Phenakite Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

Phenakite gemstone belongs to the Phenakite group of minerals. It is a beryllium silicate. It is a rare gemstone found in well-structured gemstones and rocks. These crystals are also found in pegmatitic pockets. Phenakite is closely associated with crystals like Topaz and Beryl. It has a vitreous lustre. Phenakite is transparent to a translucent gemstone. 

It is usually used by expert crystal workers. Phenakite works wonders when paired with other gemstones like Red Jasper or Hematite. Another name for this gemstone is Phenacite. Phenakite is a colourless gemstone that is mostly used for jewellery-making purposes. When it is cut, it may have a small amount of fire. And they are pretty bright too. 

What Is Phenakite?

What Is Phenakite

Phenakite is a rare gemstone. It is a colourless to pale yellow silicate. This gemstone is also known as the ‘Record keeper crystal’ in many healing and metaphysical circles. Such a name signifies an important quality of this gemstone which opens the mind of the user towards different truths, ideologies and concepts. The name Phenakite is derived from the Greek word ‘Phenakos.’ This name was given to Phenakite due to its resemblance with the Quartz crystal. 

Phenakite is believed to be discovered in the 19th century. The gemstones of Phenakite were first found in the Emerald mines in the Sverdlovskaya region. This region is situated in the Southern part of Russia. The transparent gemstones of Phenakite offer a cat’s eye effect. Phenakite gemstones are Rhombohedral. The edges of these gemstones are wedged and sharp depending on the type. The shape of Phenakite gemstones is prismatic. 

How To Identify A Phenakite?

For identifying Phenakite in an accurate and correct manner, here are the various physical properties you must look for in the gemstones:-

Colour:- Mostly colourless. Sometimes yellow, pink, brown and pinkish brown. 

Crystal Structure:- Hexagonal. Phenakite crystals are also found as rhombohedral, prismatic and acicular. 

Hardness:- 7.5 to 8 on the MOHS scale of hardness. 

Cleavage:- Cleavage is indistinct. Usually one-directional. 

Lustre:- The lustre of Phenakite gemstones is Vitreous.  

Transparency:- Phenakite gemstones are transparent. 

Where Is Phenakite Found?

Phenakite is widely available in many different locations. However, gem-quality stones are available in certain selected locations only. One of the best countries to find Phenakite from are Nigeria and Myanmar. Other locations at which you can find them are as follows:- 

  • Argentina 
  • Chile 
  • Canada 
  • Finland 
  • Ethiopia 
  • Germany 
  • Indonesia 
  • Kazakhstan 
  • Mexico 
  • Austria 

Phenakite Stone Meaning

Phenakite Stone Meaning

Phenakite, also pronounced as Phenacite is a powerful gemstone that emits strong vibrations and energies for visual impacts. This gemstone has strong third-eye effects. It makes the wearer understand themselves deeply. This crystal has the power to inspect those individuals who do not work with crystals, or who do not usually experience the impact of crystals in their life. Phenakite gemstones hold the power to single-handedly influence a huge group of people at a time. 

Phenakite gemstones are used as an effective tool for communication. It stimulated the light body of the wearer. As the wearer rises above the physical realm into the spiritual realm, this gemstone will help them interact with the spiritual and higher spirits and energies. The communication resulting from this interaction will help the wearer to seek guidance and teachings for leading a productive and blessed life. 

Phenakite Healing Properties

The healing properties of Phenakite gemstones are as follows:-

  • Physical Healing Properties Of Phenakite

Phenakite works incredibly well in curing a number of physical problems related to the nerves. Nerve damage is one of the most widespread concerns related to nerves. Curing it may take a long time when it is done by conventional methods. However, when Phenakite is used for the same purpose, healing and curing take a lot less time than usual. Chemical imbalances in the brain and body both are cured by this gemstone. It creates a balance in the chemical and hormonal secretion in the body. It enhances the general cycle of hormonal and chemical secretion in the body and brain. 

The cognitive or mental function of the brain is impacted by a number of factors like brain damage and genetic disorders. Curing these disorders quickly is very important to avoid problems in the future. That’s why Phenkaite is used for treatment along with other methods in the medical field. When these issues are cured, cognitive functions are automatically enhanced. 

Headaches and migraines have become extremely common in today’s stress-filled life. These issues can impact one’s productivity and efficiency. For this purpose, Phenakite is used. Phenakite eases the pain and discomfort one may feel during episodes of migraine and intense headaches. 

Different physical concerns like nausea, vomiting, body aches, etc are eased with the help of Phenakite. This gemstone is widely used for diagnosing and identifying different diseases like cancer, AIDS, autoimmune diseases and much more. Since an early diagnosis of these diseases is very important, this gemstone helps in identifying the early signs and symptoms of these disorders and ailments and helps in the cure of them too.

 It also helps in curing these ailments when conventional or traditional medicines are not working. Phenakite increases the impact of other gemstones too that are used as a pair for healing purposes. 

  • Emotional Healing Properties Of Phenakite

Phenakite reduces feelings of despair, guilt and grief. When the user is challenged with the intense fear of change, this gemstone helps them to be more confident and positive with the choices they are making and with the results they may get from these choices. These gemstones act as a motivator to bring positive and fruitful changes into one’s life. 

These gemstones help the wearer to make appropriate decisions and choices according to the given situation. When the wearer is able to take appropriate actions for different situations, they are able to change their life for all positive reasons. And in the best ways too. These changes will also portray one’s emotional and spiritual purpose. 

When it comes to enhancing emotional health, this gemstone helps the wearer to enhance their emotional courage. With an increase in emotional courage, the wearer is able to make vital changes in the emotional cycle. These changes in the emotional cycle are necessary to enhance the emotional behaviour of the wearer. 

Phenakite is often paired with other gemstones for multiple reasons. When it is paired with other crystals for the purpose of enhancing the emotional health of the wearer, it enables the wearer to diminish the sights and insights of pain and regret they may have due to the choices they may have made in their past. 

  • Cognitive Healing Properties Of Phenakite

Cognitive Healing Properties Of Phenakite

The newest parts of the brain, the prefrontal lobes, are enhanced in function by Phenakite gemstones. Phenakite is used for awakening the vital latent abilities in the prefrontal lobe of the brain. These vital abilities help in bringing spontaneous experiences of telepathy, psychokinesis and much more. 

It enhances prophetic vision or remote viewing. When the wearer uses the gemstone by placing it on their forehead and on the crown, they are able to create a bond between two essential chakras. This bond provides the wearer with long-lasting sensations and feelings of pleasure with connected vibrations. 

Phenakite clears the mind of the wearer of all negative thoughts, beliefs, ideas and notions. The pattern of creating negative beliefs about different topics in life is reduced by this gemstone. This gemstone increases the wearer’s levels of awareness and guidance. The activation of the third eye, the crown and the essential chakras is done by this gemstone. 

This promotes psychic perceptions, strong visionary powers and meaningful dreams. Phenakite is one of the most powerful meditation stones in the entire world as it opens a whole new spectrum of spiritual and cognitive understanding in a short period of time. 

Phenakite Metaphysical Properties

The colourless Phenakite gemstones provide one of the most beneficial clear white Light energies to the users. This energy is a highly important energy emitted by only certain minerals in the mineral kingdom. The pink Phenakite gemstones help the heart chakra to reach its highest state. This chakra then provides relief and calmness to the user. The heart chakra, after it has reached its highest point, is connected with the element of unconditional love. 

The yellow Phenakite gemstones are responsible for the Solar plexus chakra. It allows the wearer to gain the ability for mastering the art of meditation and manifestation. They are able to gain control over their emotions and states of consciousness at different points in time. The wearer’s confidence in meditation and manifestation is also increased with the use of this gemstone. 

Yellow Phenakite gemstones are good at motivation. They provide the necessary motivation to the wearer for exercising different habits and practises that will lead them to success. It also helps them in their journey of weight loss by keeping them constantly motivated towards teaching their goal speedily. And lastly, it enhances the wearer’s boldness in action. 

Phenakite Benefits

Phenakite is widely used for its high energy, vibration and frequency levels. It is one of the most powerful stones for multiple reasons. This gemstone activates the light body of the user. This radiates pure and clear light into the life of the wearer. This gemstone plays an important role in bringing higher consciousness to the wearer. It also opens the interdimensional pathways for internal journeys and complete understanding. 

Phenakite is highly beneficial for activating the chakras and provides a helping hand for psychic purposes. This gemstone activates the third eye. This enables the visionary intuition and insight of the wearer for reaching the spiritual realm. When paired with Anthophyllite, these gemstones become one of the most desired meditation crystals in the entire gemstone world. 

Phenakite is an essential crystal for gaining knowledge and understanding about the different aspects of alignment and spiritual awareness. When this crystal aligns and connects different chakras with one another, the wearer is able to see and know many things that they never knew before. They can see the different and unique world in another dimension of the different realms.

Phenakite is a gemstone used for building a sense of unity and staying in harmony in a community. It helps the wearer to become more accommodating of different people in a  group and helps them to take up leadership roles too. This gemstone inspires the user to explore and present their talents to the world. When they portray their talents to their community, not only them, but the other people in their community are able to learn from them too. 

This gemstone helps the wearer to grow not only physically, but mentally and spiritually too. It opens the vision of the user towards different mindsets and helps them gain knowledge about the different aspects of the world. Phenakite aspires the wearer to do bigger and better things in their life and for the people in their surrounding too. The wearer, after a long time of use, will experience the feeling of synchronicity in their life. It will help them to tone down their urge to do unacceptable things that may harm themselves or others. 

Phenakite is a record keeper crystal. It helps the wearer to keep a record of how much they have developed spiritually and emotionally. It will make the people around you proud of your achievements and accomplishments. This gemstone will help the wearer to keep track of their growth and development at every point of their life. It will inspire them to grow every day from the lessons they learn in their daily life. 

Phenakite Benefits Spirituality

Phenakite Benefits Spirituality

Phenakite helps the wearer to dive inside the deepest levels of their consciousness. It heightens intuition and the third eye impacts. This creates a bond of the wearer with the divine beings. And their higher self too. This gemstone is usually used with moldavite as they act as strong gemstones for activating the third eye chakra. It maximises the capacity of the mind. Since it helps the wearer to explore the complete potential of their psyche, they are able to know many truths about the spiritual and divine realm that they never knew about with the help of their out-of-the-body experiences. 

Phenakite gemstones are a constant motivator for the wearer to develop their pathways for spiritual initiation. It helps the wearer to make informed decisions with the help of the spiritual beings that will largely affect their life in the physical realm. Phenakite keeps the wearer motivated to stay true to their spiritual path and make decisions and choices that will enhance this path and their faith in this path. Since Phenakite is a storm gemstone, it enhances the activation of different intuition and cognitive-related capacities. With the help of this enhancement, the gemstone acts as a spiritual lightning rod that draws strong Light energies to the body. 

Phenakite Birthstones

Phenakite is a birthstone for individuals with the zodiac sign Gemini.

 Phenakite Chakras

Phenakite gemstones are responsible for the activation and stimulation of the following chakras:-

  • Third Eye chakra. 
  • Crown chakra. 
  • Soul Star chakra. 

What Are The Uses Of Phenakite?

The most general or ideal use of Phenkaite is to wear the gemstones as jewellery or ornaments on the body. Or keep it close to the body by keeping the stone in the pockets of garments, etc. Phenakite crystals work wonderfully when they are made into different jewellery pieces like necklaces or pendants. When the Phenakite gemstones are worn as earrings, the wearer is able to enhance their ability of clairaudience in a passive manner. 

  • Phenakite is a great gemstone that is kept close during the Divination sessions. It is used for gaining good impressions from the Tarot for different kinds of queries. Phenakite gemstones are used as the main facilitators during the Tarot sessions. Phenakite, paired with other gemstones, can provide the best impressions and read during the Divination sessions. 
  • Phenakite gemstones are used for lucid dreaming. Usually, the gemstones are kept in a gemstone grid under the pillow. This enables the wearer to gain all the benefits of the stone during sleep. Sometimes, when creating a gemstone grid is not possible, it is recommended to keep the gemstone on a closeby nightstand before sleeping. In the night, the gemstone will keep delivering energies and vibrations to the wearer. 
  • From ancient times, this gemstone has been used for healing afflictions in human beings. Apart from the general use of jewellery making and ornamentation, this gemstone is highly used for therapeutic purposes in which the gemstone helps in curing many chronic diseases. They are used for enhancing one’s health not only physically, but mentally and spiritually too. 
  • Just like Rose Quartz, this gemstone is used for cleansing and activating the three vital chakras that are crown chakra, the third eye chakra and the soul star chakra. Along with chakra cleansing and healing, these gemstones enable the wearer to create bonds with other realms and also indulge in interactions with divine beings and angelic figures. 
  • Everyone knows that the naked eye is not capable of seeing everything even though it is presented right in front of them. That’s why Phenakite gemstones are used for. Phenakite enables the wearer to see everything that they can’t usually see with the help of the vision given to them. It activates a unique vision of the wearer which helps them to see different aspects and sights beyond the physical distance of vision. 
  • Phenakite gemstones are used for creating and developing a sense of community in the heart and mind of the wearer. It helps them become more accommodative of different kinds of people in their community or surrounding. They are able to learn the virtue of unity and are also motivated to stay in close contact with the people who are present in their community or in their social circles. 

Caring For Phenakite

Caring For Phenakite

With a whopping 7.5 to 8 score on the Mohs hardness scale of crystals, Phenakite is considered one of the hardest gemstones in the world. After all, it belongs to the Quartz family of crystals. Even though the toughness and hardness of this crystal are pretty high, the care and maintenance of this gemstone should not be neglected. If the user wants to make sure that their Phenakite gemstones and jewellery are always clean and in the best condition, then here are some ways to clean them.

  • One of the easiest ways of cleansing Phenakite crystals is by keeping them in a simple solution of mild and gentle soap and water. Before dipping the gemstone into the soap and water solution, make sure to clean it with a soft bristled brush. Scrubbing with a gentle brush will gently remove all the impurities from the gemstone without reducing its shine and lustre. Once it is scrubbed clean, rinse it with clean water. Pat dry with a gentle cotton pad or cloth. Or keep it for air drying. Once dried completely, store it in a safe place away from any potential danger. 
  • Remember to always keep the gemstone away from direct heat and sunlight. Also, one must store the gemstone away from other hard gemstones. Never wash the Phenakite gemstones with harsh chemicals and acids. Make sure that the gemstone is kept safe from sudden and intense temperature changes. One must never use ultrasonic or steam cleaners for cleansing the gemstones. The soap that is being used for cleaning the gemstone must not consist of any harmful or cording elements as it might fade away the natural shine of the stone. 

When To Cleanse Phenakite? 

Since Phenakite gemstones have a high composition of beryllium, one must refrain from inhaling the powder of this gemstone. That’s why the gemstone must be immediately cleaned after it has been shaved or converted into a powder form to avoid inhaling the harmful beryllium from the gemstone. 

How To Recharge Your Phenakite? 

Phenakite must be recharged once in a while to make sure that the energies and vibrations from the gemstone do not fade away. For recharging the gemstone powerfully, one must keep it under the moonlight. Since direct contact with sunlight is not good for the gemstone, recharging under the moonlight is highly advisable. 

Does Phenakite Make A Good Jewellery Stone?

Usually, gemstones with high hardness levels on the MOHS scale are considered highly desirable for jewellery-making purposes. Phenakite is a desirable gemstone for every jewellery as it has a good hardness score and the cleavage is pretty distinct too as compared to other similar gemstones. Phenakite gemstones are often used as an excellent replacement for diamonds in rings and pendants. This makes it highly affordable too. Available in red, pale yellow, pale pink and colourless sometimes, this gemstone is great for jewellery and ornamentation purposes. 

Phenakite Real vs Fake

For identifying real and fake Phenakite gemstones, one must keep in mind that when Phenakite gemstones are cut, they emit a little fire. So when one buys a whole gemstone of Phenakite, they can cut the stone and look for the fire element in them. If the stone lacks the fire element, then it’s probably fake. In the same way, if one is buying an already cut piece of Phenakite gemstone, then they may look out for the fire element. If the element is present, then the gemstone is real. Any situation otherwise proves that it might be fake. 

In The Light Of This Information 

For identifying the real self and balancing the crown and third eye chakra, Phenakite is a powerful gemstone that holds all the power in the world to change the wearer for every good purpose. If meditation and manifestation are something you are looking for, then Phenakite is the go-to stone as it is considered one of the most powerful meditation gemstones in the entire world. With different colours and tons of benefits, Phenakite is a gemstone that must be present in every crystal collector’s collection!


What is Phenakite used for?

Phenakite is predominately used for mediation purposes for activating the third eye and crown chakra of the wearer. 

How is Phenakite formed?

Phenakite is formed in the enabled mines of Sverdlovskaya regions located in the Ural Mountains. 

Where should I put Phenakite?

Phenakite must be placed one on the head and one on the crown during meditation or during sleep. It should also be placed closely during meditation. 

How do you cleanse Phenakite?

Phenakite must be cleansed using a solution of water and gentle soap. 

Is Phenakite rare?

No. Phenakite is not a rare gemstone. It is available in abundance in many different regions across the world. 

How strong is Phenakite?

Phenakite is one of the most strong and most powerful gemstones in the world that holds the potential to change your entire life. 

How much is Phenakite worth?

Rough Phenakite gemstones are available in the range of $1 to $70. 

How do you identify Phenakite?

Phenakite can be easily identified by the fire element it emits.