What is the Meaning of Pyrite?

Pyrite is a metallic-looking iron sulfide mineral. It has a brassy color that resembles gold, and it is also known as Fools Gold due to this resemblance. It has obscure transparency and a crumbly feel, and it derives from the cubic crystal structure. Pyrite’s connotation is purity, and it helps you to prosper in your life.

In this article, let us understand the meaning of Pyrite and more details.

What is the Meaning of Pyrite?

Pyrite is an extremely impressive crystal liked by almost everyone due to its uniquely bright and shiny nature and its healing properties. Pyrite crystal’s meaning in people’s life has increased a lot because of its properties. Pyrite is often known as the “fool’s gold”, but there’s no fooling someone who has experienced its warmth. Pyrite was called fool gold because it was often mistaken to be real gold due to its gleam.

It consists of a stone of hidden fire that can be lit by striking against metal or stone. Since fire is an earth element, it resonates with fire energy, symbolizing the warmth and the everlasting sun and its ability to generate wealth by one’s power. It helps us with confidence and persistence to do things till completion.

Pyrite is of a similar hue to gold, but lighter in color, and harder and more brittle than gold. Pyrite was used as a decorative stone and was used in ornaments before the 1800s. It was exceptionally popular in England in England for its use in jewelry, during the victorian age. It was even used as a source of sulfur for producing sulphuric acid in the industry during world war 2.

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What is the Meaning of Iron Pyrite?

Pyrite is often referred to as iron pyrite and “Cat’s Gold” in Germany. You cannot scratch it with a fingernail or a knife as it is a very hard substance. It has a luster and shines similar to gold. It promotes positive thinking and boosts energy levels. 

It was reported that the name pyrites was given to the stone back in 50 AD. The word originated from the Greek term pyros/ pyr’or, meaning fire. Iron pyrites crystal consists of streaks that are mostly brownish-black in color. Hence, it may create sparks when struck against metal or stone.

Iron pyrite is made-up of iron disulfide, found in many coal mines. We may come across two kinds of this mineral – one with a tiny drusy or crystalline structure and the other with a unique cubic look. A few of them may also show the combination of the two types, and are called Osiris and Isis Pyrite. There is yet another type of iron pyrite called the pyrite sun which is a rare mineral.

What are the uses of Iron Pyrite?

Having many unique metaphysical properties iron pyrite crystal can be used for many purposes like:

  • Pyrite crystal for physical healing

Pyrite crystal sucks out the earth and universal energies to activate the nourishing energies of the body. It guards us against environmental pollutants and contagious diseases and helps fight colds, flu, and other viruses, skin diseases, and fungal infections, and is excellent stone protection for caregivers and medical workers.

It is beneficial to respiratory systems and for the treatment of asthma as it increases the oxygen supply to the blood.

  • Pyrite crystal for emotional healing

Pyrite crystal corresponds to the third, Solar Plexus Chakra, the chakra for energy distribution and relationships located between the ribcage and navel and controls the immune and digestive systems as well. Golden pyrites crystal responds to the Sacral Chakra, or second chakra which is below the naval and above the pubic bone at the front of the pelvis.

  • Pyrite crystal for spiritual energy

Pyrite allows you to draw energy for the creative flow of ideas and helps one to embrace their abilities and potential. It can also be used for body layout and balance polarities and create harmony.

  • Pyrite color energy

Pyrite brings you success, enthusiasm, happiness, and power by reflecting the energy of gold. It helps us increase our imagination skills by touching the deepest part of our minds and brings within us a sense of devotion and commitment.

What is the Meaning of Gold Pyrite?

It is pale-brass yellow color with an opaque metallic luster that reflects light giving it a shiny feel. The streaks present are greenish-black and their weight on the Mohs hardness scale is 6.5 with a specific gravity of 4.8-5. 

Gold pyrite can deflect any negative thoughts and energies. You can carry this stone with you while traveling specifically when out of the country. It will keep you protected from any danger or hazards.                      

It Is known to provide physical strength and energy and increase your vitalities to make you immune to any illness. On your journey of recovery from a long time of illness, this stone can be your perfect companion.                       

Gold pyrites have great metaphysical energies that can influence your life a great deal. It makes sure that all your chakras are balanced and your body is running at optimal potential. It also promotes feelings of love while making sure you don’t overdo it. You can use it during meditation to enhance your focus and allow your body to attract positive energies. 

What is the Meaning of Black Pyrite?

Black pyrite is a hydrothermal earth element that is found in highly variable rock types. It is masculine and helps in inducing the flow of thoughts enabling the wearer to do a task till completion. It builds a defensive shield against negative energies, and emotional and physical damage using the sucked-out earth’s energy.

Black pyrites were used by shamans in the past for healing ritual because it carries both fire and earth energies. It helps to enhance creativity and assists in bringing new ideas into effect. This mineral shields the body from environmental pollutants and communicable diseases.

Black pyrites also make you feel secure and daring. It assists in treating skin diseases, curing bone disorders, and repairing damaged DNA. It also helps in treating colds, flu, lungs, asthma, and bronchitis.                 

It also assists in healing someone emotionally and spiritually by acting as a protective amulet, which clears the feeling of unease. Pyrite crystal combined with the flicker of black stimulates the flow of creative ideas.

What is the Meaning of Fools Gold Pyrite?

Pyrite crystal is the symbol of wealth and good luck. It is also called “fools gold” because its shimmery golden hue is similar to that of gold. This stone has hidden fire inside it and its metaphysical properties give fresh new energy. Pyrite crystal is opaque and reflects light falling on the surface of the stone which gives it a shiny feel.

This glittering rock was often thought of as real gold by naive prospectors. Many dishonest mine owners used it in their mines to convince people that they were still gold producers. But the name “fool’s gold” doesn’t mean that they are considered foolishly important, anyone who has ever turned to pyrite stones has experienced its amazing healing properties.

What is the Meaning of Rainbow Pyrite?

Rainbow pyrite can shimmer in many colors like gold, green, pink, and blue. It is made up of its rainbow-like iridescence, caused by differential refraction and light diffraction.

Rainbow pyrite crystal has the properties of neutralizing negative energy. It is used when you want to turn your mind and give your best shot as it pushes away all the evil energy and fills its owner with vitality.                     

It is a gemstone that keeps you moving towards your goals and dreams and recalls the energy to enjoy life. It helps you in regaining hope in life and gives you a chance to leave your despair behind and supports you mentally.

What is the Meaning of Blue Pyrite?

Since the rainbow pyrite crystal has many hues like gold, green, pink, and blue, we can say that blue pyrite crystal provides us with similar pleasures of cheerfulness and enthusiasm.

Though not that common, these crystals can also help us to gain positivity and shade us from negative thoughts and energies. 

It shields us against environmental pollutants and helps in curing many physical as well as mental problems by building up our hopes and self-confidence.

What is the Spiritual meaning of Pyrite?

Pyrite crystal helps you to look at things as they are instead of living in the false hope of looking at them as you hope them to be. Pyrite crystal helps people to come out of despair by relieving them of their anxiety and panic attacks and soothing their nervous system. It helps to build self-confidence and understand your self-worth by blocking out all the negative thoughts and pollutants.             

It is often thought to stop people snoring and is also good for treating asthma and bronchitis as well as other respiratory problems. If you are wondering about how to use pyrite, you can wear them in jewelry or carry them with you in a pouch for protection against negative energies. A person having some sleep issues can place this stone by the bed for good sleep.


Thus we can say that pyrite stones are good for both physical health and mental soothing. It helps you fight your way against the ongoing control, criticism, and manipulation by anyone and lends the power to resist without becoming angry or upset. Through this article, we have tried to explain the pyrite crystal’s meaning and symbolism. We hope this article has helped you learn about this amazing crystal.