Can Hematite Go in the Water? Is Hematite Water Safe?

Hematite stones are attractive among the enormous variety of mystical gems. We have a mineral for specific remarkable properties here.

If you have at any point seen Hematite, you realize how remarkable it is. It has a tone – metallic when cleaned, comparable to steel-is a very one-of-a-kind stone.

Let us examine the connection between Hematite and water and perceive how Hematite might go in different waters like water, salt water, and moon water.

Can Hematite Go in the Water? 

Can Hematite go in the water?

Hematite represents a score between 5.5-6.5 on the Mohs Hardness scale. However, we need to avoid contact with the water since it is an iron oxide that rusts when it interacts with water whenever presented with an excess of water.

Therefore, we generally don’t suggest allowing it to get wet. In this way, hematite gems are not safe in the water for a longer time. Any precious stone that is a five or underneath on the Mohs outfit scale should not be kept in water. So Hematite gems can also be damaged whenever left in water for a long measure of time.   

In addition, Hematite gems contain minerals that can rust or can deliver toxins to the water. To know about the benefits of Hematite, read here. 

What is the Mohs Hardness Scale?   

The Mohs Hardness Scale ranges from 1-10, which examines specific minerals’ hardness by testing the opposition. It is done by combining two minerals and seeing which mineral either scratches the other, causing harm and which one supports damage.

The more complex the mineral, the higher the Mohs Hardness scale it is. This scale is significant when taking a look at precious stones and their water resistance because the softer the material, the more probable it is to be harmed by water.

These are gems that fall under five on the Mohs scale, and the more like 0 they are, the more delicate to water they usually are.

Keep on reading the article since here we included tips and suggestions to utilize the component of water to cleanse your hematite gems and stay away from the harmful impact on your valuable stones.

Can Hematite Go in Saltwater?   

Before cleaning your stone, we suggest that you focus on its structural arrangement of the stone; upon their substance part, there are a few particular stones like Hematite and gems you shouldn’t scrub in saltwater.

However, salt is a powerful medium for most precious stone cleaning since Hematite is a stone of metallic origin and can rust in touch with water. Therefore, we don’t recommend using saltwater also for cleaning.

Salt is destructive and thoroughly rubs on stones. Also, it can’t be used with the most delicate stones, as they try to become dark and lose charm and appear dull.

Can Hematite Go in Moon water? 

The full moon is an incredible open door for that since it conveys unique energies like nobody. Gemstones should also be in good health, so when a gem is overburdened, its battery is running out; thus, it cannot do much for you.

On time, you need to plan out some customs to charge and clean your Hematite precious stones. Therefore, we recommend you clean precious stones during the full moon day, since it is protected, outstanding, and has zero expenses.

The full moon happens one time each month and carries great energy, so put an update on your schedule so you won’t miss the date.

Since Hematite should not interact with water straight, you can use the indirect technique of no water contact to make Hematite gem water.

  • In this strategy, we don’t contact the Hematite precious stone to the water as the gem would break if excess contact of water and cause damage to you if you drink the water in light of the iron substance in it.
  • We utilize two separate containers (One big and one small) to load the larger container with water and place the Hematite gem in the small container. The smaller container is then positioned inside the water-filled big container without permitting the water to enter the smaller container.
  • It is a beautiful method that avoids water from contacting the gem in the small container and harms the crystal just as keeping the water untouched from any harmful mineral that the Hematite gemstone may deliver. Use this arrangement for good results, especially under the full moon.

Can Hematite Go in the Bathwater?  

Can Hematite go in the water?

We don’t suggest that you put Hematite in water for more extended periods.

Since long water showers can harm the material. Water showers empower the arrangement of breaks or breakage and can even harm the excellent structure and complexion of the stone.

Now and again, using the stone for bath water can change the surface appearance of the stone. By and large, even though material like Hematite can go in the water, we suggest that you use water instantly in cleaning and permit it to dry completely.

Can we drink Hematite-infused water? Is Hematite water safe?  

No, Hematite water isn’t at all safe to take. So don’t intentionally drink it. Consuming Hematite in some creation or mixture is dangerous for your well-being, and it will give rise to severe medical issues.

By any chance, if you consume, you will not have the option to measure the amount of how much iron you’ve consumed, and you will not know the amount of iron your body retains. You can’t even reveal to the doctor how many measures of iron content you have taken inside. so it is advisable to drink Hematite infused water.

 If you need extra iron in your eating routine, we’d suggest that you stay with iron enrichment or food; since then, you could follow the measure of iron you were adding to your eating regimen all the more effectively.

How to Clean and Charge your Hematite crystal? 

Indeed, countless gems and semi-valuable stones include iron particles inside their construction; iron is the prevailing constituent in Hematite stones.                                   

By and large, we can say that Hematite is a stone of mending, establishing, fortune-telling, contemplation, adjustment, and security.

Some fundamental proportions of security are identified with Hematite, yet most importantly, keep away from contact with water. Hematite can be charged and scrubbed simultaneously whenever put on top of precious rock stones.

Hematite stone itself has the capacity to purify various gems and semi-valuable stones. You can purge your hematite stone either by placing it near incense smoke or by covering it in the ground (dry soil) for something like 24 hours. Then, you can charge it by taking the stone and using it accordingly, depending on your need.

More secure and viable methods of purifying are smirching with Sage or Palo Santo, Cleansing with Moonlight, or Sunlight purging. You can likewise keep it close to incense smoke whereby Hematite stone gets charged.

Any way indirectly purifying Hematite with no contact with water is referenced in the article so that you can follow the method. If you want to find out whether your hematite is real or fake, know here.

Final Thoughts

Can Hematite go in the water?

  • Hematite is an incredible stone to have, either as freestone as a diamond in some gems. Hematite isn’t a water solvent (it would break up in water like salt). But, since the Hematite contains iron, so dry it to keep it from rusting.
  • Hematite is an iron oxide, which means it contains iron and oxygen combined. It can be found in many tones, from dark to dark to even red color or rosy brown shades. Hematite is poisonous due to the iron content present in the Hematite gemstone.
  • If people consume or take more than iron required for the body, their health may get damaged seriously. Someone who takes in much iron can battle with pain, harm their organs, and even die. Since much iron can cause actual injury or death, we assess that Hematite is harmful.
  • Use the no-contact water technique for cleaning and charging the Hematite stone you can keep a glass of water close to your Hematite gem. This procedure has a good effect if you put your precious stone and the glass of water near the windows and allow both to get exposed to the light of the moon – especially the full moon. This way, you can charge and cleanse your hematite crystal from indirect moon water.
  • Each time you want to clean your hematite gem, ensure you understand its properties. Know how to clean the Hematite gem to get the most extreme advantages of the stone without damaging you or your valuable crystal. Share this article with your loved ones.