Can Pyrite Go in the Water? Is Pyrite Water Safe? 

Pyrite is a combination of iron sulfide minerals with a metallic gloss. It has a striking shade like gold; in light of this representation, it is likewise known as Fool’s Gold. 

Pyrite’s meaning is purity and unblocks creativity. Let us examine the connection between Pyrite and different types of water and see how well Pyrite would go with normal water, salt water, and moon water. Other than the fact that Pyrite goes in the water if you are interested to know its amazing benefits click here. 

Can Pyrite Go in Water?  

Can Pyrite go in the water?

Pyrite is around 6 on the Mohs hardness scale, so it should be acceptable in water, 

But strangely, Pyrite should not be exposed to water. Because of the iron substance in Pyrite, water that combines with Pyrite can make it rust or discoloration and can bring down its energetic vibration.

Composed of iron and sulfur, Pyrite can pollute groundwater and streams utilizing waste from mines. In addition, the oxidation of Pyrite discharges harmful metals and metalloids like arsenic, a toxic component.

It is ideal for keeping Pyrite dry by finding other ways to clean it.

What happens when Pyrite gets wet?  

  • Note that water alone does not harm the Pyrite. It is the combination of water and oxygen together which damages Pyrite. 
  • After you get your Pyrite wet, it gets presented to oxygen (known as oxidation); that’s when the harm can happen. Since Pyrite combines iron and sulfur, the iron can rust when introduced to water and oxygen, and the sulfide can transform into sulfuric corrosive. 
  • There would be a sign indicating if a pyrite crystal has been exposed to water and is slightly damaged. We can recognize it by noticing the color of the gem.
  • Your Pyrite should be metallic silvery/gold and have a glowing effect when exposed to light. If there are any black or brown color patches, this is due to the rusty coatings from iron oxides. If you see pale yellowish patches, this is likely because of the element sulfur.
  • If mild discoloration happens, it will likely not affect the energetics or beauty of your Pyrite; however, if your crystal is damaged by water, it will look black or brown and lose its beautiful shiny luster.

 How do you purify your Pyrite Crystal? 

  • Even though Pyrite is a moderately complex gem, we should not purify it in water because of its high iron substance.
  • Purge your Pyrite in Salt by covering it in common ocean salt for 12 hours, then, at that point, clean off any residue. Put the Pyrite crystals under lukewarm water but only for a short time frame to eliminate the outer layer of dust.
  •  The initial cleaning for a short time won’t damage the polish of your crystals, but it will remove most of the outside dirt and chalk.

To know how pure and real your Pyrite crystal is, you can read this article here.

Can Pyrite Go in Saltwater?  

However, you can’t keep Pyrite straight in saltwater. You can utilize an alternative method of using salt. Salt is one more extraordinary way of purging your Pyrite, as salt can retain negative energy like a vacuum. 

  • The ideal way of utilizing salt to purify Pyrite is to cover it in a bowl of ocean salt for 4 hours-8 hours or short-term. Drain the salt in the canal after you do this method.
  • If you don’t want to place your Pyrite in Salt and feel that your crystal might get dirty, you can put salt in a bag, place it over the Pyrite crystals, and leave it overnight.
  • There is a third way of using salt also. You can put salt in a large bowl and then take another small bowl. Then, place your Pyrite gemstones in the smaller glass bowl for a few hours or overnight. 

It is an excellent way where the salt will have no contact with your Pyrite, but it will still absorb the negative energy.

Can Pyrite Go in Moon Water? 

Moonlight is an inclined toward and safe way of purging any gem type, harsh or cleaned, since the Pyrite crystals do not come into contact with anything except the soft moon glow. 

Place your Pyrite gems outside on a table under the Moonlight. You can even place your gemstones next to a window to get them charged in the Moonlight for a couple of hours. Ensure dewdrops don’t get your Pyrite wet. Then, use Moonlight to charge your stones. 

Healing Properties of Pyrite 

Can Pyrite go in the water?

  1. Pyrite is all about holding you stable and calm and eternally free from the restraints of control.
  2. It appears to have an instinctive quality that serves to keep you out of harm away in both aspects of spiritually and emotionally.

 3. It is also a gem that encourages creativity and makes a touch of added sparkle. It promotes strength and leadership qualities, welcoming you to step up to your potential because your willpower and well-being are ever in check.

If Pyrite is not supposed to get wet, what are other approaches to cleanse it?  

This article will also reveal the ideal ways of keeping your Pyrite cleaned, just as other purifying techniques that could cause harm to your Pyrite. 

Other Techniques to Purify Pyrite  

The lucky thing about purging precious stones is that there is not only one strategy that works. There are different techniques other than water that work extraordinarily to clear your Pyrite.

  • Smoke Purification

Purifying Pyrite with smoke-this is probably the best way of purging Pyrite. Pyrite’s name is derived from the Greek word Puritēs, which signifies fire. Before there were metals like steel, Pyrite in its normal state was utilized to strike against one another to produce sparks that would light a fire. 

Since Pyrite is so associated with the component of fire, it reacts to the smoke delivered by fire as a purifying device. Smoke can tie to these more solid energies and change them into higher vibrational energies with its airy quality. It’s like energy sent back to the sources they came from in their purest form – love. 

The Best Strategies to Charge Pyrite 

1. You can likewise involve Pyrite of different gems like Black Tourmaline and Hematite. You can place those crystals all together in a vessel or a wooden box and let them sit for the time being. Then, their energies will charge one another. Since Pyrite is related to the more profound chakras, it works through the energy that we experience in the real world.

2. Do you know that placing Pyrite directly in or on the earth not only cleans it, but this method can reset it back to its original state before being mined from the ground? Please keep it on the earth for 30 minutes-4 to and hours. Again, ensure the ground is not wet or that the sun is also not excessively hot. 

3. You can likewise cover your Pyrite in the earth; any dampness on the earth’s surface can destroy the gemstone, so do this only if provided that you have dried earth-like sand or entirely with dry soil. 

 Note: Pyrite is generally made of iron, which is a metal. Metals assimilate warmth and can cause damage if they get exposed to exclusive heat and contact with the skin. 

 Final Thoughts  

Can Pyrite go in the water?

Keeping your precious stones clear and charged is the ideal way of drawing out their healing powers. Randomly, all gems (particularly those functioning as protectors and clearing up bad energy) can get complete and tired occasionally. However, with exceptionally reliable purifying techniques, you can bring the Pyrite crystals back to life. 

While a few gems and stones respond well to being washed with cleanser and warm water, Pyrite is not a particular stone to participate in this kind of treatment. So when Pyrite is placed in water, the iron content present in the Pyrite can discolor the water or even rust the gemstone. 

So run the Pyrite under lukewarm water to eliminate dust, however, just for a short time frame. See to that you keep your Pyrite crystal shining. To keep your Pyrite sparkling, instead of washing it with water, you can smudge it with sage or other herbal smoke.

By smudging your Pyrite, you remove the negative energy, and as this stone is connected to the fire world (remember the name Pyrite comes from fire), it reacts exceptionally well to a smoke-centric cleansing.

Pyrite makes for a worthy investment. But, as mentioned, it’s not all about rising for the walls of protection, but it is also a stone that welcomes abundance, luck, joy, truth, and many excellent qualities that help your heart live with energy.

We hope you got clarity on Pyrite’s contact with water. Share this article with your loved ones.