How To Wear Opal And Look Amazing? : Brief Guide

We’re highlighting opal because of its outstanding nature and one-of-a-kind color combination, making it a unique jewel. Continue reading to know more about how you can wear opal.

 The stone is a symbol of purity and truth, and it is said to bring good fortune to those who wear it because of its hazy-milky luster and galaxy-like brilliance. Opal has a smooth, warm quality to it, as well as a mystical aesthetic, which makes it very appealing to the eye. The word “opal” comes from the Greek word “opallios,” which means “to notice a color change.”


Its glistening rainbow hues are well complemented by this. Opals, unlike other stones, have an inherent microstructure that diffracts white light into all of the colors of the spectrum. It’s a popular stone that can be found all over the world, from Brazil to Mexico to Australia, and Queen Victoria is one of its most famous lovers. If you are more interested in Opal and where is it found, click here. We’ve compiled a list of ways you can wear this uncommon gemstone this season, ranging from delicate, classic designs to more spectacular ones.

The Advantages of Wearing an Opal Crystal

Opal gemstone-uses

Venus, the planet, is represented by the astrological gemstone opal. Venus represents all of humanity’s desires. It is worn for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Venus rules the opal, and in astrology, Venus governs relationships and wealth. As a result, the diamond brings harmony and fulfillment to relationships, as well as assisting in the attainment of a more fulfilling existence full of charm, art, grace, culture, and luxury.
  •  It aids in the treatment of medical conditions such as stomach and eye problems.
  •  It boosts your creativity, passion, and stamina. As a result, those who work in artistic professions such as music, painting, dancing, and theatre, among others, benefit from the Opal stone in a variety of ways.
  •  In a tumultuous marriage, the valuable stone provides steadiness.
  •  It helps the kidneys operate better.
  •  It is a lucky charm.
  •  The stone boosts a person’s social relationships.
  •  It keeps the wearer safe from perilous situations.
  •  The gem is good for the endocrine system and keeps hormones in check.
  • The lovely stone clears misunderstanding and fickleness, allowing the wearer to open up and perceive things in new ways.
  • Another of its medical benefits is that it heals the spine, cures blood-related disorders, and aids in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease.

How to wear Opal Crystal?

An Opal gemstone can be worn as a pendant or a finger ring. In this case, gold or white gold, platinum, silver, or Panchdhatu are all viable possibilities. Experts advise, however, that the stone must be worn.

When it comes to wearing an Opal stone, what should be the minimal weight? It should be the result of dividing the wearer’s body weight by ten. For example, if the user weighs 60 kg, he or she should wear at least a 6-carat Opal stone. The larger the stone, though, the faster and better it will perform.

When to wear Opal?

On the Friday morning of the waxing moon, the user must wear an Opal gemstone. It must be worn on the right hand’s ring or middle finger.

When it comes to wearing Opal gemstones, these are a few guidelines to follow. Before wearing it, the wearer must soak the gemstone for ten minutes in Honey. The Opal gemstone will be purified and activated as a result of the operation. This means that all contaminants would be removed.

The person must then finish his or her usual prayers. The ring can then be removed from the aforementioned mixture

Who can wear Opal?

Who can wear Opal?

Is opal suitable for everyone? It’s only natural for everyone to want to wear opal because it’s a semi-precious gemstone with a myriad of benefits.

Natural opal stones should be worn by those born under the signs of Taurus and Libra, according to gemmologists. People having the Problem with Venus (Shukra) in their horoscope should wear these astrological jewels. In addition, the gem can help with infertility, sexual problems, Libido, and impotency.

How can you get the most out of your Opal?

  • Opt for a natural Opal stone versus a synthetic one.
  • Before you decide to wear the stone, consult an astrologer.
  • Before making a purchase, consult a gemologist.
  • If you’re looking for gemstones online, be sure you’re looking for certified gemstones.
  • Make your buy from a reputable company.


Opal is a gemstone associated with elegance, beauty, greatness, and charm. It aids in the attainment of a lavish lifestyle by the wearer. Furthermore, it symbolizes the user’s satiety power. That is, it assists the wearer in improving his or her financial situation. Importers and exporters, as well as those in the travel and tourism industries, can benefit greatly from Opal. Before wearing a gemstone, however, an expert should be consulted.