Charoite Crystal Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

The gem for transformation and unconditional love, Charoite is a  purple stone that carries a pearly luster. Charoite is an extremely rare mineral and is found in commercial quantities in very few deposits.

It is found in Eastern Russia in the Sankha Republic and has received its name from the river Chara which drains through this area. This stone is a complex silicate that contains elements such as sodium, potassium, calcium, hydrogen, and others. Thus, it is often found together in inclusion with microcline feldspar and other elements like tinaksite.

The distinctive color pattern of this stone often gets it mistaken as synthetic and can be translucent or opaque. The nature of charoite is soft and therefore it is not ideal to be used in bracelets or rings but can be used in other forms of jewelry. 


What is Charoite Crystal?

Charoite is the name of a stunning mineral whose color ranges from purple to that violet. This stone is also known as the lilac stone or the charoite jade and has swirling patterns of brown, back, orange, or white on display. 

Charoite is a mineral that carries rare splendor. It was discovered only recently, in the 1940s. This precious purple stone was discovered in large deposits at a geological formation called the Mastiff. It is available in lesser amounts and only in pieces now and that large deposit cannot be found anymore now.

While it owes its name to the Chara River, the name also means ‘magical charm’ in Russian which signifies the power and function of the stone. Aside from the lilac and the purple hues, Charoite also exhibits shades of manganese and quartz which adds black and white to its color spectrum.

It originates from crystal masses that are fibrous and therefore helps in bringing that diverse color spectrum along with a textured appearance. Charoite stands for in-depth transformation and unconditional love. It is the stone of your very soul and carries very bold energy with itself.

This crystal is filled with emotional healing powers along with providing you with spiritual strength. Charoite always regulates your emotional well-being in the best possible way. It has high vibrations that are ideal for divine touch in your life. People working on the psychic level such as sages, healers, or anyone else have a high price of charoite in their lives as it helps them to create the space needed for accumulation and integration of energy.

Charoite is considered to be the stone of illusions and belongs to one of nature’s best dream stones. It allows access to the lessons you might have learned in your past lives and therefore guides you away from your emotional fears in the present life. 

How to Identify a Charoite?

Charoite is one of the rarest stones to exist on the surface of the Earth and is therefore not easy to obtain.  There are loads of fake stones manufactured that look the same as a charoite for its demand. Below listed are some of its features that will help you in identifying a charoite. 

  • This purple gemstone, when polished, will produce a luster that makes it one with the finest pearls you can find. Along with the luster, it has a swirling pattern that adds to its unique look. 
  • If you hold up a piece of charoite stone in your hands and point it in the direction of light, you will find it to be opaque. A little light may pass over the edges but the stone will be mostly opaque. 
  • The hardness of this specific stone ranges between 5 Mohs to 6 Mohs and is, therefore, softer than any regular crystal. 

Charoite Cuts and Shapes

cuts and shapes of Charoite

Although charoite is often described to be ranging from translucent to opaque, its true nature would make it opaque. It is made of various minerals in addition to the basic silicate rock material, thus, some parts of the gemstone can be transparent. The use of enhanced and good lapidary to cut this stone will glamorize its look and give it an overall shining appearance by letting light pass through. 

Being opaque in appearance, charoite is generally cut and polished into a cabochon. This mostly involves being oval, rectangular, or pear in shape. The stone can also be cut into odd shapes or even kept in its original form if that shows off its value and dazzling of its. This is exactly what makes charoite one of a kind and a spectacular possession in the form of jewelry. 

Where is Charoite Found?

As stated above, charoite is a very rare rock and can therefore be found in one place where it was initially discovered. Charoite is found near the Chara River which is situated in Murun Massif, Northwest Aldon in the Sankha Republic of Russia. 

Charoite Crystal Meaning

Charoite might be named after the river Chara, but it is believed to have also been named after the word “chary” which means magic in Russian. Charoite is a rock that is formed out of metamorphosis and is therefore hugely helpful when you need to shift in dynamics in your life. In other words, charoite is the stone of transformation and helps you in your life when you are ready to make changes. 

This stone finds its place alongside your mind and assists you in fully conquering all your troubles and worries and also helps you in rebelling against your reluctance. Thus this stone provides heavy supportive care and blesses you with restorative powers in your own life. It opens and purifies all your layers of awareness.

Meaning of Charoite

Its healing lavender energy is poured into your physiological body and removes all impediments from your life. You can start anew and look at things with a positive and happy outlook. Charoite is also known as the ‘Gemstone of Lilac Radiance’ because of its excellent capacity of creating ripples between you and the cosmos.

It is very rare and prized as a gemstone for those who want to work in one with the Third Eye and their Crown Chakras. This stone forms a very powerful dynamic companionship with you, aligning your chakras and also the energy of the cosmos. It is an amazing and stunning crystal in every possible way. 

Charoite Meaning in Ancient Lore and History

The lilac stone or “the miracle of Siberia” is one of the rarest semi-precious stones found on earth.

According to Yakut legends, the waters of the river Chara- besides which these stones are found, are from the tears of a local girl. It is said that the girl sacrificed herself for the sake of her homeland and to save them. She was faced with a choice- of marrying someone she did not love or seeing the death of her family with her own eyes.

The people believe that Nature itself took pity on the girl’s sorrow and pain and turned her soul into a spectacular and gorgeous stone that reflected so many different shades of purple when placed in the sunlight.  

Ancient lore history and meaning of charoite

The name charoite comes from the river Chara which flows through the Chara basin lying between the Kodar and Kalar mountains. This region is particularly famous for having a peculiar mountain wherein charoite was mined and found.

This lilac stone is found only in this mountain and was discovered somewhere in the 1940s when a rail tunnel was being constructed in this area. A huge part of the Russian government’s debt was paid off by the charoite gemstones given how expensive they are in nature. The rest of the charoite was stored in deposits in the basements of houses in Budapest, the Hungarian capital. 

The spectacular appearance of Charoite led people and scientists to believe that it was fake when first discovered. It was the view of many that this stone was indeed dyed to make those striking shades of purple for the profit in the sale. Moreover, it was challenging to determine the complex constituent and formation of charoite in such a secluded area.

For 15 years, this gemstone did not receive its identity as an actual gemstone. It was finally approved to be real in the 1978 International Mineral Association and was declared a unique and genuine stone by scientists. 

Although Charoite was only recently introduced to the commercial market, it was in use much before that. The Mongols were among the first people who highly valued and used charoite because of its nature. It is said that they held this gemstone in very high regard and conducted many rituals with its help.

The Mongols are also said to have used the Charoite for brewing tea by boiling the stone which would then be consumed in a very ceremonious manner. It is also believed that this tea would strengthen family ties and even communal ties. This stone was also believed to ward off evils alongside protecting the family members.  

Charoite Healing Properties

Healing properties of Charoite

This stunning lilac stone is believed to have lots of metaphysical properties, even the ability to transform negative feelings into positive ones. It induces healing attributes within the bearer. Charoite is often used to facilitate transformation within individuals and for awakening spiritual qualities along with self-confidence and courage.

The healing properties of charoite are diverse and can be experienced in both mental and physical ways. In today’s world, where people are overburdened with work, responsibilities, and subsequent demands and expectations, it is next to impossible to find time for our self-development and care.

Thus, if you feel in need of reigniting that lost flame of self-care, charoite is the best choice for you. Here are some of the healing properties that it possesses:

Charoite Physical Healing Properties

Charoite boasts of its physical healing properties as it connects with the high frequencies. This connection aids the stone to shift the sickness and pain and lets you regain your good health and dwell in prosperity. This stone is a natural stress reliever and is great at helping you keep your blood pressure in check. 

The health of the liver and pancreas also benefits from this stone. Ailments like ADHD or Asperger’s can also be regulated with the help of this stone. Its serene energy helps in doing so. On an overall level, this purple gemstone detoxifies your body and is useful in cutting off toxin supplies like alcohol and drugs. It also relieves pain on all levels ranging from muscle aches to migraines. 

Charoite is said to help with sleep problems and help in proper resting. If you use it, you will start feeling the changes like having rested well during the next and getting to experience pleasure in things. Thus, it aids sleeplessness, bad dreams, disruption in your sleep, or insomnia.  Consequently, this stone is also great for improving eyesight and other vision issues. 

Charoite Mental and Emotional Healing Properties

mental and emotional healing via Charoite

Known largely for its healing properties on the mental slate, Charoite does not disappoint. It will shout out to your inner courage and confidence and give them a boost. It will constantly remind you that you can achieve whatever you want and wish for in your life; that you are capable of achieving them. 

If you are dealing with any kind of loss in your life and struggling with coming back to the surface, Charoite might just be the stone for you. It will lend you a hand, pick you up and pass onto you the internal power necessary to bring yourself back and stand your ground. you will fill strength and internal power pushing you forward into a different spin of events. One that you are in control of.

Charoite is also a great stone for decision-making. It brings about clarity in your life and helps you to see clearly between choices, especially the ones based on love that tie you down or scare you. It will inspire you to let go of the weighing down emotions and find better circumstances for yourself.  

Charoite Metaphysical Properties

The spiritual energy associated with charoite is great. This gemstone has the potential to cleanse all your higher chakras, which opens up the chakras to function more fluidly. This helps in uplifting your positive energies and creates a high frequency. This high frequency expands your consciousness and awakens your livelier and being a help to others’ spirits. Charoite acts as a huge connection between you and Mother Gaia- who is the ancestral mother.

Charoite is popularly known as a very powerful healing stone that covers all your negative energies with that positive. It acts as a constant reminder to you that you are capable and powerful enough to conquer your demons and move ahead. It will also inspire you to act with compassion and kindness. 

This purple stone preserves your energy from draining during emotional problems and prevents you from getting exhausted. Charoite will act as a reminder in your life that you should not take more than you can handle and that your well-being comes before being better than others. You cannot help others if you do not take care of yourself first. The nature of the connection between individuals is highlighted by this stone. 

Uses and Benefits of Charoite Crystal

uses and benefits of Charoite

  • Charoite is a powerful gemstone that helps you in cleansing your chakras. It is especially efficient in the upper chakras of your body which include your third eye chakra and your crown chakra. This removes the absorbed unclean energy residues and opens them up to healing and positive energy. 
  • Charoite opens up your gate to wisdom by cleansing your third eye and boosting your connection with cosmic energy and also your dynamic with others. 
  • This gemstone is a symbol of comfort and endurance too. With itself being created under very harsh and wild conditions, the charoite is the perfect stone for people who have to face the same trials in their life. This is also helpful in resisting and curing spiritual fatigue and also burnout.  
  • Charoite helps you in expanding your mind and heart towards healing and positive energies and getting rid of your negative things. 
  • This lilac stone assists healers and empaths to re-energize themselves while healing others.  
  • It also pushes you into achieving the perfect juncture of knowing and maintaining boundaries and therefore enhancing your mental peace.  
  • Charoite also enhances your reflection on the past and connects with you to look at yourself more sympathetically, therefore carving a way for self-healing. 

Charoite Birthstone

The deep purple shade of this stone is full of mysticism and marks the beginning and end of many things. It also brings about the senses of dreams and opens our minds up to rebirth. Charoite is often said to link and leads us towards the winter solstice. This is mainly because the winter solstice has the longest and the darkest night – a metaphorical representation of us having more time to delve deeper into ourselves and find out about ourselves.

Thus, charoite is an excellent stone that works in harmony with the signs of Sagittarius and Scorpio. Scorpio is a sign that is determined, honest, loyal, and ambitious in nature. At the same time, it can also be overly jealous and secretive. These are the kind of emotions that pulls you back and obstructs true and honest feelings. Charoite will help people of this zodiac by encouraging them to look at the brighter and lighter side of things.

They will be able to open up their heart and regain their ability to trust in people. It will also indulge them in philosophical learnings and things. Physically it will help them in restful sleep and get rid of any stress. This stone will balance out any kind of overworked ambitions and will aid the bravery of the zodiac sign.

The zodiac sign Sagittarius also hugely profits from Charoite if they have the stone around them. This is a sign that is naturally very light-hearted and their souls are filled with happy and fun energy. This non-stop energy of theirs might sometimes become the cause of the problem because they forget to pause and reflect. Charoite, therefore, helps in grounding down these paragliding emotions and in embracing the moment right in front of them. 

Charoite Chakras

Chakra healing with Charoite

Charoite stimulates the Heart and the Crown chakras, combining their powers and cleansing the atmosphere around you. This opens your heart up to more chances of enlightenment and your connection with the cosmic energy altogether is improved. 

The Crown chakra is located on the head and serves as the gateway between the cosmos and your body. It impacts your way of feeling and reaction to things around you. It enriches your soul and its foundation. The energy generation and knowledge inspirer, charoite is one of the best stones that work well with the chakras in your life. Charoite links you to the spiritual realm and improves your soul. 

Summary of Charoite Crystal

Name of Crystal Charoite
Other Names
lilac stone or charoite jade
Mastiff, beside the Chara river, Russia.
Purple to violet
Precious Yes
Semi-Precious No
Formation Formed by contact metamorphosis: the calcerous deposits are transformed through heat, pressure and injection of special chemicals.
Majorly Found at Found only near the Chara River, Russia
Zodiac Suited for
Scorpio and Saggitarius
Healing Properties This stone shifts the sickness and pain and lets you regain your good health and dwell in prosperity. This stone is a natural stress reliever and is great at helping you keep your blood pressure in check. It gives you the internal power necessary to bring yourself back and stand your ground. You will feel strength and internal power pushing you forward into a different spin of events.
Health Benefits Charoite is said to help with sleep problems and help in proper resting. If you use it, you will start feeling the changes like having rested well during the next and getting to experience pleasure in things. Thus, it aids sleeplessness, bad dreams, disruption in your sleep, or insomnia. Consequently, this stone is also great for improving eyesight and other vision issues.
Types of Crystal
Uses Assists the chakras and helps in expanding the mind and heart so that the bearer can heal. It also brings about many positive changes and enhances the way a person looks at themselves.
Goes in Water? yes
Goes in Salt Water? No
Goes in Rain Water? Yes
Goes in Moon Water? Yes
Moh’s Scale 4.5
Real This purple gemstone, when polished, will produce a luster that makes it one with the finest pearls you can find. Along with the luster, it has a swirling pattern that adds to its unique look. If you hold up a piece of charoite stone in your hands and point it in the direction of light, you will find it to be opaque. A little light may pass over the edges but the stone will be mostly opaque in nature.
Fake Fake or “Chinese Charoite” have lots of white in them. The swirly pattern of the original stone is missing in them and the purple layers have an angular pattern.

How do you Care for your Charoite Crystal?

Charoite might be a stone that does a lot of heavy work both on the spiritual and earthly realm, it does not take much to take care of the stone. 

When to Cleanse Charoite Crystal?

The stone must be cleaned or better be left to discharge after being used for heavy communication with the spiritual realm. It can be cleaned easily by placing it under the soft flow of any water source. If there is any heavy water flow around you, then you can place the stone close to it but not directly under it so that the Charoite can soak up the energy from the sound. 

Note: Charoite has very high heat sensitivity and therefore no form of steam cleaning should be done for it. Even ultrasonic methods should be avoided at all costs. 

Caring for Charoite

How to Recharge Your Charoite?

Your charoite stone can be recharged by simply putting it under sunlight. Since the stone is connected to the energy of Mother Gaia, it is rechargeable by letting it absorb energy from the universe as a whole.

What is Charoite Activation process?

Charoite is a stone that works near your main chakras in the body. The best way to therefore activate the functions of this stone is by keeping it close to your body. If you wear any charoite crystal jewelry, you invite it to connect to your vibrations and amplify the frequency of your body as a whole. In simpler words, wearing any gemstone is the best way for them to function and harness their complete power. 

How much is Charoite Worth?

The rare nature of charoite might make it seem pricey but in reality, it is not that expensive. Its price and value depend on the availability of the gemstone as it is exported from Russia. There are sometimes restrictions faced on its export.  

The highest quality charoite might cost only between $1.10-$3 per carat. The price of each charoite depends on the color of the stone and its chatoyancy. 

Note: The price of charoite might differ as stated from the date this article was researched and published and when it is being read.  

Does Charoite make a Good Jewelry Stone?

Charoite is a very good jewelry stone given its outstanding shine and glamor and also its properties as a healing stone. Because of its healing nature, bearers are often asked to keep the stone close to their body in the form of any possible jewelry. Thus, charoite is a very in-demand jewelry stone. 

At the same time, it is also difficult to retain a piece of charoite jewelry that is used daily. Charoite weighs as low as 4.5 Mohs on the hardness scale and is therefore vulnerable to wear and tear. Instead, this can be a stone that is worn as a ring or necklace only on special occasions and not every day. 

Charoite as jewelry stone

Real vs Fake Charoite

Charoite is an extremely rare and expensive stone. Its nature has led to many sellers using fake stones created out of Chinese fluorite. These are cheaper than the real charoite but nowhere as effective as the real stone. It is, therefore, necessary to single out the differences between the real and fake ones. 

Real charoite is mottled, with an iridescent sheen to its banding. There are often patches of green and black, in the form of aegirine. There may also be an orange tinaksite present. The fake charoites generally will give away with yellow patches on them which might have been made during the creation in a lab. 


What is Charoite good for?

Charoite is a stone that aids transformation and therefore helps in converting your negative energies into positive ones. It also expands your spiritual knowledge and boosts your self-confidence. In addition to this, this stone will also inspire your creativity, strength, and assertive nature. 

Is Charoite a rare stone?

The stone charoite is an extremely rare stone made of silicate minerals. It is only found in the Siberia region of Russia- in the Republic of Sankha or Yakutia. 

Is Charoite safe to wear?

The purple color of the Charoite is very good for the human nervous system and it acts as a great healer. But at the same time, due to the various components present inside the stone, some of them might be radioactive. You can spot these radioactive samples by looking if the stone has any yellowish speckle on it which was created due to the radioactive material.

Can you wear Charoite every day?

Charoite is a stone that finds its place in many pieces of jewelry because of its beautiful form and effects. However, the hardness of this stone is just 4.5 to 5 Mohs and therefore can easily suffer from wear and tear. Jewelry that is worn on daily basis but is not suitable for carrying a charoite stone. In other words, you cannot wear charoite every day or it will start losing its properties. 

What is the black inclusion in Charoite?

The black spots seen on the surface of a charoite come from the presence of the elements aegirine or augite. These elements tend to stick and grow together and therefore the black spots created might be from both of them. 

Is Charoite man-made?

Charoite is a rare and semi-precious stone that is found only in the Yakutia district of Russia. While it is a very natural stone created in the depths of nature, there are fake Charoites created due to its preciousness. They are man-made and created in labs and we should take precautions to not buy them because they are nowhere as efficient as a real charoite. 

Can charoite go in the sun?

Charoite is an opaque stone and it does not let light pass through it. So keeping the gemstone under the sun won’t do it any harm. Sunlight is used as a source for recharging this crystal.