Can Moonstone Go in the Water? Is Moonstone Water Safe? 

Moonstone is a mineral that delights with its charm and glamour. This mineral is a natural endowment of nature. 

However, let us see if this stone would collaborate with different forms of water, particularly water, salt water, bathwater, and moon water? 

Can Moonstone go in the water?

Before that, we will know a little about Moonstone and how it is formed

Moonstone belongs to the Feldspar family, which is one of the most various minerals on the Earth’s surface. Feldspar is the point at which one mineral joins with different minerals to create a third mineral. For this situation, the Feldspar joins with albite to develop the third mineral, Moonstone. 

As the freshly joined mineral cools, the substances separate into exchanging layers. Finally, light hitting the layered mineral is split with the end that it disperses on the surface, ultimately resulting in Adularescence. Thus, Adularescence is the phenomenon where light appears to rise across a gem. The result is a glow of the stone, irrespective of the shape and angle of the stone. 

If you want to know the benefits of Moonstone in detail, read here. 

Now let us notice Moonstone properties making it protected in the water when used correctly.  

Can Moonstone Go in the Water?   

Even though it’s permeable, the response to the query “would moonstone be able to go in the water” is yes but with a few conditions. It’s not flaky like powder, nor is it a mineral that rusts when in touch with water contact.

On the Mohs scale, Moonstone has a hardness of 6-6.5 out of 10. Therefore, if this value is more than 5, leaving the gemstone in water for quite a while is not suggested. The higher its rank on the Moh’s scale, the more secure the mineral is to clean with water. 

Soaking your gemstone in water for a long time can permanently destroy the stone. But if you still feel that you need to clean the stone, sometimes washing underwater will not damage the gemstone. 

Anyway, Short exposure to water will not affect the mineral.

Can Moonstone Go into Moon Water?  

Moon is the rich source of natural and timeless white rays that signify cleanliness, innocence, and purity—the visual color of natural cycles, white marks both the beginnings and endings of things.

 Let your Moonstone crystal charge for one night. Then, leave the pearl outside under the evening glow and let the moon take care of its responsibilities. 

 You can even place Moonstone in a bowl and keep that bowl in another vessel filled with water. In this way also we can get the moonlight water absorbed by our gemstone. 

Can Moonstone go in Saltwater?

You can also have another cleaning method for your Moonstone gem in saltwater, as it is also a purifier for energy. 

The solution for your saltwater should be 1/2 water, 1/2 salt. After your gem has soaked for a few hours, then you can rinse the gemstone in cold water thoroughly so that the stone will get rid of the salt. 

Be sure to dispose of the saltwater because it is filled with negative energy once you clean the crystal. You’ll have a gemstone naturally healed from harmful vibration-free stone that you can wear on your body again throughout your day. 

Can Moonstone be worn in the Shower? 

Remove your Moonstone gems when cleaning, showering, working out, and around evening time. Regular usage of body oils, sweat, and cream can cause the stone to look dull by all means. 

Can Moonstone go into Fresh Water?  

Can Moonstone go in the water?

You can use the vibration method to remove negative vibrations that your Moonstone may have absorbed. But, first, go to your nearest river, stream, or ocean. 

Hold your Moonstone carefully and securely under the freshwater. Now let the natural vibrations of the water move around your gemstone. In this process, your Moonstone crystal is filled and gets charged with the healing elements by water naturally.

If you have no water bodies or streams near you, then tap water will serve. 

Can we drink Moonstone Infused Water?  

Now that you’ve heard every possible way a moonstone can be used for your benefit, one more method is left, and that’s by using water with Moonstone immersed. 

It is advised not to drink Moonstone water since it is toxic. You can combine Moonstone with other stones like citrine, amazonite, and lapis lazuli, to receive creative inspiration, 

For example, Labradorite, Lapis, Moonstone, and Crystal quartz combo makes a calming room spray that cleanses the harmful elements and makes your living space more refreshing.

Few Healing Properties of Moonstone  

The Moonstone is supposed to have the power to approach an individual’s critical weaknesses. These suggested healing properties of the Moonstone include: 

  •  Calming fears about the unknown
  •  Balancing enthusiastic states
  •  Inspiring enthusiasm, inventiveness, and bearing in one’s life
  •  Opening an individual’s instinct
  •  Relaxing an individual’s psyche and body
  •  Enhancing acknowledgment of what is
  •  Supporting insight and information to decide
  •  Increasing certainty and the ability to make a move

How do you Purify Moonstone?

The Moonstone is a delicate crystal. A gem or mineral will break along a surface line determined by atomic weakness. Hence Moonstone is used for earrings or pendants instead of rings or bracelets.

1. Like most gemstones, moonstones are gentle and should be handled with care. To clean, use warm (not hot) water with a block of mild soap to cleanse.

  1. Mix 4-5 drops of dish soap with water and soak the stone for 2-3 minutes. Then, use a piece of clean and soft cloth to buff it dry. You can even use a soft-bristled brush if necessary. Then, dry with a soft cloth
  2. Avoid any jewel cleaner that uses harsh chemicals.

Smudging the Moonstone

Moonstone is a soft and delicate stone, and when it’s not taken care of properly, it will lose its shine. It no more appears as the bright stone which seemed to you the first time you set eyes on it. 

So to maintain the charm and delight of your Moonstone, you must protect, clean, charge, and store the gem properly so you’ll be able to enjoy its beauty and balance for many years to come. 

Here’s how: You may also smudge your Moonstone gem if you don’t want to use salt. You can do this by burning a smudge stick or using incense. Hold your Moonstone in the smoke for 30 seconds to a minute to remove any stored energies.

Sandalwood, sage, and sweetgrass are the favorites. They’re best at releasing elements into the air that remove negative energy. You might also want to put a small dish of salt next to your crystal so that it can absorb the negative energy from the gem.

Few General Guidelines for Crystal Care

It’s also essential to store crystals in a safe place where they won’t be damaged, especially if they have any sharp edges that can easily break off.  

You can even display your precious stones on your altar or anywhere else in your home. Be sure to clean them once in a while so that you preserve the radiance.

Final Thoughts

Can Moonstone go in the water?

  • You can leave your Moonstone outside under a full moon for a whole evening and allow the two to interface. Moonstone requires special care when cleaning. An ordinary moonstone falls somewhere in the range of 6.0 and 6.5 as indicated by the Mohs scale, which estimates its durability, and this score means its helpless hardness. 
  • Gem Specialists suggest using a gentle cleanser and warm water for purifying Moonstones. The Moonstone has been perceived as a jewel since ancient times. The pearl is referenced in the Bible, representing a precious stone as a white moonstone. 
  • You can guard the longer lifespan of your Moonstone by taking care of it very carefully and paying attention while cleaning it. If you get your Moonstone wet, you need not worry because water won’t ruin it for a short time. 
  • Remember not to leave the Moonstone in the water for too long. Due to this delicacy, it’s best to remove your gemstone before taking a shower. 
  • Make sure not to let it come into contact with aggressive substances, such as cleaning products. The safe and effective ways are smudging and exposing your Moonstone crystal to moonlight. 
  •  See to that you wrap your Moonstone gemstones up in a soft pouch or piece of fabric whenever you’re not using them.

Here in this post, We learned along with the study of the relationship of Moonstone with water and we also saw if the water exposure to Moonstone is harmful or not. Share this article with your friends.