Enstatite Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

Enstatite is a silicate mineral stone that aids in identifying what is actually crucial and vital in life. It assists us in starting our genuine life path. This gemstone primarily comes in yellow and green colors. Magnesium content causes it to occasionally appear in a dark green tint. 

Enstatite usually has an emerald-like appearance. It opens the Base, Solar Plexus, Throat, Third Eye, and Crown chakras while aligning the main chakras. Regression work, including past life regression, can employ it. Let’s delve deeper into the meaning, healing properties, and uses of this powerful crystal.

What is Enstatite?

What is Estantite

Enstatite (MgSiO3) is a silicate mineral and the magnesium endmember of the common pyroxene family. At low temperatures, it is the stable form of magnesium silicate. This stone cannot be easily transformed into liquid since it is a hard stone that has been split into two halves that face in opposite directions. Additionally, this stone is greasy and has a mirror-like aspect.

Colorless in thin sections, they can be white, grey, green, yellow, or brown. The dark hues of this gemstone are the most common. In addition to being dark brown, it also contains a hint of a red shade. On top of that, the green Enstatite gemstones have a brownish hue. Additionally, it comes in a blend of yellow and green hues. Grey, an orange-brown-yellow combination, and other hues are possible.

How to identify an Enstatite?

The optical properties of enstatite and other orthorhombic pyroxenes, such as straight extinction, significantly weaker double refraction, and stronger pleochroism, set them apart from those of the monoclinic series. Additionally, they feature a prismatic cleavage that is flawless at 90 degrees in both directions. On the scale of hardness, enstatite is rated as 5.5. It exhibits flawless cleavage, a vitreous to pearly sheen, and is fragile.

Enstatite can be identified by its color as well. It is generally colorless, white, grey, several shades of brown, pale green, yellowish green, or a brownish green that is iron-rich. It often has a light green color and occasionally has white streaks.

– Enstatite Cuts & Shapes

The most typical forms of enstatite are beads, cabochons, and ornamental carvings. Enstatite’s prismatic cleavage prevents it from being often faceted. To enhance desired optical effects, star and cat’s eye enstatite are always cut in a cabochon shape. Oval, round, cushion, and octagon (emerald) shapes are the most typical and well-liked shapes. The unusual fancy shapes like trillions and hearts.

Where is Enstatite Found?

Where is Enstatite Found

Despite being a rare isolated crystal, enstatite is a crucial component of many different kinds of igneous rocks and metamorphic rocks.

This gemstone is primarily found in Sri Lanka and India. It may be found in India in the Missouri region, where it is well-liked in its dark brown color due to its exceptional characteristics and specialties. In addition to this, it can also be found in South Africa, Burma, Norway, and California as a brown and green blend. It can also be found in East Africa, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Greenland, Scotland, Japan, Russia, Tanzania, Kenya, and Germany.

Enstatite Stone Meaning

Enstatite Stone Meaning

G.A. Kenngott laid the first foundation for this stone in 1855. The Greek term “enstate,” which means ingredient and component of anything, was used to derive the name of this gemstone. For its resistance to burning with a blowpipe, the word “enstates” comes from Greek and means “opponent.” Enstatite is vivacious, amiable, and capable of upliftment. It enables us to stabilize our feet on the ground and recharge the body’s energy flow.

Enstatite Meaning in Ancient Lore and History

Known as “opponent” in Greek due to its refractory characteristics when exposed to blowpipe flame. Enstatite was already well-known in antiquity and has been found on archaeological sites, particularly in the shape of Egyptian scarab sculptures. These facts have never been substantiated by historical or scientific records that can prove them, despite the fact that it is acknowledged to have an ancient use that dates back to the Greeks and Romans.

Enstatite Crystal Properties

Enstatite Crystal Properties

Enstatite generally soothes, calms, and quiets the mind. It is especially useful when the mind is overactive because it creates a velvety, shielding cocoon around us that protects us from outside “noise.” It creates a more organized arrangement of both energy and thinking so that we can see the path ahead more clearly and find answers to issues. Depending on its color, this crystal might provide therapeutic benefits for various body areas when used in lithotherapy.

Enstatite Healing Properties

Additionally, it helps a person feel better about their negative mood and enhances their athletic ability. The wearer of this stone also receives assistance in realizing his potential and assists in opening up the body’s and soul’s major organs. 

When pain is a direct result of stress, it can relieve pain by calming the mind and assisting with the release of tension contained in the body (such as a tension headache). Internally, it “shines a light” so that we may see any areas that want improvement, especially physically.

The lighter crystal would help with digestion and reduce gastrointestinal issues, but the darker-colored crystals would be quite beneficial for foot cramps. This stone is believed to ease menstruation issues including PMS or other physical and mental symptoms that happen throughout the menstrual cycle in addition to boosting digestive comfort.

Enstatite Metaphysical Properties

Enstatite Metaphysical Properties

It fosters feelings of confidence and trusts in the wearer of the gemstone. Even more, it improves memory, consolidates energy levels, enhances belief in submission, and gives one vividness. 

Additionally, the person wearing this stone develops a competitive spirit and attracts all of his energies, wishes, and power. All of these are always said to increase in any order. This gemstone is also said to be brave and a representation of civilization and politeness. The wearer of this gemstone is also said to become more outspoken, and brave, and never allow pretense to be produced in relationships.

Enstatite Benefits

Enstatite improves cell communication and connectivity, which in turn improves the body’s overall energy flow. It initiates a healing process and focuses our attention to the body parts that require treatment. Additionally, it promotes self-awareness and self-acceptance. It reduces rage and nervousness by giving them self-control.

Ferroan enstatite, brown translucent enstatite, is vivacious, and amiable, and can uplift one’s spirits. It enables us to stabilize our feet on the ground and recharge the body’s energy flow.

Enstatite Benefits Spirituality

Enstatite is also a crystal of the present since it helps us navigate the current evolutionary process and enables us to look beyond three dimensions. It can lead you on into other planes of consciousness by traveling beyond the confines of body and mind.

Enstatite & Feng Shui

Enstatite & Feng Shui

Keeping your Enstatite close to you while meditating helps. At the same time, one can keep it in the room where one want its effect. Jewellery made from Enstatite is also preferable. 

Enstatite Birthstone

Enstatite is the birthstone for people born with Aries as their sign. It is very helpful to regain the person’s calm in order to think more carefully and respond to problems we encounter in daily life. This is especially helpful for people who are impatient or anxious.

Enstatite Chakras

Enstatite primarily focuses on the base, solar plexus, and crown. It focuses more of its attention on the Solar Plexus than the Sacral Chakra and has a lighter, dazzling, “zingy” energy. It first has an energising energy before becoming calming.

What are the Uses of Enstatite?

What are the Uses of Enstatite

Both academic and gemstone uses of this prismatic shape exist. This gemstone is particularly popular among those who collect gemstones. 

In particular, around evolved stars and planetary nebulae like NGC 6302, enstatite is one of the few silicate minerals that have been seen in a crystalline form beyond the Solar System. The E-type asteroids are predicted to contain a significant amount of enstatite.

Caring for Enstatite

Care should be given when cutting, polishing, and setting it because it has flawless cleavage in all directions. Avoid bumps and blows since they can split enstatite gemstones. Avoid using heat steamers and ultrasonic cleaners when cleaning. Use a gentle brush to clean it so that the dirt on the gemstone may be removed with ease. Additionally, it needs to be shielded from chemicals of any type and intense sunlight. Additionally, it needs to be kept from extreme heat to prevent color fading.

When to Cleanse Enstatite?

If this gemstone becomes soiled, it should be cleaned with soap and warm water. Otherwise, it is advisable to cleanse it before and after every use. 

How to Recharge Your Enstatite?

Using light to recharge crystals is a great way. Since light is a renewable energy source, it may recharge and revitalize your crystals. Allow your crystals to rest for a day or night in a secure, airy, and dry location with the light of your choice. You can use a variety of lights and different techniques.

Enstatite Activation Process

To activate your crystal, keep it on your palm and chant a holy mantra at least three times. Or sprinkle the stone with some holy water to activate the energies. 

How much is Enstatite worth?

Since Enstatite is a rare mineral, its price can range between $50 to $130 depending on physical and structural characteristics. 

What determines Enstatite’s price and value?

Enstatite, in its purest form, is an uncommon, colorless mineral. Transparent to opaque enstatite can be found. The best materials can display outstanding transparency. All these factors like color and transparency determine its price and value.

Enstatite Impact

Enstatite Impact

Inviting compassion, forgiveness, and respect for others, not only promotes an open heart but also helps one understand and express one’s own feelings and emotions. It also balances conflict situations. Therefore, it can be of great use to those who must reside in or adjacent to a community of adversaries.

It serves as an anchor stone, bringing the bearer closer to the Here-and-Now and aiding in keeping one’s feet on the ground. Additionally, it encourages people to push themselves and reclaim control over the behaviors that define their lives while fostering self-confidence, courage, and determination.  

Does Enstatite make a good jewelry stone?

Although it can be found in some extremely rare custom-made jewelry, enstatite is not a gemstone that is utilized in mainstream jewelry. Enstatite is primarily a gem for collectors because it is both rare and quite soft. Only earrings, pendants, and other designs for occasional wear or protective jewelry should be made with them. Enstatite is frequently drilled for gemstone beads or carved into cabochons. Enstatite is frequently used in jewelry carvings.

Keep the jewelry crafted with this gemstone in a soft box made of soft fabric. Additionally, it should not be worn with other jewelry because doing so increases the likelihood that it will crack or break. 

Enstatite Real vs Fake

No known methods of enhancement or treatment have been used on enstatite. Hence, there’s no need to differentiate it from others.


What is Enstatite used for?

In addition to being revitalizing, it enables us to distance ourselves from bad energy and fill our batteries with positive energy. Additionally, it has amazing healing and spiritual powers.

How is Enstatite formed?

Enstatite and forsterite are magnesium silicate minerals that develop when magnesium silicate is heated to 750 °C.  Protoenstatite and clinoenstatite are two more polymorphs that occur when the temperature exceeds 1100 °C.

Where should I put Enstatite?

You can put the mineral on your table or anywhere in the room where you want its impact to be the maximum. 

How do you cleanse Enstatite?

Use only warm water and a little detergent or soap. Stones should be cleaned with a delicate cloth, and any soapy residue should be thoroughly rinsed away.

Is Enstatite rare?

Yes, Enstatite mineral is a rare mineral. It is not found in most countries. 

How strong is Enstatite?

Enstatite is not a very strong mineral. On the Mohs hardness scale, it stands at a mere 5:05. 

How much is Enstatite worth?

The price varies based on different characteristics. It can range from 50& to 30 thousand. 

How do you identify Enstatite?

Enstatite can be easily identifiable based on its color and other properties. 

Where is Enstatite found?

Enstatite is usually found in Sri Lanka and India. 

What type of rock is Enstatite?

The magnesium endmember of the pyroxene mineral group is enstatite (MgSiO3). This mineral is made up of two opposing silicate chains that bind together chains of silica tetrahedra containing magnesium atoms.

Which color of Enstatite is most valued? 

The kind of enstatite, which has properties similar to those of dark green emerald, is thought to be in the highest demand for this gemstone. This gem can be discovered in the middle of harsh, rocky surfaces that relate to fire.