Cinnabar Crystal Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

One of the most beautiful gemstones in one’s collection, the Cinnabar Quartz is a powerful crystal filled with spirituality and elegance. It is a well-known gemstone to attract prosperity and abundance. It is also a symbol of alchemy. Usually, Cinnabar Quartz is used for manifesting wants, desires and healing. This gemstone not only provides healing benefits to the wearer but also provides the gift of a long and healthy life. 

A potent gemstone recognized for its potential to attract wealth, the cinnabar stone is used for spiritual and personal growth. Alchemy, the realization of wishes, riches, and healing are all represented by it. This gorgeous red crystal is mostly associated with the base and sacral chakras and helps to manifest the best versions of ourselves. 


What is Cinnabar?

What is Cinnabar

Cinnabar is also known as Cinnabarite. The meaning of the gemstone’s name is ‘Dragon’s blood.’ It is a mercury sulphide element. This gemstone emits powerful energies for the wearer to manifest all their desires and wants. This gemstone is commonly used in alchemy and has been an important tool for alchemists for thousands of years. 

This gemstone is proven to be helpful for individuals who wish to connect to their higher self and explore the different aspects of their spirituality. This gemstone makes the wearer create a true vision for themselves. This gemstone has colours which are not commonly found in the colour of most crystals and gemstones. 

In nature, the cinnabar stone is found as large or granular, trigonal crystals that are primarily found in shades of red that range from silver-red to purplish or brownish hues.

Although this stone originates from China, it is also readily available in the United States, Mexico, Peru, Spain, Serbia, and Italy. The name “Cinnabar Stone,” also known as “Cinnabarite,” comes from the Persian for “Dragon’s Blood.” Three chakras are connected to the cinnabar stone: the sacrum, third eye, and root.

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How To Identify Cinnabar?

How To Identify Cinnabar Quartz

Cinnabar is easily identifiable due to its elegant red colour. Cinnabar Quartz is not a very hard and tough stone. The hardness level of this gemstone is 2 to 2.5 as observed on the MOHS scale of hardness. This makes it very easy to crush into powder which can be utilised for producing pigments and other purposes. Other physical properties of this gemstone are as follows:- 

  • Colour:- The colour of this gemstone is bright red to brownish red. 
  • Hardness:- The hardness level of this gemstone is 2 to 2.5 on the MOHS scale of hardness for gemstones and crystals. 
  • Cleavage:- The cleavage of this gemstone is perfect. 
  • Density:- The density of this gemstone is 8.10 to 8.18. 
  • Fracture:- Cinnabar gemstones have an uneven or irregular fracture. 
  • Streak:- The streak observed on these gemstones is scarlet red. 
  • Crystal structure:- The structure of this crystal is trigonal. 
  • Lustre:- Cinnabar gemstones have a dull to Adamantine lustre. 

Where Is Cinnabar Found?

Cinnabar gemstones are usually found in mining spots where mercury is yielded. Historically, these gemstones are found in Almaden in Spain. A very small number of locations produce a high number of Cinnabar stones. Or well-crystallised ones. The highest quality of Cinnabar crystals can be found in Guizhou province or Hunan province. Other locations for gaining Cinnabar gemstones are as follows:- 

  • Mexico 
  • Slovenia 
  • Kazakhstan 
  • Ukraine 
  • Kyrgyzstan 

Meaning of Cinnabar

Meaning Of Cinnabar

The name ‘Cinnabar’ of this gemstone has been derived from the Greek word ‘Kinnabari.’ Millions of years back, this gemstone was used for making red paints and dyes in Rome. With time and various developments, healers and metaphysical circles started to explore the healing properties and benefits of this gemstone. 

This stone went from being used for dyes and paints to treating various problems and concerns in the wearer’s physical, mental and spiritual health. Now, this gemstone is predominately used for effectively enhancing one’s approach towards achieving their goals and dreams. It makes the wearer reach their maximum potential and use the available resources for excelling in every field. Individuals finding it difficult to concentrate and focus on anything for a long time must use this gemstone as it is a focus and attention enhancer. 

When you want to get rid of bad energy around you and replace it with good, light energy, Cinnabar Stone is a great tool. Owning Cinnabar Stone might give you confidence in the route life has chosen for you if you are very unhappy with your life.

The fact that this magnificent stone grants the wearer or owner a very long life is another alluring feature of it. Use Cinnabar Stone to boost your confidence and self-assurance if you struggle with concerns related to your self-worth and self-acceptance.

Additionally, continuous use of Cinnabar Stone will help you get rid of your deepest fears and resentments, allowing you to move forward in life freely. It is also a highly effective stone for letting go of anger, which can bring you inner peace and help you become a more compassionate person.

Healing Properties of Cinnabar

  • Cinnabar Stone has a profound effect on the mind because it can improve mental agility and help you come up with rapid, original, and insightful ideas.
  • This stone can be quite helpful for persons whose jobs demand them to use fresh inspiration and unconventional ideas because it fosters creativity.
  • Additionally, Cinnabar Stone has the power to awaken your kundalini energy, which is necessary to improve your capacity for romantic expression and give you self-assurance in bed.
  • The power of Cinnabar Stone will calm your heart if you frequently feel jealous by getting rid of jealous ideas and comparisons in your mind.
  • This vibrant red crystal is a crystal that brings abundance to your life and this crystal also helps to nurture the best and most attractive versions of yourself.
  • For the ones who are seeking love, Cinnabar is a crystal that you should manifest with.
  • Cinnabar is also known as the stone of “prosperity”.
  • You can also utilize Cinnabar Stone to sharpen your communication abilities and speak fluently and confidently when interacting in both social and business settings.

Physical Healing Properties Of Cinnabar 

Physical Healing Properties Of Cinnabar Quartz 

Predominantly, one of the best physical healing properties of Cinnabar Quartz is that it is a master healer of sexual life. The red and smoking energies emitted from this beautiful gemstone work wonders in enhancing one’s sexual life and solving any issues and concerns related to their intimate life. This gemstone is also believed to support fertility and helps the mother become more fertile and fit. 

This gemstone is widely used for gaining sexual awakening and making the intimate experience with one’s partner much more pleasurable. This gemstone is related to blood. This means that this gemstone has healing properties for treating a number of blood-related disorders in the body. Viral infections, viral fevers and fungal infections are also treated using this gemstone. 

Individuals with a low blood cell count must use this gemstone as it enhances the number of RBCs and their circulation to the body. Along with red blood cells, this gemstone is also believed to increase the number of white blood cells in the body. This gemstone can enhance one’s immunity and make one strong and fit for every season. 

Emotional Healing Properties Of Cinnabar 

Cinnabar Quartz is one of the best crystals for enhancing emotional strength and willpower. Different emotional health concerns such as depression, grief, extreme sadness, isolation and loneliness, etc are treated effectively with the help of this gemstone. If an individual is experiencing recurrent depressive thoughts and anxiety from them, then they must use Cinnabar gemstones to soothe themselves and stay in relief. 

This gemstone works effectively for improving the wearer’s self-confidence and motivation. It helps them gain the courage to socialise and make new connections. This gemstone is an important tool for decision-making. This is because it helps the wearer to think wisely and make appropriate decisions which are not based on immediate emotions and responses but are well-planned and wise. 

Cognitive Healing Properties Of Cinnabar 

Cognitive Healing Properties Of Cinnabar Quartz 

Cinnabar Quartz is a gemstone that helps the wearer control his anger. Due to this, the wearer experiences peace and calmness in their life. This gemstone makes the wearer a much more compassionate and understanding person. If an individual is extremely sensitive and gets hurt by the littlest things, they must start using Cinnabar Quartz. This is because Cinnabar makes the user strong and helps to analyse things in a way. 

This gemstone works wonders in helping the wearer to reduce and overcome their biggest fears. It enables the wearer to move on in their life. Cinnabar Quartz has a deep impact on the mind. It helps the wearer in enhancing their mental abilities. It makes the wearer a creative, analytical and logical person. 

If a wearer experiences feelings of rage and jealousy for the people in their surroundings, then they must use this gemstone on a daily basis. This is because Cinnabar helps the wearer to reduce his/her envious thoughts for others and reduces the tendency to compare themselves with others. 

Chakra Healing Properties Of Cinnabar 

In the world of crystal and gemstone healing, an individual is not only able to heal their physical and mental problems. But they are also enabled to align and activate their chakras. In the same way, Cinnabar Quartz gemstones possess a good number of chakra healing properties. Firstly, the energies and vibrations from this powerful stone are used to align and heal the root chakra. It is also known as the Muladhara. This chakra is present at the end of the spine. 

With the alignment of this chakra, the wearer is able to become stable, secure and vital. It is also known as the ‘Survival centre’ since it provides the necessary means to the body for survival. The experiences of guilt, grief and anxiety are overcome with the help of this gemstone. With the alignment and activation of this gemstone, the wearer is able to reduce instability in their life. This gemstone must be used during meditation. By meditating with Cinnabar Quartz, the wearer is able to support their root chakra. 

The wearer will experience feelings of groundedness with the alignment of the root chakra. Moreover, the wearer will become more energised in their daily life. If a wearer is experiencing a feeling of disconnection from the world, then Cinnabar Quartz gemstones will help him/her to stay connected with the world. And experience the world in the best way possible. 

Cinnabar Metaphysical Properties

Cinnabar Quartz Metaphysical Properties

Cinnabar Quartz gemstones have abundant healing properties for the body and the mind. Along with that, Cinnabar Quartz also possesses a good number of metaphysical properties. This gemstone is a master attracter of wealth and good luck. As a business owner, the wearer will be able to gain a lot of success as this gemstone brings prosperity and wealth to the user. 

Individuals in the creative fields must make use of this gemstone as Cinnabar Quartz is a well-known gemstone to enhance creativity. Enhancing innovative skills and artistic inspiration is also one of the benefits of this gemstone. This gemstone safeguards the wearer against psychic attacks and negativity in the atmosphere. It also motivates the wearer to enhance their communication skills and make good connections for life. 

Cinnabar Benefits

Cinnabar Quartz Benefits

The benefits of Cinnabar Quartz are as follows:-

  • Cinnabar Quartz gemstones filter out negative and evil energies from the life of the wearer. It makes the atmosphere around the user positive and safe. 
  • Feelings of extreme stress and distress are also reduced by Cinnabar as it enables the wearer to have confidence in the paths they have selected for themselves. 
  • If living a short life is a fear for the wearer, then they just use Cinnabar Quartz as this gemstone gives the gift of a long and healthy life to the wearer. 
  • Individuals who have low self-esteem and low self-respect must use this gemstone on a daily basis as it gives the wearer confidence and assurance about themselves. 
  • Fears, resentments and anxiety are all overcome with the help of this gemstone. It helps the wearer to move forward and at a constant pace in their life without the fear of falling or failing. 
  • This gemstone is a great stone for anger management. Since too much anger is harmful to one’s health, one must manage and control their anger with the help of this gemstone. 
  • Mentally, Cinnabar gemstones make the wearer a strong and wilful person. It enhances one’s important cognitive abilities and also makes one think in different directions. 
  • For individuals needing a boost of creativity and innovation for their personal and professional life, Cinnabar gemstones are one of the best gemstones in the world.
  • Cinnabar Quartz gemstones awaken the wearer’s kundalini energy. Due to this awakening, the wearer is able to enhance their sexual life. And improve the user’s confidence for the same purpose. 
  • Jealousy is a harmful disease. If an individual is envious of jealousy frequently, then they must use Cinnabar gemstones. These gemstones will help the wearer be satisfied with what they have and not be greedy for what others have. 
  • Since communication skills are very important in day-to-day life, the wearer must use this gemstone to enhance and improve their communication skills. With better communication, the wearer will be able to keep their thoughts and opinions forward in a better manner. 

Cinnabar Benefits Spirituality

Cinnabar gemstones help the wearer to improve their psychic abilities and powers. It awakens the mystic abilities inside the wearer. By helping the wearer to overcome all their fears and worries, this gemstone will enable the wearer to make use of their complete spiritual potential. This gemstone won’t let the wearer hold back when it comes to them reaching the highest level of spirituality. With the help of divine wills and divine beings, the wearer will be enabled to align their life in the best way possible. 

The user is able to gain spiritual grounding with the help of the spiritual healing properties of Cinnabar Quartz. To make sure that the additional energy of the wearer is not causing any harm to them, this gemstone grounds the energies using the base chakra. When this gemstone is used during meditation, the wearer is able to experience the flow of energy in their body and mind through divine sources. 

Cinnabar Birthstone

Cinnabar Quartz gemstones are useful for individuals who have the astrological sign, Leo. 

Cinnabar Quartz Chakras 

Cinnabar Quartz gemstones are responsible for the activation and stimulation of the Sacral, Root and Third eye chakra. 

What Are The Uses Of Cinnabar? 

Uses Of Cinnabar Quartz

The uses of Cinnabar Quartz are as follows:- 

  • Cinnabar Quartz gemstones are used for increasing strength and resilience. This way, the wearer will be able to stay active and energetic all the time. 
  • Cinnabar Quartz is used for bringing harmony and balance to the body. Since imbalances can cause a huge number of illnesses and diseases, it is very important to use this gemstone to keep the body healthy and balanced at all times. 
  • This gemstone is used to cure blood deficiencies and iron deficiencies. It enhances the flow of blood in the blood veins and enables circulation to an important part of the body. 
  • This gemstone is used to make the body fit and fight issues and concerns such as obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and much more.
  • Cinnabar Quartz gemstones are used for supporting pregnancy and fertility. 
  • If an individual is constantly going through negative feelings and emotions, they must use this gemstone as Cinnabar Quartz do an excellent job at swapping negative energies with positive energies. 
  • For individuals facing different kinds of extreme emotions and feelings which are hard to control, they must carry these gemstones with them all the time. 
  • Cinnabar Quartz gemstones enhance the overall health of an individual. That’s why it’s used often by many healing circles to cure different kinds of disorders and problems of their clients.
  • This gemstone provides a long and healthy life to the wearer. 
  • This gemstone is a great stone of success in the negotiation and commerce field. This is because this gemstone is closely associated with these fields and is a proven gemstone to provide advancement in those fields. 
  • If an individual belongs to that social work and caretaking industry or as a volunteer, they must use this gemstone. This is due to the fact that this gemstone makes the wearer a much more compassionate and empathic human being. It will also enhance the wearer’s desire to give back and serve the community. 
  • This gemstone is well-known for enhancing the wearer’s leadership skills. It will help the wearer to develop the quality of assertiveness. But will also keep that quality in control and balance.
  • Cinnabar gemstones help the wearer to become a successful businessman. It will help them realise the mistakes or errors they are committing in business which will enhance their business and negotiation skills. It is also a beneficial stone in helping the wearer to choose a career path for themselves. Or choose a specific venture to start. 
  • This gemstone enhances one’s clarity about their dreams and goals. It lets them know which goals are the most important for them and then makes them work on them accordingly. 
  • Cinnabar Quartz is usually used for becoming a better employee. It will make the boss of the wearer listen to their ideas and consider their inputs in the plan of action. This way, the wearer will be able to become a better employee with better input and dedication towards the organisation. 
  • If the wearer is facing any blockages in their energies and vibrations, they must use Cinnabar Quart to get rid of those blockages and let the engines flow back freely. 

Caring For Cinnabar 

Caring For Cinnabar Quartz

Cinnabar Quartz gemstones may be slightly dangerous for human beings when it is handled in their natural form. This is because when temperature increases, it might release mercury vapours. The vapours can be dangerous to human health if inhaled. This is the reason why Cinnabar gemstones must be cut in water so that the dust from the gemstone is not inhaled by the handler. 

One must always make sure that they are following certain cautionary practices while handling Cinnabar gemstones. These practices are very simple but effective. Simply washing hands after each handling session of Cinnabar can keep the handler away from any potential harm caused due to consumption. Wearing gloves is a must. 

For cleaning Cinnabar gemstones, one must use a gentle brush, mild detergents and warm water. Once washed and scrubbed nicely, pat dry it with a soft and gentle towel. This gemstone must be stored away from other crystals. It is advisable to keep the Cinnabar Quartz gemstones in velvet pouches of fabric-lined jewellery containers. 

How Much Is Cinnabar Worth?

Cinnabar gemstones are priced according to their forms or purposes. One can purchase loose Cinnabar Quartz gemstones in the market at the rate of $0.06 to $0.50 per gram. The Cinnabar Quartz gemstones which are faceted are sold at the price of $105 per carat. Cabochons of this gemstone can be purchased at the rate of $0.05 to $4 per carat. 

How Much Is Cinnabar Quartz Worth

  • What Determines Cinnabar’s Price and Value?

The value of Cinnabar Quartz is dependent on different factors such as the shape, size and colour of the gemstone. Also, the rate per carat also plays an important role in determining how much the price of the gemstone will be. The value is always dependent and changing on the basis of the source and place one is gaining their gemstones or Cinnabar Quartz jewellery. 

Does Cinnabar Make A Good Jewelry Stone?

Cinnabar gemstones contain mercury in it. This is toxic for the human and skin and should not come in direct contact with the skin. That’s why the Cinnabar jewellery used nowadays is not toxic. The Cinnabar utilised in jewellery pieces is in fact wood. This wood is used for jewellery-making purposes by staining it and covering it with several layers of lacquer. The last layer is usually extremely soft and skin-friendly. 

Since the colour of Cinnabar gemstones is referred to as scarlet red, it is widely used for creating jewellery for the Asian part of the world. It brings an Asian touch to jewellery. Cinnabar gemstones are mostly shaped like beads. There are several ornamental designs imprinted on these gemstones. 

Cinnabar Real vs Fake

Cinnabar Real vs Fake

Gemstones and crystals can usually be purchased from different locations and shops which are well-known for the production and selling of those crystals. However, one must make sure that the crystal they are buying must be the real one and not a fake version of it. When an individual buys a fake or imitation piece of the gemstone, they may not be able to gain the benefits of that gemstone. 

And in many cases, the user may end up spending a huge sum of money for crystals that are not original. The same case is with Cinnabar Quartz gemstones too. One must make sure that they are buying the right gemstones. For making sure that the Cinnabar Quartz gemstones they are purchasing are the right ones, look out for the colour of the gemstone. 

This is because Cinnabar Quartz has a striking red colour which is pretty unique and can’t be seen in other gemstones. The shining surface can also be a sign of authenticity. If a Cinnabar gemstone lacks the striking red colour, or if it’s not as shiny as it should be, then most probably the gemstone in question is a fake one. 

The next way to check authenticity is by examining the texture of the gemstone. This gemstone is an extremely soft and gentle gemstone. It has a very low hardness score on the MOHS scale of hardness. Due to its soft and gentle nature, this gemstone can easily be scratched and fragmented even with a little applied pressure. That’s why if there is a gemstone that does not scratch easily, or they do not crumble with a little applied pressure, then probably the gemstone in question is not genuine. 

In The Light Of This Information 

People who are thirsty for wealth strongly like Cinnabar Stone because it is well known to provide luck and abundance to the user. You can grow professionally by negotiating higher pay and managing your money more wisely because of Cinnabar Stone’s strong ties to trade and negotiation.

The desire to give back to the community through volunteer work and other forms of social service will be sparked by this lovely stone, which will also assist you in being more considerate and sympathetic. If romance, love, or loyalty are missing from your life, this is the place to look for enduring, passionate connections.

Additionally, Cinnabar Stone is known for manifesting prosperity and can fill your life with abundance. Use this stone if you want to develop your creativity, compassion, emotional stability, self-assurance, or bravery. Using Cinnabar Stone sensibly can help you regain your sense of purpose.

It is a beautiful gemstone that everyone should use in their daily life. If the manifestation of desires and dreams is the prime goal of an individual, then they must start using Cinnabar as its magical powers will enable the wearer to make all their dreams and desires into reality. 

Moreover, for the alignment of the Root, Sacral and Third Eye chakra, Cinnabar Quartz gemstones are the best ones as these gemstones will keep the wearer close to the ground and it will also safeguard the wearer from all kinds of negative energies too. 


What is Cinnabar Quartz?

Cinnabar gemstone is a mercury sulphide crystal. It is commonly used in the field of Alchemy. 

What does Cinnabar Crystal do?

Cinnabar Quartz gemstones are usually used for manifestation purposes. It can help the wearer to manifest their needs, wants and desires. 

Is Cinnabar Quartz toxic?

Yes. Cinnabar Quartz may be a toxic gemstone if not handled and used with caution. 

Is Cinnabar poisonous?

No. Cinnabar is not a poisonous gemstone until it is kept at a high temperature. 

Is Cinnabar still used today?

Yes. Cinnabar Quartz is still used today for multiple purposes. 

Can Cinnabar go in the sun?

Yes. Cinnabar gemstones do go under the sun. 

Where is the Cinnabar crystal found?

Cinnabar Quartz is usually found in Spain, Mexico, Ukraine and many more locations and mining spots.