Color Changing Sapphire Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

What is Color Changing Sapphire?

Color Changing Sapphire Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses_NeoCrystals

The outstanding and unique ability to shift color is only seen in incredibly rare gems, because when they mature exhibit two optical transmission channels rather than one.

For example, a red stone appears red because it blocks all sunlight frequencies besides just red; nevertheless, a gem that gathers all light frequencies apart from midnight blue and red glows brightly whenever the lighting source seems to be powerful in that wavelength range and red when it contains solid red hues. Fluorescent lamps are more purple-toned than incandescent lighting. Different-colored sapphires are notably displayed in this setting because of the equal distribution of daylight illumination.

​How to identify a Color Changing Sapphire?

Sapphire gems generally appear bluish in natural sunlight and violet in (incandescent) ambient light. Color Changing Sapphire’s color shift can also range from pink in natural light to greenish in artificial lighting. Certain Different Color Blue diamonds go from blue to blue lavender, while other Different Color Crystal gemstones just partially change color.

Other fancy forms are also conceivable for fancy or color-change sapphire stones, which are often polished and cut in a circular dazzling shape. Exotic and Change In color Gemstones may be found in round, wedge, trillion, rosette, oval, round, and heart shapes, however, they are less frequent.

Color Changing Sapphires Cuts

Due to the usual form of sapphire, raw, ovals, rounds, cushions, and jewels are among the most popular sapphire cuts. Pears, briolettes, hearts, and marquises are a few more common sapphire forms. To create and effectively exhibit the star appearance, star sapphires are carved into the crystal form.

Inside a star sapphire, light is reflected by fibers or fibrous voids, creating the appearance of a star. Three pairs of parallel fibers are present in a sapphire from a 6-star. A 12-ray starry sapphire may occasionally be fashioned by expert cutters, although they are uncommon. 

Color Changing Sapphires Shapes 

Like conventional sapphires, color-changing, and bi-colored sapphire stones may be cut into a variety of forms. Quart, trillion, rosette, circular, cushion, and heart-shaped rubies are among the forms, but they are less frequent. Since raw sapphires are uncommon and often tiny, they are rarely given in measured sizes, and the cutting may not be consistent. Large specimens of these stones are more expensive because they are so hard to find.

Where are Colour Changing Sapphires Found?

Various countries across the world, notably the capital of Thailand Bangkok, Sri Lanka’s  Ceylon, Cambodian, Tanzania, Country of the ethical group of Nigeria, Kenya, the beautiful country of Madagascar, Tanzania, Australia, the Populous country of China, and the USA, are known to mine magnificent color change sapphire. Madagascar and Sri Lanka (Ceylon) are now the top two sources of exquisite sapphire.

The most precious sapphire comes from Sri Lanka (Ceylon), Burma (Myanmar), the Pailin area of Cambodia, and Picturesque of Kashmir (India).

Color Changing Sapphires Stone Meaning

Colour Changing Sapphires Stone Meaning

According to legend, Prometheus, a competitor of Zeus, having stolen the sapphire from Caucus where he stole flame from the heavens for mankind, was the initial individual to wear it.

The early Persians, who gave rubies the nickname “Gem of Heaven,” thought they were indeed a piece out from the foundation that held the world, and believed that the colors in the sky came from its reflections.

Sapphire is considered the most valuable gemstone since it is said that Moses received the 10 Commandments from God on diamond tablets. Royals and spiritual leaders preferred blue sapphires as their precious stone of choice because they symbolize heavenly favor. Huge blue sapphires, the emblem of virtuous and intelligent monarchs, are abundant in the British Crown Treasures.

Color Changing Sapphires Meaning in Ancient Lore and History

There’s a motivation behind why this exemplary stone is entertained by eminence and cherished around the world. Sapphires have a consecrated significance and huge importance which increases their charm. 

During medieval times, sapphires were utilised to save virtue, track down foul play, and safeguard from regular infections. Ministers sported sapphires to address Paradise, foes involved the pearls as negotiating concessions, and prophets involved them as a course to forecast what was in store. The sapphire stone significance addresses heavenly insight and holiness traversing societies — from Hebrew legend to Greek folklore to Buddhist illumination.

Glorious blue sapphires honor eminence and are engraved in antiquated and middle-aged history. Sapphires are particularly well known, set in rings for rulers and remarkable figures both memorable and present-day. Sapphire is both a gemstone and variety reference, with the earliest records portraying sapphire as a variety following back to 1430.

On the off chance that you’ve known about a non-blue sapphire alluded to as “Oriental,” this is on the grounds that for a period, these corundum jewels were alluded to as a completely unique gemstone. An ideal model is the “Oriental Emerald” which is simply green sapphire. As you can envision, this was a deceptive work on making it challenging to recognize emeralds from sapphires.

In Antiquated Greece, sapphire was related to the Olympian god, Apollo. Blue sapphires address the planet Venus and its relegated work day, Friday.

Color Changing Sapphires Crystal Properties

Colour Changing Sapphires Crystal Properties

  • Origin Madagascar, Australia, India, Kenya, Tanzania, Sri Lanka, Ceylon, Thailand, the United States of America, and China
  • The colors of loose sapphire gemstones include Blue, Rose, Yellow, Emerald, Lavender, Bright yellow, Padparadscha, Bluish green, Change In color, and Black.
  • 1.759–1.778 Refractive Index
  • Hardness ranges 9
  • AL2O3 is the chemical formula
  • Concentration is 4 
  • It’s a Trigonal Crystal
  • Libra is the Zodiac Sign
  • Planet is Venus
  • The month is said to be September
  • Anniversary Numbers are 5 and 45

Color Changing Sapphires Healing Properties

In her work “Physica,” Abbess Hildegard of Bingen (1098–1179), described the therapeutic properties of gemstones. She believed that since liquid and fire combine so powerfully to make gemstones, they had properties that correlate to natural events. She additionally thought that God had bestowed a special grace on each stone.

Regarding sapphire, she stated this: “Whoever lacks intelligence or desires this should regularly lick their tongue on a gem when in a lucid condition so because sapphire’s warming and force, along with the wetness of the saliva, will drive away the poisonous liquids which injure the mind. The individual will have a strong mind as a result.”

Sapphire is known as a “stone of Shrewdness”. Sapphire reestablishes harmony inside the body, adjusting the physical, mental, and profound planes, bringing tranquillity and genuine serenity. Likewise, Since old time Sapphire gemstone is thought of as a stone of eminence, shrewdness, Divine blessing, and honorability.

  • Inner soul: Astuteness, focus, balance, clear considerations
  • Feelings: Anxious, outraged, disappointed, antagonism, pessimistic sentiments, love, truth
  • Mental: Money, thriving, luck, peace of mind, and stability 
  • Physical illness: Fever, aggravation, consumption, nosebleed, blood clumps, apoplexy, veins

Color Changing Sapphires Metaphysical Properties

Color Changing Sapphires Metaphysical Properties

We must never forget that our mental strength is the most potent of all. The usage of jewels in the molecular, wave, and vibrating power of the stones may only aid a little with regard to human health. On the steps, it resembles a fence. It is not necessary to climb the stairs to use the stair gate. But using a stair barrier will make climbing the stairs simpler. The same is true when employing a gemstone. 

All gems have their own unique vibrational and wave energy. Additionally, the jewels’ chemical characteristics are very unique. The chemical makeup and other forces of gemstones are utilised to treat illnesses, stimulate, and rebalance the energy levels of the human body.

Color Changing Sapphires Benefits

The sapphire is seen as a symbol of intelligence and tranquillity. The usage of fancy color-changing sapphire can help people feel better and cure sadness. By soothing the brain, it can also assist while making meditation more effective. All sapphire has stood for the skies, purity, and truth for ages. 

Because it has so many different hues, color-changing sapphire is helpful to many chakras. Sapphire can represent the sign of Taurus, Libra, and Sagittarius, or Gemini depending on its hue. It is the astrological stone of Saturn and has a unique affinity for the component of freshwater.

The sapphire has long been used as a representation of honesty, integrity, and fidelity. Individuals who wear it are said to experience calm, pleasure, and knowledge. Sapphire has a long history of being a potent charm for travelers, explorers, and searchers. In the real sense, it was believed to be so potent that even when being handed to a different person, it would still be capable of safeguarding the talisman’s initial bearer. 

Wearing a Sapphire stone around the neck can make all the difference for the throat chakra as the stone is effectively in touch with the chakras. A couple of Sapphire studs bring the mending stones into close contact with the third eye chakra. The diamonds can then get out any blockages around there and keep your headspace clear and committed.

A Sapphire wristband conveys that natural insight with you and assists you with encircling yourself in the recuperating vibrations of the Sapphire stone as it pulsates against your heartbeat and waves through you, its energy heading out to the heart and hits each sore spot as it goes.

To coordinate your Sapphire stone with other mending gems that can assist with lifting it up, you might need to look towards the quiet recuperating nature of Amethyst. The Amethyst stone is a grand counterpart for Sapphire as it is the last card to play in getting all your higher chakras adjusted. Amethyst works with the crown chakra and with this stone set close by Sapphire, it energises the blessed trinity of truth, astuteness, and grandiose association, assisting with lifting you up to bewildering new levels.

Color Changing Sapphires Benefits Spirituality

The Colour shift from blue to pink Sapphire primarily stimulates the chakra system, the body’s voice, and the third eye chakra. The Third Eye chakra and the Throat Chakra will be unblocked and balanced by the blue to purple shift crystal energy. Lighter shades of blue provide the strength of adaptability, ease, and harmony, while darker hues stimulate the power of truth. 

Color shift from purple to blue Sapphire lets one become distant, releases mental stress and offers envious behavior protection. Additionally, wearing it can bring good fortune and provide protection from bad spirits.

Under the gleaming Sapphire stone’s surface, there is enormous spiritual healing to be found. Whereas the gem helps the body become balanced and wise on a physical level, it also helps on an emotional level. Gemstone is all about nurturing joy and liberating ourselves from self-created chains.

That’s a stone that only loosens the atmosphere, bringing you back to the conviction that your own intellect can act as a guide, and keeps you from feeling disoriented or lost. Since the sapphire is inextricably tied to knowledge, fostering these inner relationships and abiding inside the illumination of your reality are the main goals.

Color Changing Sapphires & Feng Shui

Color Changing Sapphires & Feng Shui

If you wish to infuse your house with the spirit of truth and honesty, invite Sapphire in. The sapphire is a wonderful stone for just any personal arena since it has defensive qualities. It guarantees that it delivers the spirit of meditation, goal, serenity, and movement into your house and assists in keeping negative energy away. The Sapphire symbolises the spirit of water in Feng Shui. It revolves around silent flow, introspection, and serenity. It is aware of when to burst and when it should simmer. 

When positioned in the workplace or workstation, the sapphire gemstone also has amazing effects. As a treasure that promotes good open communication. Additionally, it might improve ties with family and coworkers. It may trigger abundance and assist you in being receptive to receiving wonderful benefits and monetary rewards in your life since it is a stone of marvelous richness.

The vitality of wood is associated with the color blue in Feng Shui. The blues stone can help you when you’re tackling new creative pursuits.

Gemstone is also invited to join you in any of your ritual purposes. When working with any sort of healing or seeing activity, it’s an excellent rock to keep on hand. It might help you stay committed to the values of integrity and honesty in your recovery efforts by keeping it on your altar. You may accept it into reiki therapy, crystal fields, and any other type of communication that appeals to you.

Colour Changing Sapphires Birthstone

The classic birthstone for September newborns is sapphire, but it also complements other air signs like Gemini. The Sapphire, which is influenced by the planet Saturn promotes stability, clarity, as well as the power of self-control. The spirit of compassion, attractiveness, and affection emanates from Librans because they have pleasant, giving, and affable personalities. They all emphasize restraint, equilibrium, peace, fairness, and connectedness, and they have a lot of similarities with the moods of the sapphire stone.

 All of the aforementioned can be made stronger by sapphire, but it can also assist balance out all the parts of Libra that don’t always follow through. It is beneficial to have a stone that promotes connection to knowledge, truth, and understanding since they devote so much time to peacekeeping and weighing all the options.

Geminis are also renowned for being entertaining and fanciful beings, yet they sometimes err on the side of caution towards making proactive decisions. The sapphire also works wonderfully for the Gemini, fostering stronger interpersonal relationships and assisting them in being a bit more grounded.

Color Changing Sapphires Chakras

Color Changing Sapphires Chakras

Like other lovely blue gemstones, the Sapphire stone is associated with the throat chakra and the third eye chakra as well. The throat chakra is fundamental in figuring out how to impart our reality and internal identities to the rest of the world. At the point when our throat chakra is obstructed, we might battle with issues of limits, being heard, and definitive activity.

At the point when this space is open and streaming, we won’t hesitate to utilise our words and we can convey our feelings, convictions, and lovely bits of insight to the world. The further the tone of the blue, the more impressive actually is. Though paler blues and indigo tints assist us with being adaptable and loose with how we utilise our voice.

This is where our inward sight sits and how we tap into our own instinct to pursue sincere savvy decisions that line up with our soul and our center conviction framework. Having a make a sound as if to speak chakra and the third eye chakra is a significant extension for the individuals who need to interface with their reality and intelligence, to involve their instinctive information as the establishment for their correspondence, and who need to get a sense of ownership with their own considerations and sentiments as opposed to feeling powerless and helpless before the world.

You can likewise involve Sapphire for astral travel and association with the heavenly domains as well. There’s huge profound energy in the radiance of the Sapphire.

What are the Uses of Color Changing Sapphires?

The gem has been providing us with several health advantages from antiquity through the middle ages to the present day. While indigo may have been utilised to ward against sickness and poison in earlier times, the same holds true now, shielding us from toxic or poisonous energies that can weigh heavily,

Caring for Color-Changing Sapphires 

This dark blue and stunning rock, known as sapphire, holds a wealth of delight and power for those who choose to embrace it. You will not be disappointed with the divine pleasures evoked by the Sapphire stone, which is a talisman of travelers, an assortment of amulets, a stone of profound spiritual significance, and celestial guidance. There are various ways to embrace the power of Sapphire, from adorning it as jewelry to incorporating it in feng shui to using it as a healer gemstone for any ceremonial work.

When to Cleanse Colour-Changing Sapphires?

When to Cleanse Colour-Changing Sapphires

But because it’s such a priceless stone, it’s usually advised to handle it delicately. You should maintain your Sapphire cleaned up and charged, just like all other crystals and priceless energy jewels, so that it is always prepared to offer a helping hand. The Sapphire responds remarkably effectively to the water’s power because, as was already established, it contains a great deal of both water and air energy. Without having to worry about scratching the surface, you may use a soft-bristled brush to thoroughly clean your Sapphire.

How to Recharge Your Colour-Changing Sapphires?

Rutile (silk) particles dissolve at a cooler temperature than corundum does after a thermal treatment. The incorporation of the hematite specks into the crystalline structure is aided by the controlled application of heat. This enhances the sapphire’s color and clarity in turn.

Dispersion: A thin color coating applied to the outside of the stone considerably improves color and asterism. When not submerged in a refraction liquid, diffusion—which is mostly employed for blue sapphires—is unnoticeable.

Color Changing Sapphires Activation Process

This gemstone may be recharged most effectively on Friday at dusk. Around Friday evening (sunset) time, put out that same ring. In addition to placing the blue sapphire ring in the bowl of water with the rock salt, put the blue sapphire ring in the home shrine up overnight.

How much is Colour Changing Sapphires worth?

These uncommon gems are hard to find and command high prices since they have superb clarity and good carat weight. Blue to purple color-changing sapphires can range in price from 60$ to 121$ per carat.

What determines Colour Changing Sapphire’s price and value? 

The gemstones with the most vibrant and brilliant colours are the most expensive. Sapphire won’t perform effectively on the scale based if its tone is excessively dark. Consider improvements when doing a study on sapphires. Even if the majority of treatments are conventional, you should still be aware of the gem’s origins and history to negotiate a reasonable price.

Color Changing Sapphires Impact

Sapphire also supports emotional equilibrium, which implies that it may lessen the physical signs of anxiety and depression as well. After a while of having Sapphire nearby, you could notice that sleeping is simpler, your fight-or-flight reaction is soothed, and you’re less susceptible to illness or diseases.

Does Colour Changing Sapphires make a good jewelry stone? 

Yes! This dazzling diamond is used to create stunning jewelry.

Color Changing Sapphires Real vs Fake

Colour Changing Sapphires Real vs Fake

The majority of collectors are happy with somewhat incorporated color-change gems because eye-clean stones are so uncommon. Rough is uncommon, the cuts could not be consistent, and they are rarely provided in calibrated sizes. Large specimens of these stones are more expensive because they are so hard to find.


What is Colour Changing Sapphires used for? 

They can be used as Jewellery and feng shui at home.

How is Colour Changing Sapphires formed? 

Deep down in the Earth’s crust, corundum (sapphire and ruby) develops and is carried to the level in igneous rocks like basalt that really are rich in aluminum yet low in silicon. Furthermore, metamorphosed rocks contain corundum.

Where should I put Color Changing Sapphires?

It can be used as an ornament or placed for luck and prosperity at home or work.

How do you cleanse Color Changing Sapphires?

The best way to clean your Sapphire is to run it under moderate or cool water.

 Is Color Changing Sapphires rare? 

Yes, some types of Sapphires are rare. 

How strong are Color Changing Sapphires?

Their Moh hardness ranges around 9.

 How much are Color Changing Sapphires worth?

It highly depends on the carat and type of gem you are looking for. 

How do you identify Colour Changing Sapphires?

Hue, saturation, and clarity could be focussed.