Can Smoky Quartz Go in the Water And Is Smoky Quartz Water Safe? : Interesting Answer Guide

Smoky Quartz is a mesmerizing crystal that refers to the broad Quartz family. A unique color palette characterizes this crystal from a light transparent grey to intense brown, dark shades with good spots.

We will study the characteristics of Smoky Quartz regarding how it can go with various types of water.  

Can Smokyquartz go in the water?

Before we proceed further, let us study a few key points about water-friendly crystals and non-water-friendly crystals 

All gemstones from the Quartz family, such as Smokey Quartz, Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, Citrine, and Amethyst, are safe in cleaning water. According to precious stone experts, minerals that are a 6, or above, on the Mohs hardness scale are likely to go in the water.  Any precious stone a five or below on the Mohs scale should not be placed in water. It is because these gems break up whenever left in water for a prolonged time.

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Some more complex crystals also need to be kept out of contact with water. These include crystals that contain minerals that can rust or can release toxins into the water. Remember that the Mohs scale is not just one factor to decide if the crystal is water-friendly or not. 

Can Smoky Quartz Go in the Water?   

  • Smoky Quartz has got a score of seven on the Mohs Hardness Scale. Hence it is safe that the water element works harmoniously with this crystal. Furthermore, it doesn’t cause any damage to the overall structure of the gemstone. 
  • However, Smoky Quartz is a water-friendly gem that can go in the water. Hence you can clean your crystal with water in a simple and effective process given below. So, choose a naturally made bowl like a wood bowl or any bowl made with natural elements like mud and fill it with fresh water or tap water.
  • Note to avoid using a plastic container and any tool with processed and synthetic elements. So, once you fill the bowl with water, you can opt for naturally sourced water like spring water and then immerse your Smoky Quartz in the bowl for 4-5 hours and let it remain steady there. 
  •  After a few hours, make sure to dry your stone thoroughly with a cotton cloth. See that you do not leave any water residue on the stone’s surface.

Can Smoky Quartz Go in Saltwater?  

Indeed Smoky Quartz can go in salt water. For more intense purifying, you can add to the water a limited quantity of salt. 

Knowing which crystals can go into the water and which cannot go is essential to prevent any damage to precious stones. So, to get help from all these healing properties in the most effective way possible, cleansing and taking care of Smoky Quartz is a big necessity. 

Can Smoky Quartz Go in Moon water? 

  • Moonlight or Starlight are magnificent cleaning ordinary gifts that can take their unique and intense recuperating properties back to the gems. 
  • You can put your gems before night on your windowsill (make a point to put them in a protected spot to stay away from any breakage or harm) and let them splash the steady light of the stars or the moon all evening long. 
  • Make sure you set them in a safe place to avoid any damage. Allow your crystals to soak the natural light of the stars and the moon for the entire night. The energy generated by the moonlight is just powerful yet gentle. 
  • The moon’s bright light supplies the Smoky Quartz crystal with enough energy, which helps in recovering its balancing powers and assists you to sense comforting, optimism by nature. So, place your Smoky Quartz at a point where the stone is facing the lunar light directly, and let it soak the soft light rays of the moon for the entire night.

Does Smoky Quartz need Cleaning?   

Can Smokyqaurtz go in the water?

Because natural Smokey Quartz crystals are naturally irradiated, it is still desirable to regularly cleanse the stones you are using, and luckily, cleaning quartz crystals is very easy. Crystals like Smoky Quartz transmit powerful vibrations that guard us and help us remain confident and encouraged, so we need to return the admiration by taking good care of it. 

Like all crystals, it is essential to take care of your Smoky Quartz by keeping up a regular cleaning plan so you can support the healing energies of this stone and benefit from its empowering powers.

How would you clean a Smoky Quartz Crystal?  

The ideal way of cleaning Smoky Quartz adornments is to use a gentle fluid cleanser and warm water to wash the gems, using either a soft fabric or a soft toothbrush. Try not to utilize ultrasonic cleaners as they can harm the gem. 

Cleaning Process of Smoky Quartz

1. Soak your Smoky Quartz crystals in a bowl filled with water-diluted bleach and let them rest for some days. Be sure to clean the quartz crystals well after taking them out of the bleach solution.

 2. Let the crystals dry completely (for at least one day) before you begin any other kind of chemical cleaning.

 3. Natural Smokey quartz crystals are commonly illuminated; it is a suitable stone for those undergoing radiation treatment to keep close to them. But it is still advisable to regularly clean the stones you are using, and luckily, cleansing quartz crystals is very easy.

 4. The fourth method is to ignite a sage stick and let the smoke cover the stone to purify it.

 5. The fifth technique is to put it on an Amethyst geode for 24 hours. The energy transferred by Smoky Quartz cleans and purifies your whole energy field, helps you navigate life with internal clarity, and recovers a healthy fresh balance. 

Does Smoky Quartz blur in Sunlight?  

Sunlight is viewed as quite likely the most famous crystal charging method. Smoky Quartz is sensible to UV light, but the speed they fade changes for crystals from various locations. 

This procedure is mainly sufficient if you need an ideal opportunity to charge your Smoky Quartz. Smoky Quartz should not be left in direct daylight for significant periods; assuming you need to energize it; you can smirch it with sage. 

Along these lines, to charge Smoky Quartz through daylight, you can place your stone in a brilliant region for 2 to 3 hours. 

Can Smoky Quartz get wet in rain?   

If it is raining, ensure that you put out gems that are all right to get wet. For instance, keep Selenite and Malachite inside because the rain will harm them. On the other hand, gemstones like the Quartz family (Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Citrine, Smoky Quartz) are, for the most part, protected to be outside in the rain. 

How to charge your Smoky Quartz crystal effectively?   

Take your gemstone and bury it in the soil in the pot; make sure that you have completely covered your gem.

Keep the pot with the crystal out in the sun for some hours and allow it to charge. After a few hours, take the crystal out and wipe any leftover soil from it. 

 Smoky Quartz-Healing Properties 

  • Smoky Quartz has numerous healing properties that weave the body, mind, and soul. 
  • Smoky Quartz nurtures and neutralizes and makes you feel safe and sure no matter what the situation is.
  • Like all stones, it’s essential to keep your Smoky Quartz clean and charged with energy so it can work its magic. 
  • As mentioned, Smoky Quartz is excellent at settling up negative energy, which means that it’s even more crucial to keep it clean so that it doesn’t get obstructed.
  • Just once every few weeks can be enough unless you have been feeling more negative vibes than usual. 

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Final Thoughts    

Can Smokyquartz go in the water?Subsequently, Smoky Quartz is a hard Gem that is protected in the water. To scrub Smoky Quartz and sanitize it from the connected negative and unharmonious energies, you can submerge it in water for quite a long time. 

When in doubt and for all precious stones out there, the energy produced by the sun can be very sharp but for a limited time. Moonlight is an excellent cleansing natural gift that brings back the crystals’ original and potent healing properties. You can place your crystals during the night during the full moon day on your windowsill.

Note: Placing your gems in where there is loads of daylight and for a significant period will harm the regular shades of your stone by making them look blurred and without their sparkle. 

Smoky Quartz gemstone serves you with tracking down gentle harmony and pushing ahead into positive ideas and activities. So take care of this precious stone with the above guidelines to preserve its value and charm. 

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