How to use Tiger’s Eye Stone?

Here is a complete guide on how to use Tiger’s Eye Stone, buckle your seat belt, and keep reading as we have got you covered on all the valuable information regarding how to use Tiger’s Eye Stone in this article.

Tigers are worshipped worldwide and throughout history for their fearlessness, courage, and power. All these qualities are there in Tiger’s Eye Stone. Tiger’s Eye has been admired for centuries as a precious stone of Quartz.

Though many meanings are folded by it, the most common of them is as a stone; it brings courage, protection, and power, which helps maintain its presence in this world. Vitality and health are blessed with this stone. Planet Mars is linked to the Tiger’s Eye.

How to Use Tiger’s Eye Stone?

Tiger’s Eye can reduce the Evil Eye’s effects and remove all negative energies. Success in love, riches, and luck is brought using a tiger’s Eye if words are to be believed. Rather than just reacting to outside influences, it helps us to make our own decisions from within. This results in being more responsible from within and empowering ourselves.

How to use tiger eye stone guide

Accord history and across many different cultures, the Tiger has been worshipped. There were statues of tigers in ancient Chinese temples and on Egyptian tombs; they even painted them. The sun god Ra was first associated with the Tiger, and then as a symbol of Buddha later. With its likeness representing power and strength, the Tiger has featured continuously in modern culture prominently with many businesses.

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How to Use Tiger’s Eye based on its Physical Properties?

In Thailand and the Northern Cape Province of South Africa can be Tigger’s eye stones in large numbers. However, it can also be mined in Namibia, the USA, Brazil, China, Canada, Western Australia, Spain, and Myanmar. Tiger’s Eye can also be sourced right across.

In India, according to the ratio of its composition, the colour of the Tiger’s Eye varies. It’s a Quartz of golden-brown fibrous material called crocodile. Being a fibrous form of asbestos in South Africa, the analysis of deposit crocidolite is identified. One must remember that it can be hazardous to your health if the stone is worn or carried for a long period.

Titanium dioxide is a very hard and stable compound; the black crossbands are made from it. When exposed to light, the material does not oxidize. It is thought that the formation of the markings in Tiger’s Eye, this material is responsible for it. The iron oxide is usually creating the red bands.

In bordering gold deposits, the Tiger’s Eye is usually found. To find this gemstone, you have to be lucky enough. Although, it may be heavily coated with gold even if it has been removed from the mine.

How to Use Tiger’s Eye Stone for the Best Results?

  • For keeping the stone’s energy close to your chakras, you can wear them as jewelry to make them more effective. Tiger’s Eye works well on more than one chakra at a time. It connects to the sacral and root chakra and the solar plexus. This means that spiritual aspects and the most intimate and deepest emotions are encouraged and connected through this stone.
  • Most true and deepest chakras are connected to this stone. Through effective use of the energy of the Tiger’s Eye, one can find.
  • New and exciting ways of connecting to the world. Can achieve pleasure, relaxation, success, and abundance be completed in this way.
  • The best way to year a Tiger’s Eye is in a way that is always close to your body, like a bracelet, pendant, or ring.
  • To give you all of the benefits of this stone, the most wonderful way to wear a Tiger’s Eye are in the form of a bracelet. To soothe the aching of the joints, the bracelet will be a great help. If you need to keep yourself limber or work with computers a lot, this is especially important.
  • Tiger’s eye stone brings more compassionate and practical logic to one’s preferences and helps sin get action in the world reflected.
  • For competitions, to compete for exams, to defeats during public demonstrations, to bring personality to the forefront, or to present ideas at important meetings for support of determination, can use it.
  • Tiger’s Eye is so versatile that there is no right or wrong way of using it.
  • Tiger’s eye stone is traditionally Tiger’s Eye Stone was used to strengthen the alignment of the spine, improve the night vision of the eyes and throat, promote repairment of the bones broken, relieve stomach and gallbladder problems, and relieve jams.
  • The feelings of isolation caused by anxiety are also reduced, and inadequacy and stubbornness are also avoided with its help. Craving for the wrong food and the need for smoking is also reduced.

how to use tiger eye stone based on its physical properties

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How to Use Tiger’s Eye Stone by Energizing it?

Although charging any crystal has plenty of different methods available, For Tiger’s Eye, some are better than others, so in this section, we will cover my four effective ways of charging your newly acquired Tiger’s Eye. To set Tiger’s Eye are: Sunlight, Moonlight, Earth Energy, and Amethyst are the four methods. 

  • Charging With Sunlight

Tiger’s Eye, sunlight can be a powerful tool. In the motif of light and rebirth, the Tiger’s Eye fits so well, for charging your stone sunlight is the most perfectly fitting method. Additionally, be sure you don’t forget that being in the sun for at least 12 hours at a time is safe for Tigers eye.

  • Charging With Moonlight

Crystal moonlight can also be used just like sunlight to channel positive energy into your Tiger’s Eye. Moonlight is not as harsh on any stone as compared to sunlight. It will be gentler, but the benefit will be just as same as sunlight. Exposure of the crystal to the moonlight for six hours will charge the stone. The full moon will be the best for it. However, any phase will do so.

  • Charging with Earth Energy

Though it’s also one of the most effective ways of empowering your crystals, there is not much talk about this method. The energy of crystals originated from the earth as the crystals developed from there. If you want your Tiger’s Eye to acquire earth energy, expose it on the field, on grass, and leave it for 24 hours. The Tiger’s Eye will regain all the power it may have lost during this time since first extracted from the earth.

  • Charging Tiger’s Eye with Amethyst

Another unknown method for charging crystals is to use Amethyst! Amethyst stores the positive energy it converts from negative energy into positive energy. This can be used as a powerful conductor to channel energy into your Tiger’s Eye. In addition, there’s a reward for the synergies between the Amethyst and Tiger’s Eye.

How to Use Tiger’s Eye Stone by placing it correctly?

The Tiger’s Eye stone is used for protection or to keep the devil’s Eye away; it should be placed by the front door or in the children’s room as it keeps negative energy aside and brings good luck. Can also keep it at the workplace to attract money and keep the positive energy. But this stone will be more effective if it is close to the body as it will work more effectively with the chakras.

To keep it close to your body, you can wear it as a bracelet or a ring. Ladies can also wear them as a pendant. thus, placing the stone correctly is an integral part to know how to use Tiger’s Eye Stone. 

how to use tiger eye stone for healing

How to clean a Tiger’s Eye stone?

Along with knowing how to use Tiger’s Eye Stone, you should know how to keep it clean too. For cleansing any crystal, there are various methods available. Some are better for cleaning the Tiger’s Eye, and some specific techniques are available that will increase the effectiveness of the stone. To cleanse an acquired tiger’s eye stone, four methods are available: sunlight, saltwater, Fire, and sage.

  • Sunlight: Most effective way of cleaning. No need to worry about fading as compared to other crystals.
  • Saltwater: At least 12 hours of salt water bath of the stone can be taken care of for a full cleaning process of the stone. Make sure that the salt dissolves fully, and there should not be any traces of grain. If that happens, it can crack the crystal.
  • Fire: is a most exciting process that also needs careful dealings. For a cleansing process to complete, you need to pass the crystal through the flame three the requirement of big pets. The Fire of a single candle will be enough.
  • Sage provides the same benefit as Fire without the risk of handling flame. Just light some sage put it out and place your stone on it. To clean the surface afterward, a saltwater bath is recommended.


Hope this guide has helped you to understand how to use Tiger’s Eye Stone. The System of the equation, the Heart, and the Third Eye chakras are balanced by this precious stone. Psychic abilities are accustomed and also stimulated by one with higher energies.

With many properties, the Tiger’s Eye stone has provided many benefits to people for many decades. If utilized properly, it can change your faith and divert all things positive towards you. Better use it wisely.