Amblygonite Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

Amblygonite is a beautiful and elegant pastel-coloured gemstone. It is gained from the group of phosphate minerals. The name Amblygonite is derived from the Greek word ‘Blunt Angles.’ This name is kept in reference to its cleavage which is found in many different angles. The gemstones are usually found in white or milky colours. Other colours are blue, grey, beige, pink and many more. 

The value of these beautiful gemstones highly depends on different factors such as size, quantity, colour, etc. The Amblygonite gemstones are eye-clean and well-finished gemstones. The colours in which they are available are the most desirable pastel colours that every gem collector dreams about. These gemstones are surely some of the most beautiful gemstones on the entire planet! 

What Is Amblygonite?

What Is Amblygonite?

Amblygonite is a gemstone that belongs to the group of phosphate minerals. Amblygonite gemstones are usually sourced from lithium and phosphate pegmatites. Amblygonite crystals look a lot like Quartz and Albite gemstones. As the meaning of the name of this gemstone ‘blunt angles’ suggest, this gemstone has a distinct cleavage that is multi-directional. 

Amblygonite cleavage has a total of four directions. Every direction shows a different quality of the main cleavage. Amblygonite is a highly soothing and calming mineral. The healing properties of this gemstone are abundant. This gemstone works wonders for individuals suffering from different kinds of mental disorders like anxiety, depression and various kinds of stress. 

How To Identify Amblygonite?

The lustre of Amblygonite is greasy. Since Amblygonite means blunt angles, the cleavage of this gemstone has four different directions. This amount of cleavage angles is huge for a gemstone. This gemstone is usually gained in clear or milky colour. However, other colours in which these can be gained are pink, beige, pale yellow, pale blue, light blue and many more. 

Amblygonite has a very high lithium composition. Due to this, it produces reliable results in the flame test. When the powder of this gemstone is placed on the gas flame, a flame in sparkling red colour will be produced. Amblygonite is a brittle and soft gemstone which it is not ideally used for the purpose of jewellery, ornamentation and other decorative purposes. 

  • Amblygonite Cuts

As observed in different collections, Amblygonite gemstones that are transparent or clear are utilised as crystals for collection. Since Amblygonite crystals are pretty soft and brittle with different cleavage directions, it may be difficult to cut them for jewellery and ornamentation purposes. 

Well-cut and faceted crystals of this gemstone are not widely found in the market. They are pretty rare, expensive and a special treat for a collector’s collection. Even with rarity in faceted specimens, Amblygonite gemstones are easily available as beads and cabochons. 

Where Is Amblygonite Found?

Most Amblygonite gemstones are sourced from Penig, Chemnitz and Saxony. Basically, Eastern Central Germany is one of the main sources of Amblygonite. Other aces from which these gemstones are gained are as follows:-

  • Brazil 
  • Sakangi 
  • Magok 
  • Mandalay 
  • France 
  • Canada 
  • Mexico 
  • California 
  • South Dakota 

Amblygonite Stone Meaning 

August Breithaupt in the 1800s had discovered this gemstone. He named it Amblygonite as the meaning of this name has been derived from two words:-

  • Amblus which means blunt. 
  • Goni which means angles. 

The meaning of the name simply indicates the multi-directional cleavage of the gemstone. Amblygonite is a gemstone rich in lithium. That’s why it is widely used as a source of Lithium. It is also known as a good source of phosphate minerals. 

According to various healing circles, Amblygonite is an ideal gemstone for providing peace and a sense of relief in times of chronic stress and anxiety attacks. The golden rays emitted by this bright crystal enable the inner light to grow every day. By establishing a serene emotional centre, this gemstone enhances the level of positivity in one’s perspective and mindset. 

Amblygonite Healing Properties

The cautious physical, emotional and mental healing properties of Amblygonite are as follows:- 

  • Physical Healing Properties Of Amblygonite

Amblygonite is responsible for the activation of the electrical systems in the body. It covers the thymus glands. The wearer is kept safe from various computer emanations. Amblygonite portrays excellent qualities for curing different disorders like ADHD and hyperactivity. 

This gemstone helps in curing different kinds of diseases and disorders born due to faulty genetic systems. It also helps in breaking the system of ongoing disorders in the genetic makeup. 

When troubled with terrible headaches and other kinds of body aches, this gemstone provides relief and healing benefits so that the impact is reduced when it occurs the next time. Different kinds of bone-related concerns and issues like calcium deficiency, weak and brittle bones, etc are cured by Amblygonite. Stomach and intestine-related issues such as weak bowel system, digestive issues and irritable bowel syndrome are all relieved by the healing powers of this gemstone. 

  • Emotional Healing Properties Of Amblygonite

Emotional Healing Properties Of Amblygonite

Amblygonite gemstones are widely used for gaining balance and stability in the emotional system. It helps the wearer to nurture themselves and take good care of their emotional patterns and behaviours. It also helps the wearer to analyse and identify the qualities and polarities that define them. 

This healing crystal is used for uniting the various emotions of the wearer. It aligns their chakras. Such alignment is vital for the free-flowing of energies and vibrations throughout the body. Amblygonite enhances one’s ability to provide empathy and emotional service to loved ones. 

It also lets the wearer be empathetic and giving to the people in their surroundings without being a victim of sacrifice or martyrdom. Emotional blockages are the number one reason for imbalanced chakra and an unhealthy outlook towards the outer world. 

That’s why Amblygonite gemstones gently help the wearer to reduce these blockages and come out of damaging and dangerous emotional patterns that were formed due to past experiences. It helps in breaking off toxic and stressful relationships that are harmful to one’s physical and mental well-being. 

  • Mental Healing Properties Of Amblygonite

For being more innovative and creative, Amblygonite gemstones are used. The individuals in the arts and performing industry swear by the benefits of this gemstone for enhancing creativity and an innovative mindset. Different genres of creativity like poem writing, painting, music, dance and many more are enhanced by this gemstone. It is believed by many healers that when this gemstone is used for meditation and manifestation purposes, the wearer’s talents are expanded. 

If distraction, procrastination and trouble in focusing on one thing is an issue faced by the wearer, then this gemstone allows them to correct this by enhancing their attention and focus skills. It enables them to complete what they have started. Or what they have been avoiding due to procrastination. This gemstone increases one’s brainstorming abilities so that one can think of which solutions and ideas for different projects and assignments. 

For the individuals holding different kinds of power, if they have ever misused or abused the power in their hand, this gemstone helps them to correct this. It makes them become better leaders and better users of the authority they hold. They are able to become more deserving of the power that has been given to them. 

Amblygonite Metaphysical Properties

There are many different kinds of metaphysical energies and vibrations in the universe. Amblygonite helps the wearer to connect with them all. This connection further helps them to create a close bond with the divine and higher realms. This gemstone will also make you realise your true divinity and how divine you are in actuality. 

The solar plexus chakra enables the wearer to enhance their skills of acceptance and appreciation in the best way possible. When negative or damaging thoughts about one’s life surround in the mind of the wearer, this gemstone acts as a calming and soothing agent for letting go of those thoughts. This gemstone plays an important role in helping the wearer know the different aspects of their soul and how it functions for the betterment of their physical and mental well-being. 

When Amblygonite clears out self-doubt and insecurities that one holds in their mind, they are able to look at themselves with more love and acceptance. It also helps them to conquer the different talents they have and how they can portray them to the world in the most creative and thrilling way possible. The talents of arts, music, performance and expression are enhanced by the use of this gemstone. 

Amblygonite Benefits

One of the most well-known benefits of Amblygonite gemstones is that they are used for harmonising and streamlining the functions of the body, mind and soul. It enables a clear vision during stressful circumstances. Finding solutions and ideas for solving adversities are through the daily use of this gemstone. It helps the wearer to survive through every stage of existential crises and learn meaningful lessons from them too. 

The trade of positive energies in return for positive energies is made possible by this gemstone. This gemstone is used for boosting creativity. So if the wearer belongs to the creative sector, then this gemstone will be of good use to them. Since Amblygonite enhances mental, physical and emotional health, it not only helps in reducing the stress on one’s mind and emotions, but it helps to relieve the physical strains too. 

Amblygonite is a gemstone for restructuring. It helps the wearer to restructure their life and create a meaningful outlook towards the world. On a spiritual level, this gemstone helps the wearer understand that everything in this world will come to an end one day. Everything is temporary. So they must make the most out of the time they have on this Earth. And then prepare to travel to the higher world. Or travel to the other world where they first came from. 

Amblygonite gemstones are used to activate and balance the Solar Plexus chakra. This enables the wearer to become more creative and innovative. It makes the wearer realise the true creative potentials that they never thought they had before. If the wearer is constantly doubting themselves or the people and circumstances in their surroundings, then they are recommended to use Amblygonite as it will help them get rid of unnecessary doubts and will provide them with the clarity they are looking for. 

Amblygonite gemstones help the wearer to gain a clear mind. This means they are enabled to make big decisions about their life in a clearer manner. When doubts and confusions occur in the path of making important decisions for transforming one’s life, this gemstone enables them to gain clear answers for these doubts and reduce confusions too that are built upon irrationality and illogicality. 

This gemstone helps the wearer to keep focus. This means that if the wearer is suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder or any other disorder that enables them to retain focus and attention on one thing for a longer period of time, this gemstone improves their ability to maintain their focus on all the important aspects of an important situation. 

Amblygonite gemstones boost one’s trust and faith in themselves. With the daily use of this gemstone, the wearer is able to trust the decisions they make. They get better at sensing any danger. They are able to make a distinction between the good and bad aspects of every situation. They are also beneficial for athletes to enhance their energy for playing different kinds of sports. This gemstone not only makes the athlete strong physically but mentally too. It increases their tolerance, and endurance and helps them make quick movements when required in their game. 

  • Amblygonite Benefits Spirituality

Amblygonite gemstones play an important role in making the wearer realise that they are worth everything good in this world. It provides them with a strong sense of self-worth. When the self-worth of the wearer is enhanced, they are able to understand that they are immortal beings who are supposed to move to the higher-existent world after their time on earth is over. 

Amblygonite is mostly used for fulfilling grid work. It works excellently in those areas where public disorders or dissonance is present. It works to bring peace and harmony in those areas where the youth is present. This gemstone enables the wearer to understand what power truly is. It helps them to know whether or not they are misusing the power given to them. 

Amblygonite gemstones help the wearer to understand the faults in the power system. It makes the wearer take necessary actions without having to think about what others will think. It enables the wearer to understand the fact that sometimes, taking a stand for oneself is important. Especially, in a toxic power set-up, one must take action to make their own space and place in it regardless of the thought that they might hurt the sentiments of others in the same set-up. 

Amblygonite is a good source of lithium. It helps in getting rid of excess worry and tension that results from stressful and strenuous situations. The yellow stones of Amblygonite are one of the most powerful stones in the world as they help in curing and treating many mental disorders. It relieves stress and anxiety that create obstacles for the wearer in their path of personal growth. These gemstones boost the immune system and help the wearer deal with different kinds of diseases. 

Amblygonite Birthstones

Amblygonite is a birthstone for those who have the zodiac sign Taurus

Amblygonite Chakras

Amblygonite is used for maintaining balance and activating the Solar Plexus chakra. It creates a unity between the soul star chakra and the Solar Plexus chakra. This gemstone has an effect on all chakras (heart chakra, throat chakra and third eye chakra) as it allows the free-flowing of energy from the chakras to the entire human body. 

What Are The Uses Of Amblygonite?

Apart from a striking and beautiful visual appearance that makes it a desirable jewellery stone, Amblygonite is a crystal that is used for a number of uses that are as follows:- 

  • Amblygonite is widely used as a stone for overall healing and protection. It benefits physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health by possessing numerous health benefits and advantages. 
  • Amblygonite crystals are used for therapy purposes. Many metaphysical healing circles and therapists use this gemstone for providing peace, calmness and relaxation to their client’s mental and physical state. 
  • This gemstone is used by individuals to develop a strong sense of dignity and respect for not only themselves but for the people in their surroundings and social circles. 
  • Amblygonite gemstones are successfully used as meditation stones for connecting and understanding the Solar Plexus chakra. This chakra, upon being activated, enables the wearer to explore their creative side and excel in their creative fields like dancing, music, performance, painting, sketching and much more! 
  • Individuals who belong to the entertainment and art industry must wear this gemstone as it helps them to create new innovations and come up with new ideas to make their work life much more pleasant than it already is. It will provide them with a sense of pure joy and happiness in the works and innovations they come up with. 
  • Amblygonite gemstones are used by people to develop the skills of resolving conflicts and making leave with different kinds of people with different behaviours and temperaments. It helps them to develop the skills of efficient decision-making and problem-solving. 
  • This gemstone helps the wearer to be comfortable and confident in their own skin. It helps them to develop a sense of self esteem and self-respect. The wearer is able to take a stand for themselves and speak for themselves. 
  • This gemstone is used for chasing away all the negative energies from the house and evil entities too. It is used for inviting positive energies and vibrations into our lives. 
  • Amblygonite is a spiritual gemstone. This means that it is used for gaining spiritual awareness and also taps into one’s spiritual mind and consciousness. 
  • This gemstone is used for moving on from the dark past. It helps in planning a better future by learning from the mistakes that one may have made on the way. It helps in reducing trauma from undesirable situations and helps in overcoming guilt and grief. 

Caring For Amblygonite

Proper care must be taken of Amblygonite as it is a soft gemstone with a low hardness level on the Mohs scale. It also has the most ideal cleavage as compared to other gemstones. That’s why the care and maintenance of this gemstone must be done regularly from time to time. One must avoid using mechanical cleansing techniques on this gemstone. Steam, ultrasonic and other methods should be avoided for cleaning this gemstone. 

For cleaning the gemstone in the most ideal way, one must use a soft and gentle brush. Along with that, use mild cleaning solutions and warm water for removing dirt and dust particles from the crystals. For jewellery purposes, one must make sure that the gemstone is kept in a protected setting. This will avoid scratching and breaking the gemstone. Rings should not be made from this gemstone as it is a delicate gemstone and rings are more prone to damage than any other form of jewellery. 

How Much Is Amblygonite Worth?

Amblygonite’s value depends on the colour, weight and carat of the gemstone. The costs vary heavily from the seller to seller. Usually, Amblygonite gemstones come in the price range of fifty US dollars to 200 US dollars. The cuts, sizes and shapes also play a major role in determining the value of this gemstone. 

Does Amblygonite Make A Good Jewellery Stone?

Since Amblygonite is a beautiful and elegant gemstone, the jewellery made from this gemstone looks extremely beautiful and alluring. Amblygonite jewellery surely looks very good. However, maintenance may take a little effort as they are fragile gemstones. If proper care is not taken, it may lead to breakage in the stone. Let’s learn about the different jewellery pieces made from Amblygonite. 

  • Amblygonite Necklaces

One of the most ideal ways of wearing Amblygonite gemstones as jewellery is through necklaces. The Amblygonite necklaces, since they are worn at the neck, will stay close to the throat chakra. This will offer balance and activation to the throat chakra too.  

  • Amblygonite Pendants

A small Amblygonite pendant worn next to the heart will offer so many healing benefits directly to the heart. It will also let the wearer get rid of the negativity and fear in the atmosphere. 

  • Amblygonite Rings

Although Amblygonite rings are pretty delicate. They look exceptionally good with any outfit as the bright and beautiful colours of the gemstone make it one of the best ring stones in the gem world. Amblygonite rings have the potential to set the wearer apart from everyone else. The best setting to fit the gemstone is a silver setting. By wearing the crystal as a ring, it will be extremely close to the wearer 24/7 and will keep providing its benefits to the wearer. 

Amblygonite Real vs Fake

For identifying if an Amblygonite gemstone is real or fake, one can conduct a flame test on the gemstone. Since Amblygonite has a high content of Lithium, during the flame test, it will be easier to tell whether or not the Amblygonite specimen in question is real or fake. 

The second way is by observing the cleavage of the gemstone. Amblygonite has four directional cleavages that are parallel to each other. So if the Amblygonite gemstone in question does not have parallel cleavages, then it is probably fake. 

In The Light Of This Information 

If enhancing creativity and excelling in different performance arts fields is the goal of the wearer, then Amblygonite is the perfect gemstone for them. Amblygonite is not only a beautiful gemstone, but when used on a daily basis, acts like a strong healer and protector from everything negative in the surroundings of the wearer. For finding one’s spiritual path and getting connected to higher beings, this gemstone must be used for meditation purposes. 


Is amblygonite rare?

Yes. Amblygonite is an extremely rare gemstone. 

How much is amblygonite worth?

Amblygonite gemstones can be worth around fifty dollars to two hundred dollars depending on their cuts and carats. 

Where is amblygonite found?

Amblygonite gemstones are predominantly found in countries like France, Spain, Australia, South Africa, etc. 

What is the meaning of Amblygonite?

The meaning of the word Amblygonite has been derived from the Greek words Amblus and Goni. These words mean ‘Blunt angles.’ 

Is Amblygonite a gemstone?

Yes. Amblygonite is a gemstone. 

What is the chemical composition of Amblygonite?

Amblygonite is composed of Lithium, Phosphate, Aluminium and Sodium.