Apophyllite Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

Apophyllite is a visually appealing set of crystals that appear in a variety of colors. These crystals have an arrangement that resembles several pyramid-shaped prisms piled on top of one another. The several layers that make up the apophyllite crystal structure are what give it its pearly luster and distinctive shape. It has an interesting past and lots of odd uses.

According to legend, this gem helps your masculine and feminine energy achieve harmony and balance with one another while also raising your vibration. Being a highly perceptive stone, apophyllite is frequently used to boost consciousness and awaken intuition. Read on to learn more about Apophyllite.

What is Apophyllite

What is Apophyllite?

Fluorapophyllite, which has a green color, Hydroxyapophyllite, which is clear, and Natroapophyllite, which has brown/yellow hues, are all collectively referred to as apophyllite. The green variant is said to be the least common of the three.

Rene Just Hauy made the initial discovery of apophyllite throughout the 18th and 19th centuries. They are frequently discovered in the mines of Canada, India, Brazil, Italy, and Greenland. The green stones in this collection of crystals are rumored to be the most prized beauty and come from Poona in India.

All apophyllite crystal forms share a common chemical structure and set of characteristics. They differ from one another due to differences in shape, color, and origin.

How to Identify an Apophyllite?

How to identify an Apophyllite?

Although apophyllite can be found in a variety of colors, white is by far the most prevalent. It also appears in pink, green, yellow, and brown hues as well as occasionally being completely colorless or translucent. Shades of stark white, off-white/grey, and rose-red are additional, less popular colors.

Apophyllite Cuts and Shapes : 

Apophyllite Cuts - Apophyllite Shapes

The stone looks stunning in any light and has a handmade cut. Because Apophyllite exhibits flawless cleavage in one direction, you must keep that in mind. These gemstones are shaped in cubic, tabular, prismatic, and sometimes pyramidal.

Where is Apophyllite Found?

Due to the concentration of iron, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India generates both vivid, apple-green crystals as well as colorless ones. These exquisite crystal clusters of iron-rich apophyllites are found. However, compared to colorless material, face table material is typically scarce and smaller. A lot of other locations in Maharashtra also yield apophyllites. Other than India, you can find this crystal in Canada, Norway, Scotland, Brazil, Japan, Ireland, and the United States.

Apophyllite Stone Meaning

Beautifully white and translucent, apophyllite has a prismatic surface. It also has intriguing literal and spiritual implications, as would be expected of any crystal this stunning.  The Greek terms apo, which means “off,” and phyllon, which means “leaf,” are the source of the word apophyllite’s literal meaning. It translates roughly to “to leaf apart.”

This is a reference to the crystal’s propensity to flake and crumble at high temperatures as a result of dehydration.

But let’s go deeper into the spiritual connotations of apophyllite. Apophyllite can be used to encourage deeds of kindness and generosity since it symbolizes the strength of the selfless servant. This crystal, also known as a helper crystal, is frequently utilized in healing rituals alongside other crystals of various kinds.

Its translucent form symbolizes the unadulterated, transparent character that the world’s most selfless benefactors and volunteers possess; this trait allows all energies to travel through them without getting caught or blocked in the operation.

Apophyllite starts to shed its outer layers as its temperature rises, signifying sacrifice and sincere acts of devotion. Apophyllite can make you loosen up and give you more flexibility if you find yourself having trouble devoting yourself entirely to others or committing to the objectives of your friends and lovers, even if it is always necessary to take care of yourself.

In addition, apophyllite symbolizes the strength of the Soul Star, commonly known as the eighth chakra. This chakra, which floats above the crown chakra and is located directly above the head, stands for the place where your soul resides.

Apophyllite can therefore be a very helpful meditation tool for any situation, but it is especially beneficial if you need to reconnect with a soul or a soul portion, such as during a therapeutic soul retrieval ceremony or reconnecting with your inner child.

Lastly, apophyllite symbolizes the fusion of masculine and feminine energy. It is free of any dualistic or manifested energies because its light has completely merged to dissolve all wavelengths. For this reason, apophyllite can be the best option for you if you want to break free from any gender discrimination.

It may stand for the transcendence of yourself above the opposition between the form in which one came into the world and their continuing progress toward self-enlightenment. You can start ingraining the traits and abilities you want to have into your soul by combining apophyllite with other gemstones that contain qualities you want to have.

Apophyllite Meaning in Ancient Lore and History

Apophyllite is a crystal that is translucent, glossy, well-formed, and sometimes quite large. It is a lovely mineral. Although it may be found in volcanic zeolite environments all over the world, Indian traprock mines have generated huge amounts of Apophyllite in a wide variety of sizes, forms, and colors, making it widely accessible and reasonably priced.

Initially, apophyllite was thought to be a single mineral with a changeable fluorine-to-hydroxyl ratio. The IMA was divided in 1978 into two separate minerals fluorapophyllite and hydroxy apophyllite. Natroapophyllite, a new, unusual addition to the group that has sodium in place of potassium, was introduced in 1981.

Apophyllite Crystal properties

Apophyllite Crystal properties

The hue of apophyllite crystals can range from clear to white, yellow, pink, green, brown, or violet. Additionally, it might be translucent or opaque.

Even though this crystal is not well recognized, it is present everywhere in the world. It can be discovered in a variety of forms, frequently in volcanic locations among other minerals. Due to the lost molecules of water, apophyllite is a fairly brittle crystal that often tends to peel off or tear apart when exposed to extreme heat.

India, Scotland, Northern Ireland, the USA, Brazil, South Africa, and Mexico are among the places where apophyllite can be found. Additionally, deposits have been discovered in Germany, Canada, Japan, Iceland, and Norway.

Apophyllite Healing Properties

Apophyllite Healing Properties

Your body’s processes can be regulated by apophyllite’s therapeutic qualities. The treatment of respiratory problems, other breathing issues, and any lung-related illnesses benefit greatly from having this stone.

This stone may eliminate any bad karma in a space if you place it there. Strong and uplifting emotions and high frequencies of love, happiness, and peace will envelop everyone in that space.

With the help of apophyllite, you can overcome the emotions of burnout and replace them with energy and enthusiasm. This will motivate you to experience life to the fullest. Regardless of what you are going through right now or in the past, it can help you confidently plan for the future.

Your life can become more structured and organized with the aid of apophyllite. The Apophyllite energies will inspire you to delve into your subconscious and uncover your true self. It’s also a fantastic stone to carry with you while you’re meditating since it will improve your focus by blocking out all the outside noise and forcing you to pay attention to yourself and the energies around you!

It can aid in the reduction of allergy symptoms and the treatment of foot problems and ailments. It can help with eye care, as well as relieve sore eyes and any vision-related issues.

Because it aids in skin regeneration and healing, apophyllite is also good for the skin. Additionally, mucus membrane renewal is known to be aided by it.

Its ability to encourage profound relaxation and lessen stress makes it a useful stone for overcoming weariness. Additionally, it will increase your memory and mental clarity.

Apophyllite Metaphysical Properties

Apophyllite is here to assist you to engage with your moral calling and go farther than you ever imagined possible since it deeply cleanses negative energy. Astral travel, communicating with angels, clairvoyance, metaphysical visions, cosmic adventures, and expanding your awareness as far as it will allow are all attributed to this stone.

To accomplish this, apophyllite first establishes a connection with the heart chakra to free you up to give and receive love with ease. Not simply the love the universe has to offer, but also love for oneself and faith in one’s own magic and intuition. The third eye chakra, which houses our infinite wisdom, is connected to it as well. Thirdly, it makes a connection with the crown chakra and gives you the key to open your inner gate to the larger cosmos.

Apophyllite Benefits

  • Your intuition will improve thanks to apophyllite. You will be compelled to accept and trust your senses as a result of the energies of this stone, which are similar to those of amethyst.
  • You’ll learn to be more perceptive of the things, people, and situations in your life. You’ll eventually learn to trust your gut more and more because it’s typically right.
  • You can communicate with your spiritual healers and guardian angels with the aid of apophyllite as well. You’ll sense their influence on your life and see all the different ways they improve it.
  • This stone will let you connect with your angels and guides for advice and visions concerning a certain circumstance, whether it be personal or professional. This also applies to garnet.
  • They will send you messages and clues that you must decipher to assist you to make the right choice.
  • A potent instrument that can enhance your metaphysical powers is apophyllite.
  • Apophyllite can assist in overcoming any mental obstacles or unfavorable thought habits. It can also significantly lessen worries, fears, and anxiety.

 Apophyllite Benefits Spirituality

The lucky stone to have when you desire to manifest your fortune is apophyllite. If you combine it with dedication, effort, and occasionally even sacrifice, it will come to pass even more quickly.

This stone represents opportunities that will come your way at just the appropriate moment and place. It represents fresh endeavors in which you can get involved. 

It represents financial success and plenty that will come to you in both modest and significant ways. Apophyllite’s properties will not only draw good fortune. Additionally, it will assist you in overcoming financial difficulties and give you the perseverance and tenacity to get back up and try again.

Apophyllite & Feng Shui

Apophyllite can be utilized in Feng Shui to bring balance and harmony to all facets of your life. The stone can also be used to manifest your desires and attract wealth. To encourage balance and harmony, plant apophyllite in the middle of your home or office. It can also be positioned in the wealth and happiness sector to help you achieve your goals and create riches. You can use apophyllite to harmonize and balance your links in the area of relationships.

Apophyllite Birthstones

The Apophyllite Stone is a fantastic fit for folks who were born under the Gemini twin sign. Because of all the energy they have swirling around, Geminis have a twin personality that can also be sensitive and overly worried. 

The Apophyllite Stone may restore equilibrium, preventing Geminis from taking the twisted twists that lead to anxiety and ensuring that they always remain connected and coherent. It also makes complete sense that apophyllite would have a connection to the twin sign because it acts as a counterbalancer for the dual forces of the masculine and feminine. Apophyllite is a wonderful complement to the group for those Geminis who require a bit extra grounding and tuning in.

Apophyllite is advantageous for Libras as well because it feeds into their desire for equilibrium and lessens their propensity for overthinking.

 Apophyllite Chakras

Among seasoned crystal collectors, there is some disagreement over which chakra apophyllite is related. The user should choose the one that feels most in line with them out of the three possible selections.

According to legend, apophyllite can help develop and strengthen clairvoyant and psychic powers. The third eye chakra is one of many that it is connected to. Being so near to the third eye, it is no surprise that both of these related energy centers can be helped and cleansed by this stone. The crown chakra is one of several chakras that is reported to be directly impacted by apophyllite.

 The heart chakra’s gentle embrace and the apophyllite’s capacity to bring clarity, tranquillity, and peace can aid to open up a closed or troubled heart region. Due to its high water content, apophyllite is an excellent conductor of energy and vibrations. It can transfer vibrations and balance out energies. Your intuition and psychic vision may be improved with apophyllite. It can encourage introspection and intuition, and it might cause you to consider your habits and patterns of conduct that limit your ability to progress.

What are the Uses of Apophyllite?

What are the uses of Apophyllite?

One can use Apophyllite to help you relax mentally while meditation since it can help you overcome any blocks in your thinking. You’ll gain understanding and clarity, and you’ll become aware of the aspects of yourself that require improvement.

To cure headaches or tired eyes, you can also put a tiny piece of apophyllite on your third eye. After a stressful day at work, it will also aid in relaxation. Keep your home’s energy levels high when you need a lift and tranquil and peaceful whenever you need to slow down and rest by placing apophyllite there. Everybody in your home will receive wonderful energy from the Apophyllite!

Caring for Apophyllite

In the sections below, you will learn how to care for this beautiful gemstone.

When to Cleanse Apophyllite

Your elevating Apophyllite crystal should be cleansed and charged because it is a delicate and soulful stone and needs an open channel to communicate with the higher realms.

All crystals gather energy, which must occasionally be released (much like a vacuum bag) to make room for a fresh round of cleaning. Smudging your apophyllite with sage or any other enticing spiritual herb will purify it. The flaky soft stone can be cleaned using this method most gently.

If you want to get rid of it quickly and easily, you can also run it under a gentle stream of warm, clean water. Just be careful not to scrub it and make sure to pat it dry.

How to Recharge Your Apophyllite

You can also give your apophyllite stone a charge by allowing it to absorb the moon’s feminine energy. To give your apophyllite crystal extra healing energy, you can also leave it near other crystal clumps, such as clear quartz.

Apophyllite Activation process

Simply lay your apophyllite stone at a moonlight angle to activate it and allow it to absorb the energy. To allow other crystal clusters to work on giving it even more transcendental grace, you can leave it in their presence.

How much is Apophyllite worth?

How much is Apophyllite worth?

It costs from 1000 to 2500 INR. Despite being present in volcanic zeolite locations all over the world, the Indian traprock mines typically offer enormous amounts of apophyllite in a range of hues, sizes, and shapes. Apophyllite is so readily available and reasonably priced. However, because of its rarity in nature, its green varieties could be expensive.

What determines Apophyllite’s price and value?

The factors that determine its price and value are:

  • Colour
  • Clarity
  • Cut
  • Carat weight

Apophyllite Impact

Apophyllite can be found in a variety of formations, including volcanic craters and areas where other minerals are present. The practice of crystal gazing is very common. However, it is strong enough to elevate your inner powers to a new degree, so you can employ it by wearing its necklace or bracelet or by keeping it in your environment. Even leaving it at home might spread good vibes throughout your house.

Does Apophyllite make a good jewelry stone?

Selecting an Apophyllite bracelet or any piece of gemstone jewelry with the stone at its heart is one of the best ways of expressing “yes” to all the therapeutic properties of the stone. As they can rapidly transmute those healing vibrations without something getting in the way, healing gemstones operate best when they are pressed against our skin. When we use apophyllite, we are maintaining our goals ever-present and pure, and keeping our souls and crowns accessible to any messages or dreams that the universe wishes to send to us.

You can combine apophyllite with amethyst or clear quartz to enhance its cosmic energy and link with your spirit guides. Your clear apophyllite will feel more grounded and secure when combined with hematite.

Apophyllite Real vs Fake

Apophyllite Real vs Fake

Apophyllite can be exceedingly transparent and cleave rather easily; in essence, if the termination is broken, the axles will seem “flat.” Inadequate repairs and colored Okenites have been seen, though you can usually determine that they are fakes, particularly the colored ones.

It’s time to think about a crystal if it resembles every other gemstone in your pile exactly. Most likely, these stones are not actual stones. Since genuine crystals are made through natural processes, no two are ever exactly alike. Therefore, it may be a man-made gemstone if a store is trying to sell you a group of flawless stones that are identical in terms of color, cut, weight, and shape.


You can take advantage of the many therapeutic advantages of Apophyllite. Your body, mind, and spirit will all be healed, and your desire to live a good life will be strengthened.

Your entire being can be energized and lifted by this stone. You’ll feel more at ease and at peace with yourself, and it will assist you to let go of all bad thoughts.

It is a gemstone that can provide you joy, security, and peace of mind in addition to being an excellent healer. Apophyllite is a beautiful addition to your inventory that can have a good impact on both the energy of the environment you’re in as well as your energy.


What does Apophyllite do Spiritually?

They are well-known for being a potent means of spiritual boost and unification for their owner. Apophyllite crystals are reputed to be able to clear your aura and produce a powerful purging of negativity from your body. It can pulse through you with high vibrational cleaning and pure light energy.

Where do you place Apophyllite?

To increase spiritual awareness while you rest, put apophyllite in dim corners, areas where you sense the energy may be stuck or slightly negative, and at the top of your bed.

Is apophyllite real?

Yes, it’s a real gemstone.

How common is Apophyllite?

Despite being mostly unknown to the general public, apophyllites are fairly common worldwide, with specimens originating from some of the most famous mineral sites in the world.

What is the difference between Apophyllite and Quartz?

Their structures are different.

What element is Apophyllite associated with?

In addition to having a fascinating connection to water energies, apophyllite is related to the wind element.

Can crystals be kept in the bedroom?

Many people credit their good nights of undisturbed sleep to the practice of using crystals in their bedrooms and swear by them.