Bornite Crystal Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses 

Bornite gemstone is well-known for its benefits on our mental and physical well-being. The crystal is said to help you control your emotions and maintain equilibrium in several parts of your life.

The gem features distinct color patterns that are visually appealing and appealing. It may be found all over the world. It has distinct properties that make it appealing and useful in various purposes.

Do you want to learn more about Bornite crystals? Then, you’ve arrived at the right place. This is a comprehensive guide to Bornite crystals.

Read on to know more about this popular stone! 


What is Bornite Crystal?

Bornite is a mineral that belongs to the copper mineral group. It is a copper-iron sulfide mineral. The crystal is often available in two colors: brown and copper-red. It might be brassy yellow due to the copper concentration or grey if it contains more iron.

What is Bornite

When exposed to air, the crystal can tarnish to dull colors of blue. However, this metallic finish has stunning colors ranging from red to blues and purples.

Bornite, also called peacock ore, comes from the color shift.

How to Identify a Bornite?

Bornite stone has gold-yellow and brass-yellow shades. Moreover, it gets more green, blue and yellow hues if exposed to air.

How to identify a Bornite

For all these reasons, Peacock Ore appears in the full spectrum of the most wonderful colors. The colors have to do with the physical and chemical characteristics of the Bornite.

Bornite Types

Tumbled Bornite 

Bornite is found in various shapes and sizes and comes in several forms. Tumbled Bornite is a rough version of the crystal bornite. It has an uneven physical appearance.

The stone has blunt edges and non-symmetrical patterns and is used to create little pieces of bornite crystal. Tumbled Bornite is used to create miniature-sized jewelry. This is owing to its uneven form, and unsymmetrical designs are typically less expensive than other crystals.

Raw Bornite

Bornite in its purest form is known as raw Bornite. Raw Bornite is the pure form of the crystal derived from Bornite ore. The raw gemstone is not subjected to any industrial processing.

You may discover a variety of different minerals in the raw crystal ore. In addition, raw Bornite crystals include a diverse range of minerals and salts.

The industrial processing of raw bornite crystal aids in creating jewelry, such as rings, pendants, and other enticing items used to decorate various objects.

Bornite Cuts And Shapes

The crystal may be found in many different forms and is used in businesses to make goods of all shapes and sizes. Bornite is appropriate for cabochons.

However, cabochons have little value beyond the labor of cutting because the material is not unique.

Where is Bornite Found?

Where is Bornite Found

  • Bornite, often known as Peacock Ore, is a mineral that contains copper. Therefore, it is utilized as a copper ore when discovered in copper deposits. Several locations throughout the world are worth mentioning.
  • Kazakhstan has the biggest crystals of this resource. Good deposits can also be discovered in Congo, Shaba, and Zimbabwe. Bornite and crystalline specimens were also found in Cornwall (England) and San Martin, Mexico.
  • Bornite may be found in significant numbers in Arizona mines. This mineral is mined in large amounts in Wisconsin, Colorado, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. 
  • Bornite is available in both British Columbia and Quebec, according to data. These rocks can be discovered in isometric crystals but only at high temperatures.

Bornite Stone Meaning

Bornite is a well-known crystal, often known as peacock ore. It is the gemstone of plenty and optimism. It has the potential to make you too hopeful.

Bornite Stone Meaning

Many people love the crystal for its claimed healing and metaphysical properties.

Bornite Meanings in Ancient Lore and History

One of the most prevalent types of Peacock Ore is the “Stone of Enlightenment.”

Bornite was called after Transylvanian scientist Ignaz Von Born, who established the world’s first public Natural History museum. Bornite is a cheerful and reasonable spirit that pushes us to work to enhance the present and future.

It reminds us that good things take time to develop and that a thousand-mile journey begins with a single step.

Bornite Crystal Properties

This stone is a member of the Sulfide group. It has a copper-red color on a fresh surface and tarnishes to brown-black and bluish-purple. This stone has a unique light and glare.

Bornite Crystal properties

When it is new, it has a metallic shine, and when it ages, it becomes iridescent. The hardness of Peacock Ore ranges from 3 to 3.25.

The Peacock Ore has orthorhombic symmetry. Brittle stones are responsible for it. This stone is commonly found in Morocco, Mexico, Peru, Arizona, Montana, and Connecticut.

Bornite Healing Properties

Bornite Healing Properties

  • Bornite crystal is well-known for its incredible healing capabilities and influence on the human body.
  • This stone is said to minimize edema and alleviate fever. In addition, peacock Ore can synchronize our body’s metabolism and cellular structure and regulate adrenaline flow.
  • You should keep this stone near your navel if you have stomach acid problems. This will help to alleviate your discomfort.
  • This stone can be used by people who have blood circulation issues. Peacock Ore can keep electrolytes balanced.
  • When used in combination with chakra healing, Peacock Ore is claimed to be one of the most effective stones because its energy is such that when put on one chakra, it affects all others.
  •  It is utilized in physical recovery to activate adrenaline and enhance calcium formation within the body.
  • People coping with aberrant hormones and chemical release in the body may employ a bornite crystal and its compounds to regulate the release and levels of these hormones. The bornite crystal might help you increase your metabolism.
  • People with high body temperatures due to fevers or other ailments may use bornite crystals to return their body temperature to normal.
  • If you are in a lot of pain, the crystal may be able to aid you. Bornite crystal has a significant impact on the circulatory system’s function.
  • It helps strengthen the heart, promote flexibility, and stabilize blood pressure. As a result, Bornite crystals can help people with high blood pressure and other cardiac disorders.
  • Many reports say that the stone may be used to treat infections, inflammation, and other bodily problems. It also works by improving your circulatory system and expanding your lung capacity.
  • The stone is thought to aid faster healing by increasing the flow of oxygenated blood to the body’s cells and helps in speedy recovery.
  • Bornite crystals can assist in managing serious illnesses such as cancer and diabetes to a considerable extent. Furthermore, regular crystal usage may help you get well and enhance your health.

Bornite Emotional Healing Properties

  • Bornite has a calm and cheerful spirit. It shields us from negativity and encourages us to focus on actions that will immediately enhance our present and future.
  • Bornite can also assist us in coming to terms with grief and accepting what cannot be altered. Bornite provides consolation and compassion when we are fighting to accept something that feels unpleasant.
  • It reminds us that life is still good, even though some parts are difficult. It challenges us to choose to focus on the positive rather than the negative. Bornite promises that we may be reborn into happiness and tranquility and that we can do so.

Bornite Mental Healing Properties

  • Bornite is a wonderful stone to work with when we feel tiny and inadequate. It allows us to believe that who we are right now is sufficient. We may take a step ahead, progress, and learn from where we are now. We can become the people we’ve always wanted to be.
  • When striving to achieve a goal, Bornite provides insights into the hurdles in our path so that we may work around them or discover creative alternatives. Bornite assists us in thinking clearly and focusing on issue solving rather than lamenting the problem’s presence.

Bornite Metaphysical Properties

Peacock Ore can help with chakra alignment and activate each chakra separately. It is utilized in rebirthing procedures. It aids in dealing with hurdles and stress that slow us down and roadblocks on our path to achievement.

We will draw good energy into ourselves with this stone of pleasure and happiness, making it easier to detect the sources of negativity. It is much easier to remove the problem after it has been identified.

The Peacock Ore stone aids in the identification and discovery of new approaches and possibilities to fulfill our objectives and ambitions.

This stone will help us to harmonize our emotions and ideas and improve our perspective.

Peacock Ore teaches us to appreciate and live in the present moment. Life becomes a delightful experience with this stone, a type of wonderful voyage.

Bornite Crystal Benefits

This expensive stone is beneficial in a variety of ways. All you need to do is obtain this stone. You will instantly notice the difference and improvement. You can store it in the room where you spend most of your time.

Bornite Benefits

It can be worn as a piece of jewelry. In both circumstances, you will experience a beneficial influence and be joyful and in a good mood.

Bornite Benefits Energy

  • Everyone who sees it marvels at its vibrant colors. According to experts, this multicolored stone has an impact on both the physical and spiritual aspects of a person.
  • If you believe in the stone’s therapeutic properties, this mineral will help you progress your personality and balance emotions and ideas. You may easily attain all of these objectives with little effort.
  • The phrase “third eye” alludes to information hidden deep inside us and must be liberated. Using Peacock Ore stone will allow you to rediscover long-forgotten memories and knowledge and get acquainted with the overall knowledge of ancient esoteric.
  • As you meditate, keep your peacock ore above your Third eye, which will help you awaken your inner vision.

Bornite Benefits Wealth

  • Bornite, like other crystals and stones, particularly gold ones, is a stone of riches and plenty. Therefore, this stone can assist you in being aware of the link between your thinking and monetary wealth.
  • This stone will quickly achieve commercial success, riches, and larger possession. Because Peacock Ore is associated with the solar plexus chakra, it might assist you in gaining power. The solar chakra is the power chakra. Bornite (Peacock Ore) attracts money and helps people regain lost wealth.
  • Peacock Ore assists you in gathering facts to help you decide what to do. We are all aware that information is more valuable than money. An individual with the proper information at the appropriate moment may simply obtain money.
  • Peacock Ore reduces uneasiness, increases patience and serenity, and allows you to reach your goal stress-free. With Peacock Ore, you get determination and confidence.
  • If your job is monotonous, Peacock Ore will assist you in regaining your creativity and coming up with fresh ideas. Those looking to establish a new business can benefit from this stone.

Bornite Benefits Romance, Love, and Relationships

  • Peacock Ore is an uplifting crystal. At the same time, it may root all of the energy that causes anxiety and sorrow. This stone alleviates stress, fear, and anxiety. Even in the most difficult situations, it makes you feel calm and patient (for example, when arguing with your partner).
  • Always remember that you adore your companion with the Peacock Ore stone. Bornite will make both of you happy.
  • You may mix Peacock Ore with Rhodonite crystal to realize that love is worth fighting for and involves failure, victory, joy, and tears. Your perception and inner vision will improve as a result of the energies of this gem.
  • You will be able to sense your spouse and know when to prevent a fight this way. As a result, you will have a better understanding, and you can communicate your feelings in the right way.
  • Peacock Ore removes all impediments to experiencing all of the world’s love. This stone alleviates feelings of confusion. There is no more misunderstanding or misery with this stone. When you’re lonely, you’re not alone with Peacock Ore.

Bornite Benefits Health

  • Bornite, also known as Peacock Ore, promotes energy flow by breaking down obstructions. This is the most effective method of illness prevention. This stone aids in treating respiratory tract disorders and fever and inflammation issues.
  • Peacock Ore should be used if you have pneumonia, a sore throat, or bronchitis. This gem alleviates the discomfort associated with chronic conditions.
  • It works well in tandem with acupuncture and acupressure therapies. The Peacock Ore stone cleanses the body. It effectively removes pollutants and fortifies the body’s defenses against external threats. It also boosts immunity.

 Bornite Benefits in Stress Release

  • The grounding of surplus nerve energy is one of the many advantages of this stone. This permits the mind and body to release stress and all associated issues. When the body is agitated, it can create an imbalance that leads to sickness.
  • Peacock Ore turns negative energy into positive and beneficial energy. When this stone is placed in a certain region, it can energize it and then spread to other areas.
  • Peacock Ore is an extremely powerful stone. This mineral is also an enhancer. These are minerals with internal crystal lattices that are perfectly symmetric. They lead to complete inner harmony because of their symmetry.
  •  They boost our energy and assist us in directing our thoughts to the appropriate tasks. We may focus on gaining success and improving our lives with this stone’s aid.

Bornite Benefits Spirituality

  1. Bornite infuses our lives with a practical burst of new vitality. It assists us in being grounded and thinking rationally, especially when dealing with complex moral dilemmas.
  2. Bornite enables us to merge old ideas with fresh facts and follow our intuition and emotions. It assists us in locating a stable moral core and making rational and reasonable judgments.
  3. Bornite encourages us to gently discard anything that is no longer helpful or true to spiritually mature. Bornite is a  stone to help in spiritual rebirth.
  4. Peacock Ore is renowned as a “stone of happiness” since simply gazing at it may make you happy! The brilliance of Peacock Ore boosts creativity.
  5. It boosts our self-esteem by removing any doubts, concerns, or limits we may have. This boosts our spirits and makes us more inclined to try new ideas and experiences.
  6. The gemstone is also said to attract serenity and harmony. It is also employed in many spiritual pursuits.

Bornite And Feng Shui

Peacock Ore’s significance brings a fresh feeling of delight into your life. Peacock ore is an excellent instrument for cleansing yourself and your environment.

Bornite and Feng Shui

This stone can assist you in facing your worries and finding inner peace. It is an excellent protective stone that may be carried in your pocket. Its advantages include illness prevention and the safety of the unborn infant during pregnancy.

You should also know your intention to work with the crystal at this period. When cleaning peacock ore, you can use either moonlight or water. It may be smudged with healing stones such as selenite, which does not retain bad energy and functions as a natural cleaner.

Bornite Birthstone

Bornite is a stone associated with the Sagittarius zodiac sign.

Sagittarius is an independent thinker who dislikes taking the easy and well-worn path.

However, they aren’t hesitant to leave the secure circle and go on their desired path. Sagittarian is a leader who acts on his objectives regardless of what others think. Sagittarius is drawn to adventure, discovery, and travel.

Also, because Sagittarius enjoys exploring his thoughts via concentration, they need the assistance of Peacock Ore.

Bornite is required by Sagittarius to shield him from negativity and enhance his metaphysical powers. In addition, it aids in the creation of his world and imagination.

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Bornite Chakras

According to metaphysical healers, its primary advantages are as a solar plexus chakra stone. This energy point is located in your stomach and is known as “Manipura” in ancient Sanskrit.

It regulates self-confidence, increases self-esteem, and helps you to find serenity in happiness. Fear is the solar plexus chakra’s main adversary. Allowing fear to take control of your life will leave you a shell of your past self, undermining your self-esteem.

Bornite Chakras

Fortunately, the metaphysical characteristics of Peacock Ore assist you. It clears the obstructions caused by fear, allowing your energy to flow upward.

The solar plexus chakra is where Peacock Ore focuses most of its concentration. However, some healers believe that this multicolored stone may assist all of your chakras! Every energy point is associated with a certain color.

Because Peacock Ore shimmers in a rainbow of beautiful colors, it may promote Kundalini Awakening. This holy force is only available when all chakras are open. Like a snake curled at your base, Kundalini Awakening pushes the energy to uncoil and radiate across your metaphysical dimension.

It’s the pinnacle of tranquillity, and Peacock Ore can help you get there!

Uses of Bornite Crystal

Bornite is used for a variety of reasons. It is frequently utilized in the jewelry industry to make unique items. Bornite crystal jewelry is popular, and the market for bornite crystal jewelry is rapidly developing.

Bornite has an all-around therapeutic effect since it affects most of our body’s chakras. Bornite’s multifaceted therapeutic powers can be felt by those suffering from various conditions who utilize this gem.

uses of Bornite

Peacock ore is a kind of Bornite, a mineral that is commonly used in jewelry and healing. It offers several advantages, such as reducing bad energy, promoting happiness, and improving attention and focus. It may also assist people in finding their way and creating chances.

This stone of pleasure and joy instills positive forces in us, aids in the identification of negative reasons, and filters it out of our bodies. It assists us in dealing with stress and hurdles that stand in our way of achieving a certain objective.

It assists in uncovering new paths and chances that may effectively achieve our objectives and goals. It enables us to align our thoughts and emotions calmly and improves our perceptive abilities.

This stone allows and fosters enjoyment and happiness in the present environment. It assists in realizing that life is a genuinely joyful experience.

Peacock ore is a powerful tool for healing your mind. Its healing energy assists you in re-evaluating difficult situations, allowing you to be more positive.

It is a strong stone that promotes serenity and joy in difficult times and can quiet inner conflict. Hence, this stone is suitable for meditation.

The Bornite crystal is an enticing and unique gemstone. The crystal is said to help you overcome sadness and bad influences in your life. It gives you a sense of calm and makes you feel quite hopeful.

Caring for Bornite

It has a Mohs hardness of 3-3.5, which is relatively soft and may dissolve over time if soaked in water. So it’s better to avoid soaking in water.

Store the Bornite jewelry in a box wrapped with a soft cloth to avoid damage or scratches. 

Do not use any harsh chemicals while cleaning Bornite.

When to Cleanse Bornite

Like any other therapeutic stone, Peacock Ore can benefit from periodic cleaning.

This stone does not collect as much negative energy as others, yet it is nonetheless subjected to an onslaught of negativity daily.

You may see its effects fading over time. Fortunately, this can be simply remedied with some fast cleaning. You can wipe it with a damp cloth and let it immediately dry. 

How to Recharge Your Bornite

Recharge Your Bornite

Use Smudging Technique: The smoke from the sage plant will dispel any trapped dark energy. It resurrects the Peacock Ore, ensuring that it can continue to provide the advantages you enjoy.

Allow some smoke to gather after igniting the smudge stick. Then, in a wave motion, distribute it on the stone. It should have an immediate impact.


Another alternative is to let the Peacock Ore bask in the radiance of the moonlight. To do this, place the stone on your window ledge on a full moon. Allow it to sit there all night. It’ll be ready to leave by the morning!

Certain practitioners also use water to cleanse Peacock Ore. That is a realistic option, but keep chemicals and strong cleaners out of the mix. Instead, only use pure water and natural soaps.

Anything else might harm the polish of the stone.

Finally, healing stones are always an option. Place the Peacock Ore in a selenite bed. Because certain stones do not retain dark energy, they serve as natural cleaners.

Bornite Activation process

  1. Hold Bornite in your palm after cleansing, Set an intention, and program your crystal.
  2. Talking to Bornite connects emotionally to the crystal.
  3. So whatever your intention is, speak to the crystal and visualize the energy flowing from the stone to you, filling you with joy. 

How much is Bornite worth?

The crystal’s sky-high pricing is due to its spiritual advantages and metaphysical qualities.

The pricing of each item begins at USD 60. However, it can go much higher depending on the crystal’s form, size, and quality. There are several bornite crystal goods available on the market.

Note: Prices are subject to change. 

What determines Bornite’s price and value?

Bornite’s value as a specimen will rise owing to its size, color, and rarity. Bornite’s value will rise if you have a rare crystal specimen.

The more beautiful the hue, the more it will cost over that.

Bornite Impact

This stone of happiness can be useful in a variety of ways. Get this stone, and you will notice a change. Put it anyplace in your room or wear it as jewelry to feel more cheerful and joyful. However, you must also be willing to try to achieve the goal.

Does Bornite make a good Jewelry stone?

Bornite jewelry is pleasing to the eyes and adds an exquisite touch to the wearer’s appearance. Its appealing color and rich textures make it ideal for jewelry.

The jewelry produced from Bornite crystal may allow you to experience a wide spectrum of metaphysical and therapeutic capabilities.

Bornite jewelry

Many gem lovers reported that wearing Bornite jewelry helps them overcome unpleasant emotions and offers a sense of serenity and stability in their lives. Negativity and dark energy may also be kept at bay by the stone.

It is critical to first obtain the bornite crystal for your jewelry from a crystal shop or an internet store and then set it by an expert jeweler who is familiar with working with such jewels.

Before acquiring bornite jewelry, always seek a real stone in the market and double-check all of the criteria. This will protect you from fraudulent or duplicate items.

Bornite Real vs Fake

Bornite should not be confused with Chalcopyrite. Despite having the same chemical structures, they are not the same. The qualities of healing are not the same. Chalcopyrite is acid-treated to generate the bluish-purple Peacock Ore stone.

Fake peacock ore is Chalcopyrite, a dazzling yellowish gold when broken. Unless chemically treated, the artificial substance will not tarnish and remain yellow-gold.

Bornite is easily identified because it tarnishes iridescent blue, purple, red, green, and yellow hues. It is widely known as “peacock ore” or “purple copper ore” because of its iridescent hues. Bornite will weather to chalcocite or other copper minerals when exposed to the elements.

Summary of Bornite Crystal

Name of Crystal Bornite
Other Names Peacock Ore
Origin(s) Kazakhstan
Color(s) Copper Red, Bronze, Brown, Purple
Precious No
Semi Precious Yes
Formation Supergene processes on massive sulfide ore
Majorly Found at Congo, Shaba, Zimbabwe, San Martin, Mexico, Arizona mines
Zodiac Suited for Sagittarius
Healing Properties Pneumonia, Sore throat, Bronchitis
Health Benefits Boosts immunity, Treats inflammation issues
Types of Crystal Raw and Tumbled
Uses Creativity, Stress release, Love in relationships
Goes in Water? No
Goes in Salt Water? No
Goes in Rain Water? No
Goes in Moon Water? No
Moh’s Scale 3-3.5
Real Iridescent hues
Fake Acid treated to produce bluish-purple color


What is Bornite used for?

Bornite helps to balance and cleanse the chakras. Its high copper concentration can aid in strengthening and maintaining the body’s organs and overall metabolic function, as well as work as an anti-inflammatory for pain and fever alleviation.

Is Bornite a rare mineral?

Bornite is a common mineral found in hundreds of locations worldwide, including the United States, England, Zimbabwe, Austria, Kazakhstan, and Morocco.

Where is Bornite most commonly found?

Mount Lyell, Tasmania; Chile; Peru; and Butte, Mont, U.S.

Does Bornite contain gold?

Bornite’s gold content is also highly influenced by its composition.

Can Bornite go in the water?

No, it is a soft mineral that can dissolve in water. 

Is Bornite mined?

Bornite is frequently exploited as a copper ore due to its chemical composition of copper iron sulfide.

Is Bornite a crystal?

Bornite initially is a mineral and later or on can be cut into various shapes.