Axinite Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

Axinite is a strong tool for use in general growth and improvement; it is thought to have a close link to Mother Earth. Earth has been able to settle itself and start a new life cycle after each destructive event. This life force energy is hardened by the crystal Axinite, which also acts as a reflection so you can see your full strength.


What is Axinite?

The word “Axinite” refers to a class of uncommon borosilicate minerals that includes ferroAxinite, which has a high iron content. It contains magnesioAxinite, magnesium-rich content, and manganAxinite, which has a high manganese content. The stone’s hue is directly impacted by its elemental inclusion, turning it a pale shade of black, brown, and grey.

These crystals might be reddish brown, yellow-orange, blue, or black, among other colors. Colorless specimens are occasionally discovered as well. Axinites that are high in manganese can also be luminous red. They have a vitreous luster. According to the Mohs scale, hardness values range from 6.0 to 7.5. Pleochroic characteristics are quite pronounced in this material.

How to Identify an Axinite?

Due to its scarcity and unique crystal structure, Axinite is one of the most sought-after gemstones among mineral collectors. The triclinic crystal structure of Axinite has flat, spatula-shaped crystals. All Axinite mineral variations have the same crystal structure and mostly consist of calcium with trace amounts of iron, magnesium, or manganese.

Strongly pleochroic gemstone Axinite is easily recognized by its many shades that are seen when it is examined from various angles. It is not the same as a color change, but it occasionally seems to be. Golden brown Axinite can occasionally resemble smoky quartz, although smoky quartz can be easily distinguished since it lacks pleochroism.

– Axinite Cuts and Shapes

- Axinite Cuts and Shapes

The crystals have a sharp knife-like edge and are tabular and wedge-shaped. They also feature a granular structure and parallel-bladed aggregates. The triclinic system in which the crystals are structured means that it lacks symmetrical planes and rotational axes. Nevertheless, it does have a center of symmetry.

Axinite is such a rare mineral that often forms long, flat, axe-shaped crystals, which is why collectors who appreciate adding different crystal shapes to their collections find it to be quite appealing.

They have beautiful cleavage that faces one way. Traditional forms like trillions and hearts are difficult to locate owing to low demand, but traditional cuts like oval, round, pear, and cushion are still the most common. 

Where is Axinite Found?

Where is Axinite Found?

Granite cracks and veins are the places where Axinite gemstones grow and form. Deposits of Axinite may be found in Tanzania, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, France, and the United States.  Japan, Russia, Switzerland, Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Mexico are other locations famous for having plentiful resources.

Axinite Stone Meaning

The term “Axinite” derives from the Greek word “acine,” which alludes to the crystals’ axe-like forms. Axinite is a highly unique and interesting stone that has the power to harness natural energy and strengthen it for the benefit of the person holding the stone. This stone is not only excellent for reviving you and giving you more energy, but it is also crucial for times when you are struggling to accept your circumstances.

Axinite Meaning in Ancient Lore and History

Axinite Meanings in Ancient Lore and History

Rene Just Huey, a renowned French mineralogist, originally found Axinite in 1797. In honor of the long-bladed crystals that resemble an axe, he selected the Greek term “axine,” which means “axe.”

Axinite is a highly unique and interesting stone that has the power to harness natural energy and strengthen it for the benefit of the person holding the stone. This stone is not only excellent for reviving you and giving you more energy, but it is also crucial for times when you are struggling to accept your circumstances.

Axinite Crystal properties

Axinite Crystal properties

Due to its rarity and unusualness, Axinite, a valuable gemstone, has achieved its reputation and prominence. This gemstone’s peculiar crystal structure contains a special quality known as pleochroism. Axinite is a member of the class of charms that has this power. This alluring gemstone radiates a variety of abilities that soothe all relationships and promote camaraderie.

Axinite Healing Properties

Axinite infuses your body with good energy and helps you heal physically. It increases your capacity for endurance, general well-being, strength, and vital power. 

One may get prior life memory or past life reflection when meditating with this stone. This phenomenon enables our mind to travel through time and space and return at the precise instant a potentially painful event occurs. This is essential for restoring the everlasting soul that is within each of us.

Axinite aid in directing Mother Gaia’s energy through the earth chakra and into the base chakra. Your body is physically and spiritually cured, and it specifically treats foot issues. They are believed to physically aid with bone alignment and reduce pain brought on by musculoskeletal injuries and fractures. Additionally, it is a powerful tool for treating conditions linked to spinal pain.

Axinite Metaphysical Properties

Axinite Metaphysical Properties

Axinite is regarded as a stone of truth and is said to aid in revealing underlying truths. By improving communication and decreasing animosity, it has the metaphysical capacity to help in preventing and resolve power disputes and other conflicts of authority. Axinite is a stone that promotes energy in its user and is often referred to as a grounding stone.

The superb gemstone’s anchoring properties balance the holder’s emotions. It is regarded as an emotional healer that reduces levels of stress and tension brought on by emotional upheaval.

Axinite increases a person’s degree of power and replenishes their reserves of power. It is the ideal jewel for someone who experiences idleness, tension, or exhaustion. It increases the owner’s endurance so that he can complete his task to the highest standard. Axinite has a long history of treating muscular disorders and alleviating pain.

Axinite Benefits

Axinite Benefits

The base and third eye chakras are stimulated by Axinite. Axinite is a great meditation stone that can help you recall journey memories. It broadens one’s spiritual consciousness and aids in calming an anxious mind. It helps you comprehend and analyze your dreams so that you may fully comprehend their importance. 

Axinite teaches you how to modify things such that no one is at loss. This is beneficial in professional settings when change is necessary and where you need a strategy that helps everyone involved feel at ease with the outcome. They are great grounding stones that channel energy from Mother Gaia into the body through the earth’s star chakra.

Additionally, it aids in resolving any issues you may be having without compromising other aspects of your life. Axinite also increases the wearer’s degree of endurance and replenishes his energy. It is advertised as a fantastic gemstone for people who experience stress, exhaustion, and inactivity. It increases the wearer’s degree of endurance so that he can effectively complete his task.

Axinite Benefits Spirituality

Axinite is a charm that is used to improve the holder’s access to the spiritual dimension. This charm is also said to calm an anxious or restless mind. It distributes the carrier’s awareness from his soul’s thoughts. By accurately revealing the significance and meaning of his dreams, it enables him to analyze and comprehend them. Everything that is wrong with the person’s life is taken with him on the journey to his astral body and thoughts.

The stone enables you to get some energy and confidence before beginning an activity that needs your whole focus and attention. With the energy and resources needed to handle every scenario that arises, Axinite will help you identify the quickest path to success.

Axinite will assist in giving you a fresh start—a second chance that many people long for but hardly obtain.

Axinite & Feng Shui

Axinite & Feng Shui

By always having a method to make your hopes and aspirations come true, Axinite will enable you to take control of your life. You may always be upbeat and happy about any given scenario because this stone will help you become a center of positive energy. Additionally, it will assist you in laying the foundation for a prosperous future free from financial or other worries.

Axinite will assist you in doing your work quickly and within the allotted time frame so that you never fall behind. This will make you popular with your coworkers and managers at work and at home since you will be able to do all of your errands without making a big deal out of it.

Adding more to it, the secret to enduring relationships that are brimming with love and romance is Axinite. The connection you and your lover have always desired will be possible if you have this stone in your hands. You will be able to discuss nearly anything with each other and work out solutions to each other’s difficulties.

Axinite Birthstone

Axinite particularly isn’t a birthstone because it’s not associated with any particular month. Axinite is associated with the Gemini zodiac sign. If you have the Gemini zodiac sign, you could benefit from it.

Axinite Chakras

The Third Eye Chakra and Root Chakra are said to be balanced and healed by the gemstone Axinite. It is also believed to be associated with the root chakras.

What are the Uses of Axinite?

What are the Uses of Axinite?

This mineral, which is frequently discovered when mining other stones including Diopside and Quartz, has no economic uses. It is used mainly as a meditation stone or a healing stone.

These stones have exceptional metaphysical qualities that make meditation more fruitful. They help you recall your experiences thereby sharpening your memory.

You could find that your meditation is more successful if someone can assist you to let go of any thoughts that keep coming to mind. Its presence there helps to stimulate the mind and will help you remember things better.

This crystal’s frequency is very beneficial for helping you remember what happened while you were in meditation. This is because its extremely potent spiritual grounding force helps you maintain your composure.

In order to reach the upper chakras, in particular the third eye chakra, Axinite stones transfer energy from the ground and carry it up via the body and the complete chakra system.

Caring for Axinite

Caring for Axinite

Axinite is a hard, enduring material. Axinite requires less maintenance than most materials since it is tougher than most of them. Axinites have excellent wearability, but if they are cleaned using mechanical systems, their inclusions could present a risk. 

Axinite has a tendency to collect dust more than most other gems and needs to be cleaned frequently due to its pyro- and piezoelectric properties. Cleaning should be done carefully to preserve shine, polish, and brightness.  Axinite jewelry and gemstones should be kept apart from other gemstones when being stored. Always enclose them in a soft cloth or put them in a jewelry box lined with cotton.

When to Cleanse Axinite

Use a gentle cloth, light soap, or detergent to clean Axinite. When cleaning Axinite, stay away from bleach and other strong cleaning agents. To maintain the alluring sheen of Axinite after using detergent, thoroughly clean the area to get rid of any soapy residue. It is not advised to use steamers or ultrasonic cleaners. 

Avoid using steam or boiling water to clean Axinites because they are also somewhat heat-sensitive. A secure substitute is a gentle brush, light detergent, and warm water.

How to Recharge Your Axinite

Recharging is the process of recovering a crystal’s energy after use and cleaning. analogous to charging a dead battery after it has lost its power. A full moon is an excellent time to do this and will serve as a gentle reminder that the time has come.

To remove any energies—positive or negative—that it may have absorbed from handling and excessive use, a crystal should constantly be cleaned. You may cleanse the diopside crystal by setting it on a cluster of quartz, holding it over a flame for 30 seconds, or utilizing sound waves.

Axinite Activation Process

Make sure your stone is washed and charged before beginning the activation procedure. After the stone has been fully cleansed and charged, hold it in your palm and declare your purpose aloud. Set the stone in a unique spot or keep it with you at all times close to your skin to keep your intention strong throughout the day.

How much is Axinite worth?

Axinite’s worth, of course, depends on a number of factors. The major factor is the clarity and the cut. Overall, a good and common sample of Axinite will value somewhat around 60 USD/ct to 100 USD. A very rare valuable piece of Axinite can go up to 600 USD (all the price marks are meant when the article was written).

What determines Axinite’s price and value?

The mineral group Axinite which is a borosilicate, includes the variations ferroAxinite, magnesioAxinite, and manganAxinite. The uncommon mineral Axinite, whose hues range from purple to brown to grey, is a beautiful addition to any mineral collection. It may also be carved and used to manufacture jewelry. Although it could break from a powerful impact, its hardness makes it resistant to scratches.

Axinite’s value continues to be rather high because of its rarity, even though it is typically not completely clear. Along with color and carat weight, clarity is a determining element in Axinite pricing. Clear Axinite gemstones seldom weigh 5 carats or more, and 10 carat Axinite examples are extremely unusual.

Axinite Impact

Axinite crystals have a certain frequency that helps your body work better with more stamina and strength. Their therapeutic effects are known to benefit the muscles, the feet and legs, and the adrenal glands. 

As a natural remedy, these stones help people feel more energised and healthy generally. This promotes your general health, vigor, and energy. These stones add more earth energy to your body, which helps with physical recovery. The ancient earthy energies being channeled into you each day are the source of the intuition we possess and the intelligence of our surroundings.

Does Axinite make a good jewelry stone?

Does Axinite make a good jewelry stone?

Axinite can be used and worn in the form of jewelry. Axinites have a strong brightness or brilliance that is sought in jewelry stones, depending on the cut. Axianites of all types have quite good wearability ratings with a hardness of 6.5 to 7. In most jewelry settings, they can resist the rigors of use because of this. 

Necklaces, rings, pendants, pins, earrings, and tie-tacks make great use of this stone. These stones do, however, have anisotropic hardness. Depending on how the gem is oriented, it could change within a single specimen. Axinites are somewhat fragile and have good cleavage, so the stone should be put in a safe space. Protective settings are advised, particularly when using rings.  

Axinite Real vs Fake

Its robust trichroism only emphasises its unique appeal. Various colors, such as deep cinnamon browns, violets, blues, or greens, are seen at angles as it rotates. Axinites have pyroelectric and piezoelectric properties. Both physical pressure and heat cause them to produce an electrical charge.

MagnesioAxinites, a rare mineral, have shown a modest color alteration impact. Tanzanian samples have exhibited pink under incandescent light and blue under fluorescent light. There have also been other alterations.

Axinites are nearly never fully devoid of imperfections like feathers and veils when it comes to clarity. However, because of their scarcity, both gem collectors and jewelry lovers would be interested in these stunning stones.

Summary of Axinite Crystal

Name of Crystal Axinite
Precious Yes
Semi Precious No
Other Names
Origin(s) Granite cracks and veins
Color(s) Reddish brown, yellow-orange, blue, or black
Formation Axinite are formed within the crevices and veins of granite.
Majorly Found at Brazil, France, Mexico, Sri Lanka, Russia, USA, Pakistan and Tanzania
Zodiac Suited for Gemini
Chakra Third Eye and Root Chakra
Crystal Meaning Acine, meaning axe like form
Types of Crystal Triclinic
Healing Properties Infuses good energy, boosts strength, endurance and vitality.
Health Benefits Treats foot issues, reduces pain brought on by musculoskeletal injuries and fractures
Uses No economic uses, meditation and healing stone, powerful tool for treating conditions linked to spinal pain.
Goes in Water? Yes
Goes in Salt Water? Yes
Goes in Rain Water? Yes
Goes in Moon Water? Yes
Moh’s Scale 6-7.5
Real Robust trichroism
Fake No pyroelectric or piezoelectric properties


What is Axinite used for?

Axinite is mostly used as a healing and meditation stone. These stones have unique metaphysical properties that enhance the effectiveness of meditation. They aid in the recall of past experiences, which helps to improve memory. This life force energy is hardened by this crystal, which acts as a reflection to yourself so you can see your full strength. One can also get prior life memory or past life reflection when meditating with this stone.

Is Axinite rare?

Axinite is a relatively rare gemstone. These gemstones develop and form in the cracks and veins of granite. Axinite is a mineral that may be found in the cavities of granite and calcareous rocks that have experienced contact metamorphism and metasomatism. It is widespread across the world. Axinite deposits have been mostly discovered in Tanzania, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, France, Mexico, and the US.

Is Axinite a rock or mineral?

Axinite is a borosilicate mineral that mostly occurs in magma igneous rocks and metamorphic rocks. Axinite is a collection of minerals with brown to violet-brown or reddish-brown blades made of calcium aluminum boro-silicate.

Is Axinite quartz?

Dark brown colored Axinite crystals are confused with smokey quartz. Axinite-associated minerals include quartz, calcite, diopside, garnet, epidote, and more.

What Colour is Axinite?

Due to the high iron concentration of the stone, Axinite crystals are often brown. However, Axinite may also be found in a variety of hues, most frequently a stunning plum purple. Other colors include clove brown, yellowish-grey, and grey.

What is an Axinite crystal?

Axinite is a collection of minerals with brown to violet-brown or reddish-brown blades made of calcium aluminum boro-silicate. They have a triclinic crystal structure with tabular or wedged shapes.