Hessonite Garnet Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

Hessonite garnet is a gorgeous honey to deep brown semi-precious stone that is a very potent Navratna gemstone. While Hessonite is renowned for its honey-yellow to brownish-red tones, grossularite Hessonite is often green. “Gomed Ratan” is the specific name for Hessonite garnet.

This potent garnet-family member, which is composed of aluminium silicate, is a member of the Navratna gemstone family. It grants the wearer endless bliss and other astrological benefits.

hessonite garnet

What is Hessonite Garnet?

What is Hessonite?

Hessonite garnet or the Gomed Ratan comes in the gem-quality variation of Grossular Garnet. Hessonite garnet can also be found in green, pink, and transparent, but its cinnamon-like hues are its most distinctive features. Hessonite garnet is known as the “cinnamon stone” for this reason. The calcium-aluminium silicate mineral Hessonite belongs to the garnet family, as already specified. The stone has a Mohs hardness between 7 and 7.5.

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How to identify a Hessonite?

How to identify a Hessonite?

Although garnet is most frequently associated with a deep, red stone, the term really refers to a larger range of minerals that can exist in a variety of colours. The grossularite kind of garnet known as Hessonite is distinguished by a warm, yellow to a reddish tone. 

Due to its higher manganese concentration and lower specific gravity in comparison to other garnet kinds, Hessonite can also be identified more readily. Hessonite garnet can be distinguished from stones of a similar colour, such as citrine and topaz, by the fact that it has some areas of less transparency when magnified.

– Hessonite Cuts and Shapes

Hessonite stone is found in many shapes and sizes with no specific cuts. Also, it is almost transparent with a lustre sheen and is smooth to the touch.

Where is Hessonite Found?

Hessonite Gemstone was first discovered in Hesson village in Sri Lanka. Hessonite gemstone is found in Brazil, India, Canada, Madagascar, Tanzania, and the United States, the most well-known Hessonite garnet deposits are in Sri Lanka.

Garnet is one of many garnet minerals that can be found worldwide. Typically, sedimentary stones with a high aluminium concentration that are located close to the Earth’s surface fracture into uneven plates under intense heat and pressure. This is how garnet is formed. Additionally, igneous and metaphoric rocks include different varieties of garnet.

Hessonite Garnet Stone Meaning

The Meaning of Hessonite

The Gomed stone, also known as the Hessonite Gemstone, is one of the nine valuable jewels, or the Navratna, and is a well-known gem in Hindu mythology. This mystical stone is thought to be ruled by the evil planet Rahu. Hessonite has enormous religious importance for those who believe in it since it now appeases and controls the motions of the evil planet Rahu. The name, “Hessonite,” is derived from the Greek word “Hesson,” which means “inferior.

Hessonite Meaning in Ancient Lore and History

Hessonite garnet is a significant gem connected to the planet Rahu in Vedic astrology. Rahu can be described as someone who is consumed with material pursuits and rapid pleasure, depending on where the Hessonite garnet is placed among the other nine planetary gemstones at the time of your birth.

According to metaphysical beliefs, garnet and its variations, such as Hessonite, have been utilised for decoration and healing. The stone garnet is more than simply a gorgeous sight.  The stone stands out visually, which is what made it popular among the Greeks and Romans and contributed to their belief in its talismanic abilities. These burnt crimson sparkles not only extend the wearer’s life and happiness but also bring success and fortune. Garnets have been utilised for waterjet cutting, water filtering, and abrasive blasting materials.

Hessonite Garnet Crystal properties

Hessonite Crystal properties

The Hessonite Gemstone is a member of the Citrine family, and it is believed to have qualities that lower anxiety and increase confidence. The gemstone’s key benefits for human health include enhancing digestion and easing physical discomfort in joints and muscles all around.

There are pieces of evidence where people have successfully increased their focus levels thanks to the consistent use of this gemstone. It gives people a clear path and helps them concentrate on their professions. Additionally, it aids the wearers in making wise judgments throughout their lives.

Hessonite Garnet Healing Properties

Hessonite Healing Properties

Hessonite garnet is regarded as a very powerful gemstone for bringing about mental serenity in old Hindu scriptures. It relieves the owner of despair, anxiety, and mental sickness and calms the mind’s hectic and depressing ideas. 

The stone has a number of beneficial effects on the wearer’s health. Asthma, indigestion, and epilepsy are just a few of the many problems that can be cured by possessing a Real Hessonite Stone in addition to other health advantages.

Garnet is renowned for helping its users’ heart health and mental health as well. It even supports a healthy digestive and respiratory system.  This miracle stone also helps with skin allergies and eye infections, among other things.

As the stone aids in reducing stomach and metabolism issues, the wearer’s strength and vitality are preserved. The so-called incurable diseases like cancer, psoriasis, leprosy, etc., can all be cured by wearing natural Hessonite stone jewellery.

Wearing a Gomed Ring can provide the required benefits for those who are experiencing stress or sadness in their personal or professional lives or who are simply looking for strategies to achieve calmness. However, one should only wear a certified Gomed Stone in order to receive the greatest astrological benefits for health.

Hessonite Garnet Metaphysical Properties

Hessonite Metaphysical Properties

For those who are considered intelligent, Hessonite is supposed to have great spiritual worth. Hessonite garnet is supposed to prevent chattering or speaking wrong of others and promotes a relaxed attitude. Wearing a larger Hessonite garnet is supposed to increase longevity as well as riches and success, according to Vedic astrologers. Garnet is a recognised gemstone linked to success, particularly in business.

Hessonite Garnet Benefits

Hessonite wearer is protected from negative energy by this stone with a honey tint. Hessonite gemstones have a number of additional key advantages in addition to protection from negativity, which adds to their appeal.

The wearer of this Hessonite stone experiences calmness, mental clarity, and an increase in self-confidence. One of the health benefits of wearing a Hessonite garnet gemstone is its ability to treat conditions including blood cancer, haemorrhoids, epilepsy, eye infections, and intestinal problems, as already stated.

It is thought that the Hessonite Garnet gemstone would strengthen your relationship and understanding with your loved ones. By lessening unnecessary fights and misunderstandings, it promotes peace and harmony. This gem aids someone in their search for true happiness.

Hessonite Benefits Spirituality

Wearing Hessonite helps people who have an unfavourable placement of Rahu in their birth charts overcome all the negative impacts of this planet and achieve good health and maximum well-being. 

Hessonite gemstone is an incredibly mystical stone that may work differently for various people.  In addition to these initial personal and professional advantages, it also offers its owner a number of extraordinary health benefits. Since this stone works differently for different people, it is advised to wear this stone after an astrologer consultation.

Hessonite Garnet & Feng Shui

Hessonite & Feng Shui

Rahu is in charge of Gomed Stone. It is a remarkable stone that affects a person’s psychological and spiritual equilibrium. Rahu can be calmed by hearing him or putting Hessonite in the house, which increases grandiose vigour that can be used to restore mental and profound balance.

Hessonite Garnet Birthstone

The Hessonite or the Garnet gemstone is regarded as the birthstone for the month of January and is auspicious for those who were born in that month. It is not a traditional birthstone or related to any specific zodiac sign of astrology.

Hessonite Garnet Chakras

A Gomed stone is thought to be linked to a person’s Sahasrara or Crown Chakra. Sahasrara is viewed as a powerful chakra because it is said to be the starting point for all other chakras. Hessonite energises the wearer’s life through this chakra. It helps the wearer stay active and offers tremendous spiritual benefits. Hessonite not only promotes physical health but also aids in discovering one’s inner creativity, untapped wisdom, and intuitive abilities.

What are the Uses of Hessonite Garnet?

Uses of Hessonite

Traditional jewellery uses a wide range of jewels, including this one. Although Hessonite, a vivid red stone, is striking, its allure has little to do with aesthetic attractiveness. The stone is ideal for those who want to get more done at work or at home because it has a long history of use as a potent energy booster and mood enhancer.

Hessonite stone provides wearers with a defined route and enables them to focus on their careers. It also helps users make intelligent decisions throughout their lives.

Caring for Hessonite

Hessonite, which has a Mohs hardness of roughly 7 to 7.5 is just as durable as garnet, which is well known for being a reasonably hard stone. Even though ultrasonic cleaners can be secure, using just soap, water, and an untreated cloth is the best method for cleaning Hessonite garnet.

Cloths that have been treated often have gritty agents in them that can scratch the surface of your stone. Before putting your Hessonite garnet jewellery away or wearing it, make sure the stone and any settings are completely dry.

When to Cleanse Hessonite

All crystals and gemstones require regular cleaning and good maintenance. Hessonite must also be periodically cleaned because it is particularly susceptible to even gathering household dust easily. Cleansing is also strongly advised both before and after each use.

Like any other crystal, the Hessonite stone can benefit from routine cleaning. This preserves its health and provides the energies needed for healing and negative energy defence.

How to Recharge Your Hessonite

The simplest way to reenergize and purify the energies of Hessonite can be to allow it to absorb lunar energy during a full moon. It may choose to spend the entire night sleeping and recharging outside. You can also smudge the negative energy away and rejuvenate it by using sage smoke or your other healing plant.

Hessonite Activation process

Singing bowls are a common tool for crystal activation. The singing bowl is simply tapped, and a stone is left to sit next to it. The sound vibrations from the bowl will help the stone release the negative energy it has been holding, preparing it for use. This will allow for the passage of good energy, activating the stone.

How much is Hessonite worth?

Numerous elements, like the stone’s size and weight, general clarity, colour and place of origin affect the price of gomed. The cost of gomed gemstones per carat can range from $2 to as much as $70.00.

What determines Hessonite’s price and value?

The value of Gomed stone depends firstly on the size and weight of the stone. Other factors like the color shade of the stone, origin and the treatment meted out to them affect the value of the stone. 

Sometimes eye-visible inclusions may be present in some Hessonites. However, unless they endanger structural integrity, these inclusions do not lower the value of Hessonite.

Hessonite Impact

The gomed gemstone guarantees that the negative effects of Rahu will be completely alleviated. It aids in removing the uncertainty that locals with Rahu doshas experience. Additionally, it helps to infuse their life with positivity, stability, and confidence. 

Wearers will benefit from the gomed stone ring in such circumstances. The inhabitants who find the original gomed stone acceptable will benefit in settling conflicts, achieving stability, and receiving treatment for ailments. This also aids in fighting foes and dispelling fear.

Additionally, there is a good probability that if a native wears a gomed gemstone ring, curses or black magic-based hexes won’t be able to take effect.

Does Hessonite make a good Jewellery stone?

 Does Hessonite make a good jewelry stone

Hessonite garnet is the ideal stone for autumnal jewellery because of its deep golden to brown earthy tones. The beads will reflect how the seasons are changing in nature and how much people enjoy fall. With its sepia-toned colours, Hessonite garnet can also aid in giving jewellery a vintage or old appearance. Hessonite garnet should be paired with other deeply red gemstones like real garnet to bring out its rich crimson tones.

Hessonite Real vs Fake

Some Hessonites may have eye-visible inclusions, which are typically included but occasionally severely. However, these inclusions often don’t reduce the value of Hessonite unless they compromise structural integrity.

Hessonites may have an internal visual phenomenon that mimics turbulent or disturbed water. The term “heat wave” or “whisky in water” effect has also been used to describe this turbulent sight. Although comparable properties might also be present in other gems, a garnet’s look could help to identify it as Hessonite. Such stones could seem less transparent and more translucent.


What is Hessonite good for?

Hessonite therapeutical uses include curing cancer, insomnia and some infections or allergies in the human body. The stone has also got some mesmerizing effects on the human mind and soul. This stone does not make you feel left out because of one’s apparent low self-esteem. It boosts your mental courage to tackle life situations.

Is Hessonite powerful?

Hessonite gemstone finds its brief description in the sacred ancient Hindu texts referred to as “Gomed Ratna” which means you got to admit that it was used in that time also due to its fascinating properties which the people thence found out. It has got some extraordinary soul-healing powers and helps you attain mental balance in your already hectic life.

Who can wear Hessonite?

Hessonite is one hell of a stone whether you talk about its beauty or its usefulness. This gemstone can be worn by men as well as women embedded in a bracelet or a pendant. It has equal effects on all genders. Whosoever needs a proper balance in their lives is welcomed heartedly by this stone. No matter it would do wonders for anyone who wears it in its true sense.

What is the difference between garnet and Hessonite?

The difference in physical appearances includes Hessonite being of pinkish colour or of orange colour with a red tinge whereas the garnet is of dark red ruby-like colour. Both have their respective uses and do their best in their own field. Garnet helps you get rid of all the baseless negative thoughts in your mind and brings an upsurge of hope in one’s life. The Hessonite provides you with mental courage and strength to deal with any hard situation in your life.

Can I wear Hessonite in my left hand? 

Yes, but it is mostly preferred that you wear the remarkable stone in your working hand so that you can excel in your workspace. If you wear this stone embedded in a ring then you must wear it on the middle finger because astrologers, from the studies of Hindu text, believe that the middle finger symbolizes the planet Saturn or the workforce. It is most favourable to use the stone in this manner to maximize your yield in different areas of life. Sometimes proper astrologers might help with your problems and solve your problem.

How much is Hessonite worth?

Its worth varies according to the carats of the gemstone. But for the record, Hessonite above 6 carats which is genuine costs a fortune of about $70 per carat of the stone. A bit high price can be attributed to the cut, clarity, colour and shine of the stone but is surely worth the money spent. 

Is Hessonite garnet expensive?

The cost of gomed gemstones per carat can range from $2 to as much as $70.00. This stone may be a little on the higher side but you will easily observe the life change after the possess this one-in-a-million stone.

Where is Hessonite found?

Hessonite is found in many parts of Asia like Sri Lanka, that’s why it’s called a cinnamon stone, and India. Other countries include California, Brazil, Tanzania, Madagascar and the United States. It’s a precious stone and a bit hard to find, even more, difficult to find out if it’s real or fake. They are commonly mistaken for red garnets which is a blunder for many. After mining such rare gemstones they are properly tested for their genuinity.