Can Iolite Go in the Water? Is Iolite Water Safe?

Iolite provides a blue-violet-colored gem choice. Its typical shades encompass yellow-brown, mild violet, and dark violet, depending on how you turn the stone.     

In this article, let us study the characteristics of Iolite and also discuss the relationship of Iolite with normal water and with various kinds of water like saltwater and moon water.

Can Iolite Go in the Water?

Can Iolite go in the water?

Iolite falls between 7 and 5 on the Mohs scale. This means you may immerse it in water when you consider that its hardness protects it. But there are some exceptions to it.

Despite its link to the seas’ navigation, we suggest that Iolite stones can get wet occasionally but not over a more extended period in water.

However, remember that soaking stones in water can encourage breakage over time; it’s better to keep the crystals under running water to avoid any damage with water.

In general, it is not advised to soak your precious gemstones over a long time on a regular basis.

Can Iolite Go in Saltwater?

Though salt is widely used to eliminate negativity from the crystals, we suggest no longer soaking the Iolite in saltwater, seeing that it can harm the gemstone’s surface.

The damage includes losing color, turning white, and becoming opaque and dull. Salt is a high-quality technique for cleansing and charging; however, it isn’t appropriate for all crystals! Instead, we support the Alternative approach of the no-contact technique of saltwater; however, this method is also effective.

You can place the crystal in a small bag and preserve the bag in dry salt in a bowl for a few hours. Salt will do away with negativity from the crystals. Make sure that you do not reuse the salt for other purposes.

Can Iolite Go in the Bathwater?

Though crystal bathtubs are famous for relaxation, we do not advise using Iolite crystal in bathwater because while the crystal comes in contact with water for an establishment, it damages the surface of the crystal.

One extra vital thing is that while Iolite is soaked in water, it could be poisonous because it contains Aluminum.

Can we drink Iolite-infused water?

Since Iolite consists of toxic elements; it isn’t secure to drink Iolite-infused water. Furthermore, the poisonous nature may damage the health of the individual.

Can Iolite Go in Moonwater?

Can Iolite go in the Moon water?

Letting your crystals free below full moonlight is an excellent way to get rid of any unwanted energy and make sure the stones are equipped for use in healing practices once more.

Since historical times, crystals have been used to save energy from the encompassing environment to enhance emotional and spiritual balance. 

If you want to purify the vibration of your crystals, they are most effective, at the time of the full moon. Because it is powerful to recharge energies, meditate and clean your energy centers(chakras). Many cultures around this concept carry out rituals during the full moon for this very purpose.

The full moon is the maximum power of all lunar phases and can have a profound spiritual effect if you realize how to harness its purifying power. In addition, full moon time will produce new paths of individual increase and positivity with Iolite crystals.

Follow our step-with the aid-of-step moon ritual below to recharge your crystals and get the benefits.

Iolite Rituals in Moon Water

  1. Cleanse your Iolite crystals

You can gently wash your Iolite crystals the day before the full moon with water from the ocean, or a natural source is good, but running them underneath the tap at home is first-class too.

  1. Keep your crystals out in the moonlight

After your crystals are thoroughly washed and dried, set them out on earth, or simply after sunset, let them be in their full moonlight bath.

  1. Collect your crystals the next day morning

Allow your crystals to spend an hour or two within the morning sunlight earlier than bringing them in.

Once you have them charged, you could charge them along with your intentions—manifest new intentions by meditating on what you can acquire without negative strength obstructing your path.

You can leave your Iolite crystals out overnight and collect them the next day.

Can Iolite Go in the Sunlight?

Some people also like to allow their crystals to have some time outside the Sunlight and leave them out for quite some time to absorb the sun’s energy. But see to that it should not be exposed to too much heat.

Iolite is generally considered for regular wear with care. Avoid contact with extreme heat, touch with chemicals, and protect from scratches and harsh blows.

Avoid direct daylight and contact with excessive heat and light, which may cause the color to vanish.

How to Clean Iolite Crystal? 

  • Just because you may immerse it in water doesn’t suggest you should concern it with unnecessary roughness.
  • Excessive heat or temperature changes can damage the stone. So in that manner, you should by no means use boiling water. Lukewarm water presents enough warmth for cleaning.
  • Looking to steam clean also can damage the stone. Finally, although you may suppose that an ultrasonic device could provide a secure method, it doesn’t.
  • Whether your Iolite stone weighs half a carat or 10 carats, use only mild hot water and little soap, like standard dishwashing detergent, to smooth it. Use a soft cotton cloth or a small gemstone brush with nice or tender bristles. Next, you need to clean off any dust that became stuck within the putting and clean the stone itself.
  • Using a small brush lets you slide in an inner hoop to clean off the again of the stone inside the setting. And dirt often becomes trapped right here, so do clean the impurities with mild soap.
  • When you finish your cleaning soap and water cleansing, rinse it off below the running water. Let it dry naturally on soft cotton fabric.

A Few Healing Properties of Iolite Crystal

Final thoughts on Can Iolite go in Water?

1. If you want to restore stability to your life or make sense of things that can be confusing you, you could gain significantly from the restoration energies of Iolite.

2. It will assist you to convey peace and order to a loud and chaotic environment, and it’ll help you calm and relax your senses regardless of how your internal world is.

3. You can unleash your creativity with Iolite, a stone that is innovative and stimulating to the mind. As a result, you too will have access to new creative ideas that will benefit all of your interests!

4. If you’re attracted to Iolite, it could be because you’re scared of the unknown, and you want a little push to move forward in life.

5. This stone can virtually come up with the hope and self-assurance that you need. Iolite can repair what became misplaced in yourself and make your experience complete again!

 Final Thoughts


  • Crystals are deep energy workers, and they regularly require a little choice as much as keep them working to the fullest of their potential. If you need your Iolite to beam with light regarding infinite power tiers, it’s essential to keep your crystal charged and cleansed.
  • Iolite may be wiped clean with the aid of a bit of warm water and mild cleaning soap earlier than being discharged utilizing strolling under a flow of water. However, it is pretty susceptible to heat, so be sure to use gentle, moderate temperatures to hold it. Then, take a look at it if it’s exposed to more heat. 
  • Full moon rituals permit us to harness the moon’s power to release negative vibrations or pass destructive forces. It helps the crystals to take in the most effective healing and bestow power to our Iolite gemstones.
  • If you want to charge your Iolite, you can place it in sturdy direct daylight and allow nature to do its magic. It’s also a stone that benefits from being tumbled with other rock crystals to infuse it with higher energy ranges.
  • Iolite comes from a gemstone variety of the mineral cordierite. Iolite crystals are usually evident in translucent kinds of minerals. Over the years, Iolite has become increasingly more famous because of its affordability. It serves as an exquisite replacement for extra expensive stones.

We hope this article gave you an idea to understand the properties of Iolite with water.

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