Can Calcite go in the Water? Is  Calcite Water Safe?

Calcite is a not unusual yet complex crystal. It is a carbonate mineral available in different shades. Although Calcite may be clean or white, it can additionally be brown, pink, orange, blue, green, and yellow (amongst other colors). 

In this article, we will observe Calcite’s characteristics in water and let us explore if Calcite can go in the water and various varieties of water, like saltwater, and moon water. 

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 Can Calcite go in the Water?

Can Calcite go in the water?

 A few minerals and crystals do okay in water, and some go through. And in the middle, several materials can survive water; however, reality shouldn’t spend too much time there.

Calcite is this sort of material. Calcite is a carbonate mineral, which is potent and not water-soluble. But it’s quite tender, most effective scoring at 3 of 10 at the Moh’s Hardness Scale. In this manner Calcite is much more likely to fall victim to the effect of water (especially salt water) on stones, which we will be discussing as we proceed. 

What happens to Calcite in Water? 

  • Water that is not acid will not do any harm to Calcite until you depart it within the water for weeks. 
  • Solubility relies upon the awareness of the not unusual ions ( ions of the factors inside the mineral) inside the water; the lower the understanding within the water, the more without problems or faster it will dissolve.
  • Water molecules flood up into the gemstone holes, cracks, and crevices whenever a mineral is submerged in water. This consists of fissures inside the cloth, which might be too small for our eyes to see.
  • The molecules get into those tiny fissures and inspire them to get just a piece wider. The slow widening happens through the years, over the course of many soaks.
  • This is why you are looking for humans assuming that their stones are water safe; they do one water bath or one overnight soak and notice that everything looks normal so that they don’t worry anymore.
  • But repeated water baths encourage those fissures to develop, resulting in the creation of a big visible crack or even cleaving. The widening of these cracks can also alternate how the light displays and refracts off the surface, inflicting the stone to appear dull.
  •  Rust can develop deep in these cracks, leaving the stone yellow. The water can strip off industrial finishes (like oil), and it can additionally react chemically with the floor of the stone, resulting in a complete color change.

Can Calcite Go in Saltwater? 

You can smooth Calcite with water by dipping it in short underneath the running water and wiping it with a smooth fabric. But avoid lengthy water bath soaks especially with saltwater. 

Salt cleaning could be very effective and especially endorsed for crystals which can be grounding and protection against harmful energy. But the use of salt for cleansing is something unpredictable, and also you need to be cautious about how you use it. 

Saltwater may be harmful to Calcite crystal jewelry and polished stones, causing them to lose their shine and polish.

Working with crystals needs your time and attention, and ordinary cleaning is an essential step in taking care of your crystals to get the most benefits of their recuperation properties and purge them of any undesirable excess stored energy.

Can Calcite Go in Moonwater? 

Can Calcite go in the Moonwater?

Calcite means the power of spirit and energy. A full moon or crescent moon is the top natural way of charging Calcite.

  • Energizing your crystals in the full moonlight is one of a kind than cleansing them with salt, rice, incense, or putting them on the earth. 
  •  The full moon day strength continues to provide a deep, robust, energizing presence on your crystal buddies. 
  • The moon is complete for mere seconds. However, you may recharge and energize your crystals for up to 3 days. The day earlier, for the duration, and the day after the full moon.
  • Leave the crystal at a place outside, where it can be soaked with the diffused power of the moon for about 7-8 hours. Repeat this approach of charging once each month.
  • To benefit the overall moon power, you can place them on a windowsill, a desk that will get a few moonshines throughout the night, and only a few places where the full moonlight can release what’s no longer critical inside the crystals, energize and cleanse them.

Can Calcite Go in Bathwater? 

Calcite is not a water-friendly crystal, so we do not propose to apply it in tub water. But you can locate the crystal effectively in the restroom in a bowl and depart it with no contact with water. The presence of Calcite makes you feel refreshed.

Can you Drink Calcite Infused water? 

Since Calcite reacts with water and subsequently, you have to devour now not water infused with Calcite as it may motivate critical health issues.

Few Healing properties of Calcite

1. Calcite is an excellent all-rounder in preserving your body, thoughts, and spirit in tip-top shape. 

2. Whether gleaming with citrus shades or as clean as glacial ice, Calcite is a remarkable stone to clear out blockages, set off the chakras, and get you equipped for better religious connection. 

3. They can cleanse your environment and eliminate the terrible energies influencing your mind, feelings, words, and movements.

4. Calcite will grow the number of highest vibrations present in your life. It will display how you can take, manipulate or let pass.

5. Calcite crystal lets you deal with your life’s stagnant conditions and discover new hope without worry.

What are the Cleansing and Charging methods of Calcite?

Keeping your Calcite cleansed and charged over with clear thoughts is the unique way to get the maximum out of its upbeat amplifier moods. 

While it has limitless energy, like every crystal, it’s going to work best if washed now, and then so it could dump all those terrible vibes it’s been busy mopping up. A little mild heat water and a gentle cloth are all that’s wished for bringing Calcite back to its pristine performance.

 If you want to charge up your Calcite to make sure its energy is topping 100%, you could go away your Calcite in sunlight to beam up all the incredible vibrations, which is another way to keep them charged. 

1. Mix Calcite with different crystals

Some crystals can price different crystals while in contact with them. Amethyst and Clear Quartz work first-class for charging Calcite. They soak up the negative energy from Calcite and reactivate it. If you want to know if clear quartz can be charged in water, read here. 

2. Use Brown rice 

Calcite is a gentle and sensitive stone. Therefore, the best method to cleanse is to utilize brown rice or sage. Submerge your crystal in brown rice for a minimum of forty-eight hours to rid it of impurities as well as terrible energies. 

3. Cleanse with sage

If you bypass your Calcite via the smoke of burning white sage, you will recharge its advantageous energies. So, this results in the opportunity to absorb greater negativity within the atmosphere. 

Note: Don’t use salt water directly to clear or charge your Calcite because the salt crystals’ abrasive traits may harm it.

Final Thoughts

Final thoughts on Can Calcite go in the water?

  • Calcite is a brilliant all-rounder however is a unique crystal for individuals who are eager to clean out the emotional closet, make space for better-gaining knowledge of and creativity, and are curious about getting to know a way to deeper ranges of spirituality. 
  •  It does all of this without making you feel heavy or critical but favors the mild pleasure instead. See that Calcite should never be available in contact with a direct touch of saltwater or salt because salt is corrosive and would damage the stone’s surface. 
  • Placing Calcite beneath the Moonlight in the course of a Full moon day charges the crystal certainly and powerfully.
  • Calcite can fade and get brittle inside the solar so that it isn’t always overexposed to the sun. As a result, calcite crystals are a number of the most plentiful sorts of crystals to be found on the earth.
  •  It positively affects every person who has lost motivation and brings in high-quality energies to re-light the spark of interest or pleasure in lifestyles.

This article has given you a detailed explanation concerning the connection of Calcite with water at the side of numerous sorts of water. We hope you got the specified readability to take care of your calcite gem here. Share this article with your loved ones.