity, streak, and distinctly clear transparency. Anglesite belongs to the crystal system of orthorhombic and the crystal class of Dipyramidal. Being a stone of secondary origin, Anglesite is formed due to the weathering of another element galena in the upper layers of mineral lodes. 

These crystals have a well-defined cleavage and a not-so-defined basal plane. Anglesite can also be identified from its unique crystal habits that include granular, banded, nodular, and stalactitic. The best way to identify this stone is in the way it is available. Being a weak gem does not allow it to be made into jewelry of any form. 

How much is Anglesite per carat?

The worth of one carat of Anglesite can lie anywhere between US $550 to $580. Since this gemstone cannot be obtained in the form of jewelry, it is bought as crystals of the desired size and shape. 

What is Anglesite made of?

Anglesite is made of high levels of lead sulfate and through the oxidization of another mineral known as Galena. 

Where can Anglesite be found?

Anglesite was first discovered in Anglesey, on the island of Wales, United Kingdom. It can now be found in the US, Australia, Mexico, Austria, Scotland, England, Germany, Russia, Tunisia, and Morocco. The crystals obtained from the original island of Wales are known to be of finer quality than the original classic crystals. 

How rare are Anglesite mines?

Anglesite mines are quite common in the western parts of the world but are not quite common in the Middle East or Eastern parts of the world like Asia.  However, being a natural resource, these crystals are still quite rare and therefore their high worth. Their highly sulphuric composition is another reason they are only found in sulfur-rich parts of the world.